China will pull the plug...  George Orwell 1984


Die Spur des Geldes 1/2
Die Spur des Geldes 2/2

Catherine Austinn Fitts - Human or Chipped slave?  Gold & Silver will take off like a Space Shuttle
The end of Europe....(Mar 2016)  Everything is a Rich Man's trick!

Try to watch the movies Wall StreetI and Wall Street II. They were produced by the son of a Broker and are relevant. Especially Wall Street II characterising today's youth which is after quick bucks with no effort (Hedge funds, leverage,...)   There is also The BIG Short .


Goldman Sachs and Cramer
The road to Serfdom - Hayek

The Zombie banks
Fear the Boom and bust

John Law The Assignats
The Phantom of Hyperinflation Buy Gold before China pulls the plug

The Phantom of Hyperinflation II The Euro, US, UK, or Japan, who will go under first ?

Gold, silver, China and governments $ 8000 Gold?...Gold is money!
$ 30000 Gold!? Rothschild, the Central Banks and inflation.
The Euro game is up!
 Trapped into the economic prison of the Euro

 A fairy tale for our Grand Children  Nigel Farage speaks at Ghent University - Flanders
10 days salary penalty for insulting Van Rompuy People are waking up to Soviet-style EU power grab - Nigel Farage -

How Fractional reserve money is created out of thin air...and how it enslaves all of us.***


Economic Armageddon and You
Bitcoin, the new digital currency explained. Greece is a write-off and all Greek assets have been put in escrow.
Greece sits in a death spiral. Bankers will employed by Government.
Why debt based Fiat money always collapses Cash is trash....Gold and Silver have been the safe heavens for 6000 years.
 Chavez Pulls Gold Reserves From Anglo Banks 8-18-2011 A story about Uncle Sam