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Ways people convince themselves not to buy physical gold.

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This year's (2023) most significant opportunity gets no attention. It is overshadowed by Central Banks, Traders, Gold Banks, etc...who, with the help of the Mainstream Media, Snake Oil Merchants, and the stupid selfishness of the Herd, are playing their biggest movie since the 1960s. Over the past months, Central Banks all over the World have been "selling" vast quantities of FIAT PAPER Gold and silver while, at the same time, they are "buying" historically large quantities of physical Gold and silver.  This is a classic trick professionals use when large quantities are involved.

For weeks and months, Gold and Silver have been dormant, and the attention of The Herd, who (as always) only goes for “immediate fiat paper satisfaction,”  has drifted away to the other side of sound investment. It drifted so far away that the Herd even started to love “digital idle nothing” called cryptos.

"The so-called Financial Gurus who advise their audience to convert stock market profits daily/weekly into Fiat Money must live on another planet."

The Herd always finds good excuses not to buy physical gold/silver. We think it is a lot of BS. Some Arguments are:

  • You can't eat it; when things get terrible, you won't be able to buy something with it.
  • It's not sexy.
  • It's outdated, barbaric money and will never be used for anything again.
  • The government will seize it. (this can probably happen if you don't keep your gold out of political reach)
  • Gold/silver don't pay dividends, have zero yields, and offer no income to live on.
  • My banker says only idiots buy physical gold & silver.
  • My broker advises buying more manageable ETFs and digital Gold (futures).
  • My wife thinks I should buy more real estate (she dreams that something will be left if we have a financial/political crisis and believes the 'fiat' price of real estate always goes up.
  • I need my rentals (real estate) to live on. However, the government makes preserving "real estate" very expensive and keeps it up to the green and global warming standards.
  • I am confident that “agricultural land"  will survive. However, governments started to confiscate land in a tricky way.
  • My other bankers swear that Mutual Funds and Money Market funds are the best way to go because they offer the best protective 'diversification.'
  • I am so scared of what may happen that I keep all my savings with the banks I have worked with for years. I trust these people will do the right thing for me.
  • Today is different. What economists and experienced financial advisors forecast will never happen again. Banks and Governments know this!?
  • Governments will exercise their protective power where necessary.
  • You can't put all your eggs in the same basket. Only diversification can save you.
  • Cryptos are much safer.
  • Those Gold bugs are retards.
  • What if Gold/Silver investors/advisors are wrong?
  • Central Bankers are starting to implement digital dollars, digital euros, and digital yens, and gold will never play a role in the monetary system again.
  • What happened and happened in Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, and Cyprus will NEVER happen in the EU, nor the USA & Canada.

We belong to the old school and have 45-plus years of experience.  I think we know that gold and silver are the only REAL MONEY and the ultimate and probably only instruments that will be able to keep your savings and purchasing power safe. They have done so for the past 6,000 years; no living soul can change it.

It's five past twelve for those who plan to protect themselves. We know how and where. We know that the fiat price of Gold and Silver will soar to unseen levels. If you don't want to risk losing all or part of your savings, as happened to people years ago, subscribe today.

November 25, 2023 - From a technical point of view and based on our system, gold and silver are (finally) poised to take off. This should easily take gold into the $ 3,000.00 range.

Central banks' buying has been massive in the past quarters. This is why the prices have not been allowed to run, reflecting the enormous money ‘printing’ spree of the past number of years.

It’s what they are doing that counts, and central banks have been buying gold like there is no tomorrow. Instead, I follow what they are doing rather than what they are saying...and I am patient once I know I am right.

This is how safe our system works...click here for details.

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