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Quantitative Easing made in the USA, the UK and the EU
February 11, 2011 - Nothing is manufactured any more in the USA and the EU...and we have a monetization of Debts...



February 2010: the only question left is when the system will collapse!

We have reached a level where the return of each additional invested /$ has become negative!  In a system of fiat money, the amount of money/credit requested to revert a Bust into a Boom is each time bigger. In the end the growth rate becomes exponential and the yield becomes negative. In simple words, the  injected money has no effect, the authorities keep flushing the financial markets in desperation until we have a hyperinflation, a collapse of the financial system, the economy and society.

Posted October 2009:  Expect more Quantitative Easing in order to save the financial system as it all gets worse....


Posted May 22, 2009 - Extremely disturbing and scary charts -





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