December 2023

Socialism works just fine until you run out of other peoples money.

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Monday to Friday, December 18 - 22, 2023:  The US Dollar Index has really turned down aggressively.

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Majors, Miners & Gold vs SPX,  Gold & Silver Juniors,
Recession Proof Shs (LOCG) (Several short and long term breakouts and buys)
Recession Proof - hold (Several short and long term breakouts and buy), Bio Tech-Pharma,
Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares (Several short and long term breakouts
and buys), Bank & Fin. Shares (important changes?), Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals,
Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Long Term Commodity Charts,

You will be a millionaire but have nothing.  Investors across the globe need to understand that central banks are preparing to print fiat money and buy everything in 2024. This will have a major impact on all kinds of markets.

This is what nominal confusion looks like. Most people are simply unable to understand this because they have no clue what hyperinflation is like.

The SP500 chart shows a rising trend... However, if you take the losing fiat Dollar into account, you end up as a loser!
What good does it do when the Stock Market goes up by a factor of 470 but... ...the currency ends up being worth nothing!?
 Are you still falling for the Nominal Confusion!?
up by a factor of 950,000... ...but the Argentinian fiat currency is worth nothing!

Navigating a world of fake and emotional news, it is.

  • Once you eliminate all fake news sources from your life and find some truthful ones, you have almost everything you need to discern the truth in any situation. All you need to add is a little common sense.
  • You will not find a truthful news source on television, on the radio, in any newspaper (except, for example, the American Free Press), in any magazine (except, ex., The Barnes Review), or on any so-called “conservative” website or podcast whatsoever. Don't fool yourself into thinking you're getting truthful information from shills like Benny Shapiro or Dennis Prager. You must limit your news sources to those that consistently tell the truth.
  • The big advantage of Goldonomic is that we link and test the 'technical and fundamental' analyses. When there is a disconnect between fundamental and technical analysis, a 'red light' goes on, and we start digging deeper.

Monday to Friday, December 11-15, 2023:  Some day shortly, there will not be enough sellers to stem the rising prices of gold/silver!

Updated Sections: The Tulip mania 1636, US Dollar, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold,
Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold,
Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold, World Stock Market Indexes,
Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's
, Crude Oil price evolution,

Javier Milei is right about what he says.  Corruption is everywhere. “Social justice is (the state) stealing the fruits of one person’s labor and giving it to another. Milei is the real deal. He quotes Adam Smith and Hayek, and when he says socialists believe they are God, he is speaking the language of Fredric Bastiat. People laughed at Milei at first. The guy is a brilliant mind, a mathematician of excellence, who understands economics like few others. Furthermore, he has a philosophical and moral basis for his words, hence his conviction. What he says is always the same, the same, the same. 

Escalation in the Middle East: The Road to World War III


In Europe, the EU still doesn't seem to realize what the result will be of the genocide in Palestina. European politicians keep talking but do nothing to stop it. The USA and UN are not going for a "cease fire" and are herewith confirming that Israel and Netanyahu are directing the show. The World is not willing to stop this genocide! People don't realize that Arabs are patient and that eventually, in the future, they will have their revenge. Better make sure you are not in a strategic spot when it happens.


Previsions for 2024 (Saxo):

  • The U.S. draws a line under capitalism:  The US chooses to end capitalism as fiscal spending explodes and government bond yields rise. To stimulate demand for government bonds, the government makes them tax-free—money shifts from the private to the public sector. The stock market collapses, except for a select group of cash-rich companies. The government nationalizes essential sectors and reduces economic freedom. Lower interest rates calm social unrest but do not solve inequality.
  • Over the years, the U.S. has accumulated too much debt, causing the dollar to lose confidence.  Investors are moving massively towards gold, silver, and crypto-currencies as alternatives.
  • EU is also playing for Robin Hood (yes, Robin Hood was a Socialist/Communist - once the rich's money runs out, you can't steal anything to hand out).  The EU will tax the rich to pay for green and social transformation. That's the European Commission's plan after a citizens' initiative. The Commission asks for a 2% wealth tax from billionaires, bringing in €42 billion for climate, health, education, and infrastructure. This Robin Hood action shocks Europe's luxury sector. The wealth tax lowers expected luxury demand, and investors dump luxury shares. As a result, LVMH shares are down 40%, and Porsche and Ferrari are also in dire straits.

Previsions for 2024-2025: Canada will implode 

Make sure you are out of this country when the Canadian shit hits the Trudeau Fan. (tip for those who still have assets in this failing country: get these out ASAP!)  

Gold is the economic canary in the monetary coal mine.

  • Gold surged to a new record high of $2,135 early last Sunday morning. The price of gold blew through $2,100 an ounce and set a record high last Sunday night. Then it rapidly sold off on Monday. But gold still held above $2,000 an ounce.
  • There was some profit-taking. Some speculators had correctly anticipated a gold rally and took advantage of it, and they sold. That’s what traders do. They make a bet, and then they cash in. Or lose, just like what happens in Casinos. And so when you get a gap on a chart at night, that’s generally what a trader will do. They’re going to take their winnings and book the gains.”
  • Two thousand was the resistance.
  • For premium members only.


For premium members only.

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Tuesday to Friday, December 5-8, 2023: Shall we, yes or no, see the big breakout of Gold, and could we have a breakaway run?!

Updated Sections: Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds, Gold-$, Silver, All charts in 
the Gold sections.

The movement away from "the left" has only set its' "first step"! Don't think Geert Wilders can change anything in the Netherlands for a split second. The traditional other parties will do whatever they can to torpedo the man.  Javier Milei may (hopefully) well be able to bring change because 40% of his people are hungry, and a President has more power in the Americas than in the old Europe. Also, the Socialist leaders of the EU will do whatever they can to boycott the Right.  So, PLEASE go on with your" plan B,"  as it will take at least 10 years to notice any change.

Europe has been written off. It has been destroyed by 20 years of Socialism.  I won't even try to guess what Europe will do. I think she (with the exception of German Chancellor O. Scholz and Vice Chancellor R. Habeck) has understood where she ended up. Read the statistics on how many times the economic growth of the US is faster than that of Europe. The economic growth in France will apparently be at “zero.” The once “locomotives” of the European economy (Germany, Great Britain) are now “growing” downwards.  Energy prices in the United States are 4-5 times lower than in Europe, where deindustrialization occurs. Companies thinking about their future are moving out of Europe.

Biden and the Democrats are destroying the USA as you are reading these words. Biden and his Democrats are copying all the possible European Socialist patterns. On top, they keep printing money like there is no tomorrow.

"You can't create wealth by printing money: Yesterday the South Sea Bubble, today the Dollar Bubble."

If the dollar dies, so does the US military, Israel, Argentina, and all the other fools foolish enough to tie their economic future to a collapsing currency.  After all, the careless creation of trillions of dollars in US currency fuels the Pentagon (military-industrial complex). It also funds government propaganda operations, like the ones we all endured during the COVID years.

Every possible imaginable excuse is used to print more currency:  Global Warming, Ukraine, even Inflation,...Without easy money, a country can no longer sustain its campaign of lies. And when the dollar/euro collapses, so does the Empire of Lies, which might as well be the new name for the US State Department and its associated military-industrial complex that derives power and profit from massive human suffering and death.

An empire of lies needs a lot of money to stay in power. The United States of America now has a debt of almost $44 trillion, and its unfunded liabilities have risen to a whopping $212 trillion (see USdebtclock.org ). These numbers are incomprehensible to most people, and no one in Washington, DC, is even bothering to try to bring them down to a level of reasonableness or fiscal responsibility.


  • Unrealized losses on securities held by US banks exploded by 22% in the third quarter. Of course, unrealized losses don’t really matter — until they do. This is yet more evidence that the financial crisis that kicked off last March continues to bubble under the surface. Unrealized losses, primarily on US Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities rose by $126 billion in Q3 and now total $684 billion, according to the FDIC’s quarterly bank data release.
  • Current unrealized losses are only slightly below the record set in the third quarter of 2022.  This reflects the fact that the FDIC took over three failed banks earlier his year and ate their unrealized losses when it sold the banks’ assets, thus wiping them from the books.
  • The problem is that these unrealized losses drastically decrease a bank’s liquidity. If it has to sell bonds in order to raise capital, the bank will experience significant losses. This is exactly what took down Silicon Valley Bank last March.

Soon, we will see a lot of starving Billionaires!

The Swiss National Bank is in serious trouble. The Swedish National Bank is in big trouble. The British National Bank is in big trouble. The Bank of Japan is in big trouble. The Federal Reserve and the Dollar are in big trouble.

Who is going to bail out these central banks?  You have got the Fed with a $9 trillion balance sheet.  The Fed went from $900 billion to $9 trillion the last time.  Can the Fed now go from $9 trillion to $90 trillion?  Who is going to bail out the Fed?  Who is going to bail out the US Treasury?  Who will bail out the Bank of England, the ECB, or the Bank of Japan?  These central banks have completely blown up their balance sheet and have no ability to save anything. [yes, the ECB is also in serious trouble]

Why is all of this so hard to understand?  Also, Why is it so hard to understand that there will be no crash...stock markets will continue to go up, and soon you all will be billionaires...like all Zimbabwe, Venezuelan, and Argentinian stockholders have become billionaires...only the billions they hold are worth NOTHING!  Even when stock markets continue to rise, they will CRASH when expressed in Real Money, just like Bond markets.

Why is all of this so hard to understand??? At the same time, while Real Estate prices will probably come down,  the stubborn holders will also think they have become billionaires....only, expressed in Real Money, they may be happy but have NOTHING!!  Today, you buy a nice house in Venezuela for $10,000 us...while it figures much higher in worthless Bolivars. Why is all of this so hard to understand?  Even when stock markets continue to rise, they will CRASH when expressed in Real Money, just like Bond markets.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.
  • With the expected Wealth tax and CRS, it will be very hard to escape the Tax Authorities unless you take precautions and do what you must. Idiots who bought and own Real Estate abroad will be AT LEAST taxed twice on it. Again, Real Estate is a CONSUMER GOOD and NO INVESTMENT. [ and there are ways to avoid the CRS madness]
  • The fastest way to lose a lot of money is to buy an AUTOMOBILE and a HOUSE/APARTMENT. (old saying)
  • 4 Reasons your banker keeps lying about the coming real estate crash.

    - They make money by selling mortgages.

    - They lose money on all mortgages issued in the past years at interest rates that are lower than they are today.

    - They lose money on all Treasuries they were forced (by law) to buy from the Central Bank.

    - The Real Estate crash will make their losses even greater as it will push the foreclosure value of the properties they issued a mortgage for below water..or by a forced sale of the property, even more losses will be made.

Important Fundamentals:

  • As long as Central Banks keep creating money, we shall see NO MARKET CRASH (expressed in Fiat Money). But as we shall see a crash when expressed in Real Money (Gold), it doesn't make any sense to buy securities and be subject to the HUGE DIGITAL risk they come with. For premium members only.
  • Natural gas now costs five times as much in Europe as in the US,  For premium members only.
  • Europe's petrochemical industry is heading for death row nowFor premium members only.
For premium members only.
More currency and more fractional reserve banking result in more inflation and higher Stock Markets.  It has become a situation between of Rock and a Hard Plate: higher interest rates will come with a Hyperinflationary depression of the 21st century.
For premium members only.  
If Bonds become worthless, so will the currencies and all assets expressed in these currencies.  You will be a billionaire but own nothing. (click to enlarge)
As we always advocated, the future will be nuclear or not: Solar and Wind are extremely expensive and unreliable energy sources. Check our Uranium section.
For premium members only. For premium members only.
 The Great Electric Vehicle cover up! [a must-see] The European Petrochemical industry is dying. And it is happening right under our eyes.
  • The dollar debt is now in the quadrillions, and there is no way to pay any of it back.  For 50 years, they have created money out of thin air.  From the 1970’s, we went from millions to billions to trillions to quadrillions of dollars.  This is the math.  We are in the quadrillions of dollars. . . . It’s crazy because the money has expanded so much that it’s a joke right now.  It doesn’t make sense anymore.  It’s just a complete utter joke.  That is all the money system is now.  Another word for a joke is fraud.  For premium members only.

Important Technicals.

For premium members only. For premium members only.
xxxx is about to blast off out of a 14-year triangle.
In the Best case scenario, we shall see a small correction, worst case, a consolidation of interest rates at the present level.
For premium members only. For premium members only.
The silver JUNIORS to outperform the silver price.
The silver JUNIORS to outperform the silver price.
For premium members only. For premium members only.
 Volume precedes price.
 Volume precedes price.

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Friday to Monday, December 1-4, 2023: Socialism works just fine until you run out of other people's money.!

Updated Sections: Portfolio, Bonds general & USA, All candle charts in the Gold 
and Silver sections,

A world upside down. The reality is grim. Just as narcissists and psychopaths often turn things around, so does the government. They are not the protector of the people. They are public enemy number 1. They are responsible for the fact that corruption could and can infiltrate every layer of society.

Judges, police officers, teachers – most are part of this corrupt web,  often against their will or without realizing it, because they, too, have been brainwashed by the government narrative.

"Operating out of sight in the shadows, the EU/WEF mafia maintains an iron grip on the economy, politics, and even citizens' daily lives."

What is happening in the Middle East is not something that ordinary people want.  It is the action of irresponsible, deranged, narcissistic politicians who go for more money and power. The world is in the hands of sick politicians who no longer seek the people's interest (they simply don't care about this) and primarily go for "money and power." By the way, this is a worldwide phenomenon and indicates the end of our civilization as we know it.

The South Sea Scheme

The South Sea company never turned a profit, nor could it even make interest payments,  but company leaders, speculators, and even British royals drove the stock price in 1720 from £125 to £950 in just six months through intense speculation. When the bubble burst, share prices fell to £185, many lost huge sums, and the debt had to be exchanged once again into the national bank and other public financial institutions.

The South Sea Bubble was a financial and political corruption crisis: government leaders colluded with financial manipulators on a huge racket and betrayed the public trust.

That sounds familiar. The acts of government-corporate collusion and mischief take different forms today, but the underlying problems are largely the same.

 "So, the least you can do - and even then, one cannot be 100% sure, is to buy physical gold and silver and store it out of political reach."

The price of gold is breaking out beyond its triple top. A few weeks ago, it soared past $2,000 and shows no sign of slowing down. We think it's just the start of what will become the biggest gold bull market in history. Are you looking for life-changing rewards as the gold bull market takes off?  The gold and silver markets are moving rapidly, and you don't want to get left behind.

Real estate corner - you don't believe what will happen to Real Estate? Watch the movie of Dr. Zhivago...that is gonna happen.

The Brussels executive (the comrades of the Government-City) has gone to court for an owner violating the residential vacancy code for the first time.  After the latter ignored two warnings, the court handed down a verdict on Oct. 18. The landlord, who lives in Flanders and was convicted in absentia, must address the vacancy of his home, which has not been occupied since 2021. He faces a penalty of €100 per day of delay, with a maximum of €100,000.  This makes me think of a client who moved and lives in the Horse Stables because it became impossible to live in his castle. It had simply become too expensive to maintain it. He told me that to avoid taxes and fines, he had to throw stones through the windows of his property.

"Anyone buying real estate doesn't have them all lined up!"

A godsend for buyers...or better, a second opportunity to commit financial suicide!!!? Germany: historic drop in real estate prices! According to Destatis, house prices in Germany have fallen the most since 2000. Home prices in Germany fell by an average of 9.9% in the second quarter of 2023 compared to the previous year. This is the largest year-on-year decline since 2000. Compared to the first quarter of 2023, house and apartment prices fell by 1.5%. The downturn was particularly pronounced in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, and Düsseldorf. In these cities, prices for detached and row houses fell by 12.6% and for apartments by 9.8% year-on-year.

Sequential declines: After peaking in the second quarter of 2022, German home prices have fallen steadily each quarter. Prices have fallen by 2.9% and 5.1% in the past two quarters compared to the previous calculation periods.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Only "retards" and people with "suicidal thoughts" buy Treasuries!  Few people know that several entities are - by law - forced to buy Treasuries. Examples are Banks, (re) Insurance companies, pension funds,  state controlled companies,..[ I remember that during the 1980s', when interest rates were rapidly rising, the Belgian Bankers refused to buy Treasuries and received a letter from the Government stating that if they didn't buy the required quota of Treasury bonds now, they would FORCE these to.
  • And yes, those who listened and believed the Austrian Government and Politicians lost 75% of their savings in no time.  Those with Bank deposits and saving accounts with Austrian Banks, also lost 75%...only they still don't know it.
  • For premium members only.


Important Technicals:

  • The is no doubt. ALL charts in the BOND sections CLEARLY indicate that we shall see HIGHER interest rates. At this time, and best case scenario, we may see a consolidation at present levels.
  • Mind the key levels for Gold and Silver. These must be broken before (much) higher.
  • Once again, physical gold and physical silver perform BETTER than the miners.
  • The price of crude oil continues to bottom out and seems to be initiating a bull trend.
  • xxxxxx shares are somewhat OVERBOUGHT.
For premium members only. For premium members only.
The minimum target is $32 per oz. xxx. We still prefer Physical Silver to Miners.
For premium members only. For premium members only.
Mind the reversed HS pattern and target.  Tower Hill mines.


For premium members only.

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