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Archives for February 2010


Friday February 26, 2010

  • If only preserving your savings was so easy as making money. Not only do you have to find a safe way through a dangerous labyrinth but during this quest you are continuously bombarded by false indications and lies. The worst is that the MOPE, STATIC and LIES is actually produced by the Authorities, Talking Heads, Newspapers and financial magazines. Madoff is an Altar boy compared to what you are subject to each day...poor investors. As usual 'The Herd' will at a certain point and all of a sudden realize 'the Emperor has no clothes'...but at that time it will be too late to rearrange your savings. I have experienced this over and over again. My last experiences dates back from the days just before the Real Estate Crash started in the US, the Iceland drama and the 30% pre-Pound Sterling devaluation. I remember that in those days many called (or thought) I was a pessimist and an idiot.

  • Junior investors/traders still live with the false hope Algorithms, scalping, trading, buying and selling will make them money and they use internet trading like a juke Box, an investment simulator or some Internet game. It only takes so long before they find out there must be a better and safer way....we offer this for only € 295 per year! Last year we 'only' made 50% expressed in Nominal Money and we don't remember the days where we made less than 25%...

  • Many Real Estate investors still live in denial (the Nile is the longest river on Earth)  refuse to cut their losses short and switch their assets into an investment instrument which would actually allow them to get out of the red figures fast...instead of waiting until 2033 before Real Estate actually stands out of the death.

  • The Authorities more and more engage into LIES, Window Dressing and Hiding of the truth. The Fed is loading its balance sheets with garbage and the ECB is doing exactly the same. The ONLY difference is that it is even harder to find out what the ECB is doing...click here fore more... Particularly disturbing was the contradiction about China buying HALF of IMF's Gold: the World Gold council affirmed  China wasn't a realistic candidate but the English version of the Pravda confirmed the intention of China to buy the Gold.!!!??? This proofs how vicious and unreliable the Authorities have become...GOT GOLD?


Thursday February 25, 2010

  • All roads lead to Goldman Sachs. They helped Greece to falsify the figures like they helped Portugal, Italy and Ireland. Having said this, the problems of California, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio (just to name some) are consistently higher than the problems of the PIGS and PINGUIMS. But such is irrelevant as the odds grow the EU will collapse as a result of the collapse of the Dollar anyhow.

  • The Euro is fishing for a bottom and technically has yet to be confirmed. The Euro needs to continue going sideways for 5-7 trading days and form a base before there is any indication a bottom has been put in place. But whether the Euro gets stronger against the Dollar or not is less important, just as it is less important what the World Stock markets will do expressed in Nominal terms. Only the relationship against Barbaric Gold is important and as our charts show, the trend is DOWN in both cases!

  • It’s going to be a great spring, starting any day now, if you are in the right stuff: gold and silver mines and juniors are at price levels below those when Gold was trading at $ 700 and we expect great earning figures to be released soon.

  • The Germans felt their system wouldn't collapse, but it took a wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread in the 1930s. The Soviet Union didn't think their system would collapse, but it did. Ours is capable of collapsing also.

  • What Bernanke and Trichet are preaching about the Interest Rates is nothing more but MOPE and LIES, DAMN LIES. The social security, pension system, Medicare and Global debt (because of the bailouts private debt is now also becoming public debt) has reached an astronomical level. In the USA in 1929 the ratio Debt to GNP was 190%. Today the official figure ranges close to 400% but the real figure is as high as 800%. In other words, it has become impossible for the Authorities to cover it and today one can be 200% sure that the Financial system will actually crash/collapse taking the Dollar with it (or vice versa)  What we have is a paradigm shift!

  • Best case scenario, in about 5 years from now interest payments will account for 30% of the tax income. In reality we think the situation will reach a dramatic level by 2012 for the simple reason that the Depression is killing tax income in an exponential way.

  • THE TRAP IS CLOSED: The yield on each additional invested €/$ has become NEGATIVE. In a system of fractional reserve banking and fiat money, the amount of fresh credit/debt/money to pull the economy out of a recession becomes larger each time a reversal has to be engineered [Von Mises economics]. We have now reached the point where the GDP return of each additional invested £/€/$ 1 has become NEGATIVE. In other words, we have crossed the point of NO RETURN and the only question left is not whether but WHEN the system will collapse!...click here for more This statement takes away ALL questions and scenario's about mopping up the Quantitative Easing.

  • More social unrest or Greece is a foretaste of what it to happen in Western Europe and the USA. The Greek population certainly did not create the crisis they are in right now ....but they let it happen...click ere for more...

Wednesday February 24, 2010

Are you an account holder with Citibank!? If so, be advised following statement is not a joke. [got Gold?]

"Effective April 1, 2010, we reserve the right to require (7) days advance notice before permitting a withdrawal from all checking accounts. While we do not currently exercise this right and have not exercised it in the past, we are required by law to notify you of this change," Citigroup said on statements received by customers all over the country.

  • The Financial and economic crisis we are living is for real. It is no accident Banksters and Authorities are doing all within their power to keep the system alive because their very lives are involved. For this reason the odds are the system will collapse overnight wiping out billions of deposits and savings.

  • Ripley's believe it or not, but in Western Europe, legislation forbids most businesses to be open on Sundays and not only forces many to be closed on Mondays but also regulates the business opening hours. Western Europe is sliding in a depression and yet the politicians are doing all they can to bring down Employment !?

  • Thank you Mister President! Under the pretext of reducing Carbon pollution and Global Warming (a political hoax) , maximum speed on roads is limited and gas is heavily taxed. As a result, liquid energy consumption has fallen by 3%, refinery plants are closed and thousand of people loose their jobs!?

  • We haven't seen the bottom of the real estate markets yet!  New home sales in the USA drop 11 percent in January, new low...click here for more Worldwide it will get a lot worse before it gets any better! (the figures were the lowest ever since they started to keep the figures in 1963)

  • Fundamentally and Technically, the Pound risks a savage (down) reaction and we could see a run on the Pound sometime in the near future. Our readers know what we think of the British politicians and economic decisions...click here for more... Arrogant Nigel Farage could not have chosen a worse time to declare Herman Van Rompuy [the president of the EU]  has the charisma of a damn rag and the looks of low class bank clerk. The question I want to ask, is who are these British politicians who have ruined Britain in the first place and sold the British gold at the very bottom of the market in 1999!? I know these guys are arrogant because they [only] speak English but I would expect a minimum of manners of one of the politicians who ran Britain into bankruptcy!  Having said this, the end of Nigel's statement is worth listening to. Democracy in Europe is in grave danger indeed!

  • All Fiat money is in a race to worth-less-ness. Only gold will protect your financial position.

  • Ben Bernanke may expect interest rates to stay low for a long time, but we don't. The Authorities can only control (manipulate) interest rates for so long and the natural forces of economics will sooner or later come back with a revenge. Having said this, you can't trust one word of what these guys are proclaiming.

Tuesday February 23, 2010

  • $-Gold shows a double top breakout. By doing this it also breaks out of a bullish flag and moves in symphony with gold and silver expressed in other monopoly money..

  • Only GOLD and SILVER will be able to keep your savings during the coming debacle. Investors out of Iceland, Britain, Vietnam, Zimbabwe,...can testify it really does...For a minute try to THINK what will happen to Gold expressed in Euro the day the Euro falls apart!

  • Watch out for a potential HS pattern on the Dollar/Euro chart!

  • The Western world becomes an Asylum run by madmen: Philips France decides to close a factory because it can produce elsewhere with less taxation and regulation but a judge rules the factory to reopen!?

  • Europe is consuming 3% less liquid energy [the East is over happy to be able to consume the surplus] and Total Oil is closing refineries. A logic economic decision any CEO would make to ensure the survival of the company. Decision which is apparently not understood by the Unions and the Authorities which are doing all they can to reduce the consumption of liquid energy!?. What sense does it make to produce something locally which is not consumed anyhow? Consumption will not come back until "they" stop Job losses...but such is probable to hard to understand for a certain class of people which is doing all it can to push the Western World into the Abyss!

  • We can't repeat it often again in the hope some Politician may read and understand it (the majority of the People and the Middle class understands this since long!) but they are reading and applying Karl Marx and the Western World will for this reason end as the USSR and China ended in 1989 = BANKRUPT!  Who would ever have dreamed of reading this in a Russian newspaper!? : The Russian owners of American companies and industries should look thoughtfully at this and the option of closing their facilities down and fleeing the land of the Red as fast as possible. In other words, divest while there is still value left    click here for more...

Monday February 22,  2010

  • In the subscriber section we have published the Long term price objective for $-Silver. This picture alone is worth more than a silver penny.

  • We have also added a chart with long term Gold objectives in the subscriber section.

  • When you feel like, do check what Trichet's big mouth effect is on the €-Crude Oil price.

  • We and other analyst are aware the price of Gold and Silver is manipulated and suppressed by the central banks. Important is to know that this kind of action will at a certain point fail and the longer the price is suppressed the more violent the subsequent upswing will be!  Only with PATIENCE and persistence one can catch a big fish.

Saturday February 20, 2010 - Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and preaching of envy.


The West is reading and applying Karl Marx. Now is not the time to hide or stick your heads in the sand with your investments as your paper currencies and bonds are BURNING.  They will fall victim to the central bank printing presses and morally and fiscally BANKRUPT politicians in the social welfare states of the developed world.  Pensions public and private and social contracts are not worth the paper they were written on as Social Security slides into the red a decade earlier than forecast and the trust funds have been STOLEN by corrupt public serpents to buy votes.  One by one these promises will be broken and the “something for nothings” will increasingly become more violent as they realize they have been had.

Friday February 19, 2010

  • The line in the sand has been drawn. The US Fed increased the discount rate by 0,25% to 0,75%. Whatever the magicians pretend, nor the Fed nor the Authorities can control the level of interest rates over a prolonged period of time. What they can is manipulate them in the short run. The long term effect of such an action is interest rates climbing higher and over a longer period of time than if the natural economic forces were allowed to operate freely. I compare the market intervening Central Bankers and Authorities as would be magicians which in the end perish by the very sword they created.

  • Weeks and months ago I warned for this to happen in 2009 Bond crash and in the subscribers Bond section. Not only are Bonds (Gilts, Treasuries, Kasbons) negative yielding instruments but they are also an option to buy worthless Fiat paper money! [also check our Bond Fundamentals]

  • Rising interest rates will as a logic result further hammer the Real Estate Markets which are already falling apart for other reasons.

  • Only Barbaric investment vehicles like Gold, Silver and Gold and Silver equities actually love higher interest rates.

  • Today's biggest danger are Structured products, derivatives and similar uncontrolled and unregulated products which were created (and still are) by Banksters. They are packed and sold in such a way that most investors don't even realize they also have these in their portfolios...until off course an accident happens and they realize the money is gone....

  • As long as the Political idiots running the West refuse "to understand" Capital will leave to those countries with less regulation and taxation, unemployment will keep rising, Simple it is! Multi nationals as Total and Philips have no choice but to keep closing down factories in the EU.

  • The EU and the Euro should be happy Blair and the Brits refused to become an integral part of the EU in 2000.  The British Emporium disappeared after WWI, was whipped again during the Great Depression and WWII. The Great Depression of the 21st century is about to break its back...click here for more...

  • This Friday four American banks were closed:   La Jolla Bank, FSB, La Jolla, CA  George Washington   Savings Bank, Orland Park, IL  The La Coste National Bank, La Coste, TX  Marco Community Bank, Marco Island, FL

Thursday February 18, 2010

  • Like Global Warming, Air travel makes it easy to understand how easy it was to take millions of Jews to the concentration camps. Only weeks ago a kid with fire crackers in his underpants was stopped or the circus tents on Airports have become even bigger. One wonders why similar tents have not been installed in the Underground stations of London or the Railway stations in Madrid.

  • As expected the news that the IMF will sell the unsold portion of the 400 Tonnes only adds fire to the Gold run.

  • We have updated our Long Term chart of the World Stock markets. The exercise of updating teached us interesting lessons about the potential reorganization of portfolios.  These charts must be looked at together with the charts of World Stock markets expressed in Real Money or Gold. These charts don't let a lot to the imagination.

  • We have added a subdivision with Shadow statistics and/or recalculated Government statistics. Charts will be added each time relevant ones can be published.

  • Following slide is a question mark: Why did the Greek bond market collapse and not the Japanese? Japan is in a worse shape than Greece is. What about the USA, Italy and the UK? ...click here for more...


  • Not only do the Authorities bail out the Banksters (and make all of US pay for the losses) but the European Politicians expect the Germans and Dutch to work and pay for the mistakes made by Greeks, Italians and Spanish !? A recipe for a Revolution, social unrest and revolt against the rulers...The EU cannot and will not survive!

  • American FED increases the discount rate by .25% to 0.75%. Or the interest rates will not and cannot stay at these historically low levels for ever...click here for more... Important is to understand Gold and INTEREST RATES can and will rise together.

Wednesday February 17, 2010 - as usual, once the wave starts rolling, there is little to add, except to wish that you enjoy it to a maximum.

  • Yesterday saw an All-Time High Euro Gold: Gold Cartel's 2% Rule Invoked AGAIN. Don't expect them to give up as soaring Gold would hit the front pages and tell the Herd the Fiat Paper money they and we are using ain't even worth the ink on the paper it is printed on. $ 1,108 is an important level for $-Gold!

  • Joe six pack starts to see he's being betrayed and his anger increases against Politicians and Banksters. Goldman Sachs headquarters already need special protection and yesterday there was an explosion before the local Greek JPMorgan offices.

  • Obama plans to invest $ 8 bn in Nuclear plants. This is one of the first intelligent decisions he made since he became president of the USA.

  • Israel mulling a spring or summer war: this would without any doubt influence unemployment in a positive way. World War I & II cleared the unemployment problems of the depressions preceding them..click here for more...

  • Interest rates have no alternate but to go up and Bonds no alternate but to crash...click here for more...

  • Our €-gold , £-Gold , ZAR-Gold , Yen-Gold , Swiss-Gold , Aussie-Gold and Can-Gold charts don't let a lot open to imagination. The wise noses in denial and those who keep listening to the Banksters and politicians will pay dire for their behavior. We have entered an era of financial war and strikes below the belt have become part of the daily show. Something BIG is in the make! The charts of Gold and Silver stocks and Gold and Silver Juniors are an absolute pleasure for the eye.

  • Crude Oil is absolutely responding to the previsions of our Point and Figures charts.

  • And...as we expected, the Euro is not crashing against the Dollar after all....watch the blood on the walls if the Euro gets a little stronger! But first we must clear the present trading zone.

Tuesday February 16, 2010


Dow Jones correction could be over as the Zimbabwe effect kicks in again. Not only do the World Stock markets react to the Billions of Quantitative Easing but Authorities have powerful weapons (Uncontrolled derivatives like CDO's) Plunge Protection Teams , Gold Pool , Federal Reserve, Central banks and Exchange equalization funds can use to manipulate the financial markets. People don't really understand how the financial markets function and most of the time they only see the PRICE LEVEL of Commodities, Stocks, Bonds and Currencies....Extremely dangerous as this sort of action will at some time in the future result in an uncontrollable crash. For this very reason NOW is the TIME to readjust and safeguard your investments. The same people have and are manipulating the price of Gold and Silver like they did it in the past when Gold could be bought at $ 35....but by doing this they are casting the sword which is going to destroy them. Remember the total capitalization of the Gold sector is smaller than the market capitalization of Coca-Cola. The day the physical Gold market clashes with the paper Gold market, the price of gold will go nuts!


Monday February 15, 2010 - US and Canadian markets will be closed on Monday !


  • 1. The crisis the Western world is a crisis of Marxism-socialism and not a crisis of Capitalism.

  • 2. Fractional Reserve banking and the creation of fiat money out of thin air is the very basis of the crisis as it only creates an illusion of wealth.

  • 3. Global warming and Green regulation is nothing but an enormous waste.

  • 4. A stable and decent Monetary system is the basis for a sustained and sound economic growth.

  • 5. We are experiencing a destruction of Capital and the self destructive credit system.

  • 6. Free market enterprise and not a Government controlled society is the spine a each economic growth.

  • 7. The bail out of the 'too big to fail' is about the worst decision Government could make and it  only makes the Depression worse.

  • 8. Society has reached a point where the Taxation and Regulation is about to break the back of the camel.

  • 9. The actual crisis will only end once the misallocated funds created under # 2 have been cleansed out of the system.

Saturday February 13, 2010 - Justice isn't blind, it's unconscious -

  • Greek deficit + Financial Problems  = Quantitative Easing + higher Gold

  • We added a Shadow statistics section for the USA...click here for more...

  • $ 5,000 Gold !? It will according to Welles Wilder, who has previously been highlighted by publications such as Forbes and Barron’s for his skill in the markets, reports. His belief was revealed by another local trader Oli Hille, who trades in New Zealand’s currency markets, and is currently writing a book, which is to be titled Creating the Perfect Lifestyle. Mr Hille told the news provider:He implies his call is based on the US dollar becoming weaker and weaker and basically falling out of bed.” 

  • Trichet certainly wishes he kept his mouth shut when the Euro was at $1.52 as the decline thereafter to his verbal intervention set the stage for the attack that followed. Having said this, it shows how the Forex markets are floated by BS, MOPE, Static and emotion.

  • The government-bond market in the West is a gigantic Ponzi scheme.  Madoff is an altar boy compared to most governments. Most governments in the ‘developed’ world are drowning in debt, they are running mind-boggling budget deficits and printing money like there is no tomorrow.  Furthermore, under the guise of quantitative easing, their central banks are buying their own newly issued debt. High time to get rid of them if you still have any!

Friday February 12, 2010

  • A new Crusade is in the make. Propaganda against Iran is alive and well and so is Iranese propaganda against the West. There is no doubt in my mind this situation will be used in order to start a War in the Middle East. Such will come very handy once oil supply is endangered, unemployment figures get too high and people start te revolt. Israel is playing a very dangerous role in this play.

  • Gold flies to the upside, despite relative Euro weakness ... until 2% rule invoked. This already happened a couple of times and will happen again...but there is only so much these crooks [we really can't think of another name to call these guys] can do. Chinese and India won't keep taking BS as an answer! The USA and the Dollar  have signed their dead sentence. Having said this, Gold and Silver could move in an explosive way on condition the Dollar continues to be firm. Watch out as €-Gold breaks through the level as indicated in the subscription section!...click here for more...

  • Silver follows in the wake of Gold...click here for more...

  • Not a single analyst understands why the Euro was weak yesterday. Double and even triple bottoms are frequent...especially under the present dramatic short positions. As usual our charts don't mind the static and nonsense sold by the Talking Heads and Politicians. The day we call a trend change, you can be sure it will be a genuine one!

  • Americans Authorities are [for your own safety and health] just like European authorities in a desperate quest for money. Cameras have been installed in different locations in Florida (West Palm beach) to enforce traffic regulations. Just like in Europe 'they' are walking the road of more regulation and more taxation. Such a of policy asphyxiates the economy and normally lasts until either the people revolt or the system collapses. Nothing to be proud of!...click here for more...

  • Unless you want to loose your savings, you must STOP listening to the crap told by the Authorities, Banksters and Talking Heads.  Pure logic it is Sherlock Holmes or time has come to make your own homework!

  • The Bond markets (and this includes the US bond market) are doing exactly what we have been forecasting for weeks now...bad, bad, bad!

  • World indexes are oversold and we will at least have some relief of the selling pressure and better markets...and, if the correlation stays, a weaker Dollar.

  • We are again watching the Aussie on a daily basis....a surprise could be in the make.

  • The Fix or Patriotic Retirement Plan: There recently was an article in the St. Petersburg, Florida Times. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on: "How Would You Fix the Economy?" This guy nailed it! The solution is so damn easy I have serious doubts about the IQ level of all the idiots running the country....

    Dear Mr. President,

    Please find below my suggestion for fixing America’s Economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan.

    There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million each severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

    1) They MUST retire. Forty million job openings – Unemployment fixed.
    2) They MUST buy a new American CAR. Forty million cars ordered – Auto Industry fixed.
    3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing Crisis fixed.

    It can’t get any easier than that!!


    P.S. – Mr. President, while you’re at it, make Congress retire on Social Security and Medicare. I’ll bet both programs would be fixed pronto!

Thursday February 11, 2010

  • Today Al Gore's dummies are getting a second cold hard lesson. History books are far more revealing than most people think and it has always been extremely hazardous to 'BELIEVE' what crooked politicians try to make you believe. Internet is a great way out...but you have to make your home work!

  • The EU will not survive. But things are not bad enough and it is too early for a breakup. They will and can do a lot to keep it going as long as they can print money without restrictions. The restriction will come when time has come and we slide into the Hyperinflationary Depression. In the mean time the rescue plan cold become a bad surprise for the huge amount of shorters of the Euro.

  • The Bank of England will resume (continue) Quantitative Easing and the Pound slides again. They simply have no other option...click here for more... [remember the Pound is the Canary in the mine for the Dollar]

  • The Real Estate bear market is far from over. We don't expect a bottom before 2033. Real Estate is a High Order Capital Good and will suffer tremendously during the coming depression. A second leg down in US house prices lies dead ahead, with even larger fall is possible in the UK plus Commercial property is headed towards a debacle in both the US & the UK. One in five U.S. mortgages were underwater in Q4, real estate website Zillow.com reported this morning. Home values continued to fall, marking the 12th consecutive quarter of year-over-year declines. "The prevalence of markets in or near a double-dip situation shows that we are not yet at the bottom, in terms of home values," said Stan Humphries, Zillow chief economist.

  • And US Bonds were down today...doing exactly what our charts predicted.

Wednesday February 10, 2010

  • Wondering why the Euro is strengthening under the burden of a record of shorts? Dangerous it remains! It is amazing how misinformed the Herd is and how well the Authorities keep playing their misleading violins. Technically, this market is so imbalanced on the long side that the sheer weight of those stale longs could drop the Dollar several hundred points very quickly.

  • Financial markets are doing just what we expected....as we are not in the business of writing financial novels, today we really not have a lot to add...

  • We don't even feel like commenting the absurdity of Davos, Switzerland and  can't comment about the G7 meeting in Australia as they locked out all peekers.

  • You have to be blind not to see it: maybe it is worth mentioning we have a Cup and Handle and a Bullish flag for Natural Gas...and we have hammer candle sticks, positive divergences and bullish engulfing candles, positive MACD crossovers  and important volume spikes for many stocks and commodities we follow in the subscriber section. As usual right now the public is in denial and the Herd will jump into to game at the top of the market. I haven't seen it different for the last 35 years...I remember years ago I made a presentation in Spain telling the audience they had to sell Dollars and British Pounds and buy Gold...most of them preferred to continue to listen to their Bankers and did not follow my advice and still don't believe Gold is going to $ 1,460 and higher....meantime they lost huge on both the Dollar and Pound and regular stocks and Bonds.

  • If you still think the Authorities and Banksters are telling the truth, nothing but the truth, read following article published by DER SPIEGEL....click here for more....

  • As of May 2010 American Airlines will charge $ 8 for a blanket and a pillow...no comment.

Tuesday February 9, 2010 - Extremely dangerous Dollar -

  • We have a never ever seen record of $ 8 bn short positions against the Euro. Figures from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which are often used as a proxy of hedge fund activity, showed investors had increased their positions against the euro to record levels in the week to February 2. Remember the market mostly moves into the direction where a maximum of participants will he harmed. It is not hard to imagine what will happen 'IF and ONCE' the trend reverses as we think it will: there will be blood on the walls! ..click here for more... [apparently many investors are unaware of the dramatic financial situation many American states are in: California, New York, Illinois and 37 other states are out of control!]

  • We warned our subscribers in time for the dangerous World Stock Markets...

  • $- Gold is steady and subscribers know what our vision is:

  • January 1999 Gold expressed in Brazilian Real went up from 350 to 600

  • Between 2002 and 2006 Gold expressed in Venezuelan Bolivars went up from 200,000 to 1700,000

  • January 2010 Gold expressed in Venezuelan Bolivars went up again from 2500 to 5000 Bolivars.

  • January 2001 the price of Gold in Argentinean Pesos went up from 300 to 600 in one month time.

  • Iceland saw similar developments and so the did England  in a lesser degree

  • Which country will be next? Japan? the USA?

Monday February 8, 2010

  • At this point any talk about a 'New World Currency' doesn't make any sense at all. As even the Dollar and the Euro won't survive because of the fact that Complex Societies and their currencies cannot and will not survive expense energy.

  • The Deficit of the US dollar is almost equal to the deficit of Greece...and the Dollar correction won't have legs. As a matter of fact, we are seeing the last Death Cat bounce.

    • California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, and New Jersey. Each has a population above 8 million people. Each has had to borrow more than a billion dollars, so far, to pay claims out of their now bankrupt unemployment insurance fund. Also, each state currently registers broad, underemployment above 15% as indicated by the U-6 measure for the States. And finally, each state is a large net importer of either oil, natural gas, electricity, or all three of these energy sources.

  • There is not a lot the Central Bankers could do during their meeting in Australia this past weekend. Except for canceling Haiti's debt [there was no way they could repay it anyhow...as well show the world that after all they are not that evil). Hopefully they brought some good wine, cigars and entertainment. The Financial and Banking system is rotten to the core and it is too late for salvage. The only thing left is to lie, is MOPE and BS. The coming Hyperinflationary depression will proof our vision is correct and Prechter doesn't understand the basic mechanism of Inflation, Deflation and Hyperinflation.

  • During the process of Hyperinflation Fiat paper money and Bonds (which are nothing more than an option to buy worthless fiat paper money) will once more become worthless. History shows over and over again that people trusting Government (and Banksters) each time loose all their savings. Last time it happened was before, during and after World War II.  We are about to live the next time soon!

  • Not that many places to hide. Whether or not the World Stock markets  - EXPRESSED in NOMINAL terms - will just correct or slide further down. Therefore it is not really important and it doesn't deserve that we spent a lot of energy finding out how they will behave. Expressed in Real Money or Barbaric Gold they will Crash!  This is beyond any doubt.

  • American Republicans are pulling the Tea Parties in their camp. If they succeed the Tea Parties will fail to bring a fresh political wind to the USA. Having said this, Sarah Palin could well become the 1st female President of the USA...click here for more...

  • Farmers protesting higher taxes blocked the road leading to the Kulata border crossing between Bulgaria and Greece.  Greek politicians fall into the same idiot abyss Argentina has fallen in. This is how the stupid politicians lead a country into a revolution and/or War. Belgian readers hopefully remember Belgian was the result of the 1830 Depression and a revolt because higher taxes were levied on bread. More taxation and regulation it is...until the people revolt...history shows this pattern repeating itself over and over again...a pity This time it won't be different. Politicians never learn from history!

Saturday February 6, 2010

  • The Dollar index is bumping into the top boundary of its Bear Market trend line. A mirror image of Gold and stocks it is. Amazing is to see that when the Dollar goes up, ALL markets (stock markets, commodities, gold and silver) come down and vice versa. I don't remember to have seen this kind of action in the past. Apart from deleveraging in the 2008 fashion (be aware there is more commercial and private real estate pain unfolding) one can attribute the actual market behavior to Manipulation (PPteam, Exchange stabilization fund, ECB, Propaganda, Mope)

  • EXCELLENT! Right now the Neckline of the huge HS formation for Gold is being tested.  This action will confirm next short term objective for $-Gold. Once more our Point and Figures chart for Gold expressed in Canadian Dollars is a school book example of what we are seeing right now for $-Gold. PF charts have been a very reliable tool during the past 35 years I have been operating on the financial markets. They rarely give false signals and are excellent in forecasting trend reversals. Whatever the Authorities and Bankers do, there is very little they actually can do without the PF charts revealing it. The least I can say is that the battle between Gold Bulls and Gold bears is a bloody one and the outcome will amaze a lot of people!

  • Once more we cannot stress enough how important it is to check our charts of Gold in Swiss Franc, Yen, SA-Rand, Aussie, Euro, Canadian Dollar and Pound Sterling....what we had this week was merely a Gold storm in an American glass!

  • The Euro/Dollar has completed its ABC wave...click here for more...

  • The Gold and Silver mines have an important message for the market and for Gold and Silver. Having said this, markets are very, very emotional...

  • Markets were extremely emotive only for certain sectors, but Platinum, Natural Gas, Coal, etc...were very steady. This rings a bell!

  • Yesterday at the closing the PPTeam intervened in the Stock markets. We wrote it earlier. The Authorities and Banksters CANNOT allow the markets to crash as it would whipe out what is left of the Pension funds and would accelerate the meltdown of the financial system.

  • A Chinese wild card? What 'if' the Chinese central bank decides to buy the other 200 Tonnes of Gold the IMF has for sale?

  • Vietnam admits rigging the price of Gold as a currency intervention (Dong). Gold  is part of the economic system in Vietnam, is used to store savings and to buy Real Estate. The battle of Gold is a battle against the Authorities and Banksters and a battle they are going to loose. History shows they always have...you can only lie so long to the people!

  • Lies, lies and more lies...or this is how the Authorities do it: an small incorrect Unemployment number is published with a lot of noise....and next the really bad figures come as an appendix or a correction with no publicity....click here for more...

  • If politicians had it that easy to convince the Herd that there was Global Heating, how easy is it to convince the Herd the recovery is around the corner, the banking system is healthy and Worthless fiat paper money is still worth something!? With the west wing of the White House being snowed under, the great global warming hoax has collapsed...click here for more...

  • Last but not least, yesterday was Friday and so far only 1 Bank closed down:   1st American State Bank of Minnesota, Hancock, MN

Friday February 5, 2010

  • Yes, I know many have been sitting on the tip of their chair all day long...and yesterday was as crazy as it gets...but remember corrections are swift and violent and what we had was too much and too fast or a perfect sell-off climax. A lot of sense it makes as the objective for the Dollar index has been reached. Having said this nor the fundamentals nor the technicals make us change our point of view...on the contrary! I advise non-believers to go out and try to buy Gold and Silver with physical delivery and see how hard it is to get some!!!

  • Once the Dollar tanks, most Western world currencies will tank as these are Fiat Paper Money backed by worthless fiat Dollars. Thank you Prime Minister, Senator and Congressman and woman for a job well done. Not only will Fiat Paper money become worthless, but so will most Bonds, debt instruments, structures products, ETF's,.... Our PF charts for the Dollar index and the Euro are extremely helpful during the turmoil we have today! What ever happens, one must never forget these are fluctuations of worthless FIAT PAPER MONEY and that in the end they ALL will become worthless. One REAL BARBARIC MONEY will survive. History is the very proof of it.

  • Make sure you get physical Gold into your hands!!! The absence of gold in London requires extraordinary tactics to settle contracts and to obtain gold bullion. Red tape procedures delay delivery for individuals, and bribes accompany gold delivery demands as standard practice. The London Bullion Market Assn has almost zero gold, its supply having been drained in high volumes since early December, a process currently in acceleration. The paper and physical gold markets currently operate in parallel universes. The outflow of physical metal from bank vaults is happening at a mind bending pace." We are truly approaching a climax event as gold metal has exited the London market.

  • Each dip in the price of Gold and Silver is an opportunity to buy more and ASK PHYSICAL DELIVERY. Under NO CONDITION one should BUY and/or hold PAPER GOLD !!!!

  • Our trend channels of Gold expressed in Dollar, Euro, Swiss, Aussie, Loonie, Yen and Sterling are still ok. Having said this, Gold did well until the close of the London Metal Exchange. The COMEX took over and slashed it by $ 40. If Gold is an unimportant Barbaric metal, why then don't they leave it alone?

  • This is Round one: California, New York, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania versus Greece, Portugal and Spain The game is shows a lot of Mope, BS, lies, market manipulation and EMOTION. The open option remains to sell all of your Gold and Silver bullion, Gold and Silver mines and invest the result into negative yielding US Dollar denominated Treasuries. or go for Greek, Portuguese or Spanish government Bonds..[or how crazy stupid such a panic run gets!]  Advisable is to make your home work, and keep your head  and savings clear. Having said this, I don't remember to have ever experienced in the past this kind of hectic irrational and volatile market behavior. But there is no doubt in my mind Gold is to hit $ 1,300 and $ 1,460 next before it will go parabolic.

Thursday February 4, 2010

  • This is becoming the USSA: they read and apply Karl Marx and like the EU, the UK, Venezuela, and many other countries they are doing exactly what needs to be done to ruin the economy and society asap: huge deficits and huge government spending, fiat paper money (trillions of quantitative easing) big-government with more and more people employed by the Government. The latter comes very handy as it masks unemployment and secures the position of the Authorities. The largest federal payroll to hit 2.5 million. Remember that each man or woman employed by government takes away the job of 3 men and women in the private sector. A disaster it will be become...click here for more....Got Gold and Silver?


  • US debt to hit proposed ceiling by end-February: Those who still think the fundamentals [open] and technicals are wrong must read this and stop listening to the blown up 'less bad' news and dig just a spade deeper to find the Real Nasty Reality. Authorities can only pursue their present actions and stay where they are if the keep window dressing the reality for the Herd. And this is exactly what they are doing...click here for more...

  • What will the Dollar do on Friday February 5?  The U.S. may lose 824,000 jobs when the government releases its annual revision to employment data on Feb. 5, showing the labor market was in worse shape during the recession than known at the time...click here for more...

  • In Europe, after Greece it is the turn of Portugal to stand in the spot light. Next country will be Spain...click here for more... Remember last year's song "Tout va tres bien Madame la Marquise". This is the Titanic sinking! [in the US, New York is closing ranks with California]

Yields on 10-year Portuguese bonds jumped 21 basis points yesterday as funds switched their fire to the next "domino", questioning whether the government of Jose Socrates can deliver spending cuts without a parliamentary majority. "The lightning rod has been passed to Portugal: who is next – Spain?" asked Marc Chandler, from Brown Brothers Harriman.

  • Each time a country runs into problems, the Yield on Government bonds soars or the Treasury bonds tank. This is our 2009 Bond crash prediction on subsequent acts. An expensive lesson for those who trusted their governments and were holding on to Bonds instead of Gold and Silver.

Wednesday February 3, 2010 - The magicians have been at work but an exponentially increasing amount of money is requested to keep the patient alive! Madness it is...

  • The big fear of the markets (and the Authorities) is that we could have a remake of the 2008 deleveraging. Such certainly is possible and can happen. Remember it sent most markets down without even a stop at important technical support levels. Since certain equities ad sectors have fully recovered. Others have been lagging and are still at a loss. The FED has however stopped the slide right now by injecting more billions into the system...Bernanke is buying it all and is hereby killing the Dollar and the Economy...and making it all A LOT WORSE. Hyperinflation sits just around the corner...and NOW is the time to get out of this worthless monopoly money and into REAL MONEY and REAL ASSETS.

  • We have an important technical signal on the HUI (Gold bugs index) Candle chart...click here for more...

  • Over the past weeks Juniors have actually performed BETTER than the larger Gold and Silver mines. Remember we prefer Juniors to ETF's and other structured Gold and Silver products which have been created by Banksters [today as it has become clear these have no morality whatsoever there is really no reason not the call Bankers this] and are part of the reason we have fractional reserve Gold. [all charts were updated to make the shopping easier]

  • We have also an important technical signal on the chart of Crude Oil and the Oil index (oil equities) ....click here for more... Don't postpone your shopping and check our updated charts!

  • Similar technical signals for the World Stock markets may indicate 'the correlation' and the communicating financial vessels are alive...a follow up is important as the correction could be over.

Tuesday February 2, 2010

  • A spark in the Middle East can ignite the powder can at any time. We haven't been focusing on the Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan-Pakistan, but the talking heads and Newspapers clearly tell us the tension is mounting and all opposing partners (whether it is Israel, Iran, the USA,...) are arming themselves. One does not has to be an Einstein to understand how well a War will solve the growing unemployment problem of the Western world...click here for more...

  • Our PF charts for Gold expressed in the major currencies nailed the bottom/reversal last Friday. The next question is whether or not the Dollar correction has legs left and how far down the correction on the World Stock markets will bring general equities down. I only expect a correction after which the markets will resume their climb in nominal terms. Somewhere in the future I expect to see a Dow Jones industrial index of 30,000 and higher! Subscribers will be advised when time has come and why it will happen. Having said this, we just had another example Soros and the Prechter club haven't got a clue of the shape of the actual financial markets...unless off course their intend is to mislead the investors. We live a financial economic war and anything is possible. Poor uninformed investors...

  • Gold next short term objective is $ 1,300 and once we have reached it, many will be in for more surprises.

  • The GLD and SLV ETF are indeed handy instruments to define short term pivot levels for Gold and Silver.

  • There is more than the US Dollar in the world. Assuming the neckline doesn't get tested, this would proof that the impact of the US Dollar on the world financial markets is decreasing. This is a logic consequence of the huge problems the USA is running in.

  • This is another proof you just cannot trust the Authorities/Politicians: Leaked climate change emails scientist 'hid' data flaws...click here for more

  • Obama budget: Record spending, record deficit: Do you really think the Dollar can continue its bull run with this kind of Fundamentals? With 40 states and plenty of municipalities on the brink of breaking down, with 6 banks going belly up each week? We don't even mention our technical analyze...click here for more .In the past we have on many occasions highlighted the stupidities of the Bush Government. What we did not expect is that the Obama government would exceed the Bush idiocies...Obama is running the USA into Hyperinflation and the Dollar straight into the Abyss!

  • The Finance industry must be the servers of the economy, not the masters like they are today! By bailing out the too big to fail, the authorities have become the Bankster's servants and have so destroyed what was left of the Democracy.

  • At the latest by the end of this year it will become impossible for the Authorities and Banksters to window dress the disastrous shape of the economic reality. Remember the problems mostly come out of a corner nobody expects. Once the people realize they have been robbed and that the Authorities made it all worse instead of better, we shall see social unrest and possibly armed revolt, even in countries like the USA!


Monday February 1, 2010 - Markets fear the may see a remake of the 2008 Deleveraging.

  • It is impossible to have Real Growth as long as unemployment keeps rising and factories keep closing. Authorities will off course keep manipulating statistics and try to increase the amount of people directly and indirectly employment by government. One does however not need to be an Einstein to understand such a policy cannot work. Whatever lies are told by the Authorities and Banksters, the recession is slowly but surely becoming a depression and as long as the economy keeps using Fiat paper money, a real recovery is impossible.

    • I really don’t see how super Obama will be able to revive the economy and create jobs as the system needs $ 6,1 of new debt  to add $ 1 to the GNP. The problem is that because of fractional reserve banking and fiat money, the amount of debt requested to add to the GNP does at a certain point (now) grow exponentially and will so engage the system in a Hyperinflation.  Bernanke, nor Prechter, nor Soros, nor Tiger Woods or Jay seem to have figured this out.


  • After the Great Depression (1930's) Banks were not longer allowed to invest into the

    Stock markets. Part of the recent weakness of the markets is due to the fear that Authorities may revert bank legislation back to what is was after the Great Depression and Banks would be forced to sell out all their Stocks positions. We don't see it plausible that Authorities will risk a second down wave of the stock markets as the consequences of this would be dramatic. Especially for the already bankrupt Pension funds.  Having said this, as Wall Street (ex. Goldman Sachs) controls Government, "they" will never allow this to happen and "they" have billions of unregulated and uncontrolled Derivatives to assist them in manipulating the markets. A solid correction however is always possible and healthy for the market.

  • You can’t win, you can’t loose and you can’t get out of the game…The problem is that if you get out of Stocks and Real Assets you have no alternate but to get back into Fiat Paper money and Bonds (Debt).  Even Real Estate Markets don't offer any protection (as they have still not reached the bottom of their down cycle).

  • The carry trade is more and more using the Dollar instead of the Yen (the Dollar has little or no room to go up because of the bad fundamentals).  The result being is that the Dollar but also Stocks and Commodity markets are becoming more volatile than they already are and less predictable in the short term. A reversal of the carry trade means lower commodity prices and lower stock markets...and this can also impact the Gold and Silver markets in a similar way it had in 2008.

  • Behind the rubble and human tragedy in Haiti, a drama is in full play for control of what geophysicists believe may be one of the world's richest zones for hydrocarbons-oil and gas outside the Middle East, possibly orders of magnitude greater than that of nearby Venezuela.

  • Gold is the only real money because it isn't someone else's liability. (but no Banker will tell you this) I strongly suspect that gold is going to stage a parabolic rise in the not-too-distant future, a development that will come as a shock to the many detractors of the world's only real money. We can however first test the neckline of the HS pattern. This coming week can be extremely important for the short term evolution of Gold. This becomes obvious after checking the PF charts of Gold expressed in the major currencies: Euro, South African Rand, Yen, Swiss Franc, Pound Sterling, Aussie, CanDollar,....

  • The Yen could be breaking out against the Euro...is there more unwinding of Yen-Carry trade? Is the 2008 scenario going to repeat itself?

  • Following PF chart made a reversal RIGHT on its SECULAR DOWN Trend LINE!...amazing but also scary. [click on the chart to enlarge] ...click here for the answer...

  • Swiss warn USB bank could collapse.  Switzerland's justice minister warned in an interview on Sunday that top bank UBS could collapse if sensitive talks with the United States over a high-profile tax fraud investigation fall through...click here for more....

  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House will predict a record budget deficit in the current fiscal year and more big shortfalls for the next decade in its upcoming budget proposal, a congressional source told Reuters on Sunday...click here for more... they will print money, and more money, and more money until the Dollar is not worth the ink on the paper it is printed on!



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