February 2024

The West is acting in exactly the same way the the Soviets did : they "Fixed" Inflation, but Ruined the Economy.

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Monday to Thursday, February  26 - 29, 2024: Ukraine & the EU will freeze the bank accounts of Ukrainians not enlisting in the Army!

Updated Sections:

Ukraine & the EU will freeze the bank accounts of Ukrainians - and EU citizens - not enlisting in the Army.   World War III is being prepared and will mainly be fought in Europe. This for the same reasons WWI and WW2 were fought in Europe. We expect that this time, the destruction of Europe will be even worse than during the two previous World Wars. [the open window to make peace in Europe is about to be closed]

As for all Wars, all civilians will be enlisted. This time also the female population...and who knows, the immigrants.  The bank accounts of those who don't show up (and of their parents) will be frozen with a click on ENTER. At the same time, capital controls will be enforced, and leaving the home country will become impossible.

A WAR doesn't come overnight. Do you have the guts to watch the video below to the end?

When nothing else works, they take you to war.  We repeatedly warned our readers that Europe (the EU) is engaging in World War III.  The EU- is deploying warships to the Red Sea.  France signed an agreement with Ukraine regarding military assistance (sale of munition, etc..), and the Netherlands is sending airplanes to Ukraine. Americans are sending illegal cluster bombs that Ukraine uses to attack Russia. Soon, things will get grimmer, and people will, just like in WW2, be called to enlist in the army. Those who don't will have their bank accounts frozen.

If you are still in denial and you still think NOTHING will happen, you live in LALA-LAND, and the day comes that Bombs and Grenades will wake you up. An escalation is visible, and be sure that you and/or your kids will be enlisted and used as canon meat. 

The video mentions the 2014 CIA coup d'état, the Minsk Agreement, but also the 2022 Istambul agreement that was signed by Ukraine and Russia but killed by the UK (Johnson)

"People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." Invasion drives history, and The Herd, most of the time, does nothing to stop it but, most of the time,  even encourages it.  They don't even take any precautions to move their savings out of reach of the local authorities and invaders who will become their bosses and rulers tomorrow.

Did you know that in Russia in 1917, when the Bolsheviks were taking over Russia, the wives of the Romanovs wore a RED BAND around their arm in support of the Communists!!!? The irony is that they SUPPORTED  the people who would later kill them!!!!!

I was talking to this woman the other day in Arizona. I told her about the 300,000 illegals going through the border every month.  She raised her hand and asked me to stop. She said she did not want to hear about it. She would rather see a movie than face that America has no more laws.

These are similar but different arguments I receive from people living in Europe: The government will never allow this to happen.  They will stop the invasion at some time in the future before it is too late. OR, Nothing is happening where I am living. Over here, all is (almost) normal. I have to drive 15 minutes to see immigrants...

And yet, The disintegration of Western civilization is proceeding so rapidly that I cannot keep up with it even as a full-time job. The French government has just criminalized medical truth, and WHO is about to do so in May of this year. People will no longer have control over their own health decisions. The German government wants a law allowing the police to lock up anybody criticizing the acts of the politicians; note that this kind of legislation is normally only seen in times of war.

A MUST WATCH - This is what it is in El Salvador, where frogs jumped in time out of boiling water.  Bukele nails it 100%

 Do you have the guts to jump out of the boiling water before it is too late? Are you planning a plan B before it is too late,
or are you postponing action with invented and often emotional excuses?

Our Real Estate Corner:


In Germany, those who are building head straight for bankruptcy. A dramatic Omen for Germany and Belgium.

Slowly but surely, Real Estate is becoming a JAIL for those who build and/or bought a house.  Real Estate is a sure thing to keep you enslaved to the banking system and the government.


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Thursday to Friday, February  22 - 23, 2024: Free speech: Anyone who doesn't think like them is extreme right

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Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Commodities expressed in Gold, Inflation Index,
Bonds general & USA,
Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds,

The Western Politicians pretend we live in a Democracy. WE DO NOT!  You have no clue of how difficult the Western Politicians make life for Russian citizens. This is really crazy. See the video of a woman who has to travel via Paris to Warshow to get a visa to the USA. See how she first has to get a “Schengen Visa” to travel to France so she can get on a plane to Poland and is not allowed to bring her laptop...not even toothpaste to France (the EUSSR) on her journey.

Note: Freedom of speech?  (Me and Goldonomc) have been banned for probably over 7 years by The Financial Times, De Tijd, Wikipedia, De Standaard, Trends-Knack, a.o.

A Warning Sign Capital Controls Are Coming Soon and How to Beat Them

Weekends and holidays are the perfect time to catch people off guard…The government declares a surprise bank holiday and shuts down all the banks—mere hours after they denied they were even thinking about such actions. [During the 1060-1990s, European currency devaluations always happened during weekends.]

They impose capital controls to stop citizens from taking their money out of the country.  Cash-sniffing dogs, which make drug-sniffing dogs look friendly, show up at airports and border crossings. At this point, your money is like a lobster in a trap. It doesn’t require much imagination to see what comes next. Once a desperate government has your money within its reach, it’ll find a way to take as much of it as possible.

Don’t be surprised if your local currency suffers a massive devaluation, bank deposits are suddenly worth a fraction of what they were just yesterday, or the government imposes an emergency tax.

This familiar story has played out in many countries in recent years. The pattern is clear and should surprise no one the next time it happens. It’s all but certain governments in financial trouble will turn to capital controls as a desperate, misguided solution—with devastating consequences for ordinary people.

Argentina, Lebanon, Venezuela, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, China, India, South Korea,
and governments in countless other countries have recently imposed capital controls.

The lesson from these examples is capital controls can happen anywhere and anytime.  Remember, in 1933, through Executive Order 6102, President Roosevelt forced Americans to exchange their gold for US dollars under penalty of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine (or more than $235,000 in today’s debased confetti). Of course, the official government gold exchange rate was unfavorable.  It amounted to around a 41% confiscation of purchasing power.

The fiat currency system is long past its shelf life. All it would take is a crisis—real or contrived—or some other pretext and the stroke of the president’s pen on a new executive order. Expect it to happen.

Capital controls are government restrictions on how people can use their money—something that should be abhorrent to anyone who believes in property rights and a free society.

Screenshot 2024 02 18 at 09.04.08Here’s how capital controls work

  • Governments might allow people to buy foreign currency (or gold) only at an "official" rate that they set, which is always less favorable than the free-market rate. The difference between the fake official rate and the real free-market rate amounts to a wealth transfer to the government.
  • Another form of capital control is steep taxes on international money transfers or purchasing foreign assets. Governments could also flat-out prohibit ownership of foreign assets or moving any form of wealth outside the country. No matter what flavor they come in, capital controls always help a government trap money within its borders so it’s easier for them to take.

We had Capital controls in Cyprus and Lebanon only a few years ago.

Worse Happens After Capital Controls

That’s why you must act BEFORE they impose capital controls.  Capital controls are always a prelude to something worse. That’s because once governments trap money inside a country, it’s probably only a matter of hours before there is wealth confiscation. Anything they don’t steal immediately, they box in for future thefts. That is also a reason WHY they like to CHAIN their subjects to Real Estate. These landlords are easy prey.

How much time do you have?  While it’s impossible to know, acting well in advance is advisable. Better a year early than a minute late. There is one common feature I’ve noticed when countries impose capital controls that indicates the situation is imminent. It’s like someone waving a big fat red flag. That warning sign is a government official denying that they are considering imposing capital controls.

Storing your savings out of political reach, you also ensure "the invaders" won't take them from you in the coming years*.

Note*: few realize that what is happening right under their eyes is AN INVASION of foreigners who will take over your country in the coming years!

FROM CRISIS TO CONFISCATIONWhenever you hear a central banker or politician say something won’t happen, you can almost be sure it will happen. And probably soon. Coming from a bureaucrat, the real meaning of "no, of course not" is "it could happen tomorrow." It’s like the old saying: "Believe nothing until it has been officially denied." These deceptions have a purpose: Politicians and central bankers must surprise the public for the desired results.

When you hear the official denial, you probably have only a matter of hours before they impose capital controls.

What is the best way to Beat Capital Controls? The solution is simple. Place your savings outside your home country so it’s not trapped when the government imposes capital controls. It will be waiting for you safely on the other side. Repatriating funds has always been and will always be possible. Argentina is an excellent example. People who brought their savings in time out of the country can now bring these back. They are guaranteed to have NO fiscal or other problems and receive a 15% premium on the amounts they bring back.

If you want to be smarter than the average "Joe," you will keep your physical metals with a Lloyds-insured vault in a tax-free zone that offers a concierge service. By doing this, you can ship and, if required, sell your metals and have the funds wired to whatever bank you decide.

Below are four ways you can do that.

  1. First, get a second permanent residency/passport.
  2. Second, obtain a foreign bank account. Capital controls imposed in your home country are unlikely to affect a bank account in another country.
  3. Third, real estate in a foreign country is an excellent way to store significant capital abroad. Your home government won’t be able to seize it without a literal act of war. However, don't buy any Real Estate as long as the market is overbought (like today).
  4. Fourth, one of today's best solutions is physical gold & silver bullion coins held in a non-bank vault in a wealth-friendly foreign jurisdiction. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that you should NOT put gold in a bank’s safe deposit box. They will be among the first targets if and when governments decide to declare a bank holiday and confiscate private wealth. Holding the physical gold bullion in your own possession or a private non-bank vault in a wealth-friendly jurisdiction like Singapore or Panama is a good idea. Switzerland has become a NO GO, and Singapore is far, far away in the East...close to China.  Last, you MUST use a vault offering a CONCIERGE SERVICE.  We know of stubborn people who thought their name was Albert Einstein and had their physical gold frozen in some faraway country.

The current dollar-based monetary system is on its way out.  The Euro will probably go under together with the Dollar. Even the central bankers running the system can see that. They prepare for what comes next as they attempt to "reset" the system (CBDC is only part of the process). It’s a virtual certainty they will impose capital controls. I suspect it could all go down soon… and it won’t be pretty for most people. We are likely on the cusp of a historic financial earthquake…One that could mark the biggest economic event of our lifetimes. Yet few people are aware of what is happening. Others are still in denial. And even fewer know how to prepare and are willing to do what a man has to do.

If the government doesn't steal your savings, the people mentioned in the video below will come and take it. Whether you live in Europe or the USA, it won't make a difference!

Click here to read more on Capital Controls.

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Monday to Wednesday, February  19 - 21, 2024:
When people nobody voted for run everything, we are not living in a free country! Tucker?!

Updated Sections: Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG),
Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma, Oil Shares, Uranium Shares, Bank & Fin. Shares

Can one buy a NEW F-150 (electric) in the USA for $7,000?! When, some weeks ago, I told people that today, one can buy a NEW Electric F-150 for $ 7,000, some called me a liar.  Even the Ford Dealers in the EU denied this reality.  Still, in the USA, not even Fools buy one at this giveaway price. The regular list price of such a new vehicle is $49,000.

 Unsold F-150 Lightning electric pickup trucks keep accumulating in the parking lots of Ford Dealers.

Also, because FREE charging is lost as soon as the 1st owner sells his Tesla,  these first-time owners/dreamers have no choice but to store this thing in a fireproof bunker and hope it doesn't self-ignite.

All other automobile manufacturers are closing their production lines of EVs. This is the end of a folly. Now that THE HERD realizes that EVs are a scam, it is only a matter of time before the Hybrids and Hydrogen dreams will fall off the planet Earth. This abrupt move to EVs has cost automobile manufacturers billions and may even end with some bankruptcies.

Note: Goldonomic warned the Subscribers years ago about the danger of investing in this sector.

Meanwhile, on the Brussels' Metro lines...Tintin is in for the BIGGEST surprise of his life—the organized migration of fugitives.  Paris, Brussels, London, and even New York have become similar experiences. This organized migration will deeply and severely negatively impact the Western World.

When things go bad, the biggest danger is the government because (mostly unelected)  Politicians with an IQ level of just above the freezing level suck every cent (and often lives) out of their CITIZENS. History has a lot of examples. As always, the Herd is too busy chasing FIAT money INSIDE A FAKE FINANCIAL SYSTEM that it fails to take precautions. Therefore, as monetary history learns, they end up penniless at the end of the story.

To name some, income tax, sales tax, capital gain tax,  Reichsfluchtsteuer, Operation Gutt, the 1933 Gold Decree, and even the Templars had to cope with capital controls. 

Undoubtedly, the people of the Western World (Europe, the USA, Canada, etc.) will soon experience how draconian Capital Controls are again. More about this later.

Florida to officially classify mRma-Covid shots as illegal Bio-weapon.

Since we have entered the era of MANIAS, Crypto investors can expect similar surprises shortly. Non-believers must read a good book about John Law.

17th Century Mania 18th Century Mania
1929 Stock Market Crash: During the 1920s, the stock market went through a rapid expansion, but at the same time, unemployment rose, and production declined, leaving stock prices less valuable. October 24, 1929 (Black Thursday) marks the day of the largest sell-off of shares, while October 29, 1929 (Black Tuesday) is when investors traded some 16 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange in a single day. 
20th Century Mania  

The chart for Bitcoin and other Cryptos will be published shortly. Note it will show a pattern similar to the former charts.


Reserved for Crypto Mania chart.


Black Monday (1987): Beginning on October 14, 1987, the U.S. stock market began sharply declining. On October 19, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 500 points, followed by steep declines of the S&P 500, the New York Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ; eventually, twenty-three major world markets experienced a sharp decline. I remember I predicted this event at Montebello, Canada, during a financial convention. 
21st Century Mania  


Russia is doing GREAT. Please stop listening to the Politicians and their Mainstream Media! More in the section Important Fundamentals:

  Grocery Prices are cheap, and all products are available.


  1. In the video, Tucker shows what $100 buys in a Russian Supermarket. Note that, contrary to what the lying Media in the West pretend, ALL Western products are available.
  2. During WW2, to be able to resume the sale of COCA COLA in Germany, the Americans created FANTA. A brand one can still find in Europe.

Our Real Estate Corner:

The stupidest thing one can do today is to buy and chain yourself to "Bricks and Mortar" or Real Estate....with the excuse that renting is wasted money.  Real RETARDS buy Real Estate with a MORTGAGE. A roof over your head ALW/AYS has a price even if you buy a property.

The average home price in Belgium has increased by €70.000 because of some stupid GREEN legislation.  To alleviate somewhat the problem for young families who are so stupid that they decide to chain themselves for the rest of their lives to bricks and mortars. The government has now sought financial assistance for first-time owners (remember France passed similar legislation some months ago.

A deja vu of the Bolsjevics in 1917:  Should British homeowners house illegal migrants? In Britain, homeowners are given CPOs (Compulsory Purchase Orders) to allocate their homes to migrants. In America, people are asked to open their doors to house migrants.

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Thursday to Friday, February  15 - 16, 2024: Huge market breakouts are accompanied by long bases and very low volatility!

Updated Sections: Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors, 
Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG),
Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma,

THE CRISIS IS ALREADY HERE...You must act quickly—events unfold rapidly, and the window of opportunity closes.

Long bases and very low volatility accompany huge breakouts in markets. Gold(Silver) is in a long base, and its volatility indicators remain in position for Gold to move explosively once it breaks the overhead resistance level (see charts).  The low open interest and a dead market add to the pressure.  Last but not least, the fact that "insiders" or informed bankers buy Physical Gold and Silver and take delivery of the metal is alarming for every investor.

As usual, the average investor is in denial, knows better than the real professionals, and cannot mentally accept the reality because that would force him to act in a way he is unprepared for.  Most investors have NEVER experienced any major financial accident/breakdown and do not know of any that happened in history and WHY these happened. And yet, they "know better"!?

Each time the pressure cooker exploded, the authorities had to call for a bank holiday and freeze the Gold/Silver markets.  The last time this happened was in April 1968, or 56 years ago. Only people in their 70s remember it. The previous time was 1933 (USA) and Weimar (Reichsmark).

People who don't know the history and stubbornly refuse to do their homework are forced to repeat history!

The last time the cooker exploded was in April 1968, or 56 years ago. The Queen of England called for a Bank Holiday. The Gold market was closed for a week. Upon opening, the price of Gold was DOUBLED and started its uptrend with a price climax of $850 in 1981.  This was a 2,500% increase.  Nobody, except the +70-year seniors, remembers those days.

The previous bank holiday happened in 1933 (USA) and during the Weimar when the Gold Mark could no longer be exchanged for Gold. During those days, one could buy a whole street in Berlin or a skyscraper in Manhattan for some Gold coins.

As always, some investors had Gold/Silver after each Bank Holiday, while others had NOTHING. Thin air...

In the years 2000-2003, gold began its actual bull trend.  Those days, prices were hovering around the $200-$250.  Today, the price is $2,000 per oz., or a 900% increase over a 20-year period. And YES, there are still some people out there who are complaining that "it's not enough"!  Of course, they don't realize and have no clue WHY the price of Gold started an uptrend in the first place and where and how it all will end.

The problem is not whether the price of Gold will rise, but rather HOW to prepare yourself so the Government cannot seize it from you!

p.s. The Public Is Selling Into Gold’s Rise, and this is a VERY bullish sign.

The Tucker-Putin interview just confirmed what we already knew and published earlier:

  1. The Western Politicians are a bunch of incompetent, idiot, sick retards.
  2. It was the USA (CIA) who blew up the pipelines.
  3. The EU states are the lackeys of the USA and are destroying themselves.
  4. The USA is destructing itself.
  5. The West didn't follow what was agreed in the Minsk agreement. It doesn't even respect the decision of the 2022 meeting in Turkey.
  6. Putin doesn't want to expand the Russian territory
  7. the West made a terrible mistake by using the Dollar as a weapon.

Whether The Herd elects them or not,  The West is controlled by a group of RETARD NARCISTS. In the USA, we have this Biden thing (by now, everybody should see that something is wrong with this guy);  in Canada, we have the phenomenon of Trudeau (his father Pierre wrecked Quebec, and Fidel Castro is his God); in the Netherlands, we have a weirdo called Rutte (no clue whether the man is a homophile of a pedophile);  in France we have a president by the name of Marcon with Oedipus complex and a 34-year-old homophile prime minister; in Luxemburg we also have a homophile prime minister by the name of Bettel; in Belgium we have a "fils-a-papa" as prime-minister (De Croo) and pedophiles (Di Rupo) and a transgender (De Sutter) as ministers. The members of the EU government ain't any better.

Not that I have problems with these people. After all, everyone is free to do what pleases him at home. Important, however, is that today, these people are GOVERNMENT and controlling and regulating countries and continents. 

In South Africa, the next president to be, Julius Malena, has sworn to kill all whites.  This year, the fate of South Africa's 4.51 million white citizens will be sealed. A general election will be held in a few months, and one candidate only is surging. Malema has openly and repeatedly called for genocide against whites.

There is some hope. Luckily there are emerging countries where we see important changes: El Salvador with Bukele who is cleansing up the shit left by his predecessors; Ecuador, where the president is cleansing the house; last but not least, Argentina, where Javier Milei is trying to pull the country out of 50 years of Socialist disaster. I won't mention the winner of the last Dutch elections (Wilders), as it appears that the ruling parties are politically killing him.

A Second passport,  a second permanent residency, especially by investment, is already much more expensive and complex (bureaucracy enforced by the socialist EU). We expect these to become even more expensive over the coming months and years. That is until the day becomes impossible, for that day will come!

killing of second passports

There are still some good options until May of this year. Those seeking a second passport/permanent residency should act NOW! Those who can afford it and don't set the required steps are out of their mind.

Our Real Estate Corner:

Caution:  in some countries (like Belgium),  if you have bought several properties with mortgages, be advised that the day you start to liquidate one of these properties (because you have brains and you know the real estate market is about to collapse), the bank will hold all funds until the outstanding debt has been reimbursed. Under weak market conditions, you may have to sell a second and/or a 3rd property BEFORE you see any money.  In the meantime, especially if you bought via a corporation, you are LIABLE and MUST pay the capital gain tax on the sold property! Such often results in very bad surprises.

Again, Real Estate is not an investment but rather a consumer good!  It is also a chain of the owner to the local government. Especially so if bought with a mortgage.  It is the IDEAL way for the government to TAX the landlord. If the taxes are not paid, the Government seizes the property.

Over the past years, we have experienced NOMINAL CONFUSION in the real estate sector: prices have increased with inflation. However, in REAL terms, NOTHING happened.

When things get bad, like in GAZA and/or during a crisis/war, it is impossible to put a property in your pocket and take it with you when you are forced to flee.

HPIGold bar2

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Monday to Wednesday, February  12 - 14, 2024: Tucker's interview with Putin confirmed our views!

Updated Sections: Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro & €-Gold,Candollar & Gold,
British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold,
World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold,

3 Shocking Truths Most People Don't Know About Money in Bank Accounts...The best way to protect your savings from bank failures and other problems in the rotten banking system.

Henry Ford astutely observed that a revolution would occur overnight if people understood the banking and monetary system.  That’s because modern banking is an elaborate illusion that deceives people into a false sense of security… until it’s too late. Large banks can fail in hours, and life savings can evaporate overnight.

The banking system is especially vulnerable, as the collapse of Credit Suisse, Silicon Valley Bank, and other recent events have shown.  Why do so many people put their confidence and life savings into an unstable system? I would say it’s because they do not understand three fundamental truths about modern banking: The money isn’t yours. The money isn’t actually there. The money isn’t really money.

It goes beyond all imagination that people caught in the Credit Suisse drama either keep their funds with that bank or move them to another bank and feel assured the other bank is safer...these people understand nothing!

Truth #1: The Money Isn’t Yours

bank run 1Many people are surprised to learn that they don’t truly own the money in their bank account.  Once you deposit money at the bank, it’s no longer your personal property. Instead, it belongs to the bank, and they can do whatever they want. What you own with a bank deposit is a promise from the bank to repay you—an IOU.

Depositing money is like making an unsecured loan to the bank, with practically no interest to compensate you for taking such a risk. It’s a terrific deal for the bank and a terrible deal for you.  That’s why a bank deposit is very different from cash in hand. Yet the vast majority of people wrongly conflate the two.

Further, the bank can freeze "your" money by pushing a button for whatever reason they find convenient. Perhaps you bought something the bank didn’t like or made a politically incorrect statement on social media. Then, don’t be surprised to see your account frozen or worse. It was never yours if your money can be easily frozen or seized.  [FARAGE in the UK, Eric GEENEN in Belgium]

Truth #2: The Money Isn’t Actually There

Screenshot 2024 02 08 at 07.00.30The money you think is in the bank isn’t actually there. Banks don’t have physical cash reserved for you in their vault or enough digital funds to cover all depositors. During the Covid hysteria, the US government removed bank reserve requirements, meaning banks don’t need to hold any funds for withdrawals. So, where does all that money go?

Unbeknownst to most depositors, banks can use "your" money to gamble recklessly on the latest investment fad.  Banks are using "your" money to make bets and take risks that could render them insolvent and unable to redeem deposits. If only a tiny fraction of depositors demanded their money back, most banks would be in big trouble because the money isn’t there.

This slimy practice is known as fractional reserve banking—and it’s totally legal.  However, that doesn’t change the fraudulent nature of the activity. Modern banking resembles a Ponzi Scheme, as it relies on the false belief that people’s money is readily available when, in fact, it isn’t.

The monetary system is self-destructing at an alarming rate and reaching the end of its shelf-life.  The people in charge—the central bankers and those behind them—understand all of this.  That’s why they aim to corral people into an Orwellian system that monitors and controls every penny you earn, save, and spend.

If you want to understand what's going on and what you can do to protect
your personal freedom and financial well-being,
then you cannot afford to miss what we reveal in Goldonomic.

Truth #3: The Money Isn’t Really Money

eazy money 2024 01 31Although people use currency daily, few consider what it is or what makes "good money."  Money is "a good," just like any other in an economy. And it isn’t a complex notion to grasp. It doesn’t require you to understand convoluted math formulas and complicated theories—as the gatekeepers in academia, media, and government mislead many folks into believing.

Understanding money is intuitive and straightforward. Money is simply something useful for storing and exchanging value. It’s a tool for sending value through time and space. That’s it. Think of money as a claim on human time. It’s like stored life or energy. Unfortunately, today, most of humanity thoughtlessly accepts whatever worthless paper or digital scrips their governments give them as money.

However, money does not need to come from the government.  That’s a total misnomer that the average person has been hoodwinked into believing.

It would be similar to transporting yourself back in time and asking the average person in the Soviet Union, "Where do shoes come from?" They would say, "Well, the government makes the shoes. Where else could they come from? Who else could make the shoes?" It’s the same mentality regarding money today—except it’s much more widespread.

Government currencies are terrible vehicles to store and exchange value because they are easy to produce, have a potentially unlimited supply, and carry enormous political risks. The free market wouldn’t choose government confetti as money without laws forcing their use.

Here’s another way to think of it.

Screenshot 2024 02 08 at 07.03.06Imagine if Tony Soprano forced his neighborhood to use pieces of paper with his signature as money and threatened violence against anyone who disobeyed.  That’s what governments are doing with their currencies. The truth is fake money comes from the government. Real money emerges from the market.

People have used stones, glass beads, salt, cattle, seashells, gold, silver, and other commodities as money at different times. Inmates often use cigarettes to store and exchange value inside prisons.


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Thursday to Friday, February  8 - 9, 2024: Years ago, we recommended exchanging gold and silver miners for the physical metal!

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It amazes me each time to see that The Herd, those who NEVER or rarely consult the site, always know BEST what is happening and what will happen in the future.  They make me think of plumbers who think they can perform heart operations. Whether or not these members of the Herd have master's degrees or none doesn't make a difference. True is that financially better people are often worse in their reasoning...For some reason, The Herd, even when confronted by the harsh reality, mostly denies it because they have no clue about the real situation. They refuse to see that the "Emperor has no clothes."

  • The French Revolution began in 1789 and lasted until 1794. King Louis XVI needed more money but had failed to raise more taxes when he had called a meeting of the Estates General. This instead turned into a protest about conditions in France.
  • Once again dissatisfied with what was considered a foreign oppressor, the Belgians revolted against Willem I and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in a battle for independence in late 1830 because of high taxation.
  • The Boston Tea Party was an American political and mercantile protest on December 16, 1773, by the Sons of Liberty in Boston in colonial Massachusetts.. the British Taxation Acts, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Intolerable Acts.
  • The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a revolution that overthrew the imperial government and placed the Bolsheviks in power.   Increasing governmental corruption,  the reactionary policies of Tsar Nicholas II, and catastrophic Russian losses in World War I contributed to widespread dissatisfaction and economic hardship. The USSR  went bankrupt and disappeared in 1990-91 because of hidden taxation or inflation.

Argentina or a story of what is to come to the West.  And NO, there is no plan B, not for Argentina, not for the EUSSR, not for the USSR!  Only a WORLD WAR can and will postpone the inevitable bankruptcy of the West. Argentina’s newly elected President Javier Milei has promised to privatize state firms and slash jobs and spending. But his cuts will be painful for many Argentines. Either Milei will succeed, or Argentina will go bankrupt as the USSR did in 1990.

Argentina or a story of what is to come to the West.

  • I exchanged USD 500 yesterday here.
  • The guy who changed funds saw me and asked me: “Where is your backpack?”.
  • He spoke rapidly and in Spanish.
  • So, at first, I didn't understand what he was even saying.
  • Then I made him repeat 2-3 times. But I still didn't understand.
  • Then he showed me this...what the USA $250 looked like.
  • The biggest bills in Argentina are 1,000 and 2,000 pesos. He showed me a portion of the USD 500. There was a bit more. Imagine...that orange bill is worth $1 American dollar.

Note: one of the reasons the Central Banks are going for the CBDC is that they know that once Hyperinflation kicks in, you won't have to buy a "backpack"  as it will all be done "digitally". In other words, the Central Banks already know that hyperinflation is coming...


 p.s. In the Netherlands, it increasingly looks like Wilders and his PVV party have been locked out of the next Dutch government by the other communist parties. In other words, in the short run, nothing will change.

Years ago, we recommended exchanging gold and silver miners for physical metal.

Winning gold miners can be very profitable and, at times, can outperform bullion, especially in the short and medium term. 
However, according to our research, today, gold and silver stocks come with an extremely dangerous trap.

As usual, some investors gave it a thought, while others knew better and kept sitting in their positions.  Ever since Gold has gone up, Silver has remained stable, but the gold/silver stocks lost between 20% and 30%. There are several reasons WHY we recommended to convert miners into physical. 

We will not divulge the reasons to those who don't show appreciation for our research and work.  For those who are so greedy that they don't even consider taking a subscription and for those who don't understand what we are publishing and rather keep following their emotions. The Herd, those who prefer to watch Soccer and Football, do not have the mental ability to assimilate most of what we publish... unfortunately, they only believe in NOMINAL CONFUSION and will end with nothing.

Gold stock performance is tied to much more than the bullion price.  For one, shareholder value can always be diluted when you’re holding stocks, regardless of the industry. Gold mining companies also have overhead for exploration, extraction, processing, and storage. Gold miners must also contend with oil, materials, and labor price fluctuations.

Physical gold also comes with some overhead — mainly about storage, transportation, and security — but the costs are lower than equities. It is extremely important to keep your physical gold and silver out of political reach. And yes, it is SAFER to store your metals in another country!

More for the subscribers...nothing beats physical bullion as a safe haven in an inflationary environment where central bank money printing is running amok.

The banking system is going under, but nobody seems to notice.

  • To avoid a run on the banks, the media and central banks do all within their power to keep the ongoing dramas in the banking sector hidden from the public. Most crypto fans still don't realize that once the banks fail, it becomes impossible to convert cryptos into currencies!
  • Most holders of equities (stocks, bonds, ETFs, Options, etc.) don't realize that once their bank/broker fails, the equities held by these can also disappear.
  • The next bank failure will be in Japan. Like rows of falling dominoes, Aozora Bank, the 16th largest in Japan by market value, saw its shares plunge by 20% on Thursday after reporting a net loss of 28 billion yen ($191 million) for the fiscal year. This starkly contrasted its earlier projection of a 24 billion yen profit.
  • USA:  Regional Bank Stocks Are Crashing Again...The banking crisis never disappeared, and it now appears the rest of the market realizes that, too, as Regional Bank shares are extending their losses significantly...New York Community Bancorp, Western Alliance Bancorp, Shares of Zions Bancorp, Comerica, and Webster Financial are also tumbling along with Citizens Financial, Regions Financial, SouthState, Prosperity Bancshares, Schwab, PacWest, and Huntington Bancshares...

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.
  • The Real Estate crash has become a reality for Commercial Real Estate (Shopping Malls) and Offices.
  • The production price of Belgian Real Estate has almost doubled.

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Important Fundamentals

  • Gold prices have risen, with bullion prices ripping upward since the outbreak of war in the Middle East late last year. While mining stocks

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They tried it in the year 1900 and it did not work...So WHY did they try it another time? Who are those idiots? EV batteries are extremely dangerous.

Important Technicals.

  • See the charts below.

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Monday to Wednesday, February 5 - 7, 2024:  What happens in France is the effect of the Social-Communist EUSSR mechanism!

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The only way for the EU member states to survive is to DESTROY the EU!

France is part of the EUSSR.  To facilitate the text, I use the term "communism" instead of socialism and democracy.  The EUSSR was prepared and set up by socialist (communist) politicians in the name of Democracy (Communism) after WW2. To make it all better and easier, the European communists launched the EURO, or one currency for all European countries and people. This was the cherry on the Communist Devil's cake.

The problems the European farmers were baked into the system years ago. Only communist fools try to unify different people and different countries into one country (the EU) with one currency.  This "All Together" ruins a complete continent and the economy because the communities take away the flexibility of each individual country and the individuals altogether. Most people don't understand that everyone is different and that "exactly" this characteristic makes the world go around in a Free Market economy.

Those who still dare to pretend that this is not EXTREME COMMUNISM have the brains of a BOLW FISH.

The farmers are strongly against the very strict European environmental requirements and know there is far too much bureaucracy.  I was amazed to learn about the (EU) bureaucracy the French farmers had to fulfill. Every action on the farm must be noted and communicated to the Bolsheviks in Brussels, and they sent out police agents to double-check that the farmers' entries were correct.  In many cases, the EUSSR bureaucrats decide what can be cultivated and what cannot, which and how much feedstock can be held. The farmers are angry about the high costs for the agricultural sector resulting from the bureaucracy. France is the largest producer of agricultural products within the EU. Because of the high production costs, imported farm products are cheaper than locally grown ones.

The French Framers are protesting because they are forced by the EU-Bolsjeviks in Brussels (for their good) to become bureaucrats.  Because of the high general level of taxes, the higher cost of labor, and price controls enforced by the communists in Brussels, they can no longer compete with non-French and non-European goods and services. To keep their farms going, they must sell at or below cost. More and more farmers sell their farms.

In France and the EU, whatever the RETARDS in Brussels decide is enforced in France and the EUSSR.  What they decide goes beyond all imagination. To name some: Glyphosate, pesticide bans,  fertilizer tax,  meat taking off ( i.e., Lyon) school lunch menu,  french farmers protesting the agricultural policy, farmers protesting because the EU made them become bureaucrats, farmers protesting because of excessive government control.

"Either the EU is terminated, and member countries go back to their pre-Euro currency and devalue this currency, or Europe will become a 3rd country continent."

eu farmersFrench farmers are enraged because the super-markets (Carrefour, Leclerq) have, to make a profit and survive,  buy fruit, veggies, meat, and food staples abroad at MUCH LOWER PRICES instead of in France.  By doing so, they can still sell the food staples at an average of 30% less than if they were to buy the local products from the French farmers.

The French Revolution started because the price of the soap became unaffordable.
The Belgian Revolution started because the Dutch King decided to hike the tax on bread once more!
The American Revolution started because the Britons overtaxed the Tea.

In the past, when Communists were not controlling all of Western Europe,  the solution to the problem was easy:  the government just had to devalue the French Franc by (in this case) 30% to align the local domestic products farm to the international price level.  In all West European countries, in the past, this was done each time it was required to make a country competitive again.

Today, because of the existence of the Communist Euro or one currency for several "different countries," this has become impossible. As a result, those countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.) suffer in a different Communist way: they become poorer.  This is not visible in the short run (like during the Boljeviek USSR and the DDR). Over the years, however, it has become very painful. It will become even more painful as they start with Price and Rent controls like they did in the USSR.

Add to the former that because of all social benefits, the labor force becomes unwilling to work and rather relies on the government (social security, pension, 5- and 4-day work week, etc.) for their income. The result is an "All Together," or EUSSR, that is becoming totally non-competitive.

Javier Milei is doing the right things and making the correct decisions: more free market economy, fewer social advantages, less government, and more private entrepreneurs. In Argentina, the president has much more power than the presidents of the US and A. He is abolishing Import controls and taxes, export controls and taxes, Rent Controls, and price controls. He has already fired 5,000 government employees and many other Socialist killers. He plans to continue to prune the Government machine and reduce it to its smallest possible size. Only this can take the country out of its severe recession and bring back the glory of the old days.

Milei is one of the few professionals able to bring Argentina back out of the mess it is in right now. Don't expect to see the same in the USA, where  Zombie Biden is calling the..., nor in France, where the country is controlled by a 40-year Oedipus complexed president who has to ask his mama for advice and the prime minister is a 34-year-old, inexperienced homosexual...while the rest of the government consist of a bunch of housewives.   A country run that way is good for the trashcan.

p.s. In the Netherlands, it becomes obvious that Geert Wilders will get NOWHERE.  It looks like The Netherlands will stay without a new government until the next elections. That is, unless Geert Wilders makes A LOT of concessions.

The picture below gives you an idea of what the taxes are like in Europe. The average total yearly taxation in Belgium is min—54%.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.
  • We don't expect The Herd to believe a severe Real Estate crash is coming. Especially Belgian females will declare us Retards. However, the coming Real Estate crash cake is already baked, and we must wait until the cake is distributed and eaten. The real estate bubble has burst and is already deflating. Especially so Commercial Real Estate...and it will only worsen over the next months.
  • In Belgium, 57% of companies in the real estate sector reported a decline in the number of new contracts since the last quarter of 2023, and 24% are even talking about a significant decline. This trend relates to both new construction and renovation projects.

Important Fundamentals

  •  There will be NO gold and NO silver left for the investors.

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Thursday to Friday, February 1-2, 2024. DEMOCRACY always becomes Socialism, and Socialism is Communism!

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The Weimar hyperinflation started well before 1914 and not in 1921. Before the war, the gold system had already been abolished, and most banks held gold and silver. The public held worthless paper money. Before 1914, they replaced golden coins with bank notes (currency) to hyperinflate the currency later. Prices only began to hyperinflate in 1921.

Fractional Reserve banking already existed before WW1, as at that time, there was only 1/3rd of the available gold for the money in circulation (the currency was only backed by gold for 1/3rd of the money in circulation). Banks were/are bankrupt as soon as more fractional currency was/is in circulation than gold in the bank's vaults.

The banks knew a World War was coming and began to accumulate physical gold well before 1914in the same way banks are now also accumulating gold. In June 1914, the Reichsbank demanded that German banks hand all their gold to the Reichsbank.

Germans massively started to redeem their goldmark banknotes for physical gold. 163 million gold marks were redeemed in July 1914. As a result, there was a bank holiday. Banks were closed from July 31, 1914, until the 4th of August.  Starting that date, people could only get paper currency in exchange for their Reichsmarks.

Dealing with Gold was forbidden.  Dealing with Gold was fined, and dealers were imprisoned. About 40% of the people obeyed and handled their gold. This was the same scenario there was years ago with John Law and the Banque de France. The King of France also prohibited any trade with gold coins to save the FRANC. It didn't work!

Note:  In Germany, WWI was mainly financed by printing currency (by inflation ) and not by raising taxes (as in Britain). Inflation seemed to be a deliberate policy...to finance the war.


  1. The Herd refuses to learn from the past and refuses to learn from experts. The Herd knows better and is convinced the former will never happen again...it keeps chasing Fiat Money and, every time, ends up "as poor as Job." After all, those specialists are "retarded doomsayers." aren't they?!
  2. In 1933, the same scenario happened in the USA.  After the event, there were people with worthless fiat money and people with physical gold/silver (real money). The latter could buy up a whole street in Germany with only a few gold coins. You could buy a skyscraper in the USA with a few gold coins.
  3. Soon, the same will happen in Europe and the USA (Western World). It is hard to predict when it will occur. It is impossible to predict when WW3 will expand globally, but it is mathematically certain that it will happen. Unbelievers, those who cannot or refuse to think, will end up like POOR as JOB.

The Soviets "Fixed" the Inflation but Ruined the Economy.  In the USSR, money printing began well before the late 1980s, from 1977 onwards, and tended to increase during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Overall, the Soviet budget tended to destabilize the consumer market, at least after 1977, by putting money into circulation. In particular, a sharp increase in printing money in the late 1980s suggests that the Soviet economy was then on the verge of collapse.

<--The amount of deficit financed by printing money is charted to the left.

Hyperinflation Sets In.  By the late 1980s, the Soviet economy was already primed for price inflation, yet so-called repressed inflation continued to be a sizable factor, pushing down official inflation rates until the mid-1980s. With the advent of perestroika and some limited promarket reforms, Soviet citizens were increasingly able to purchase more goods and import more goods. Decades of forced saving led to runaway inflation as shortages became less acute in many cases. That “monetary overhang” came from savings accounts and drove price inflation to disastrous heights.

It took some time for the official numbers to catch up with reality. The regime’s official numbers had long understated even the moderate levels of price inflation in earlier periods. Still, after the mid-1980s, the gap between official inflation and estimated real inflation grew considerably. Efremov summarizes [9] the divergence, noting that in 1988 official inflation was 0.6 percent but 6 percent in the real marketplace. By 1989, official inflation was 2 percent, but it was really 8 percent. In 1990, it was 5.3 percent, but really 20 percent. The wheels started to come off in 1991, with 96.3 “official” inflation, which was 200 percent.

The Soviet Union collapsed shortly thereafter, and the new regime no longer issued falsified inflation numbers. Instead, the real inflation rate in 1992 was estimated to be more than 2,300 percent. Hyperinflation continued for three more years until the old Soviet ruble finally ceased to exist.

A Socialist Guide to Lowering Price Inflation

Everyone needs an inflation hedge that maintains "how much you can actually buy," and for most moments in history like this one, that thing has been gold.

The Soviet experience shows how expanding the money supply forces a choice.  An inflationist regime can commit to reining in monetary inflation to tackle rising prices. Or a regime can “solve” an inflation problem by destroying demand via price controls and shortages. The latter choice requires repeatedly lowering the standard of living and gradually reducing consumer choices. Yet even this draconian option fails to prevent hyperinflation in the end.

But the fact is, there's something that matters more than the record highs (nominal confusion) that make your portfolio look like you're winning. And that's purchasing power.

Purchasing power is how much STUFF your money actually buys.  That's because you always need more money to buy the same thing in an inflationary environment (like we've been in for the past 75 years).

For example, it's easy to think about how much gas you can buy. I remember when gas was 38 cents a liter or about $1.25 a gallon. Now, the price has quadrupled! If you translate that purchasing power into gold... You actually need less gold to buy more. So record highs may be a big deal if you look at the numbers, but it's more important to ask yourself, "How much of _____ can I actually buy?" The answer is that even though there seems to be excitement around record highs for the S&P 500, you're really buying less.

See our sections: Index In Real Money/Gold and.

Real Estate Corner:

  • Florida seniors are losing their homes because they can no longer afford their homes because of skyrocketing insurance costs.
  • Blackstone reports a 73% profit crash after real estate values tanked.


Important Fundamentals:

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