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Monday to Wednesday, January 29 - 31, 2024:  There should be warnings on banknotes and bank accounts like those on cigarette packs with: "Beware, this banknote is rendered worthless by the issuer."

Updated Sections: Corporate Bonds


Just as in the past, Banks and Central Banks are buying Gold/Silver like there is no tomorrow...and the STUPID HERD keeps accumulating WORTHLESS FIAT CURRENCY...The Herd NEVER LEARNS!

Fractional Reserve Banking, Fiat money, and low interest rates send THE WRONG SIGNALS to Entrepreneurs.  This has been happening for the last decennium, and over all these years, entrepreneurs (and also politicians) have been making dangerously incorrect decisions based on this.

 The days are close when this recklessness will cost them, society, and the financial system.

This is the 4th turning in full glory. The Herd, the Tin Heads, and most politicians are infinitely STUPID and cannot engage in a reasoning process. Therefore they fail to understand the reality (former paragraph). Even worse, they are so stupid that, even though they have no educational level whatsoever, they define the "reasoning people" as "idiots." Today's world is intellectually so bad that even "Professors Economy" sell Bull Shit. Also, most people are only trying to get richer (more is more) and seek the impossible: they want to know the direction of a move and WHEN it will happen. Only a "snake-oil merchant" can forecast both.

It is extremely painful to realize that 75% of the people out there cannot ASSIMILATE nor UNDERSTAND what is published on Goldonomic...nor are they prepared make any effort to do.

Every Fourth Turning ends in a dramatic crisis.  It develops over a few decades and then climaxes over a few years. Nothing is off-limits. Everything we consider foundational to society is at stake. Some of it doesn’t survive. “Everything will be on the table. Consumption (sales tax) will be hiked, and the taxation of the Boomers' assets and meaningful inheritance taxes will go up sharply.  Because the Millennials (4th generation) will pursue to draw the most revenue out of affluent elderly age brackets, we expect more and higher Wealth Taxes, more and higher Inheritance taxes, and last but not least, Reichsfluchsteuer.  This is WHY you must emigrate to a country that is not yet confronted with the Fourth Turning.

The more money is created by printing, increasing the general debt level, and fractional reserve banking, the more inflation we have.  And the so-created inflation is not subject to the general level of interest rates. On the contrary, the general level of interest rates is the result, a consequence of the fiat money in circulation. Note that nothing goes up or comes down in a straight line and that the Tin Heads will be the first to call "Wolf" each time a correction that goes against the basic trend.

Analyst Paul van Eeden has shown that gold has maintained its purchasing power relative to when the gold standard ended. In "Is Gold an Inflation Hedge?".  As a matter of fact, Gold has been money and has maintained its purchasing power for at least 6,000 years, while fiat money normally dies every 50-70 years.

Global Warming and the CO2 HOAX prove how STUPID the HERD and the Leaders are.  Slowly, the truth starts to seep into the undercooled brains...while Ford Motors and GM risk going bankrupt. Again, during the 4th Turning (1912), they were convinced they were all as intelligent as Albert Einstein. The Great Depression, however,  and World War 2 .....

The 4th Turning People who bought an EV must have a mental problem. The 4th Turning Politicians who pushed the sale of these must have an even bigger mental problem.  The car manufacturers that build these will have an even bigger financial problem. So, as the automobile sector goes, goes the economy.


This will at least end in a Civil War and probably in a World War.

Reasoning people know that Javier Milei is right and his statements are correct. The HERD (4th Turning) will only find it out once there is HUNGER and HYPERINFLATION...When it is too late and when they have lost it all. I wonder if and how long this Javier, a REAL Economist, will survive.

Professor Legutco is also right!

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.
  • German Real Estate prices dropped by 23% in the past year!  So much for Real Estate being a good investment.
  • During/after the Weimar Hyperinflation, a couple of Gold coins bought a whole street.

German property prices 2024

Important Fundamentals

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Monday to Friday, January 22 - 26, 2024:  Are you still playing the Russian Roulette of Fiat Money, or did you switch to Real Money?

Updated Sections: updates will come the next days...Gold & Silver Juniors, 
Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma, Oil Shares,
Natural Gas & shares (manipulated), Bank & Fin. Shares (charts), Inflation Index,
Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares,
Long Term Commodity Charts, Commodities expressed in Gold, Bonds general & USA,
Treasuries in the EU,

Are you still playing the Russian Roulette of Fiat Money, or did you switch to Real Money?! I can't believe my ears and brain that many people keep playing the fiat-money Russian roulette of "more is more," not realizing they are accumulating NOTHING but thin air.  So, they hope to be able to flip their positions of Fiat Money (and Cryptos) into real money or physical gold/silver before the black swan lands, not realizing or unwilling to understand and accept that there will be no market at that time...As usual, the Authorities will declare a bank holiday and try to settle the problem somehow, which will be extremely bad for the Fiat money hunters and accumulators.

There is so much Bull Shit sold out there, and so many are believing it that it often makes me vomit!

This kind of chart and comparison is typical for "Tin Heads." Not only do they pick the dates that favor their story, but the story is mostly false because they don't include the EXCHANGE currency rate and/or other important factors. This is not only terribly incorrect but also very misleading and dangerous. Why not compare the SP500 from the 1930s until today when they are at it? Also, the question is never asked: Why was there a Bubble 1 from 1981 to 2001, and why was there a Bubble from 2013 to 2023? The question of WHAT will happen tomorrow and WHY is, of course, also not asked. The authors of this kind of chart and their followers cannot conduct a reasoning process.  Most followers still don't understand GOLD, keep loving the NOMINAL CONFUSION, and are convinced that Fiat money makes them rich. They REFUSE to learn from "the operation GUTT," from the Weimar Hyperinflation, the hyperinflation in Venezuela, Argentina,...

Important is that the SP500 trend expressed in Gold has become BEARISH since the year 2000.  A child knew that it made little sense to hold GOLD when Volker hiked the interest rates to a dramatically high level. So, investors all sold their gold and silver positions then.  So, WHY then consider the 1980 to 2002-03 period unless you try to sell a "LIE" and mislead the investors!? Only in the years 2003-04 did Gold/Silver become attractive again, and, at that time, we sent out a STRONG BUY ADVICE. We all know what happened since, and PHYSICAL Gold and Silver have become HOT investments again. Lastly, the charts are expressed in US Dollars and don't consider the loss in the exchange rate of the US Dollar of about 33%.

SPXGold bar lt

Yes, it is mathematically certain that the Black Swan will land and the Fiat Money (DEBT) holders will become the BAG holders.

There should be warnings on banknotes and bank accounts like those on cigarette packs with: 'beware, this banknote is slowly being rendered worthless by the issuer'.


World War 3 will accelerate the whole process.

There is little doubt in my mind that before the end of 2024, the Western World will be totally submerged in World War III.

  • Did you see that we just bombed the Houthis? Every new day in 2024 seems to bring a new escalation. But how would you feel if your country was actively involved in multiple wars simultaneously, and those wars directly affected your daily life?
  • What do you call a war with China plus, a war with Russia, plus a colossal war in the Middle East? What do you call a war where Britain and The Netherlands are now also involved?
  • Without Cheap Russian energy, the West and especially Europe is no longer competitive in the world. This is about to worsen as a war, and we will surely get it. Every 3 generations ( 75 years ), the bankrupt system no longer functions, and then the politicians only see the solution in war.
  • What do you think will happen to your bank accounts, portfolio, and other assets (i.e., real estate, old Whiskey, etc.) once the financial world fails? When this happens, will you still chase more capital gains and “more is more”?!
  • What do you think will happen to Capital Controls? What do you think will happen to “free travel”? What do you think will happen to “military service”?

Fables de la FontaineAre you prepared?

If you're not concerned about what's been happening in the world these past few days, it's probably because you're not paying attention. Extreme violence has brought the Middle East to the brink of war, China has become very aggressive towards Taiwan, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov just declared that the US and Russia are now entering a “hot phase” of the conflict in Ukraine. The war in the Red Sea is spreading into Yemen, and more countries are joining the conflict (Sweden, The Netherlands,...)

Soon it will be too late. It will be the end of getting a second passport and converting your savings into physical gold and silver!

If there comes no war, in the best-case scenario, we are heading for societal collapse.  Survey after survey has shown that trust in all our key institutions is falling, and there is a growing consensus that very challenging times lie ahead. In 2024, we are facing the most chaotic election season in our entire history. Multiple wars are breaking out across the planet, economic problems are rapidly increasing, destructive natural disasters are becoming more common, global authorities are warning us to brace for the next pandemic (and for war), and endless waves of new migrants will absolutely overrun our cities. The stage is set for a societal implosion of epic proportions: stock markets, digital markets, and banking,.. will stop operating, and we shall see capital controls & Reichsfluchtsteuer. All savings kept in the system will be hard to access.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.
  • The UK house prices continue to fall...by £6,000 on average.
  • The Chinese Real Estate market is collapsing, crashing...although there is a shortage of millions of homes!  People don't have the purchase power or the money to buy one.


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Monday to Friday, January 15-19, 2024:  Typically, the Fed tries not to rock the boat in an election year; this time out, the boat is balanced atop a razor.

Updated Sections: British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold,
SA Rand & Gold, Uranium Shares, Crude Oil price evolution, World Stock Market Indexes,
Index In Real Money/Gold, Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors, Miners & Gold vs SPX,

Monday is Martin Luther King Day, so don't expect a lot of market action until Tuesday.

"I've predicted nearly every stock market bubble of the last 25 years."...we hear this repeatedly. This is how 35-year-old would-be investment advisors try to sell their nonsense...I am a senior with +45 years of experience and a master's degree in economics and finance. I worked as a banker and a broker, as a Financial Analyst for institutional investors, and as a manager for rental apartments, and I am still making mistakes. Mostly TIMING mistakes.

So, tell me, WHY does the HERD keep listening to Bankers (with no financial knowledge whatsoever), Politicians (with no knowledge whatsoever and without an Agenda), and self-proclaimed snake oil merchants, most of the time younger than 40 years of age and who have never heard of the DDR?

Because of the growing risk of geopolitical conflict, a growing hidden threat is that of foreign exchange controls.  It is very probable that at some time shortly, this will become a reality. Because of growing imbalances and capital flows, governments will be forced to act at a certain time.  It's hard to tell WHEN. But again, better be one year early than 1 second late. It is not hard to understand that those with a 2nd passport, mainly in a country using US Dollars, are in a much safer position than an average European.

All the U.S. Dollars held offshore by foreigners cannot ever be honored for their current face value or be allowed to be converted into tangible U.S. Assets.

What if domestic and international currency controls come into force? How, then, will you protect your capital against such a risk? Especially if you are a European.

Again, a Plan B (second permanent residency, second passport) becomes extremely important as it will allow you to operate in a way others won't be able/allowed to.

Non-US residents and aliens hold 52 Trillion Dollars of US assets.  As soon as these holders start to fear that these assets will be debased, they will massively start to sell these and convert the Dollars into other currencies and Gold and Silver. Some passport holders may be allowed to Buy physical Gold and Silver, i.e., while others won't.


The great taking: How the Banksters and Authorities Plan to Steal Everything From Everyone Digitally!


  • Because the Great Taking will happen digitally, there will be no run on the banks as in the 1930s'.
  • The Great Taking is a system put in place by central bankers and authorities to take everything from everyone.
  • This planned confiscation of global securities assets deserves the title of “greatest crime ever contemplated.”
  • Although the plan is decades in the making, signs indicate it may be coming to fruition soon.
  • The Great Taking is a carefully orchestrated construction with legal underpinnings and support from the upper echelons of government, dating back to the 1960s.
  • The best ways to protect yourself include eliminating debt, investing in real things like land, producing food, and storing physical gold and silver “out of political reach.” [note that crops and cattle will be stolen, even if fields are protected with barbed wire like it was in the DDR and USSR]

The Great Taking is a system put in place by central bankers to take everything from everyone. “It is about the taking of collateral (all of it) to the global accumulation debt supercycle.”

This will be a “digital operation Gutt.” A planned confiscation of global securities assets that deserves the title of “greatest crime ever contemplated.” Although the plan is decades in the making, signs indicate it may be coming to fruition soon.

This scheme is being executed by long-planned, intelligent design, the audacity and scope of which are difficult for the mind to encompass. Included are all financial assets and bank deposits, all stocks and bonds, and hence, all underlying property of all public corporations, including all inventories, plant and equipment, land, mineral deposits, inventions, and intellectual property.  Privately owned personal and real property financed with any amount of debt will likewise be taken, as will the assets of privately owned businesses that have been financed with debt.  If even partially successful, this will be the greatest conquest and subjugation in world history.”

One can compare it to the global financial distress that occurred in the 1930s due to debt levels.  At the time, 9,000 U.S. banks failed, taking $7 billion in depositors’ assets with them. When a bank failed, the depositors were left without a penny. The bank failures wiped out the life savings of millions of Americans,” the U.S. Social Security Administration states.

However, their debts were not canceled but were consolidated into the Federal Reserve system and enforced.  So, people that were in debt were in trouble. Even wealthy people lost everything. The difference this time is they're not going after just property encumbered by debt, but after any property they can lay their hands on, even if it is debt-free.

Click here for the complete article.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.

It is not hard to understand that "THEY" will do the possible and the IMPOSSIBLE to avoid the coming Real Estate crash because it will take everything with it when it happens! So, not only are they -  in some states - lowering the down payment to 1%, but in other Western countries, the Government is even paying part of the monthly mortgage payments (France).


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Monday to Friday, January 8-12, 2024:  A
'50% Chance Of World War' - How To Invest?!

Updated Sections: The 2024 financial markets traditionally wakes up the 2dn week of January!
Gold-$, Silver, US Dollar, Rupee Gold, The Great Taking II, Yuan Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold,
Euro and €-Gold, Canadese dollar & Goud,

The challenge is not picking the right stocks and investment vehicles but avoiding the growing danger of keeping your digital assets with financial and other institutions. Most people don’t have the intellectual level and IQ to understand how dangerous this is. Not even those who are against CBDC. You may have made a 200% profit on your portfolio, but if they freeze the digital stock markets tomorrow, you will lose both your initial investment (portfolio) and your profit. The Russians certainly do know what this means!

Today the money of Russia, tomorrow it will be yours! When Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States stole from Russia. They froze Russia's Central Bank Assets, attempted to cap their oil prices, and blocked them from the SWIFT international payment system. And effectively locked the country out of access to $300 Billion.

And that was only the beginning of warning signs for the world's nations.  Since then, the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) have stepped up efforts to de-throne the dollar from international trade. Most of BRICS' success comes from payments for commodities, specifically oil. As of a recent report, twenty percent of global oil trade is already done outside US dollars...and the percentage is growing daily.

The economic consequences of using the seized funds to support Ukraine's military effort would send an even deadlier message to the United States' friends and enemies.

Now the US is about to send that message home with another show of force. Using $300 Billion of blocked Russian reserves to fund the war against Ukraine.  U.S. Europe Eye Russian Assets to Aid Ukraine as Funding Dries Up "The Biden administration is quietly signaling new support for seizing more than $300 billion in Russian central bank assets stashed in Western nations and has begun urgent discussions with allies about using the funds to aid Ukraine’s war effort at a moment when financial support is waning, according to senior American and European officials. And the fact that the United States even proposes this to their allies should be a signal that the SWIFT international exchange system is not safe, and neither is the dollar.


Today's politicians are "stinking rats," and we want fewer rats!  Today's Politicians are narcists that are only concerned and acting for themselves and don't give SHIT about the people. With CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency and Linked Digital Identity, everyone becomes a total slave to the government. One way to escape this is to ensure you have a 'second digital entity.' Best do it NOW as once the digital system is in place, it will become very difficult, if possible at all. Plan B is no longer a game but has become a necessity. Remark on video The Big Taking published earlier on the site.

  • Western Governments are waging war on their people by shutting down food, farms, economies, combustion engines, and even transportation. The Biden administration grants California to plant trees and save Mother Earth. “ And it's become a comedy, a clown show of madness at this point.” Today's real Clown is Biden, not Trump. In Europe, the situation is not any better.
  • They Are Lying About Inflation.  SHIT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE THE IQ OF A SPOON AND THE BRAINS OF A BOWL FISH. 90% of the people have NO clue about what Inflation really is and fall for the lies of the MSM and self-proclaimed economists. Even Lagarde doesn't know the definition of inflation.

inflation cycle LT 2023 12 30

  • “Great EV Hoax” Revealed: 98 Tesla Charger Stations Run on DIESEL Generators With 98 charging bays, the Harris Ranch facility in California is the largest EV charging station in the world. Last week, a shocking report revealed this Tesla facility runs on diesel generators! [ a new battery for an EV costs around $20,000]
  • Biden Launches NEW Attack on American Energy.  First, Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline. Then, he froze drilling permits. Now, he has vowed to finish off coal. Biden's blind obsession with clean energy has set America up for a disaster that will make the 1970s Oil Crisis feel like a walk in the park.


Some People start to smell the shit, and some start to take their precautions.

  • We are entering the third and final phase of the precious metals bull market.  This is where the biggest moves and gains in wealth are made, and this (Costco & Walmart selling gold and silver) is the proof that we are entering that phase because it is now getting into the public consciousness.”
  • In the 1930s, banks kept going bankrupt until 1933...that year, the situation got so bad that there was a bank holiday.  That is 3 years after the crisis started.
  •  1930..all of a sudden, people had no money! The gold was seized because it was collateral. Today, all digital assets will be seized because they are collateral for the financial system...and gold is no more.  The HERD doesn't realize that all the LEGISLATION actually to seize the assets of The People has, over the past years, been put in place, both in the USA and Europe. 

Important Fundamentals

Important Technicals.

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Monday to Friday, January 1 - 5, 2024:  This will be a GOLDEN YEAR with a SILVER LINING and more WW3!.

Updated Sections: ,

It's all about the Strait of Hormuz!

This is how the Western IDIOTS (or should we say "Criminals") are rolling into World War III. Western ship carriers are abandoning routes through the Red Sea (transportation has fallen by 35%, and insurance costs have increased 5 times). At the same time, the Houthis allow Russian tankers to pass through the Red Sea as a sign of respect for Russia.

At the heart of any Russian-Iranian strategy is the Strait of Hormuz, through which at least 20 percent of the world's oil flows (almost 17 million barrels per day) plus 18 percent of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which amounts to at least 3, 5 billion cubic feet per day.

Iran can block the Strait of Hormuz in an instant. For starters, that would be a kind of poetic justice retaliation for Israel's desire to illegally absorb all the billion-dollar natural gas discovered off the coast of Gaza, which is one of the main reasons for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

But the real deal will be to topple the $618 trillion derivatives structure designed by Wall Street,  as has been confirmed for years by analysts at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and by independent energy traders from the Persian Gulf.

So when push comes to shove – and well beyond the defense of Palestine and in a scenario of all-out war – not only Russia and Iran but also key players in the Arab world who are about to join BRICS 11 – like Saudi Arabia and the UAE – which is what it takes to take down the US financial system whenever they want.

By launching Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea, the US appears to have built a trap for itself,  being damned if it doesn't attack the Houthis (because the Red Sea would remain blocked to all Israeli traffic) and damned if it does so (because it would be unable to stop the Houthis' attacks, and such action would likely expand the scope and scale of the conflict to the detriment of U.S. interests).  American Generals are members of Raytheon without brains in a quest for more money only. 

The United States is destroying its moral standing in the world by openly facilitating the continued slaughter of Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces while at the same time undermining the credibility of US military deterrence by losing itself in a fragile baby of our own making. People do this when they can no longer kick the DEBT can down the road...

"In the coming weeks, months, and years, there will be people who are prepared, those who are preparing, and those who are and will not prepare. In the worst-case scenario, those who are prepared will lose nothing, and those who are not prepared will lose it all!"

We expect more banks to run into difficulties, going bankrupt or being taken over, as happened with Credit Suisse. We expect "Compliance," which in reality is nothing but a DDR-STASI-GESTAPO policy, to become even harsher.  Therefore, getting out of the financial system will become even harder and more complex, and the DDR government's control of the financial sector will get even worse than it is today. As in the past, the authorities will keep pretending it is all about "money laundering." Politicians are indeed "stinking-suckers"!

“Babylon is going to fall.” Many banks are going to go under. When gold and silver explode, they will be bank killers.  It will destroy the financial system. Soon, they will turn the printing press on like you have never seen before. The stock market is going to take off again. They will keep creating money out of thin air, and the world will know one thing: the whole system is a fraud. They are going to see Caesar, who has no clothes.

We also expect the Politicians to do the impossible to bring interest rates down again or at least to do the impossible to keep the interest rates low. Japan is an excellent roadmap script for what is to happen. My only question is: HOW will it be possible to bring Interest Rates down by increasing the Money supply? This may work in the short run but mathematically cannot in the long run.

I can't believe it, there are so many live and recent examples of the scenario to come, and people still don't believe it don't do the right thing or act.

You will be a millionaire but have nothing.  Investors across the globe need to understand that central banks are preparing to print fiat money and buy everything in 2024. This will have a major impact on all kinds of markets. People will be happy because the Stock Markets go up, but in fact, in REAL MONEY, they will have less.

When people complain they have no more money to buy chicken, they say they must eat rabbit. As during the era of Louis XVI, the Stinking Politicians don't give a fuck about the people. While they preach "global warming" and sell "speed limits and traps," they keep living in their bubble, flying around in private jets, living the life of the "rich and famous." While they locked down and forced the people to be vaxxed, they were the exception and did not have to. In the meantime, they shamelessly keep sucking out every penny in every possible way out of the hard-working people.

This is how well The East is doing: Moscow's energy revenues are also rising. The consequences are remarkable. While Western countries are heavily in debt, Russia has a surplus that quadrupled in November. See the video below...

When will this madness stop!?

EU has 665 dams removed (last 3 years).  About 665 dams have already been removed in 16 different countries in Europe (by far the most of them in Spain) over the past 3 years on behalf of the EU. 2020: 101 dams in 16 EU countries; 2021: 239 in 16 EU countries; 2022: 325 in 16 EU countries.

Another 150,000 dams must go 'for nature'...EU and climate experts want to remove some 150,000 in total for nature restoration, several thousand per year. According to the WWF, this goal is to restore biodiversity, allow fish to swim normally again, and for freshwater fish stocks to return to their levels before those dams were ever there.

By doing this, EU politicians are destroying "Green energy" and important water reservoirs—just the opposite of what one has to do during times of depression.  And as always, the people are doing nothing to stop it...

 COVID-19, Forced vaccinations, mouth masks, Ukraine, Gaza, Woke, Transgender, Nogender, Global Warming, Fentanyl, ....a sick world it is! The world of the 4th turning and the adoration of the Fiat-Golden-Calf.

The GREAT TAKING. I don't expect you to understand the content of the video fully. But I am sure that, at least, you will understand what is about to happen.


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