Are you HERD?

If you can't hold it, you don't own it!

Fortunes will be lost, and Fortunes will be made! If you can't hold it, you don't own it!‍

Complacency and denial are all over the place.  I am baffled by the fact that so many still are so confident and sure that NOTHING terrible will happen. That tomorrow will be like today. That Authorities will NEVER let it happen. When it gets all critical, there will be ample time to move your "Savings" into SECURITY.

Screenshot 2023 12 23 at 18.18.43Complacency is a function of the population's IQ level and the understanding of today's local, geopolitical, and financial situation.  Today's Complacency is extremely dangerous, mainly because it is kept alive and amplified by the false narrative sold by Authorities, Central Banks, Politicians, and professionals themselves. 

  • It makes me think of last year's happenings at the Credit Suisse bank, where the Bank employees swore by God and the head of their mother that the bank was healthy and nothing wrong would happen.
  • It makes me think of investors who, after the Canadian-Truck-Trudeau-bank-debacle where bank accounts were illegally blocked,  are convinced that keeping their savings with Canadian Brokers/Banks is entirely safe because the problem only affected bank accounts and Covid is no more. It makes me think of the many who still buy and hold PAPER Gold and PAPER Silver with metal dealers because they “pretend” the metals can and will be physically delivered at any time. NO SO!
  • It makes me think of all those keeping their physical Gold and silver in Canada (or within political reach: the EU, Switzerland,..) because they (and the safe-keepers, of course, confirm this) are absolutely sure it will be possible to get the physical metals shipped out of the country at all times. [note 1: Canada sold all of its physical gold some time ago, and if necessary, Trudeau will not hesitate to seize any gold he can lay his hands on. Note 2: Today, we have experienced that it is already very complex to ship Gold and silver out of Canada].

The average investor is misinformed and has almost no knowledge of what is happening in the real world or backstage.  They don't know that since March 1, 2023, in Europe (including Switzerland, Norway,..), there has been a new regulation where importers and exporters of Gold and silver have to get a unique authorization number from the EU authorities before they can do so.

People (including many professionals) don't know, refuse to know, or don't admit (because they know this would make them lose business) what today's dangerous reality of the Gold and silver market is.  Many go for the money and for “more is more” and decide to go for paper silver because they judge the premium on physical Silver as too high. They refuse to learn WHY the premiums are so high and choose the cheapest solution. Certainly, when the Gold/Silver dealer PROMISES the future physical delivery!?!?

Screenshot 2023 12 23 at 18.20.50Knowledge and BELIEF go hand in hand.  The 'less' people know, the better they believe the 'lies' and the easier it is to control their emotions and acts. The human HERD (and many don't even realize they are also Herd) has the same characteristics as any animal herd. The majority keeps moving together in the same direction, even if it is in the direction of the slaughterhouse.

Each member of the Herd has his own motive to do so, and Individuals (who know better) are treated as Black Sheep and laughed at for having a different opinion.  The longer it takes before the mathematically certain catharsis happens, the more those who know and the specialists who know are laughed at. However, no sheep are left to laugh the day after the happening because they have all been slaughtered.

What ultimately happens is that the holders of PAPER gold and PAPER silver end up losing 100%...with nothing, with thin air.  With the broken dream of what they saw as a 30% to 60% discount. With the knowledge that the Physical Price is the Real Price.

When it rains, and you know it will rain even more, you buy an umbrella instead of a raincoat.  The LALA-LAND Act is about to end, and we will experience a 1968-like Black Swan that will turn the financial world upside down. This is a time to put yourself, your loved ones, and your savings into security. Not a time to think that you are wiser than the Physical  Gold Market.

Goldonomic knows how to protect and prepare yourself...unlike the Herd and bankers, we have the brains, knowledge, experience, and guts to tell the truth.  We know that in the coming years, Fortunes will be lost, and Fortunes will be made!  Where will you stand? Do you plan to end as the Herd always does?

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