March 2024

Hard to tell how long the Bitcoin MADNESS will last and how high it can go

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Thursday to Friday, March 28 - 29, 2024: In Baltimore, you can buy a house for $1!

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Note: In a significant decision for the Republic of Panama, which undoubtedly has positive effects on the country’s economy, the European Union Commission has announced the elimination of Panama from the European Union’s list of high-risk countries due to strategic deficiencies in the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. The EU has no choice but to do this as it has installed its EU headquarters at the Belgian Embassy in Panama.

DEBT BIDEN 2024 03 23 at 21.29.09General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at the Pentagon, is warning of a coming “Black Swan” before the 2024 Election.  Is this coming because the Deep State realizes it just cannot beat Donald Trump and will do anything to keep Trump from a second term? Who knows what General Flynn knows, but he knows something big and bad is coming. You should take this warning seriously and prepare for rough riding in the fall.

The Fed (ECB, BoE) is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t when it comes to interest rates.  If it raises them, it could cause a financial meltdown.  If it lowers interest rates, it could cause a meltdown and big inflation, which will cause the poor to suffer even more.  With a barrel of oil now trading above $80, the Fed is in a pretty tight box.  The Fed is teasing, and it just might do nothing.

Considering the speed and quantity of DEBT the authorities create and add to the system each month, we can be 100% sure that it won't take long before we have this "Black Swan." As usual, it will take The Sheeple by surprise...and many will be too late.

It is mind-boggling that People continue to believe in Banks and the Banking system.

bankrupt bankThen, only a year after three mid-sized banks, Silicon Valley, Signature, and First Republic,  collapsed, another regional bank, $114 billion New York Community Bank (NYCB), reported half a trillion in provisions for credit losses, requiring a billion-dollar bailout by former US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.  Regional banks hold roughly 80% of commercial real estate loans and are small enough to fail and systematically as important as the big banks. The implosion comes at a critical moment, with over a trillion dollars of commercial property mortgages due within two years as plunging office values take hold. US commercial real estate busts are all too common, dating back to the subprime crisis of 2008 and the collapse of S&Ls in the 1980s. The concern today is that the bad property debts significantly outstrip the reserves of the big banks, ensuring yet another bank-run disaster.

Similar dangers stalk the central banks’ significant holdings of securities purchased earlier to support their economies and are now running huge losses due to increasing interest rates. For instance, the Bundesbank, the central bank of Germany, has lost almost $20 billion due to increased expenses, necessitating additional funding and support from the government. The first time in 20 years, the European Central Bank (ECB) lost one billion euros. In the interim, the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has increased dramatically from $4 trillion in 2019 to $7.6 trillion today, indicating that another wave of quantitative easing may be on the horizon. Losses will increase. Risk often ends up where it started. Who is going to save the central banks?

U.S. banks are heavily underwater because commercial and private loans are at the end of their terms, meaning they must be refinanced at today's much higher interest rates. That means some 20% of the 4.7 trillion in loans are stuck. The rule in the US is that if you can't pay, you can give the keys to your house or property to the bank and say, "Please, I'm leaving. That, of course, will create a wave of problems, and on top of the already difficult situation, many Americans are financing credit card debt with more credit card debt.

This means that the whole system is on the verge of collapse.  By the way, it is not only the U.S. where things are bad. In Germany, too, the economy is on the verge of collapse. This is evident from falling industrial production figures and from this warning from Finance Minister Christian Lindner that Germany is in financial trouble. Not surprising, of course, when you have deliberately wrecked the economy by shutting off the gas tap from Russia under the alibi of a war movie production. The numbers are also downright bad in China, and the Bank of Japan has abolished decades of negative interest rates. So, the perk of borrowing money in Japan is now also over.  The Swiss and European Banking systems are in even worse shape, and the authorities are doing what must be done to keep this quiet to avoid a run on the banks. It seems much easier in the EU and Europe to keep it all hidden from the general public.

Our Real Estate Corner:

In Venezuela, a single-family home costs $1,000; in Italy, € 1,000; and in Baltimore, $1.

Boomers Will Sell 9 Million Homes by 2035. "According to a recent Freddie Mac analysis, There will be 9.2 million fewer boomer homeowner households by 2035. Seniors' housing decisions in the coming years will have a significant impact. Roughly 22.5% of households in the U.S. are occupied by homeowners aged 65 and older.

Baltimore Wants to Sell Hundreds of Vacant Homes for $1 Each. This is already happening in Italy and Spain."Baltimore plans to sell boarded-up houses for $1 each in an attempt to revive neighborhoods that have been plagued by crime and disrepair. The program, backed by Mayor Brandon Scott, will offer more than 200 city-owned vacant properties to residents who commit to repairing and living in them. A city board approved the measure on Wednesday.  Vacant homes are a decades-long problem in the Maryland city, which has one of the highest crime rates in the US, concentrated within a few high-poverty neighborhoods. The measure evokes Baltimore’s “dollar house” program from the 1970s, which offered properties for a buck to homesteaders if they fixed them up...  ...While the housing program targets a few hundred homes, there were close to 15,000 abandoned properties across Baltimore as of 2022, according to the city. More properties may eventually be included."

Broken money leads people to store their value in sub-optimal vehicles like housing.  This drives the cost of real estate up unnaturally...that is, right before it crashes.

Housing may be a steal among Italy's retirees, but perhaps for a dollar, it would be prudent to save yourself from danger in one of America's most dangerous cities...With aging Baby Boomers and a Depression, Real Estate has historically been "the worst investment" ever!

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Monday to Wednesday, March 25 - 27, 2024: War has begun - Chinese and Russian Warships destroyed by NATO jets in the Gulf of Yemen?

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This documentary by British filmmaker Martin Durkin shows that climate alarms are a fabricated myth without any scientific basis.  Climate science and official measurements do not support claims that we are witnessing increased extreme weather events—hurricanes, droughts, heat waves, wildfires, etc. As always, THE HERD falls for the lie.

Note: Al Gore (a Democrat) already started this Global Warming Madness in 1998.

It needs a dictator to take a country out of misery. This is because the "painful" measures that must be taken cannot and will never be accepted by a democratic  (read socialist-communist) majority.

Starting in 1990, Putin took Russia out of Bankruptcy. In 1989, thanks to Socialism, Russia (and the DDR) was totally bankrupt. The Ruble became totally worthless. However, 24 years of Putin brought prosperity back to the country. Monthly average income rose from Ruble 1,523 to Ruble  65,094 or increased by 15.4. Debt decreased from 92.1% of GDP to 23% of GDP. Inflation fell from 36.56% to 3.51%.

The Moscow Metro has become one of the world's most modern, safest, and cleanest.  People are properly dressed, and wash and Wear and plastic shoes are rarely seen. GDP is one of the best...

The opposite happened in Venezuela. A country that 50 years ago had the highest standard of living has been pushed into the SHIT by Socialists and socialist Tyrans. 

Maduro liquidates the 5 opposition parties in Venezuela...and the people keep singing in the streets and are even more hungry. Stupidity has NO LIMITS. Just look how far stupidity took Cuba. You can't even find a chicken to eat; tourists must bring everything they need because you can't even buy toothpaste.

If you see how the IDIOT HERD keeps acclaiming Maduro, it is not hard to understand that Venezuelans will, in the near future, also have a shortage of 'chickens'.

Tip for Real Estate lovers: In Venezuela, real estate prices have increased dramatically, as expressed in Bolivars.  The average price of a single-family home is now 3,619,060,000 VEF. However, expressed in Dollars or Euros, we have a crash. The crash is so severe that you can buy a nice, upmarket home for $1,000 - €1,000 today. The equivalent in Bolivar (after six dramatic devaluations) is 3,619,060,000 VEF. This is some Nominal Confusion!

Note that 50 years ago, Venezuela was one of the richest and most prosperous countries on planet Earth.  Today, thanks to socialism, as all the money of the others has been spent, there is misery.

Australia agreed to the World Economic Forum (WEF), which will close all major banks and force citizens to move to a completely cashless society.

Bankwest, a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), is the first bank to close its branches and relocate the remaining 15 CBA branches in a bid to go fully digital by October 2024,

Australia is moving to a cashless society faster than almost anywhere else. Last year, the Australian Banking Association reported that digital wallet payments on smartphones and watches had risen from AU$746 million ($494.28 million) in 2018 to more than AU$93 billion ($61.62 billion) in 2022.

Our Real Estate Corner:

You can buy a single-family home in Caracas, Venezuela, for 3,619,060,000 VEF ($1,000 to $10,000). Foreigners who want to buy a property in Venezuela must consider that they can only do so with a transient visa. Unlike other countries, where properties can be purchased with a tourist visa, Venezuela establishes certain special bureaucratic processes to achieve this. An average house costs. In other words, most Venezuelans are billionaires, but they have nothing. (internet prices are incorrect and unreliable)

In Switzerland, if you don't hold a Swiss passport, you can no longer buy real estate, except when a non-Swiss party is selling his property.

Note:  As explained in the Subscribers' sections, Real Estate Markets in some markets will also boom; STOCK MARKETS will also boom. Of course, only when expressed in Real Money. The Herd will think everybody is rich - billionaires. Reasoning people will know they have become poor.

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Monday to Friday, March 18 - 22, 2024: You will surely lose your chips in both cases. Whether you play Roulette or Bitcoin makes little difference!

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Suppose the people who control the Federal Reserve are perfectly willing to kill presidents and create wars that kill, cripple, and rape millions of people to maintain their monopoly on money printing. Do you really think they're going to sit idly by and watch? And twiddle their thumbs as digital currencies pop up all around them and cut into their business?  Mike Stone

Bitcoin recently hit an all-time high of $72,000. That will undoubtedly bring out the greed in many people and lead to a spike of $100,000 or more sometime this summer. Maybe even sooner.

I don't own Bitcoin for the simple reason that it is not based on anything of value. There are no coins, no bits, nothing.

Bitcoin is a currency – hence the term “cryptocurrency” – but it is not backed by gold or silver as the constitution requires. It's not covered by anything. I doubt one in a thousand Bitcoin buyers knows that. Even fewer buyers know it costs energy and money to keep Bitcoin alive.

Bitcoin is as worthless as the tulips that bankrupted the Netherlands in the 17th century. At that time, the price for a tulip was equal to the cost of five average houses. Bitcoin is worth even less than a 17th-century tulip because you can grow tulips, which are fun to look at. Bitcoin doesn't exist at all. The value is entirely based on public perception. And if you know anything about public perception, you know that perception is ALWAYS wrong and leads more people to ruin than anything else. Just look at how many people are now dead or seriously injured due to public perception of the recent COVID-19 hoax.

Thousands of Bitcoin buyers are immediately offended by the fact that Bitcoin is worth even less than a tulip. But facts are facts. Bitcoin meets the definition of a Ponzi scheme. It's like a gigantic chain letter, where the first to get in comes off well, while those at the end are left behind.

Bitcoin meets the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

Bitcoin is no different than if I were to print Monopoly money, engrave it with the words “In Mike We Trust,” and try to sell it as legal tender. How long would that last? The answer is obvious. Why, then, is Bitcoin allowed to do the same? Why do central bankers turn a blind eye? Why don't they crush the competition, as they would if I printed my own currency?

Suppose the people who control the Federal Reserve are willing to kill presidents and wage wars that kill, paralyze and rape millions of people to maintain their monopoly on money printing. Do you think they're going to sit around twiddling their thumbs? While digital currencies are popping up all around them and undermining their business? If so, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

There are two possible reasons why Bitcoin is rising so quickly and why it is allowed to exist. 

  1. The first reason is to reduce the price of gold and silver.
  2. The second reason for promoting Bitcoin is to condition the masses into accepting CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), the final nail in the coffin of a people's subjugation.

Now, it all becomes clear. You see why the central bankers don't destroy Bitcoin and why they allow their competition to flourish. The public sees everyone getting rich from Bitcoin thanks to massive media promotion. That makes the next step, acceptance of CBDCs, a breeze.

The public, the average investors, are as stupid as a fish. They will bite as long as it moves in the direction they think, and all assume it is right. The Crypto investor doesn't even realize that the Banks can stop all crypto trade by simply making the conversion of cryptos into (fiat)money impossible. The Crypto investor buys cryptos because he sees the price move in the right direction. Whether or not it has any REAL VALUE is not important...as long as it goes up. Unfortunately, even the Sky has a limit for air and thin air.

Our Real Estate Corner:

The Real Estate market is drying up...but prices continue to rise!?  The Belgian media openly admits the Real Estate boom has ended: first, the market dries up, and next, the prices crash!

Most Real Estate Investors also don't realize that the price of Real Estate hasn't gone up at all. Rather, the purchasing power of fiat money has come down. As expressed in Bolivars, the real estate price has increased by 10,000% and more in Venezuela Only, when expressed in real money or dollars, can you buy a property for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!  The same thing happened in Lebanon and Zimbabwe and will happen in the EU and the USA.

 Conclusion: There is something REALLY wrong with real estate investors. Even worse, they won't accept this reasoning.

People are lied to by the Authorities and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic.  In the Americas, almost everybody buys the lie that Putin is worse than Adolf Hitler and that Russia sits in a deep depression. This while, in reality, Russia is BOOMING.  Those who say the truth are eliminated, even arrested, and jailed. As history teaches, people will wake up only when the HERD gets HUNGRY.

Significant Fundamentals:

  • Again, the day comes when it will become IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER. That day, it will be "have" and "have not".
More spending = more debt = more fiat money = more inflation.
You must know that if your money is worth half what it was five years ago, real estate prices must go up by more than 100% to compensate for the loss of purchasing power.

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Thursday to Friday, March 14 - 15, 2024: Our Bitcoin chart has a rarely seen and historic formation

Updated Sections: Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold

Bank of America warned about a “US dollar death spiral” because the federal government was going deeper in the red by creating “$1 trillion in new debt every 100 days.”  Maybe this is why gold has been hitting new all-time highs daily.  

When a building is worth $200 million, and someone sells it for $48 million, that means there is a loss that someone has to take.  Those losses are mostly on the books of regional and local banks.  So, they are in big trouble financially. . . . You will get these massive bank runs that the government must bail out.  This is one of many things that will happen in the not-so-distant future.  This will impact government finances in a scary way that will draw people’s attention to the currency. 

In other words, if we have another $3 trillion bailout on top of everything else that’s going on, what will that do to the dollar?.. Currencies are being inflated away with all these bailouts, deficits, wars, and all these things that are going on that are bad for the currency.  So, people start selling government bonds, which push up interest rates and blow up even more bad real estate and paper . . . until you get a debt spiral, a real live financial death spiral that cannot be fixed. . . . I was talking to a real estate guy the other day, and he said this is not just inevitable. It is imminent.  It is happening now.  It is happening quickly, and it is going to hit the headlines. . . . In this case, what is inevitable in commercial real estate also looks imminent.”

So, as the dollar goes, all other currencies with dollars in their reserves (Euro, Yen, etc.) will go!

Gold hit all-time highs this past week. This means the market is speaking, concluding currencies have a problem. Capital is flowing into the alternatives. It’s flowing into the old money that has held up for thousands of years, like gold AND/OR SILVER. In either case, it is a vote against the dollar and the euro, the Pound and the Yen, and the Lira,... When gold spikes, it is a big vote of no confidence in the dollar and all currencies. [you have to be blind and deaf to buy Bitcoin instead of Gold and/or silver]

There is no way to know how this plays out in the next six months, but this should terrify the central banks.  By the way, the big central banks behave as if they are terrified because they are aggressively buying gold.  They have bought about 1,000 tons of gold in each of the last two years.  1,000 tons is a fourth of the gold from all the gold mines annually.  So, that is a major purchase, and they take the gold off the market.  They don’t turn around and sell it.  They put it away as a reserve asset.  The gold is effectively disappearing.  This makes the market even tighter, which is also part of why gold is rising.”

We Are Seeing A Fundamental Shift Into Gold, and This Is Not A Speculative Mania Yet


Our Real Estate Corner:

Florida condo owners are stuck in a 'train wreck' as prices drop and mounting insurance rates scare away buyers.

In Europe and Belgium, rents are "indexed." Better call it controlled by the Government. When the landlord doesn't comply with the Green legislation (which costs a minimum €70.000), it becomes illegal to increase the rent.

Europe is currently experiencing the BUY CLIMAX. Transactions have been drying up since the beginning of 2024.


Significant Fundamentals:

  •  There are still people who believe we shall soon see lower interest rates!


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Monday to Wednesday, March 11 - 13, 2024:
Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet!

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, US Dollar, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold,
Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold,

Japan, England, the USA, the EU, and Switzerland are all together in the “Sinking Titanic.” Therefore, these countries coordinate their policies to avoid further panic: interest rate pause means interest rate pause for ALL!

All Western countries are selling the same lie: "We have it all under control, the economy is doing better, unemployment figures are dropping, and there is even a labor force shortage. 

“Destruction and devastation are coming. We are not just talking about annuities, 401ks, pension plans, and everything else that makes people rely on the efforts of crazy people to make sure they have money to live on. Commercial real estate is dying. We don’t have the infrastructure in the retail or banking communities. . . .

Banks have huge liquidity problems, which the real estate crisis and rising interest rates have worsened.  With the globalists' open admission, it’s time for a global reset.

The pace of this decline is unusual, and there is a risk that it will become self-feeding. The fall in the dollar’s TWI matches the rise in the Japanese yen. This matters because interest rate arbitrageurs borrow yen through the swap market and sell it for dollars. The dollars are invested in Treasury Bills. Leveraging the position has been an extraordinary money-spinner for hedge funds and banks doing this trade. But that’s before reckoning on the 5% currency loss that has materialized since 1 November. Leveraged five or ten times, the losses become stupendous. 

Japanese pension funds, insurance companies, and banks are liquidating their foreign positions, and panic is developing. This is likely to drive the yen higher and the dollar lower. The same goes for similar crosses between euros and dollars. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that we are in the early stages of a substantial dollar decline. 

There is little doubt that privately, central bankers have been expecting a crisis of this sort, evidenced by their aggressive accumulation of gold bullion.  They monitor foreign exchange flows and positions, and their intelligence from the Bank for International Settlements and other channels is second to none.

The Bitcoin-Tulip-thin air bubble while Gold proved the safest, best, and most resilient investment for over 6,000 years.
Over all these years, I still have not heard of one single valid bullish argument... Gold (and Silver) have a track record of 6,000 years. My track record is only 46 years old...but still excellent.

Our Real Estate Corner:

The mountain of debt inflated into a huge bubble, which is now on the verge of bursting. When that bubble pops, all personal property (that people think they own) will be collateral for not paying off institutional debt to Central Banks.

Legislation has been implemented since 2014, which ensures that while you may be registered as the owner of (for example) your house according to local and national legislation, international legislation (from Brussels in our case) has ensured that that house serves as collateral(security) in a collective collateral pot; a general pot set up for all outstanding debts. If then the financial market collapses, that pot is the guarantor.

Governments have passed international legislation that gives central banks collateral, guaranteed collateral from a collective collateral pool.

The Central Security Depository Regulation (the CSDR) has regulated in Europe, as of 2014, that what can be considered your property in an individual country (by notarized deed) serves as collateral at the international level in a collective collateral pool: the Central Clearing counter Party (abbreviated to CCP; an abbreviation very reminiscent of the acronym for the Chinese Communist Party).

In other words, you can buy a house without a mortgage by notarizing the deed and thinking that this makes the house yours (according to national legislation). Still, because European legislation is leading and in that legislation (in the CSDR as of 2014) it is agreed that your house serves as collateral for the CCP, you have lost it. The CCP delivers the collateral to the creditor when things collapse. That is how the ladies and gentlemen in Brussels have arranged it.

Ultimately, that creditor is the Central Bank. Because the most traded government bond is the U.S. government bond, your house is ultimately (in the collective collateral pot of the CCP) collateral for the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed, the U.S. Central Bank). That Central Bank thus becomes the owner of your house if the system crashes.

Probably the most shocking thing about this for most will be that you thought it made sense that your house should serve as collateral when you take out a mortgage. But now, even (through this European legislation), your house is set as collateral for a collective pot, even without a mortgage!

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Thursday to Friday,  March 7 - 8, 2024: Store your gold and silver offshore unless you want your government to seize it soon!

Updated Sections: The Gold charts in all sections.

When will the Middle-Eat and Ukraine explode?

Years ago, when all this Political, Woke, and Green madness started, I thought it was a JOKE, an ACCIDENT, and that it would not last long. I thought that "the people" would stop the madness. Instead, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, the political leaders persisted in their madness and made it all worse.  What I experienced was not a bad dream but rather a sad reality. Those who study and/or know HISTORY know how this is ending!

The Europeans who still don't see that Europe is heading to a Total European War are not only blind and deaf, but they are also stubborn idiots.  Even Politicians SAY that this is going to happen!  If you don't go for a plan B (second passport and move part of your savings out of "Political Reach," you also condemn your children and grandchildren. Those who do nothing will never be able to leave a "War Zone" because they have no savings, nothing out of political reach, and a "Family reunion" won't be possible. By doing nothing, Europeans sign their blood off as "Canon Meat." Do you know what it is to sell real estate in a war zone during times of war?

The Europeans who still don't see that Europe is heading to a European War are not only blind and deaf, but  also idiots,

No matter who the American (European) people choose as their representatives, the permanent ruling class in Washington DC (Brussels) remains the same. Unfortunately for all of us, this permanent ruling class has become desperate to win the war in Ukraine. One member of that permanent ruling class, Victoria Nuland, begs Congress for more money for the war. She argues, "We shouldn't forget that most of this money goes right back into this economy to make those weapons.” Oh yes, pouring huge amounts of money down the gullet of the military-industrial complex would certainly be good for economic growth. But if we allow the permanent ruling class to drag us into a hot war with Russia, millions of Americans and Europeans will die.

The permanent ruling class in Europe has also become extremely desperate to win the war in Ukraine. The power elite on both sides of the Atlantic see Russian forces advancing all along the front, and they know the Ukrainians are not strong enough to stop them.  The reality is that Britons, Frenchies, Dutch, and Americans (NATO) are already assisting the Ukrainian army. A very dangerous situation.

When you look at it objectively, physical Gold and Silver are usually safer and better insured when stored abroad (out of political reach) than at home. 

  • A bank safe, in particular, is a NO-GO.  And not only because it is seldom insured.  We warn regularly of the risk involved in storing wealth in banks. They’ve made removing your deposits increasingly difficult, in addition to colluding with governments to allow them to freeze or confiscate your money legally. To add insult to injury, they’re creating reporting requirements concerning the contents of safe deposit boxes and restricting what can be stored in them – again, at risk of confiscation.
  • Banks are increasingly becoming one of the more risky places to store wealth in any form.  Not surprising, then, that many people are returning to those facilities that treat wealth storage the way the first banks did millennia ago – vault facilities that store your wealth for a fee but engage in no other banking activities.
  • In suggesting that such facilities are a better bet, I’ve also repeatedly warned readers that many don’t store actual, physical gold.  Instead, they provide a contract to you that states that they will deliver an agreed-upon amount of gold upon demand. The trouble with this idea is that such facilities may sign a contract with you and collect the purchase price but never purchase and store any gold. It’s been estimated that the total worldwide value of such contracts equals 150 times the amount of gold globally.
  • Keeping it with a gold/silver dealer is as stupid as buying PAPER gold and/or silver. Keep it with Brinks is asking for trouble when the government wants to seize it. This also applies to BONDED storage.
  • And another caution: although most secure facilities in the world are located in North America and Europe, these jurisdictions are on the cusp of economic crisis, suggesting that, if and when the crisis arrives, the rule book will be thrown out the window. Governments and facilities alike may prove untrustworthy, and at some point, you may drop by the facility to withdraw your gold and be told, "Sorry, we’re unable to provide delivery." There could be a multitude of reasons given, hoops to jump through, and endless red tape to deal with. And still, in the end, you may never be able to take delivery.

The best is to keep your physical in a country that is easily accessible, where a single trip takes you from home to your metal.

We offer 100% allocated, segregated, and insured storage of precious metals and other valuable assets. The precious metals stored in our care remain the personal property of our clients at all times. We also offer a concierge service if you don't want or cannot travel. The vault has no wealth reporting requirements to the Government or any foreign tax authority or government. This is particularly important for investors trying to retain their privacy, which can be challenging. Storing your metals in Switzerland is actually a VERY BAD idea.


  1. To open an Account, complete an application form. Individual/Joint, Business, and Trust/Foundation accounts are available.
  2. To purchase your Precious metals, wire funds to a European Bank account or purchase them directly from a minter at competitive prices.
  3. Metals are automatically shipped to our vault. Collected at the airport and nationalized.
  4. Metals are stored in a segregated way or your safety deposit box.
  5. Do you want to sell metals? After the required documents are signed, the metals are shipped to a Minter, and the funds are wired to your bank account.

Our Real Estate Corner:


Top Canadian Pension Fund Sells Manhattan Office Tower For $1, Sparking Firesale Panic. New York is toast. Thank you, Judge … for confirming it and signing your death sentence. The funds finally realize that gravity does exist. And so, the largest among them is limiting its exposure to the most beleaguered commercial property type: office buildings.

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has recently completed three deals at deeply discounted prices, selling its interests in a pair of Vancouver towers and a business park in Southern California. Still, its Manhattan office tower redevelopment project shocked the industry: the Canadian asset manager sold its stake for just $1.



Important Fundamentals:

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Friday to Wednesday, March 1 - 6, 2024: How long will Bitcoin's (Tulip) mania last before the final crash?

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, ALL GOLD CHARTS IN ALL SECTIONS...

How long will the (Tulip) mania of Bitcoin last before the final crash?  Even the ECB (for once) tells the truth and warns all Crypto believers of what will come.  In the end, a Tulip had some value, while cryptos are worth THIN AIR, nothing.  

It is hard to tell how long the Bitcoin MADNESS will last and how high it can go before the crash.  At the time of the Mississippi Company (John Law), it took a lot of work to tell how high the 'worthless share' would go before investors realized it was worthless and the share became worthless. GREED doesn't reason and often also has no BRAINS.

People live in LALA-land and even dream that the money in their bank accounts exists and belongs to them. They believe that when the value of their portfolio goes up by 10%, they make a profit, while with an inflation rate of 20%, they lose 10%. They believe that by buying a Treasury bond yielding 3%, they will get rich...while with an inflation rate of 20%, they lose 17% of purchasing power.  They think that by buying Real Estate, they get rich when, in reality, they chain themselves to the Tax-loving Government and their Bankers...and when considering inflation, they lose purchasing power.  Having said this, the danger is that in the short run sometimes, certain financial instruments like Bitcoin and Tulips do outperform other investment instruments. That doesn't mean these are GOOD and SAFE.

People keep falling for the same dreams because they refuse to learn from history (or don't know history) and keep adoring the golden calf...instead of thinking. People don't think but act by emotion, believing they are Albert Einstein. In the best-case scenario, they will listen and follow "Snake oil merchants" (Crypto market makers) because they (like politicians) know how to appeal to the emotions of the Herd.

"The European Central Bank woke up and chose violence: says bitcoin has failed on its promise, its fair value is still zero, causes environmental damage, and is a market for snake oil salesmen. Says ETF rally is just a dead cat bounce." Bitcoin has failed on the promise to be a global decentralized digital currency and is still hardly used for legitimate transfers. The latest approval of an ETF doesn’t change the fact that Bitcoin is not suitable as a means of payment or as an investment.

Bitcoin is worth NOTHING, ZERO,...

Bitcoin (and most crypto) transactions are still inconvenient, slow, and costly today. Outside the darknet, the hidden part of the internet used for criminal activities, it is hardly used for payments. The regulatory initiatives to combat the large-scale use of the Bitcoin network by criminals have not been successful yet. Even the full sponsoring by the government in El Salvador (and now Argentina), which granted it legal tender status and tried hard to kick off network effects through an initial Bitcoin gift of $30 in free Bitcoin to citizens, could not establish it as a successful means of payment. The mining of Bitcoin using the proof of work mechanism continues to pollute the environment on the same scale as entire countries, with higher Bitcoin prices implying higher energy consumption as miners can cover higher costs.

There are those who try to understand and those whose object is to influence events. To succeed, even partially, in either of these endeavors demands a lifetime of effort.
No man, therefore, is able to do both -

Welcome to the EUSSR: What Cryptos and inflation don't take away, the Government will. - "Otherwise, no one would need such a registry."

In mid-July, the European Union commissioned a feasibility study on introducing a "European asset register." This was preceded in February by the adoption of several draft regulations in many other areas of law in which references to an "EU asset register" were found.

According to the current state of planning, the aim is to record the assets of each EU citizen as comprehensively as possible. A central authority, yet to be established, would be in charge of this process and would be able to call up the current assets of each citizen at the push of a button. In addition to real estate holdings, bank balances, cash and precious metal holdings (likely the most difficult to record), company shareholdings, and cryptocurrencies, the data would include vehicles, jewelry, antiques, and works of art. For jewelry, antiques, and works of art, exemption limits in the six-digit euro range are under discussion.

As always, when Brussels is at a loss for a precise justification, one of the reasons for recording data, which extends far into the private sphere, is the fight against money laundering. Critics do not believe this; they rather suspect that the precise recording of assets could, for example, facilitate the implementation of a later "burden sharing" immensely. The reasons advanced by politicians (the fight against money laundering, organized crime, and terrorism) cannot convince critical experts. After all, there does not seem to be an actual threat on a scale that would justify such surveillance, when even according to estimates by the police authority Europol, the share of suspicious financial activities in the EU's annual gross domestic product is only one percent.

"If the EU introduces a register of assets, the ultimate purpose is to take those assets away from you at some point. ...

Although, as things stand now, an EU wealth register would affect some 450 million people in the current 27 EU states, there needs to be more public discussion of this far-reaching intrusion into citizens' privacy. It seems as if Brussels wants to act as quietly as possible for as long as possible to reach a point from which there is no turning back while largely eliminating citizen criticism. Diversification of assets and their "discreet" safekeeping, as far as possible also outside the national borders of the EU, are more than ever advisable.

"Debt is the money of Slaves."

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