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Archives for October 2010

Saturday October 30, 201-Time to wake up -The velocity of Money in the USA is picking up !...more

  • “Each big inflation – whether the early 1920s in Germany, or the Korean and Vietnam wars in the US – starts with a passive expansion of the quantity money. This sits inert for a surprisingly long time. The effect is much like lighter fuel on a camp fire before the match is struck.

People’s willingness to hold money can change suddenly for a “psychological and spontaneous reason” , causing a spike in the velocity of money. It can occur at lightning speed, over a few weeks. The shift invariably catches economists by surprise. They wait too long to drain the excess money.”

“Velocity took an almost right-angle turn upward in the summer of 1922,” said Mr O Parsson. Reichsbank officials were baffled. They could not fathom why the German people had started to behave differently almost two years after the bank had already boosted the money supply. He contends that public patience snapped abruptly once people lost trust and began to “smell a government rat”.


  • Save a penny and a Dime.   Dimes are worth 20% more what you think. Those amongst you saving Nickels and Dimes are in fact saving a lot more than they think they are. The value of the metal is worth 20% than the nominal value. For older dollar cents the value is more than double.

Lincoln Copper Cent Price 1909-1982 Cent (95% copper) *
Jefferson Nickel Price 1946-2010 Nickel


  • The minute the price of Crude Oil breaks through the $ 85 level, we already know what the objective will be!  To be honest we already KNOW the price of Oil will break through the $ 85 level between today and the Summer of 2011. Write it down for it is extremely hard to make the timing.

  • Gold and Silver have broken out of a small reversal formation and through the Maximum Activity level. If confirmed by higher prices, we advise to expedite your purchases. Check the shopping baskets in the Gold and Silver and Junior sections.

  • Banks are rotten to the core!!!! What the Financial Crisis doesn't clean, the law will.  Since we received reports from the CFTC that market players have made "repeated" and "fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control" silver prices, we have heard that HSBC Holdings Plc and JPMorgan Chase &Co. are facing an investor's lawsuit of placing "spoof" trading orders to manipulate silver futures and options prices in violation of U.S. antitrust law.

Friday October 29, 2010

  • Electric cars are here to buy: Renault.  France has historically been a leader in automobile innovation: front wheel traction, Van's, independent suspension,... They now presented their electric car: automatic, max speed of 130 km/h or 80 mph, have an autonomy of 80 km. Easy to recharge and cost less than 1/3rd of a traditional car to operate. This story will hit the front-pages as soon as the price of Crude oil breaks once more through the $ 100 dollar level.

  • Gold and Silver (check our new objectives for Silver) are bottom fishing. The process can take from a couple of days to some weeks. Worst case scenario it can stretch out until February 2011. We'll keep our subscribers posted.

  • The Gold pool II starts to fall apart.  There is no way they can continue to keep their game hidden like there is no way the Authorities can keep lying about Inflation...more

  • Not a lot of room left for Gold to correct. This is clearly visible on for example the pf chart for €-Gold. We have a triangle in the make....the smallest spark can have extreme price consequences.

  • The Euro has fallen back into OVERSOLD territory. Technically RESISTANCE has become SUPPORT...Check this very important chart and our new short term objective.

  • And yes, we have a new objective for £-Gold which will be reached probably BEFORE mid 2011. What about 20%??...more

  • Commodities continue to get more and more expensive. Probably because the inflation is only 1% to 2% like Banksters and Authorities try to make you believe!?

    Wheat is slowly grinding higher on dryness fears in the winter wheat growing areas here in the US. The entire grain complex continues to experience supply concerns which is working to push food prices inexorably higher, notwithstanding the load of BS being dished out by the official government agencies that tell us food inflation is tame. I guess they think that we are too damn dumb to believe our own eyes. Corn is slowly closing in on the $6.00 mark while wheat is back above $7.00. Soybeans are over $12. If that were not enough, Sugar is now up near $0.30 pound, an incredible price. Coffee, while weaker today, is at levels last seen in September 1997! Nope – no rising food costs anywhere in sight….

  • The Agricultural Index went up by 65% since May 2010 or by 150% on a yearly basis. We're NO DRAMA queens. We just write what we see and what our charts tell us. Experience (and we have over 30 years of experience teaches you to be humble but also that one MUST ACT if there is a compilation of certain signals.  We know what becomes to the savings and the people who think it is wiser to believe the lies of Banksters and Authorities and who incorrectly stay invested in BONDS. We have seen it over and over again during the years where we did not have the Euro in Europe. We've seen it since the 1970's in Britain with the Pound Sterling, we've seen it in South Africa at the time of the sanctions and when the black regime took over, ....At first people laugh at you, then they call you Drama Queens and Apocalypse prophets. When it all unfolds they become silent and after the game, only few have the courage to apologize. What is wrong with people that it often is so hard to try to UNDERSTAND a logic reasoning process and they instead prefer to BELIEVE the fairy tales of Banksters!? Once your house is burning it's too late for an insurance.

Thursday October 28, 2010 - We are no drama queens. We just cut the Mope/Static.

  • A bargain with the Devil it is. The Federal Reserve is close to embarking on another round of monetary stimulus next week, against the backdrop of a weak economy and low inflation-and despite doubts about the wisdom and efficacy of the policy among economists and some of the Fed's own decision makers.
    The central bank is likely to unveil a program of U.S. Treasury
    bond purchases worth a few hundred billion dollars over several months, a measured approach in contrast to purchases of nearly $2 trillion it unveiled during the financial crisis. The announcement is expected to be made at the conclusion of a two-day meeting of its policy-making committee next Wednesday.
    The Fed's aim is to drive up the prices of long-term bonds, which in turn would push down long-term interest rates. It hopes that would spur more investment and spending and liven up the recovery. But officials want to avoid the "shock and awe" style used during the crisis in favor of an approach that allows them to adjust their policy, and possibly add to their purchases, over time as the recovery unfolds.
    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's push to restart the bond-buying program-a form of monetary stimulus known as
    quantitative easing-has been greeted with deep skepticism among some of his colleagues.
    In some of his strongest words yet, Thomas Hoenig, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, said Monday that more expansive monetary policy was a "bargain with the devil."
    More in the Wall Street Journal.

  • The upcoming elections for Congress in the USA (half of the members have to be reelected) acts as a support for the US-Dollar. The elections are next month. The Euro is slightly off against the Dollar. Expect the Dollar correction to continue for some time until it is once more overbought.

  • In Europe all will get worse before it gets any better.  The outlook for Portugal, Greece and the Bonds sold by their Governments remains very grim...more in Bond Fundamentals

  • Important - Don't forget to view these new charts (sometimes a charts tells more than a thousand words) . The Point and Figures charts have been renewed in the subscribers' sections of $-GOLD, €GOLD, Swiss-Gold and Sterling-Gold. Worrying is the $-Gold chart. Buy the dips, but take your time....unless we have some indication of a bottom. This does apply to the $-Gold chart and not necessarily for Gold expressed in OTHER fiat currencies. What is true for $-Gold can be completely different for Gold expressed in Euro, Sterling, Swiss franc,...

Wednesday October 27, 2010

  • Don't forget the American Authorities won't allow the Dollar to be weak before and during next month's elections. The Plunge Protection Team and the Gold Pool II are still alive and use Unregulated and Uncontrolled derivatives to manipulate the market. History rhythms and nobody remembers History and many who remember incorrectly believe that this time will be different. What a huge mistake they make!

  • Authorities will continue to manipulate the Silver and Gold markets until is gets out of their hands. The Gold Pool and the Plunge Protection Team have their reason to exist. The day the physical market clashes with the paper market the manipulation will be over. This is going to happen soon but at this time it is hard to tell WHEN it will happen. There have been repeated attempts to influence prices in silver markets, Bart Chilton, a commissioner at the U.S. futures regulator, said on Tuesday...more

  • Gold is Gold and Silver (our objective was reached) is Silver. Gold and Silver are the absolute barbaric money. It is in Gold that the value of Fiat paper Dollars, the Euro, the Swiss franc, the Australian Dollar, the Yen, the Canadian Dollar, the Ruble,...is expressed. It is NOT the price of Gold and Silver which is rising but rather the value of all Fiat Paper Money which is falling. Of course but unfortunately many are confused each time the English Media (which is predominant American) is selling MOPE about the rising or falling price of Gold expressed in Gold...

  • During the hyperinflationary cycle in Zimbabwe, the value of the US-Dollar against the Zimdollar rose from 100 to 10³¹. Assuming the price of Gold expressed in Dollar remained more or less equal, during these years the price of Gold expressed in ZimDollars rose with a factor 10³¹ between 2003 to 2009 .

  • Therefore it is in fact stupid to try to figure out what a possible objective will be for Gold. If there is a Hyperinflation in the USA and the value of the Dollar falls to ZERO (or near Zero) the price of Gold expressed in Dollar can also rise with a factor 10³¹ and even more...

Tuesday October 26, 2010

  • The G20 came with nothing new. (like we expected and as it will be each time they gather in the near future)  The point of no return has been passed since long and 'They' only can try to postpone the Apocalypse for as long as possible. They will because they know the coming Black Swan will put they out of business. The Bank of Japan is unable to fight the FED with QE and knowing that there are a lot more dollars around than Yen, we know what the outcome of the battle will be. Don't loose your time in reading the crap they are trying to make us believe!

  • The Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss franc and Euro will for the time being remain stronger Fiat Paper currencies. Only when the USA enter its Hyperinflationary cycle the surplus of worthless dollars will also start to affect the other fiat paper currencies as they ALL HAVE PLENTY of DOLLARS in their reserves.

  • Gold and Silver will for the coming years be the ultimate barbaric money and our charts show we shall NOT SEE a large corrections. Don't hesitate to Buy the DIPS!!

  • Gold and Silver stocks and Juniors won't get a lot cheaper. Bottom fishing is difficult and we're sometimes early...but better be early and safe than late and sorrow.

  • We made a change in our Portfolio...more

Monday October 25, 2010 - This week we will try to review the Gold and Silver stocks and the Portfolio -

  • Quantitative Easing is like healing the sick through bleeding back in the 1700s. It is a terrible economic policy which in fact should be considered a criminal activity.  Such a policy is possible because of Fractional Reserve Banking, the creation of Fiat money out of thin air, irresponsible politicians and an uneducated Herd. Quantitative easing sends incorrect signals to Entrepreneurs and Investors. The consequences are already disastrous and will become even harsher as time goes by and the Bleeding [QE] will become more frequent. Unfortunately there is so little one can do to stop it. Politicians don't care but about themselves and like Louis XV-King of France used to say: "Après moi le déluge!" (after me the flood). It was Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were decapitated during the French revolution.

  • This November there are elections in the US and the G20 is gathering in Korea. Expect these happening to calm down the financial markets until the result of these happenings are knows. As far as the elections are concerned one does not need to be an Einstein to know we'll have many other landslides in the near future...Landslides we shall have until a climax has been reached and all is in place for a new order where the Private Economy will take over from the Public economy.

  • We have a paradigm shift and what seemed to be a good investment yesterday will ruin you tomorrow. The Titanic is sinking. Your savings will go through a storm and NOW is the time to prepare yourself. Tomorrow can be too late.

  • Stocks are also REAL ASSETS. Contrary to what many make believe, they (insofar they really represent Real Assets) will NOT crash in a hyperinflationary environment.

  • ETF's, Derivatives, Structured Products, Common Investment funds all have huge hidden costs and small prints. They are manufactured products, unregulated and uncontrolled. Most have a HUGE position of extremely dangerous BONDS which are about to become lethal to your savings and pension.

  • Oh, before we forget, last Friday 7 Banks were closed in the US! Nobody seems to understand the seriousness of this cascade.

Friday October 22, 2010

  • We have clear signs that QE II will be alive by Halloween. The November 2 elections in the USA will without any doubt curtail the Democrats and their socialist plans. Don't expect however that the slide will solve the problems. As we wrote on several occasions, the Point of No Return has been passed and whichever pilot is flying the plane has no other option...unless he wants to be shot out of the air by the People. RADICAL changes have become impossible and we now only can wait until the Black Swan arrives. Those who continue to live in disbelief and think we're idiots will pat a huge price for it.

"Nothing can stop Quantitative Easing but DEBT can only be inflated so much. The Debt bubble is not going away and is only getting worse. If capital had no other way but to the Private sector, the Dow would soar and there would be NO UNEMPLOYMENT."

"The government is just exploiting the working class while claiming to care about them... and hasn't made a plan yet to pay off this huge debt.  There is no way to pay for the pensions of government employees without exploiting the people even more.  Government is desperate for money and it is using the corrupt judges to abuse the people. It is even trying to bullshit individuals and corporations to bring back cash promising amnesty."

  • The coming currency war will do nothing more but add fire to the price of Gold and Silver. The problem ain't China and the East but the stupid local politicians which only plan until the next elections and don't get to understand that the domestic Tax and Legislation system are the Monster. Quota's and import restrictions have and will never work. Anybody with some Economic sense knows this. Politicians off course, never went to University and most of the time don't know what the definition of Economy is. If China was to revalue its Yuang by 40% this would cost them over $850 bn.


    "Americans and Europeans incorrectly think that by floating the Yuang this will magically create jobs in the Western World with no change in the tax policy".


  • People gambling on Bonds and Common Stocks are playing in a Casino that already is on fire. The worst is that they are so naive they still believe the Bankers and Authorities will put out the fire!? Apparently they never read a good History book.

Thursday October 21, 2010

  • Those who are so naive to believe Geithner that he won't embark on a devaluation trip of the Dollar are as naive as all those who believed the same nonsense in the 1970's and 1980's when Finance ministers promised not to devaluate the Peseta, French Franc, Italian lira or Greek Drachma a week before it actually happened. We have experienced all this and know better! To add to the fire, the US plans another $ 500 bn of QE...more

  • The Euro is going up for the wrong reasons. Forex markets have and are raped by the Authorities in such an extend that even Frankenstein's monster would not survive it. Not hard to imagine to understand what is happening to the Greek, Spanish and Italian debt each time German Government Bonds in Euro's (impossible to buy these in Deutsche Marks) are purchased in order to get rid of American Dollars!? Those who created the Euro may be so said Important people but in reality they are a bunch of Idiots....

  • Central Banks are rigging not only Gold and Silver but ALL commodity markets. It amazes us every day how similar many charts look to each other...very strange! Manipulation is easy as they can use Unregulated and Uncontrolled Derivatives and will only stop as the Physical Markets start to clash with the Fiat Paper ones controlled by the Central Banks. [we understand such is extremely hard to understand]

  • Today the majority of OTC (over the counter) derivatives known as securitized mortgage debt has ended.  This is only part of the total derivative market. This is the end of $ 2 trillion garbage and one of the best reasons to own Gold. The New York Federal Reserve are making steps to force the Bank of America to buy back $ 47 bn in OTC derivatives...more

  • China is widening its Embargo of Minerals.  China is halting shipments of crucial minerals to Japan, the USA and Europe. Blocked Earth minerals are crucial to manufacturing of many advanced products. China mines 95% of the world's rare earth elements, which have broad military and commercial applications: wind turbines, cell phones, guided missiles...more

  • US physics professor: "Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have ever seen in my long life".

    This is an important moment in science history. I would describe it as a letter on the scale of Martin Luther, nailing his 95 theses to the Wittenburg church door. It is worthy of repeating this letter in entirety on every blog that discusses science....more

Wednesday October 20, 2010 - sometimes it all goes so fast, you have problems in keeping up with the wave (do we get corrections when it is full moon?)

  • Social unrest will get worse as the hyperinflationary crisis gets worse. Not a time to be a politician.  After Greece and Spain, France is trying to solve an unsolvable problem (there is no money left for the pensions and this will only be worse in a couple of years when more baby boomers retire)...more

  • Logic if one sees the general price level of commodities has risen by 20% (80% y/y basis) in only a couple of months' time.

  • Very interesting developments in the section of the Oil shares. Note the low risk entry points have been changed! What is happening right now is NORMAL from a technical point of view.

  • Coal is following in the wake of Oil but Natural gas still is in a process of bottom building.

  • The corrections are setting in. The dips have to be used to add to certain positions. But remember bottom fishing is not easy and trading is dangerous. It is amazing that our charts were already showing last week that a correction was plausible but that the Financial Media had to wait until today to find out they could use "the excuse of the increase of Chinese interest rates by 0,25%" to try to explain a natural phenomenon. No wonder investing is complex for those reading and listening to this nonsense.

  • Mexico has offered 100 year bonds @  6,1%...and the demand was 2 1/2 timer larger than the offer. Typical for a top in the Bond market. As long as it isn't you money which is at stake.

  • Like it is true for all Ponzi's, the larger the amount of the involved people and money, the longer the fraud survives.

  • €-Gold is stationary while the Dollar and $-Gold are correcting.

Tuesday October 19, 2010 - Gold and Silver can continue to go up but are dangerously overbought -

  • Colors are changing in the section of the World Stock IndexesThe German DAX is following in the footprints of the Footsie, the Austrian ATX and the Brazilian (EWZ). The actors are putting themselves in place for the next big act. The name of the play is: Zimbabwe, here we come! The section certainly is worth a visit as there is important news inside.

  • The following sections have been updated: $-Gold , Silver, Bonds,

  • Bonds are from a technical point of view technically extremely hard to analyze and to forecast. The reason for this, is that this is a highly manipulated market. Clearly visible however is that you have to be an idiot to buy or to hold Bonds (an option to buy worthless fiat money) at a time where they are extremely expensive.

  • The Dollar index is oversold but has clearly fallen out of the Bearish Head and Shoulder formation. Interesting is that are now in a position to define the bearish objective for the Dollar against the Euro.

  • Financials and Bank shares are ready for another down leg. Today we are doing nothing more than we have been advising for a couple of years now: Banks are bankrupt and whatever will be done they will rotten all the way to the core!

  • The Oil section has been updated.

  • The Gold and Silver mines section has also been updated. A correction has finally started. Good! Gold and Silver can follow in the wake. Buy the dips. Same remark for Gold and Silver juniors.  Check Denison.

Monday October 18, 2010


Why do Interest Rates stay so low and why do we not see a crash of the Bond (Treasury) Markets?



  • In how far can the Authorities manipulate the markets? There is no doubt in our minds they can keep doing this for so long...but for how long? We know the Fed is buying Treasuries through the Bahamas and the city (London). We understand the Central Banks do all they can to keep interest rates artificially low and that this does impact the Bond markets. Bonds are in a dangerous bubble. Where will the pin come from which will burst it?

Central Banks/Authorities know that sooner or later interest rates will geyser up and it is my opinion you do now ALL THEY CAN to ensure this doesn't happen and when it does, it happens SLOWLY. Assuming Central banks succeed and in keeping the interest rates low and in keeping the Bonds up, REAL INFLATION will keep destroying the Bond market....and at some point the Bond holders will realize they have been tricked.

Having said this, one must SELL something when it is expensive (certainly if this something is an option to buy worthless Fiat Paper money) and use the funds to buy something which is cheap. [see our investment roster] Important is to understand the Quantity of New Money (Quantitative Easing) has to grow exponentially in order to keep interest rates low and the Bond market alive. This directly affect the Quantity of Money in the system which in turn pushed up the prices of Goods (and Services). 

A perfect example is the Opec Members which seek $ 100 Oil to counter the Dollar weakness (Dollar weakness which is the direct result of the rising supply of this paper money)...more

  • Other examples can be found in the Commodity section.

  • Bottom line is that the sale of US Treasuries (Agency debt) is a bearish factor for the US Dollar.

Saturday October 16, 2010 - Invest in China NOW...? You must be kidding!

  • China is a High Order Capital Good country.  The Chinese financial system has been growing like a mushroom and is highly unregulated. Financial information about China and Chinese companies are not easy to find and once found, even harder to understand. China will - as manufacturing entity of the West suffer in an exponential way once the Hyperinflationary depression kicks in. What the heck is wrong with all these Financial Analysts moving earth and heaven to push Western Investors in buying Chinese stocks? The results they usually book are published on the opening page of the site. Clear is these guys NEVER learn. To trust them is the best and fastest way to loose your savings!!!

  • Shock 20% slump in Singapore (Switzerland of the Far East) Q3 GDP foretell double dip recession. Singapore is the Asian nation most exposed to swings in global trade (the canary in the mine) as 50% of Gross Domestic Product is from exports...more

  • The Gold pool and Exchange stabilization fund are loosing their grip but are not dead yet! Friday 10:15 am Eastern Time. European banks are squaring their books and bankers about to drive home for the weekend...time by excellence to PUSH the Dollar UP and Gold and Silver down.

Friday October 15, 2010 - World Stock markets continue to break into new highs under pressure of Quantitative Easing -

  • Public Enemy # 1of the Central Banks. Too much too high and too fast is also dangerous for Gold and Silver. But there is always a "IF" . IF you have NO GOLD you MUST seriously consider buying some. Gold and Silver have a small market capitalization and disliked by the Authorities. No doubt they will try to get the price down once it's seriously overbought by using Paper Gold and Paper Silver. KEEP IN MIND that at this point the major action is for $-GOLD only.

  • Last week we published that what is happening with Gold and Silver would directly impact the World Stock markets. This is being confirmed by reality: [Hyper]inflation will push up the NOMINAL value of Stocks and US-Real Estate. During this process GOLD and SILVER will GEYSER and Bonds (options to buy fiat money) will crash.

  • The biggest losers will be the holders of BONDS, CASH and of other High Order Capital Goods where the bubble hasn't bust yet.

  • Commodity prices continue to rise. Or must we say the value of the paper money we use to buy these commodities continues to fall? Whatever is happening, expensive and scarce food ALWAYS results in Riots (like expensive and a lack of shelter do) and Authorities always do all they can to ensure there is plenty of money (Quantitative Easing) to buy food.

  • We have a small bullish flag in the make for the Dollar/Euro. At the same time the neckline is being tested (1,40). There is in fact a real danger that the weak DOLLAR can destabilize the world's financial system...more

  • Britain's property market on 'knife edge' as estate agents warn of house price falls. The problems for the real estate sector in Britain ain't over yet...more

  • The Australian Dollar nears parity with the US dollar.

  • The Canadian Dollar is braking out of a HUGE accumulation zone versus the US dollar with 1.28 as objective. ....something is going on with the US Dollar....US Dollar holders better be warned! GET OUT when it is still TIME............ The stop loss against the Euro was activated in July.

  • The Swiss franc is breaking out of a huge accumulation against the US Dollar...

Thursday October 14, 2010 - The key reversals in $- Gold and $- Silver have been taken out -

  • $-Gold (all charts are updated) is again in record territory. A new record has yet not been made for €-Gold. This makes it all even more delicate. Remember to check ALL our Gold charts: Swiss-Golf, Aussie Gold, Yen Gold, SA Rand Gold, Can$-Gold, etc..

  • $-Silver (updated charts) has almost reached our objective of $ 25.. Caution is requested but we can't tell WHEN the correction will be....more

  • The price of real estate in Florida/USA has fallen back to a level which can be called normal. We expect that [hyper]inflation will push up NOMINAL prices again or will at least stabilize them.

  • Bond yields have fallen to absolute minima (and Bond prices to a absolute maximum)...but nobody who sees the bubble. Total US liabilities are a 500% of Gross Domestic Product. The Fed is probably already preparing more Quantitative Easing and we shall see in the near future even more countries fighting with each other to debase their currency. This will all end in a currency crisis of never-before-seen proportions,

  • Government and Media pretend there is no price inflation!? More than a joke. Year-over-year the price of Wheat, Oats, Pork and Cotton went up by +60%. The price of Canola, Crude Oil, Gasoline, Coffee, Sugar, Copper has gone up by +25%. Propaganda pretends Gold and Silver are a bubble but Gold and Silver have only one up by 30%! Inflation and Hyperinflation are silent thieves. They take your money away right under your nose. Believing disinflation or deflation will continue, and inflation will return is fighting the wrong war. We decided to insert following YouTube video clip anyhow. The clip is very interesting but it is somewhat painful listening to it. Vorojtsov explains how the Hyperinflationary crisis was in the USSR and how people tried to survive.



  • The US Dollar is building another bearish Head and Shoulder pattern on the short term bar chart. Neckline is € 1,40 and Objective is € 1,42 (.7423 on the Dollar index)...at this time the Dollar is breaking the neckline...and is heading for at least € 1,42 . Expect that this will boost Gold and Silver!

Wednesday October 13, 2010 - The suspense is still on...still no confirmation of the key reversal...financial markets are indecisive...but what good is it to have a Dow above 11,000 if the Dollar is down?

  • Each day it becomes more and more important to adhere to our investment roster. Don't postpone your adjustments as it will become harder and harder to do so and at a certain point simply impossible. Remember that the HERD makes it all happen and you also can be part of it (and a bag holder).

  • Whatever is said and written and published by the Authorities and Bankers, months ago we wrote the point of no return has been passed. In other words, the only think 'they' can do is to increase the Quantitative Easing (inject cocaine) each time the system shows symptoms of failing in the hope to keep it alive. Turning back would result in a catastrophe. This will result in Hyperinflation and puts a safety net under the World stock markets. As a matter of fact - everything which is happening - simply confirms our vision is the correct one.

  • Because the Dollar has been - and in a certain degree still is - the World's reserve currency, it would be logic that the hyperinflation starts in the USA once the bond market and the Dollar collapses. The danger is however that such could - because of the interconnection of the financial markets and banks - Such is coming closer each time the FED cements expectations of more quantitative easing...more

  • UK inflation flat as drop in airfares offsets clothing costs. CPI in Britain held steady at 3.1% (you only have to believe this) in September with falling airfares and petrol costs offsetting a record jump in clothing and higher food inflation. Airfares and petrol costs will go up again later this year....more

  • If you stubbornly keep sitting on Bonds, better give the funds away to charity today. If you keep sitting on Bonds because you loose on them, we can tell you now you will loose over the coming months A LOT MORE if not all the money you have invested in these.

  • What do the banks do regarding the securitized mortgages it sold? Buy them back? There isn’t enough money in all of their balance sheets put together. Most banks are technically bankrupt. There is no way to bail them out and they will for this reason rot to the core.

  • Even Goldman Sachs is reading our newsletter. Today, they had to face reality and had no alternate but to adjust their Gold Objective to what we have been projecting years ago...more Goldman even forecasts a sharp decline for the Dollar next year at a time where many European Banks still incorrectly prophesy the Euro will crash. If we remember well, we published this last week (we expect $ 2 = €1)

Tuesday October 12, 2010 -  Will the key reversal for Gold and Silver be neutralized?

  • Commodities (is where a lot of action is) continue their march and will do so well into 2011 as shortages built up and (hyper)inflation adds to the upward pressure.

  • We have yet no idea how the Authorities will be able to cope with this Commodity geyser? Cook the figures even more? Invent another index?

Meat prices are poised to extend a 14 percent rally this year that drove U.S. retail costs to the highest levels since the 1980s as surging corn futures prevent livestock producers from expanding their herds.
The U.S. cattle herd in July was the smallest since 1973 and the number of breeding hogs last month was near the lowest ever, government data show. Corn futures jumped to a two-year high today and the price of the main feed ingredient is more than 70 percent above the 10-year average.

U.S. per-capita beef supplies next year will be the lowest since 1952 and pork the smallest since 1976, industry researcher CattleFax said. Hog futures will rise 14 percent by July and cattle may gain 3.6 percent by April, according to a Bloomberg survey of analysts. Wendy's/Arby's Group Inc., the maker of the 1,360-calorie Baconator Triple burger, and CKE Restaurants Inc., owner of the Hardee's chain, have warned investors they are contending with higher commodity costs.

"If grain prices go up, then meat prices are going to have to move up," said Mark Greenwood, a vice president at AgStar Financial Services Inc. in Mankato, Minnesota, who oversees $1 billion in loans and leases to the hog industry. Corn costs "tempered any enthusiasm there was on expansion," he said.

  • The next important resistance level for $-Gold is $ 1380.

Monday October 11, 2010 - "Columbus day and Bank Holiday" - Up in nominal Terms and down in real money. Wait for confirmation.

  • If the Dow Jones confirms its breakout this has severe implications for Gold and Silver, Fiat currencies and for the (hyper)inflation. We wonder how it is still possible that several sources try to propagate Deflation at a time when even Blind and Deaf people are actually aware that we're in for something that will shock the world. The IRONY is that the Media write that the Dow Closes above 11,000 on speculation Fed (QE) help is coming!? In other words, the Economy is falling apart but the Stock Markets are up because the Authorities are administrating another shot of Cocaine (QE)!?  If the Dow confirms its breakout, Gold and Silver will go parabolic.

  • This year the Dow Jones and the SP500 are up by about 4% to 5%. Gold and silver are up by A LOT MORE!  So why the heck keep wasting all your energy, time and money towards slumpy investment instruments?

  • The good news is that we suspect that the World stock markets are in a reversal process and about to break out. The bad news is that it is happening because Hyperinflation is imminent. The coming action will either be the result of a breakout of a reversed bullish Head and Shoulder pattern (either the result of a breakdown out of a Bearish wedge). We expect that because of the mixed ambiguity and unclear picture, the coming up (or down leg) will be dramatic. IMPORTANT is that the Footsie (Britain) = our canary in the mine shaft for all world stock markets has broken out of a bullish wedge.  The Austrian Stock market index has also broken out and many others probably will before year end. At least this is what our Candle charts are telling us.

  • CNN poll: Bush pulls even with Obama or how a Democrat destroyed his image in less than 2 years time?... There is little doubt the Democrats will loose the Elections this November (Congress)...more History proofs politicians ALWAYS mess up things and the Natural Force of Nature ALWAYS cleans up the mess!

  • What the heck has become of society?  Soros warns China of global 'currency war' (something we have for years now). George Osborne threatens banks with new taxes (after they almost brought down the World financial system in 2008). In Belgium King Albert II is trying another trick to keep his job. In France people who worked all their life for their pension are all of a sudden told they won't get anything for another two years. Soaring food prices threaten new food crisis. The Herd keep believing in Keynes although each day proofs his theories don't work....

  • The Crude Oil section has been updated...click here

  • The key reversals for Gold, Silver and Gold and Silver mines haven't been confirmed yet.

  • Gold and Silver Juniors are being updated...this is where the action was and will be!!...click here

IMPORTANT: if $-Gold and $-Silver make a NEW High, the key reversal is not valid and prices will continue to go up. $-Gold needs to break through $ 1360 to confirm this. $-Silver must break through $ 23,50. Also check gold expressed on other currencies before you act.


Friday October 8, 2010

  • Since December 26, 2008 our portfolio is up by 61% when expressed in Fiat Dollars, up by 52% when expressed in Fiat Euro's and up by 3,08% when expressed in Real Money or Gold. In other words we did 3,08% better than GOLD. [Gold was $ 850 at that time against $ 1330 today or up by $ 480]

  • Only 7 days ago we informed our subscribers that Crude Oil was breaking out and Oil stocks were a steal.

  • Many Investors are like patients in pain which are seeing a doctor but refuse to take the prescription. Others prefer to follow the free advice of Bankers and other Financial institutions. Very dangerous it is. We 'only' charge $ 399 for one year and are worth every cent of it!

  • NOBODY has Gold yet!!! Our charts urge for some CAUTION...do you have to delay your purchases of Gold and Silver? ...only if our charts confirm what we expect! Gold and Silver shares show similar patterns.


  • Off course Central banks manipulate the Silver and Gold markets. Off course they lie about the economy and dare financial situation they are in. They always have and always will....more

Thursday October 7, 2010 - TODAY THE SUBSCRIBERS' SECTION IS OPEN TO ALL ! - We have over 135 pages - click here for the Site Map - Those who have no GOLD MUST buy some NOW !!!!! - Our subscribers are these days earning a lot more compared to the small subscription fee we ask.....

  • We're heading straight to a financial, economic and human disaster. And yet, most people behave -  like most Jewish people did in 1939 and later during the war: they simply lined up and were shipped like cattle to the concentration camps where they were exterminated. Insurance and Re-insurance co's are in a dare financial state and the pension funding of the retiring baby boomers cannot be done. Note that more than half of the reserves of the (re)-insurance co's consists of DANGEROUS ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED BONDS. [click on the thumbnails to enlarge} - If you know of any other solution for these problems (apart from printing money, you can stop buying Gold and Silver)



  • This is the BIG expected breakout for $-Silver! Check the long term Point and Figures and candle chart inside the subscriber's section. What is happening right now is a life example why it is so dangerous to trade your positions and that it it wiser to sit on what you have and add to your positions during dips! Sooner or later Silver will correct and test its breakout level...

  • ASA is a school example of how Gold and Silver mines will geyser over the coming weeks and months. Anglo Gold is a perfect example of a bullish cup and handle. Are you in or are you still standing on the side lines? If you still have no or few Gold and Silver mines and you don't buy some now, you have a severe intellectual problem!

  • Browsing through traditional main stream Financial & Stock market advisory publications (with the exception of i.e. Beursparels, Roland Vandamme,...) we haven't noticed a lot of these advising their paying subscribers to buy the Gold and Silver sector. Obviously they still don't understand we have a paradigm shift....We have been holding the hand of our readers and advising them in the right direction since years and as a proof to new readers, we kept charts which were published  January 2010.

Wednesday October 6, 2010 -

  • US Cities in Debt turn to States, adding Strain. Nobody seems to understand that this situation is a lot more explosive than Enron was before it collapsed...more For this reason Government and Corporate Bonds remains extremely explosive and dangerous and must be sold.

  • It is EXTREMELY important that the investor checks the price evolution and technical pattern and charts for Gold and Silver expressed in a number of Fiat currencies and last but not least in his currency BEFORE he can make up his mind and decide about selling or buying. While $Gold is making new highs and this can go on for some time. Such is however at this time not (yet) the case for €-Gold, (clearly below its top - but € 1260 is surely possible in 2011), Pound Sterling Gold. (showing a bullish pattern)., SA-Rand Gold, .Yen-Gold, CHF-Gold (old top is FS 1440), Aussie Gold, (top is 1540) CanDoll-Gold (new high),....

  • The breakout of $-Silver on the monthly chart surely looks impressive and promising!

  • With Gold and Silver breaking out, should you invest in ETF's? NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...When you buy gold and silver physically backed ETF's, you do not own the physical metal; you own a paper representation. With respect to the gold ETF's, for every share you buy, you "own" one tenth of an ounce of gold; for silver, it's 1 ounce...more

  • The Dollar Index aiming for our objective! Sometimes we keep older charts to show how precise our previsions can be.

  • Real Estate bubbles do not occur spontaneously. If people bought lots of houses on a free market, interest rates would rise (and not fall) as the loanable funds are depleted. That would put an end to speculation in real estate! ...but fractional reserve banking and the creation of fiat money out of thin air and the manipulation of the financial markets by the Authorities allowed this to happen anyhow.

  • We have entered an era where the Media simply CANNOT and MAY NOT BE TRUSTED. The quality of the Financial (and other Media) in Europe and the USA has fallen to an extremely low level. We have also experienced it: several emails were sent to a (prominent?) Belgian financial Magazine to inform the editors that March 1st, 2011 Huerta de Soto will present the Dutch translation of his book Money, Bank credit and Economic cycles...not a sign of live!? In 1970, 70% of the Americans trusted the Media. Today the number has fallen to 43%! Part of this evolution is the result of the fact that more and more [click here for more on global cooling.]  people experience the Media as a propaganda and taxation tool for the Authorities. The Climate change (global warming and Carbon emission) is a good example. For Joe Average it is off course easier and indicated to BELIEVE the crap these media ...after all, it is printed in a Newspaper or brought by a pretty and good talking girl (if not by some important honest politician) on television. They know...Whistle blowers are mostly not believed....until it is too late!...click here for more on global cooling.



  • Last week we warned we could have a correction for Gold and Silver during the month of October. In all cases, do not trade as there is always a risk that we are wrong. Those who have no Real Barbaric Money (Gold and Silver) MUST buy their 1st position now (at any price) and use any dip to add to their positions! (instead of believing the crap which will be sold by the brainless Top callers and Prechter fans). Worst case scenario, it is possible to test the neckline of the bullish Head and Shoulder formation. In the Subscribers' section we shall publish if and when we think this can happen...Stay tuned! Gold will stay up and continue to go up! See our Objectives...more

  • The Dollar index is oversold and the Euro/Dollar overbought. A correction is plausible but not sure and should be used to reorganize your savings properly. Don't be carried away by Top and Bubble callers which we have no doubt will show up once a correction sets in.  The Dollar can fall as low as € 1.46 by year end and we can see $ 2 = € 1 for 2011. Having said this, not the Dollar/Euro relationship but rather the GOLD price of fiat paper Dollars and Euro's is important. [resistance and support levels for the Dollar/Euro are CLEARLY visible on the charts in the subscribers' section]

Monday October 4, 2010

  • You are important to us and we would like to read your opinion so we can make this site even more interesting and helpful to you. PLEASE take the time to complete the feedback form. Click on the form to the left to start...more


  • Contrary to the general belief, AGRICULTURAL land does follow the general downward trend of Real Estate. Today it is most of the time not wise to invest in land. Only buy REAL ESTATE when the price is right...like $30,000 for a Condo in Deerfield Beach, Florida is a SUPER SALE!

  • The price of Farm land was/is also the result of misallocation of funds by the Authorities. Not hard to understand if you know that the EU is spending € 55 bn a year on farm subsidies. Funds however are allocated to CERTAIN farmers only. The video clip provides information which goes beyond your imagination. Buckle in before you watch it...more

Friday October 1, 2010

  • Has Crude Oil has broken out?  Only a week ago we noticed an article in an leading financial newspaper preaching the end of expensive energy because of falling demand. It was clear that the author had never heard about Peak Oil (we have and we wrote about it). Oil shares will as usual follow...or have they become leaders!?. See our shopping basket inside the subscriber's section. As usual our PF charts provide the best picture...more [a give away for non-subscribers is OXY]

  • The Wall Street Journal has been tracking the Bank Failures in the USA....click here for a rather depressing Map.  Because of the intervention of the FDIC (in the USA) and the ECB in Europe, we have so far not seen any run on a bank. We probably won't until the day where we have Hyperinflation. But an accident can happen at any time.


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