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Archives for January 2010

Saturday January 30, 2010


Yesterday was Friday and following 6 American banks were closed: American Marine Bank, Bainbridge Island, WA  First Regional Bank, Los Angeles, CA  Community Bank & Trust, Cornelia, GA  Marshall Bank, Hallock, MN  Florida Community Bank, Immokalee, FL  First National Bank of Georgia, Carrollton, GA


Friday January 29, 2010


A never ending story it is. Gold and Silver come down and plenty of reasons are found to explain why it has become a bad investment.  The Euro comes down and all of a sudden it has a never ending problem and the Dollar is the savior (although it is in a worse financial shape the EU is in).

World stock markets are coming down and 'they' already anticipate the next dramatic down wave... Buy when cheap and sell when the Herd drives prices through the roof! The violins of Buffet, Soros and Prechter can't change this.  Luckily we have our charts which are keeping us on track. [Soros is probably BUYING Gold right now]

Spain, including Greece, Italy and Ireland, are facing massive debt burdens but their membership in the euro zone prevents them from devaluing their currencies in an attempt to export their way out of their problems. "Down the line, not this year or two years from now, we could have a breakup of the monetary union," [Tainter and Will the EU survive? - or complex societies NEVER survive expensive energy and this will lead to the breakup of the euro zone and the secession of the USA]

Both the Euro and the Dollar are Fiat paper currencies and not even worth the ink and the paper.

When these collapse, a lot of people are going to suffer a big wealth haircut. Bernie Madoff swindled thousands of people out of billions. The euro and the dollar will swindle millions of people out of trillions.  The Iceland Krona and the British pound already have done this partially.


History rhythms and over the past 2000 years ALL efforts to unite Europe failed. There are absolutely no reasons why it would succeed today on the contrary. Small is beautiful whether it is the Middle class of a Society or a country.

  • In Switzerland  a banker gets jail time if he divulges the names of his customers!  The Swiss government backed away from an agreement with the U.S. to hand over the names of U.S. clients of UBS who were suspected of tax evasion. The development follows rulings from two Swiss courts that said disclosing the names would be a violation of Switzerland’s secrecy laws.

  • GAP's (break away gaps) are always closed. Only when these are successfully tested can the price resume its rise or fall. This time is not different....click here for more...and check the candle chart inside. [click on the chart to enlarge]

  • Greece pulls the trigger on interest rates...and Bonds took a hit. The yield on 10-year Greek bonds blasted upwards by over 40 basis points to 7.15pc in a day of wild trading. Spreads over German Bunds reached almost four percentage points, by far the highest since Greece joined the euro, and close to levels that risk a self-feeding spiral. Contagion hit Portuguese, Spanish, Irish, and Italian bonds. A foretaste of what is to happen in the USA soon! something we forecasted to happen in 2009...but better be early than late and sorrow.

note: Prechter has been bearish for Gold the last 10 years while I started to be bullish in 2001 and present price level offers a GREAT buy opportunity.


Thursday January 28, 2010

  • Yesterday was the day of the State of the Union and Super Obama. It was the day of MOPE [management-marketing of economic perspective], STATIC and impossible promises. It was the day by excellence to blame 'Others' for problems politicians created in the first place. A day to explain why the too big to fail banks (which lost your money in the 1st place) were bailed out with "the people's [your-tax] money". A day to focus on "all changes" which we haven't seen...Super Obama has a gift to sound terrific while he is explaining he will steal the money out of your pockets and those of you children and grand children.

  • Or this is how good they are at leading you by the nose: yet a new scandal over the scientific accuracy on the UN IPCC 2007 climate report has emerged. Following the major data-manipulation scandals from the UN-tied research center at Britain's Eat Anglia university late 2009, the picture emerges of one of the biggest scientific fraud of recent history.

  • If World Stock markets only go through a correction, the coming weeks will be great to reorganize your investment Horses.

  • Gold is encountering strong support and the long term uptrend remains firmly in place. Each dip attracts buying from those who have been waiting for some pull back in price.

  • The Dollar continues its run and so does the Euro. The odds are growing objectives will be reached. Technically we have an ABC correction and a breakout of a bullish flag. This run does not have to affect Gold but it could make it to test the neckline. [the most important charts were updated: Dollar, euro and Gold]

Wednesday January 27, 2010

  • Banks all over the world are keeping a lot of foreclosed real estate away from the markets. Months ago we already had positive information that this was happening in Spain and the USA. Foreclosure filings – default notices, scheduled foreclosure auctions, and bank repossessions in the US – hit 2.8 million properties in 2009, a 21% rise from 2008 and an astounding 120% increase from 2007. And the estimated 1,000,000+ backlog of delinquent loans looming over the market ensures that the housing crisis is far from over. According to the New York times between 3 and 3.5 million homes are expected to enter some phase of foreclosure this year.

  • People have "never" been served properly by the Too Big to Fail Banks.  We don't have to live by these abusers...and people who know start to move their money...click here for more... We have always preferred small banks which deliver a far better service. Before doing so however it is important to check the bank thoroughly: you don't want to move your money to a bank which risks to be closed down.

  • Gold is the only asset that has consistently appreciated in value for each of the last nine years.

  • World Stock markets are hesitating. Stay with us if you want to know whether we will have a second B down wave or a correction and test of the Breakout/Trend reversal level and a resumption of the Zimbabwe scenario, In all cases, the disadvantaged sectors are taking the down beat and advantaged sectors are offering a low risk step in opportunity.

  • Important news for Natural Gas and Coal ETF investors. Natural Gas and Coal could be in for a surprise. The charts are very consistent and leave little room for doubt...click here for more...

  • Copper is often a precursor of what is to happen to the price of Gold and Silver...check it out here...

  • Oil and Oil shares have been out of fashion and yet...click here for more... We like Baker Hughes a LOT!

Tuesday January 26, 2010 - Which ever way you slice it, this week will be an interesting one!

  • It becomes increasingly difficult to forecast short term markets as we don't even know when the perverse and sick MOPE (Management Of Economic Perspective -Jim Sinclair) cooked by the Authorities is sent into the world by the brainless Talking Heads....and the Herd keeps believing whatever is sold on TV is True. This is why one more than ever needs the help of an experienced professional...unless off course you want to keep loosing your savings....

  • Joke of the day: The FDIC is going to offer OTC derivatives to save the banking system that has been brought to its knees by OTC derivatives!?  The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the US is considering packaging assets from failed banks into securities,...click here for more...

  • House sales in the USA were down by almost 17%. Clearly the pain for the Real Estate sector is not over yet.

  • Check our updated charts for Gold, Silver, SLV and GLD. The major trend remains UP.

  • Check our updated charts for the Dollar and the British Pound. The major trend remains DOWN.

  • The South African rand hasn't decided whether it will travel north or south. Worst case scenario the HS formation could become a Bearish Wedge!...

  • Gold expressed in Yen, behaves in a similar way like Gold expressed in Rand and other fiat currencies like the Swiss Franc. and the Aussie If the price were to break down below a level dictated by the PF charts, it would reverse the Medium term trend of Gold. Not very likely at this time with the fundamentals we have for Gold Interesting is to see the ballet of the exchange rate of Fiat currencies orchestrated by the price of Gold.

  • The Canadian Dollar deserves your special attention!...subscribers click here

  • Charts of World stock market indexes have been updated and a color code has been added. Wedges have a lot of power and can be very mean!

  • State of the Union or ever heard of Globalism and Big society!? Obama addresses the Middle Class...but best case scenario it will earn him only votes as the Middle Class has been slaughtered during the past years and months and it doesn't look like he is about to stop the Middle Class inquisition. Obama and the Democrats want credit for trying!? Honestly I don't see what he tried to do...he and they only made it worse....A lot of talk but no action and MOPE!

  • Sam's club [the American Makro] is firing 11,000 people...or we can not expect a recovery as long as unemployment keeps rising. Such is simply impossible.

Monday January 25, 2010 - we started to update charts and want to keep you informed this coming week is important as it may dictate whether trends "could" change direction or not! Stay tuned.

  • Obama pushes the panic button. Now that the Health care bill will be extremely hard if possible at all to push through as planned the Democrats become desperate to score before the upcoming elections for Congress if they don't want to loose more seats to the Republicans (which will happen anyway) ...he is switching to plan B. He will attempt to reform the US banks by bringing back the rules which were voted in place after the Bank debacle of the 1930's. If this can be done it will have a severe impact on the Stock Markets...Such would result in a Stock Market Crash both the Banksters and Authorities don't want to see in the first place.

  • Absolute surprise # 1 for the Democrats: Pulling off a feat that only a few weeks ago seemed all but impossible, a little-known Massachusetts Republican state senator has upended the state's entrenched Democratic party machine, claiming the U.S. Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years and putting President Barak Obama's health care initiative in jeopardy.

  • Absolute surprise # 2 for the Democrats: Supreme Court Removes Limits on Corporate, Labor Donations to Campaigns. In a stunning reversal of the nation's federal campaign finance laws, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Thursday that free-speech rights permit groups like corporations and labor unions to directly spend on political campaigns, prompting the White House to pledge "forceful" action to undercut the decision. This has far going (untold) consequences and it is clear it ruins a lot of plans of Barak Obama and the Democrats.

  • Absolute surprise # 3 for the financial markets:  A return to influence for the towering elder statesman Paul Volcker. He was the man who in the 1980's changed the financial landscape under Reagan. This indicates the position of Goldman Sachs, Geithner and Bernanke is coming under pressure. Important is to understand that this time it has become impossible to bring down the money supply (and see sky-high interest rates) without completely wrecking what is left of the economy. Also Volcker understands the systemic disaster we are in, and will do nothing to pull the plug on the mountain of OTC derivatives. [OTC=over the counter, not regulated=dangerous] and CDS [Credit Default Swaps}

  • The Dollar rally will be temporary as it has neither fundamental nor technical legs. Whatever is said, in Europe there are at this time only 3 to 4 states (Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK/Ireland) running into problems but in the USA we have 40 states on the brink of bankruptcy and the US government will have no choice but to bail out these states. Illinois has now joined California as it enters a state of insolvency...click here for more. If you still are inclined to buy Dollars, check out our DOLLAR FUNDAMENTALS before you do.

  • World Stock markets are breaking down the technical formation we spotlighted last weeks and the Banks are (as we expected) the leaders. Banks continue to be closed down and each time again one can see their real worth is a lot less than the pretended fantasy value. Most banks are technically bankrupt and they only survive because of the Authorities and the tax payer's money. The basic problem that still exists is the fraudulent OTC derivatives produced since 1991 that are yet to be addressed.

  • The World is in a severe economic mess and the People start to revolt. Disbelievers must check the forums of the Newspapers and Magazines. Not hard to see the point of no return has been passed as Politicians are correctly called liars and cheaters.

  • Authorities and Bankers are trying to hide the truth but as the recession is growing into a depression this becomes increasingly difficult and investors more and more turn to Real Money (instead of worthless fiat money) to store their savings. Because of paper gold, market games can be played. What cannot be done is for paper gold to produce bullion. Hence it is utmost important to take PHYSICAL DELIVERY of Gold bars and/or coins. Under NO CONDITION accept to buy/keep Gold and/or Silver on the books of Banks and/or gold traders. Keeping paper Gold and Silver doesn't provide you with any security as we have FRACTIONAL GOLD and SILVER and the odds are the Gold or Silver you so said own probably doesn't exists.

Saturday January 23, 2010


Yesterday was Friday and another 6 banks were closed down in the USA. Columbia River Bank, The Dalles, OR   Evergreen Bank, Seattle,   WA Charter Bank, Santa Fe,  NM Bank of Leeton, Leeton,  MO Premier American Bank, Miami, FL ....and the FDIC is running on empty!  This means more Quantitative Easing and Authorities which will do all within their power to keep interest rates low.


Friday, January 22, 2010 - During Bull markets corrections are always Swift and Violent: only fundamentals and charts keep you safe!

  • Sales period for Gold and Silver [give it at most another 2 to 3 weeks] is lasting longer than expected.  But markets could be doing exactly what we thought they would do end of 2009: testing necklines [gold] and run for the bullish/bearish wedge objective [$-€]. (see charts inside). Short term predictions are extremely difficult to make and we foresee it will get worse over the foreseeable future. Investors should use the opportunity to continue searching for great buying opportunities in the Junior mining sector. Shopping time: a lot of low risk step in levels have been reached on our list of Gold and Silver shares.  After looking at the 18 PF charts, one exactly knows which direction Gold is heading for!

  • The 2nd leg of the correction for Gold and Silver and Gold and Silver mines was  swift and violentHard to call: the down leg took exactly TWO DAYS! The HUI Point and Figure and Candle chart are rather straight foreward...click here for more... We have updated all PF charts!

  • World Stock markets are [as predicted] loosing steam [updated charts] and  important is that at least the 2009 breakout levels will be tested. However the possibility does exist that this correction becomes a 2nd DOWN LEG...but it is too early to call it. The PF chart on the French CAC index and SP500 clearly shows the potential scenario's and the formations on the charts of the Nikkei and German DAX are IMPORTANT! The PF charts are very CLEAR ...you have to be blind not to see it.

  • Crude Oil is currently trading between key support and resistance levels.

Thursday January 21, 2010 -

  • More volatility and uncertainty created yesterday as China took moves to limit lending in an attempt to slow down the economy  - markets at critical levels but the fat lady did not sing yet!

  • A picture or chart says more than a 1000 words. We have updated all charts in the Dollar, Euro , Bonds, Gold and Silver sections! As volatility increases (and it will get worse)  it becomes increasingly important to have clear maps/charts of REALITY, stay calm and be patient.

  • Senate seat loss in Massachusetts sends Democrats into panic mode.  The election was called to replace Kennedy who killed himself trying to fly VFR (visual Flight Conditions) into IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) reality. Democrats have lost absolute majority in Congress and it is almost certain that they will loose a lot more seats during the elections end of this year. The People are sick and tired of being lied to!

  • Bank of America sees $ 194 million loss. When large banks do well, they are owned by the employees and share holders, when they falter, they are owned by government and the people have to stand for the losses.

  • The Euro is breaking downwards from the short term range (flag formation) and a sustained move back above (see chart) is required to question scope for some additional weakness. It is however still to early to call for a short/medium term trend change and a potential new test of the MOTHER of ALL NECKLINES...click here

  • It is extremely difficult to call the next move for the Dollar. Nothing is final yet and worst case scenario we could see the test of the level where the WEDGE originated from....click here

  • Logically for Gold if a short term trend change occurs for the Dollar it is possible the Neckline of the Reversed Head and shoulder formation is tested after all. Having said this, manipulation there is - but it is only possible to manipulate so much and some it will stop working...click here

Wednesday January 20, 2010

  • Chinese propaganda, Media control and so said Democracy...or are we not seeing this elsewhere in a more sophisticated way!? The Government fears that too many citizens might be making a link between the plight of Avatar’s Na’vi people as they are thrown off their land and the numerous, often brutal, evictions endured closer to home by residents who get in the way of property developers.

  • Markets are kind of lazy as all Media attention is focused on events in Haiti.

  • Very interesting chart of the Euro/dollar and €-gold.  Check the critical support and resistance levels and objectives...Those who still have doubts about the future of the Dollar....click here

  • You have to be blind NOT to see it: $-Gold and $-Silver are consolidating gains.  Our candle charts (daily & weekly) for $-Gold shows very important technical formations with short term objectives...click here

  • Interest rates also start to rise in China. It will only be weeks before we'll see the same pattern unfolding in the West.  If you are in BUY and HOLD stocks and bonds you have LOST ¾ of your net worth since 2000, measured in purchasing power. 

  • Citigroup Reports a $1.6 Billion Loss in 2009...or you know what we think of Banks and Financials.

  • Platinum and Palladium broke through the top of their uptrend channel and are in the process of building an accelerated up channel...click here for more

  • We have added the Reit-index to the Real Estate section. For those hoping we have seen the bottom...click here

Tuesday January 19, 2010


  • This is as good a Silver pf chart can be. A clearly defined trend channel. Click on the thumbnail for the details.

  • Further decrease of Real Estate prices inevitable. Global Real income will continue to fall because of REAL Inflation (forget the boogie figures the Authorities and the talking heads are feeding), because of increasing taxation (ever seen somebody put a house in his pocket?) and because of rising interest rates (timing is hard, but negative real interest rates have no alternate...but to go up). We don't expect a bottom before 2033!

Monday January 18, 2010

Today is Martin Luther King day and American financial markets will be closed!


These are the results for 2009: we started the year with 162 onz of Gold and ended with 173,66


date onz. gold price $ Fiat $ value gold price € Fiat € value y/y RM y/y $ y/y €
jan-30      162,00 927  $        150.174 722  €        116.964 5,21% 15% 26%
feb-20      159,35 1000  $        159.350 775  €        123.496 3,49% 22% 33%
apr-03      164,42 895  $        147.156 665  €        109.339 6,78% 12% 18%
may 7      169,90 915  $        155.459 670  €        113.833 10,34% 19% 23%
aug-14      171,18 950  $        162.621 670  €        114.691 11,17% 24% 24%
sep-15      175,90 1020  $        179.418 700  €        123.130 14,24% 37% 33%
oct-15      173,95 1060  $        184.387 710  €        123.505 12,97% 41% 33%
dec-01      167,04 1200  $        200.448 795  €        132.797 8,48% 53% 43%
jan-11      173,66 1125  $        195.368 800  €        138.928 12,78% 49% 50%


Note: Expressed in Fiat paper money we made 50%. Expressed in real money or gold, 12,78%. We traded very little....or these are the results of a lazy but well informed professional investor!


These are the results made on special situations: we advised to cash in profits!


    IN Today Profit/Loss % year/year
100 CSIQ solar  $     5,00 march 2009  $            30,00 jan-10  $       2.500,00 1.200,00 %
100 JASO  $     2,00 march 2009  $              6,00 jan-10  $          400,00 480,00 %
100 Deere  $   28,29 march 2009  $            57,00 jan-10  $       2.871,00 243,56 %
100 Potash  $   47,54 march 2009  $          117,00 jan-10  $       6.946,00 350,66 %
100 Deere  $   17,50 march 2009  $            57,00 jan-10  $       3.950,00 541,71 %


The result of our Forex investments can be seen in the Portfolio section...40% to 101%!


Note: these could be your figures....on condition you make your home work, READ and STUDY the content of this site and SUBSCRIBE.


Saturday January 16, 2010

  • Don't count on the IMF. They show over and over again they don't have a clue of how to solve the crisis and their strictures and guidelines has always resulted in permanent crippling of nations, which too many examples to fill a page (the 1st president of the IMF was the Belgian Camille Gutt). The second bang started with Dubai and is signaling the beginning of sovereign debt defaults, several of them in Europe. Months ago we published the EU won't be able to survive the depression and the expensive energy (Oil is back at $ 80 and climbing). After the fireworks in Greece the odds are the Spain will default. Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic all tried to unsuccessfully to attempt reconstruction using cheap Swiss credit. subsequently their currencies fell by 40% to 60% making it a drama both for these countries and the Swiss bankers. Italy, Portugal and Ireland are together with the UK additional prime victims to close the process of sovereign debt.

  • France and Belgium officially admits Real Estate Prices slipped by 10% in 2009. The Real estate crisis is GLOBAL and NO country will escape the Bear Trend which will end in 2,033!

Friday January 15, 2010

  • Following statement has serious implications. The danger exists "they" fail to keep pushing the Stock Markets in the "only one direction" they like. Is so, what we have seen between November 2008/March2009 and January 2010 could be a "Halfway stop"

  • This chart (click on it to enlarge) can be extremely relevant for what is to happen in the near future with a particular sector and to the savings you may have invested in it...click here for the answer.

  • Charts for American Financials are extremely interesting. Financials will lead the market down and they will tell us when the fresh down leg will markets will start to come down.

  • Charts for World Stock Markets have been updated...interesting patterns...click here to see them..

  • We're absolutely NOT planning to make a traditional Prevision for 2010. Such action is nothing more than poor marketing for those which don't understand we're making previsions each other day and that TIMING is the hardest part of it.

  • Remember the equities we acquired under crisis investing!? We do and it is time to cash in on certain positions...click here to check our shares under Crisis Investing III

Thursday January 14, 2010 - Einstein said there are two things infinite. One is the universe and the other is man's stupidity. He did however say he was not so convinced about the universe.

  • Inflation produces forces that lead the public to favor or discard alternative media of exchange.  Hyperinflation and Inflation become either subject to Gresham's Law (i.e. currency substitution under fixed exchange rates) or they become subject to Thier's Law (i.e. currency substitution under a floating exchange rate system: Zimbabwe).

  • A stable currency is the most conductive to providing good economic performance. Today we have exactly the opposite with extremely volatile and short term unpredictable fiat paper currencies.

Yesterday [Tuesday, 6 November 1923] we experienced our wildest day concerning money. On Monday morning I had received about 870 billion as part of my salary, received yesterday the same amount and the notice that I would get double the sum today. I had given the order to sell 3 pre-emptive rights for stocks in Mittelsprit...I received of this 4 billion 3.4 after the fees and a percentage for speedy payment had been deducted.

Somewhat more than 4 billion had thus to be spent at once. The dollar had been kept artificially at 420 million, abroad the German Mark stood two to three times lower. At noon a new rate is quoted, to which all shops adapt immediately. I went home, dragged Eva with me, and we hurrieLogind through the shops, searching for goods and comparing prices.

....And always one stands in line...for several hours at the cashier's office [to get part of the salary]. When the  money has finally arrived, it has to be spent breathlessly before finally the next Gold mark rate is quoted. (Victor Klemperer, Professor of Romance languages at Dresden University)...click here

  • China planning to buy the remaining IMF gold at current market price. Bullion experts recommend that China should go in for the IMF gold buy in this new year, as otherwise its ambitious task to mop up 10,000 tonnes of gold reserves in the next 10 years may be difficult to achieve.

  • Gold is the standard around which all other price revolve. The price of Gold does not change. gold is the eternal, immutable standard. If the Dollar or Euro price of Gold rises (as now), the Euro and the Dollar are in effect, being devaluated.

  • Public pensions are the Achilles heel of all fiat Paper systems. They are even more endangered by the actual 'artificially' low level of interest rates. For this reason alone it is in the "national interest" to make sure the stock markets go in the "right direction".

  • Our charts confirm the Dollar rally has no legs and it will resume its slide soon...click here for more

  • The German DAX index actually gave a SELL signal....click here for more and other indexes

  • The BANK index (Financial shares) is bouncing off its Secular downtrend line... No doubt they will be the leaders (and loosers) in the coming weeks.

Wednesday January 13, 2010 - Gold and Silver Juniors are updated!

  • The Dollar is down, 'one' Chinese pretends the Dollar has hit a bottom and the Dollar shoots up....!? It doesn't make sense and short term previsions and fluctuations increasingly resemble to Chinese Financial Roulette. Growing volatility and extremely difficult markets to understand both for the professional and also for the Private investor. Gold , Silver, Crude Oil and many commodities reacted in a similar emotional way but one bird doesn't make Spring. Chinese birds however can be lethal if their name is Junming. 

  • Earnings season is starting: and there is little doubt poor figures will influence World Stock markets over the next couple of weeks...more under World Stock markets.

  • Jobs are lost and unemployment is rising on both sides of the Atlantic. It is impossible to have a recovery and even a stabilization as long as these figures keep worsening. Jim's Formula is pure basic logic!

The biggest danger is Japan where a global fiasco is brewing. [Ambrose Evans-Pritchard]

The IMF says Japan’s gross public debt will reach 227pc of GDP this year. This is compounding at ever faster speeds towards 250pc by mid-decade.

The only reason why this has not yet blown up is because investors (mostly Japanese) have not yet had the leap in imagination required to understand their predicament, and act on it. That roughly is the argument of Dylan Grice from Societe Generale in his latest Popular Delusions note released today. “A global fiasco is brewing in Japan.”

Japan’s deficits are already within the hyperinflation “red flag” zone identified by historian Peter Bernholz ...click here for more...(A MUST for every one!)

  • Citibank top financial analysts have a $ 2,100 to $ 6,000 target for Gold. A lot higher than our conservative objective but certainly possible if one takes into account the Fractional Gold and huge manipulation which sooner or later will stop to have an impact on the Gold price.

  • Natural Gas did well but Coal performed extremely well [as we predicted] over the last couple of weeks....click here for the chart

  • Upon checking the CRB index, Copper and Platinum charts which all performed extremely bullish it is not so hard to understand there is still a lot of manipulation in the Gold market and the Gold price is lagging!

  • Putin says we have to prepare for Global Cooling...click here for more...

  • Last but not least, you won't believe it but Talking Heads today say Crude Oil was down 2% because minimum reserve requirements of Chinese banks were raised and the Winter is less cold in Northeast America. Something must be wrong with these guys! Contrary to what these people advocate out selection of Oil Shares are doing extremely well. Maybe they must consider a subscription to Goldonomic!?

Tuesday January 12, 2010

  • California to legalize Marijuana and to make $50 per ounce. All of a sudden the Authorities see a way in getting their part of the pie and are about to classify Weed as alcohol. The irony is complete if you know thousands are sitting time for drug related facts!?..click here for more...

  • Authorities in Greece caught falsifying data and Politicians in Spain caught in a fraud affair. Trusting politicians or what they are making public though the Media equals financial suicide...click here fore more...

  • We thank the success of our analysis to the fact that we don't (like most analysts do) limit our analyze and charts to one currency (ex. the Dollar or alternatively the Euro, the Aussie, the Swiss, the South African Rand, the Yen, the Canadian Dollar, the British Pound).

  • Often we need the sum of the Point & Figures charts together with some Fundamentals to correctly analyze the markets.  This is why is is very important to check the charts of Gold expressed in different Fiat currencies [British pound, South African Rand, Aussie, CanDollar, Rupee, Yen, Swiss] together with the charts of the US Dollar and the Euro. $-Gold can for example not break down if it sits in a solid uptrend expressed in Euro, Swiss or Aussie.

  • Gold and Silver and their ETF's have entered a fresh Bull run.  Subscribers were advised and could actually see the reversal happening on the charts in the Gold and Silver sections!

  • Add a fraction and we have a ALL TIME new high for Gold expressed in Yen...$-Gold is still battling against the manipulation with derivatives and any other possible instrument but some day their action will fail...there is no doubt about this!

  • Crude oil is going up as chart and fundamentals indicated it would weeks ago and Oil shares are doing exactly what we forecasted.

  • For the last couple of days, Gold is rising in the land of the rising Sun (the East) and the West (US) tries to bring the price down again.  We have a mirror image for the Dollar. Looks like our New Years cartoon is coming alive [krash] after all! Interesting...Chinese are buying more than Automobiles, they are also buying Barbaric Gold. Westerners don't seem to understand what is happening and keep using worthless Monopoly money.

Monday January, 11, 2010

  • Zimbabwe here we come:  Chavez [president of Venezuela] is doing EXACTLY what Mugabe has been doing in Zimbabwe. Down goes the Fiat Paper currency and locked are the prices (at least this is what the politician thinks). Venezuela used to be a rich and promising country. Today it is destroyed by the stupidity of one man and a government the people of Venezuela 'VOTED' into power. Chavez "orders" currency devaluation by 50% and will seize businesses that raise prices. One doesn't have to be an Einstein to realize the shelves will be empty in no time.

  • Welcome to the club or global madness!?. In Argentina President Cristina Kirchner  is also leading the country into the Abyss...

  • Better be Safe than Sorrow. World Stock markets have built technical formation(s) spelling danger. We think time has come to reorganize your portfolio and switch to SAFETY.

  • The Dollar has been sliding down this past night (the cold came from the East). We still need to see how the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the ECB will react, but even if they do there is only so much they can do. Also here it is wiser to switch to less dangerous Fiat Paper currencies (see Investment Roster) and to Real Money or Gold and Silver.

Saturday January 9, 2010 - This spells REAL TROUBLE dead ahead!


"The State is a great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else." Frederic Bastiat.

  • There is more bad news for Real Estate and those in denial will suffer more. Concern over housing deepened Wednesday with the release of new data showing long term interest rates are rising rapidly from their historic lows, while mortgage applications to purchase houses are falling. Applications are now at their lowest level in 12 years. Apartment vacancies rose to an -30 year high and rents saw the biggest drop ever. Real Estate prices in Southern Spain dropped by 50% in 2009. Contrary to what is admitted, real estate prices AND rents in France and Belgium have also been very weak [thks JD!]...and it ain't over until the fat lady sings!

  • A dangerous debt cocktail ready to explode. Britain's debt has become riskier than Italy's. Who would only 12 months age have believed this!? As usual the herd keeps believing the Authorities and their talking heads like explained by the Turkey pattern. The 1,001st day they are amazed to see they are being slaughtered....but at that time it is too late to protect themselves. Don't forget the disastrous situation of Greece, Spain, Ireland and Iceland.

  • California declares a fiscal emergency and 40 American states on the brink of bankruptcy.

  • Real US unemployment rate is +17%. Unemployment rates in the EU (if you filter out the unproductive and costly Government employment) are even worse.

  • In the capitalistic [?] West bonuses are given to people who destroy the economy and those that seek to build are deported to Siberia for telling the truth. In the Communist East production is rewarded and non production punished.

  • Gold is rising by an average of 18% per year!  We have a super Bull for Gold and don't even think Gold, silver and Gold and Silver equities will crash together with the Stock Markets. Those who are still in denial must check our track record!

  • NOW is the time to get OUT of stocks and into safer investment vehicles.  Details will be posted "for subscribers only" later this month.

Friday January 8, 2010 -


The weather and time offer a perfect opportunity to strap Al Gore and his nutty global warming buddies to a giant icicle.

There is 20-yr record snow in England, a 29-yr record snow in France and the airports are shut or slowed; the railroads are impassible and the roads dangerous because they have run out of grit and salt. There is 40-year record snow in Beijing, where Tiananmen Square is blanketed with the stuff. Also record snow is Seoul. Most of northern Europe is shivering...[2000 years ago, Roman Soldiers were dressed with short skirts when the conquered Northern Europe!?]

Where are all the Global Warming, demand Destruction of Oil, Natural gas and Deflationists gone? They crawl out of their hiding places as soon as there is a correction and vanish during bull runs. Is the Herd really that stupid that they each time buy these lies? Is this the Change and new World Order the Politicians are talking about?  Even France, the very country of the French Revolution and Egalité, Fraternité, Liberté is going with the flow...Many call Sarkozy the new Napoleon.!?



  • Which Fiat money is worth more that any other Fiat money? The exercise has become extremely difficult as they are all inter tangled and manipulated.  Best case scenario the Dollar index can correct to 80,50 or the Euro can correct to 1,39 . The configuration of the charts are so that either the correlation between Gold and the Dollar has to end, either the Bull run of the Dollar will have very short legs. The next days will provide us with the answer.

  • Nice technical pattern and move of Gold expressed in British pound.

  • Gold in Swiss franc leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination!

  • The Australian Dollar has reached our objective against the euro but we still see no reason to liquidate the position. This has been an absolute spotless investment in a commodity currency offering a better yield than the manipulated Dollar and Euro.

  • If a dollar it has to be than apart from the Australian Dollar, we also like the Canadian Dollar, once again the strategy exposed on our investment roster is correct. Investment can be easy, straight foreward and doesn't need a lot of transactions or reading. One just needs to have the correct investment instruments at the right time and ride the wave. $ 399 or € 295 can save you a lot of time and sweat and at least allow you to end up a year's of investment with some nice profits. Don't try to do something yourself a lot of professionals can't do properly!


Thursday January 7, 2010 - Remember the Wise Kings brought also Gold!


This is the chart of an extremely safe investment vehicle which will deliver a profit of at least 30% over the next 6 months.


Wednesday January 6, 2010

  • South African Rand per 1 Euro - The Euro is breaking down from the yearlong range and a sustained move back above R11 would be required to question scope for further weakness. The Rand has been on our watch list for weeks now and what we kind of expected is actually happening...click here for more... If confirmed this will the 1st big happening of 2010. Rather important as interest rates are a lot higher in South Africa.

  • Underpants, window dressing and Oil. For some months the world has seen a steady escalation of US military involvement in Yemen, a country overlooking another desolate land by the name of Somalia. The evidence suggests that the US is moving to militarize a strategic chokepoint for the world's oil flows, Bab el-Mandab, and using the Somalia piracy incident, together with claims of a new Al Qaeda threat arising from Yemen, to militarize one of the world's most important oil transport routes. In addition, undeveloped petroleum reserves in the territory between Yemen and Saudi Arabia are reportedly among the world's largest.

  • A potential scenario for 2020 according to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. The shocker will be Japan, our Weimar-in-waiting. This is the year when Tokyo finds it can no longer borrow at 1pc from a captive bond market, and when it must foot the bill for all those fiscal packages that seemed such a good idea at the time. Every auction of JGBs will be a news event as the public debt punches above 225pc of GDP. Finance Minister Hirohisa Fujii will become as familiar as a rock star. Once the dam breaks, debt service costs will tear the budget to pieces. The Bank of Japan will pull the emergency lever on QE. The country will flip from deflation to incipient hyperinflation. The yen will fall out of bed, outdoing China's Yuan in the beggar-thy-neighbour race to the bottom....click here for more... [note we don't completely agree with the article]

  • There is no such thing as global warming and we have no demand destruction for Oil. This winter kills both myths at one time. SHIVERING Britain faces the prospect of gas supply shortages and is increasingly reliant on imported gas because North Sea supplies are running out....click here to read more

  • Yesterday we had an important technical signal [key reversal] on the candle charts for Gold and Silver in most currencies!

  • We have adjusted out Investment Roster!

  • The Fed and the British Treasury is buying 50% of all new Treasuries: amazing that there are so many investors which fail to understand the implication of this an action and keep buying Bonds.

  • The PPT (Plunge Protection Team) has been extremely busy in 2009. WASHINGTON -- The massive stock-market rally in the past nine months is mostly due to secret government buying of stock-index futures, a respected stock-market analyst said Tuesday. Charles Biderman, chief executive of TrimTabs Investment Research, is the latest and most credible person to charge that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury (in league with top Wall Street firms) is rigging the stock market on a daily basis.

Tuesday January 5, 2010 - Will we see a further correction of the Dollar or will it resume its slide?





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