November 2023

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Tuesday to Thursday, November 28-30, 2023: The movement away from "the left" has only set its' "first step"!

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Geert Wilders and his political party (PVV) won the elections in the Netherlands. The Dutch people moving away from "the left destruction" has only set a  small "first step." [The left party run by Rutte has been in power for the last 20 years and has destroyed the country.]

History shows that it normally takes 10 years or more before there is real change. Even in case of a War and/or Revolution. This was also the case in Germany when Hitler came into power after the Weimar Hyperinflation. However, few sources tell us that by replacing the Worthless fiat Deutsche Mark with REAL MONEY, it took Hitler less than 2 years to bring back full employment and prosperity to Germany.

 In the event of a monetary collapse, silver will be the money of last resort. Gold will have too high a unit of value and too many digits to do the everyday trading. Those holding CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)  will completely exposed to the Authorities, Cyber attacks, failing Internet, a.o.

Are you looking for life-changing rewards as the gold bull market takes off?  The $-price of gold is breaking out beyond its triple top while Gold expressed in other major currencies is about to set a fresh record.  Recently, it soared past $2,000 and shows no sign of slowing down. We think it's just the start of what will become the biggest gold bull market in history.

Note:  Are you trying to find the best companies among the over 2,000 mining stocks but don't know how to go about it? Do you realize that a lot has changed and that today, you must look at mining stocks in a totally different way?! See the Subscriber section.

The gold market is moving rapidly, and you don't want to get left behind.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.
  • When nobody sells and nobody buys, the market dries up, and the prices crash.
  • Commercial Real Estate is dead in the USA and about to die in Europe and Canada. Banks will suffer terribly because of it. Rents are collapsing as people work from home.
  • A 1970-style home cannot possibly be sold today. There is a huge depreciation, especially in countries where governments are imposing all kinds of new regulations and standards (insolation is one example).

Important Fundamentals:

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2022-2023 rhyms totally with the 1920-30s.  In one way (taxation) or another (inflation), this debt will be paid by "the People"!

Important Technicals.

  • See the charts.
  • Mind the double top for xxxx, the breakdown out of the top, and the backtest...
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That was the cycle low for gold and silver!
A perfect stock to SHORT!
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The Inflation adjusted Gold price.
Inflation-adjusted Siver price with a Target of $40- and higher.
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 With Target: $16,000  Dollar down and $-gold up?

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Thursday to Monday, November 23-27, 2023: "Happy Thanksgiving" - Gold breaks the $2,000 level decisively!

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Argentinians voted and Chose Javier Milei (The Trump of Argentina) to be their next President.  He will take possession in December and, with his party, a right-wing libertarian, the new president ran his campaign as an outsider with radical views to fix an economy battered by socialism, triple-digit inflation, a looming recession, and rising poverty.

There is hope.  The tide is changing globally as common people begin to understand the insanity of socialism & leftist politics. Intelligent people realize we need LESS. Government and less stinking politicians.

'Trump of Argentina' President-elect of Argentina Javier Milei says leftists are "shit" because "If you think differently, they will kill you!"

Besides his ideas about the currency and the central bank, he has proposed drastically lowering taxes and cutting public spending by charging people to use the public health care system, closing or privatizing all state-owned enterprises, and eliminating the health, education, and environment ministries.

He is not only going to end Kirchnerism, but he is also going to end the useless, parasitic, criminal political caste that is sinking the country.

The plans are to cut the Government's debt from 24% to 9% of GDP.  He also wants to liquidate the Central Bank (so they can no longer print currency and fuel inflation) and use the US Dollar instead, just like in Panama. The new president is (as expected) painted as "extreme-right" by the Mainstream Media.

In the video below, Javier defines EXACTLY what Government is today....EXACTLY.   Note that I am an Altarboy when I compare my definition of these bloodsuckers to what Javier calls these. Let's hope and pray he may succeed.


  • The Achilles heel is the fact that he wants to use the US Dollar. A currency that has the same upcoming problem as the Argentinean Peso has right now. But in all cases, the US Dollar will be much better than the Peso and stop the hyperinflation. [and yes, there are more than enough Dollars around - clever Argentineans shipped their savings abroad in time - in Zimbabwe, the hyperinflation was stopped when they started to use the Dollar, the Euro, and the Rand instead of the Zim-Dollar]
  • In the 1950s-60s, Argentina was one of the most prosperous countries on Planet Earth...until the Sociliasts took over and destroyed the country. Just like is happening today in the West (USA, Europe)  
  • Climate change is indeed a lie of Socialism, and Socialism killed Argentina... Socialism is now killing Europe, Canada, and the USA. And yes, even Zimbabwe replaced its currency with Dollars, Euros, and Rand and stopped the hyperinflation. As usual, many so-called economists are again selling BS because they don't know. And please, Argentina has more critical problems than Abortion.

"The Mainstream Media calls everything that is not left, EXTREME-right!"

The day the people realize how they have been cheated on. Just saying...(do not watch if you are Herd)
Interesting and to-the-point video of Forbes.  

 Important Fundamentals:

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Important Technicals.

  • Gold’s Shallow Pullbacks...For premium members only.
  • See the charts below. Financial markets already know the BS of Green energy, and EVs are about to disappear.

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Monday to Wednesday, November 20-22, 2023: Thursday is Thanksgiving, and next comes "Black Friday."

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Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares, Bank & Fin. Shares,

France is BROKEN and faces the same problem we have in the Middle East: Israel and Palestine. Next comes the UK, Netherlands, and Belgium.  Not only is 1 in 5 French an immigrant with a French passport, but on top, there is a multitude of illegal immigrants.  The local population is aging and dying, and there are almost no newborns, while the immigrants are breeding like rabbits. As these countries are democracies, over 5 to 10 years, the immigrants will take over all political and administrative posts. Today, we already see that Turks, Moroccans, Indians, etc...control important positions.

I grew up in France in the 70s and 80s. Even back then, the problems stemming from open-door immigration policies were alarming, a big reason why my family immigrated.  France has a long history of extensive social benefits. I remember walking home from school and seeing the cafes full of immigrants hanging out while everyone else was working (not a shot at immigrants, just an observation). Nowadays, other European countries find themselves in the same predicament because they prioritize playing leftwing politics instead of learning from France's demise.

The day the people realize how they have been cheated on. Just saying...(do not watch if you are Herd)
Syria tells the U.S.A. to leave now and stop stealing its oil. France is broken.

Wall Street’s Top Bankers Are Bailing Out Of Bank Stocks.

James Gorman, Morgan Stanley’s CEO for the past 12 years, has sold $48 million worth of his hoard of Morgan stock so far this year, bringing the total he has cashed into $78 million. According to the Financial Times, Ted Pick, who will take over for Gorman in January, has sold $30 million worth of his shares.

Morgan top executives Andy Saperstein and Dan Simkowitz have sold $19 million and $25 million, respectively.

CEO David Solomon has dumped about $22 million of his shares at Goldman Sachs since 2006. John Waldrom, the bank’s second-ranking leader, has offloaded $20 million worth over the same period.

At JP Morgan Chase, Mary Erdoes, chief of asset and wealth management, has sold $63 million in shares over the past 17 years. Daniel Pinto, the chief investment banker, has turned $53 million worth of shares into cash over that time…

The bank has announced that James Dimon, who has been JPMorgan’s CEO since 2006 and has not sold a single share of his JP Morgan stock, will sell about $140 million next year.


Central Banks know and keep buying.  Only IDIOTS sell now! At the same time, the sneaky POLITICIANS make people believe that Inflation is falling!? Maybe these ASSHOLES are so stupid they don't realize themselves the shit they are selling. What the hell is wrong with the Western World?

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.

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Thursday to Friday, November 16-17, 2023: Five hundred billion dollars worth of gas lies off the coast of Gaza.

Updated Sections: Gold Fundamentals, Gold Targets, 

You probably don't know it, but Gaza is rich in gas and oil. There are tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars worth of fossil fuels in the ground. In 1999, the Palestinian authorities signed a multibillion-dollar deal with British Gas. Two drilling platforms were constructed off the coast of Gaza. In 2007, Hamas came to power, and Israel launched an offensive on the Gaza Strip. The gas fields were occupied. A year later, Israel announced the 'find' of a gas field off the coast of Gaza.

Gaza is rich in recently discovered natural gas and oil.  Is this why Western leaders give Israel free reign to kill and displace Palestinians and take administrative control of Gaza? All in times when Europe coincidentally suffers from gas starvation.

In 2022, the EU announced a boycott of Russian gas and oil. Meanwhile, Syrian oil fields continue to be illegally occupied by US forces. Israel bombed the key port of Latakia. In addition, the United States and Israel started working closely together in the field of energy.

The People begin to grumble and start to revolt. Each time when this kind of action was seen in History, BIG SHIT followed. 

The day the Herd realizes how they have been cheated on...as in Spain. Washington DC
Paris London

World War III is underway. . . . It’s happening before our eyes, and the mainstream media, which is an accessory to genocide, do not report anything accurately. . . . For the first time in the history of federal banking, the ACH (automated clearing house) problem happened . . . multiple millions of people, from my sources, were waiting to get paid their paychecks.  For the first time in history, you know what the Fed said to the banks?  ‘It’s your problem.  You deal with it.’ 

I believe the Fed is in survival mode.  It’s treading water.  There is no more money to back up the big 5 or 12 banks.  We are seeing a focused liquidity crisis in the United States of America.  Our T-Bonds, T-Bills, and T-Notes are selling at horrific discounts.  What people need to understand is banks of all sizes park their excess capital or their client’s funds in T-Bonds, Bills, and Notes . . . and when the value goes down, that puts them into a position of financial jeopardy. . . . We are watching a breakdown, a takedown, and a meltdown of the Federal Reserve Bank. . . . You need to get out of the big banks, and you need to get out of online banking because of cyberattacks and hacks. . and other nations are vomiting out the U.S. dollar.” 

 The same and worse situation in the EU and Switzerland, where they are actively preparing and promoting CBDC and  Digital identities. The day the trap closes on the EUSSR citizens, capital controls will be watertight, and it will be impossible to transfer even ONE CENT out of political reach.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.

Q. What happens to housing once the consumer can no longer afford to buy and/or maintain one?

A. The market dries up, and the price CRASHES!

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Monday to Wednesday, November 13-15, 2023: Portugal has become the best EUSSR pupil, and Thailand has big tax changes!

Updated Sections: USA-Real Estate, Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors, 
Miners & Gold vs SPX, Juniors fundamentals, Gold & Silver Juniors,

When nothing else works, they take you to war!  It has been so for centuries...

While the world's attention is focused on the war raging between Israel and Hamas, the military confrontation between the United States and Hezbollah is heating up. Since the October 7 attacks by Hamas and subsequent retaliation by Israel, US military bases and outposts in Syria and Iraq have come under daily attack with cruise missiles, rockets, and mortars. 

I heard today from someone who regularly visits Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, that the wards are filling up with American service members injured in recent attacks on those bases. The White House and Defense Department are actively trying to suppress this information, apparently out of fear that the American public will recoil from news of the losses and increase pressure for the United States to leave Iraq and Syria.

More Wars will undoubtedly have a severe impact on the Financial Markets.

Switzerland is NO LONGER SAFE!  Swiss bank accounts are subject to CRS and FATCA. In other words, everything you have in a Swiss Account is communicated to your tax authorities. Also, the Swiss National Bank invests A LOT in EQUITIES (stocks). By doing so, the Swiss stock market is supported and, at the same time, overvalued. However, the Swiss National Bank will suffer enormously when we have a market crash.  Important is that Swiss banks can and do BLOCK bank accounts.  So, you may be a millionaire but have no access to your money!

Big banks are in trouble, but you are not going to hear about it until it’s too late.  Banks are losing deposits at an alarming rate.  Meanwhile, they have big book losses because of rising interest rates. This is all causing the biggest liquidity problems since the Great Recession. In other words, the banks need money to cover losses and conduct business.  Record government interest payments mean Washington does not have the money for a bailout. The problem will not get better anytime soon and will worsen by the day. You have been warned.

The crisis is that socialism is collapsing, and to keep it going; the governments have been borrowing endlessly with no intent of paying anything off.  The objective is to eliminate paper money to extract whatever taxes they want...and print even more money "electronically."  The Bank of International Settlement (BIS) has plainly stated that they want digital currencies so the government can control what you are even allowed to spend money on.  There, of course, still are some ways to get around these Digital currencies and/or use them in your favor.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.

The Housing Market Is in Terrible shape.  Prices always come down when the consumer cannot afford to buy, and the maintenance cost of real estate owners soar.

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Thursday to Friday, November 9-10, 2023: Just like the EV disappeared in 1930, Green Renewable Energy is Toast and will soon disappear!

Updated Sections:  Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold,
ALL candle charts in all Gold sections, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold

THE END OF GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY IS NEAR: The Transition Narrative Suddenly Shifts at the NYTimes!

The propaganda about the energy transition is suddenly undergoing a significant shift as COP 28 approaches. This week, Transition cheerleaders at the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times ran stories expressing high skepticism about the feasibility of the Biden energy/climate agenda and the chances of achieving the goals in the Paris Accords.

"Renewable, Green energy is nothing more than a terrible misallocation of funds."

This is a somewhat radical change from all the optimistic nonsense embedded environmentalist activist writers at these and other publications have pushed for the last half-decade in support of the authoritarian globalist agenda designed to help force a transition that defies thermodynamics and physics with trillions of dollars in subsidy spending funded by debt.

WWIII IS INEVITABLE: Every time economies fail, the politicians plunge the world into a catastrophic war. As we have reported many times, every time economies begin to falter – especially those built on Keynesian economics by IDIOT politicians – those in power plunge the world into yet another catastrophic war, with many deaths and lots of new capital for those at the top. At that time, the usury-based fiat money systems collapsed. And so do all assets based on the fiat-money systems, and this includes Real Estate.

How many realize that Israel has opened a bag of Mamba's instead of a can of Worms?

In case we have no World War III, the Western world will slide into a CIVIL WAR fueled by TERRORISM.  If it is not the "pest," it will be the "Cholera".  There will come a day when we shall see far more radicalized and extremists coming out of Europe because of the lack of decision-making by the Authorities, trying to be politically correct or assuming that they know the Middle East and they know Islam and they know the others far better than we do. I am sorry, but this is pure ignorance!  Jaime Eilat.

p.s. Just saying:  The Russians gave the final blow to Zelensky's army:  Ukrainian crash north of Bakhmut – Russian lightning attack on Khasiv Yar. Apart from Israel, there is not a single entity on the planet capable of diverting attention in an instant from the West's spectacular debacle in Ukraine.

Our Real Estate Corner (only for Subscribers): Today's Real Estate bubble is more significant than in 2006.

When 45 years ago, you bought a house for $60,000, and you can sell it today for $500,000...But as you can't buy 2 houses with the money, you should realize that you have been tricked by what we call "nominal confusion." The reality is that you are as poor as 45 years ago and probably poorer as, over those 45 years, you had to pay taxes on the property and had maintenance expenses.  The picture is even worse if you bought the property with a mortgage.  Do you really realize what your 45-year-old house looks like today?

"Liza bought her villa 50 years ago for 62,500 euros, and now it is worth 500,000 euros," I read on the site of one of Belgium's most popular newspapers. That seems like a huge gain, but the increase runs over 50 years, so in reality, it amounts only to a 4.25% compound interest.

And Liza may have paid 62,500 euros for the home, but chances are the purchase was financed by a mortgage loan. My guess is that the mortgage interest rate at the time was at least 8%, which meant Liza paid off 543 euros per month for 20 years. Over a period of 20 years, she then paid 130,320 euros to the bank. Or the price of the house was €130,320 instead of €62,500.

Did Liza pay 65,000 euros for her home? Or 130,320 euros?  Real estate investors normally don't consider financing costs when discussing returns. But if it's not a cost, what is it? Most of the time, real estate investors also do not consider the taxes and maintenance costs.

We have had a few golden decades for real estate, but if we look at the naked numbers, we have to conclude that the yield is absolutely not spectacular.  At first glance, you would think they are, but everything has become massively more expensive over the past 50 years.

The more money Governments put into circulation, the more prices rise.  In 1973, the money supply was $91 billion. Last month, Money supply was as high as $5,567 billion. So there is 61 times more money in circulation today than there was 50 years ago.  Therefore, in order to make a profit on the house, Liza should be able to sell her house for at least € 65,000 x 61 or € 3,965,000!   The picture below actually demonstrates this nicely:

We need to learn to calculate in real terms again. You do this best by measuring the value of your assets not only in euros/dollars but in the weight of gold. A portfolio, your assets increase in real terms when you can buy more ounces of gold with it at the end. This is not at all surprising since gold is money. And when we look at our portfolio and Real Estate assets through this lens, we find that all those spectacular value increases don't mean much.  On balance, we are not improving our purchasing power.

Liza will be pleased that her house is worth eight times more, but can she now buy two houses with the proceeds? Your house has become eight times more expensive, but so has a loaf of bread, a pint of beer, or a meal at a restaurant.

Nominal confusion: The rising money supply is playing tricks on us all.  We all count ourselves rich and indulge in false virtual gains. On balance, over the years, you are not one step ahead. On the contrary, wages have not followed that evolution. In 1970, you could support a family with one income: buy a house, buy an automobile, go on vacation, and save for your old days. While today, you need two earners if you don't want to live on Food Stamps.

Even Corporations can keep their RESERVES in Real Money (physical Gold/Silver) out of political reach. We know how!

Do you now understand why You must 'save' in precious metals instead of euros/dollars/real estate/equities/bank deposits? This is the only way to keep a large part of your assets in real value with no counterparty risk.  Even companies/corporations can hold their liquid assets in precious metals instead of euros/dollars/equities/bank deposits. You may think that is crazy, but if you study the hyperinflations in Latin America and Africa closely, this was about the only way to survive as a company. This provided you kept everything out of political reach.

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Monday to Wednesday, November 6-8, 2023: Do you believe EQUITIES/Bank Deposits/Bonds will save you?

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, US Dollar, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, 
Euro and €-Gold,

99 OUT of 100 who read this site say I am crazy.  That I am a retard that does not know what I am talking about. And yet, everything that I called since the site was online (and before) became a reality. Everybody can double-check it by digging into the Archives of the site. Of course, those 99 refuse to do their homework and keep listening to the Politicians and their MSM.

With my +45 years of international, institutional, and professional experience based on several university degrees, I dare you to call me a liar... Maybe people should first look at themselves, their university degrees (that they most of the time do not have), their experience, and their knowledge of monetary and other history BEFORE making any stupid remarks.

 It is Five to TWELVE...and yet, most people continue to live their lives like nothing will happen.  Even the Wars in Ukraine and Palestine-Israel failed to wake up the Herd.  The price inflation fails to wake up their brains. Rising interest rates and the worsening economic recession fail to wake up their brains. The Herd simply refuses to see the Long Term cycles. They refuse to admit that WW3 has started and that someday in the near future, they probably will be affected in person. (The months and weeks preceding WW2 saw a similar pattern of denial).

Only an extremely small percentage of people are invested in Gold and Silver. In other words, the MAJORITY doesn't see any reason, any necessity to invest their savings in REAL MONEY (Gold and Silver) and to vault it out of political reach.

For premium members only.
The day the Herd starts to realize how they have been cheated on, it will be a Tsunami. On the day of the Tsunami, there will be NO GOLD LEFT to Buy! (Law of Gresham)

Even Gold Investors Are Past Their Limit In Frustration (just like during the 1960s until the 1968 Bank Holiday). I don't know if the sentiment of the average gold/silver investor is similar or worse than what it was like in the 1960s and 1986, just before Queen Elizabeth proclaimed the Bank Holiday. In the late 1960s, the situation of the Gold banks was so bad, their losses so high, that a Bank Holiday was the only way to prevent the financial system from imploding.  After Nixon closed the Gold Window in 1971, things got even worse until, in 1981, Volker used the "last arrow" or hiked interest rates to unseen levels. Today, because the American Debt has reached a dramatically high level, hiking interest rates like in the 1980s is simply NO OPTION!

Consider that the recently-ended bond bull market lasted forty-one years (1981 - 2022).  And the previous bond bear market lasted 33 years, from 1947 to 1980. Plus, any number of accidents could begin a chain reaction to accelerate disorder: a third war front in Asia; a yen collapse that forces the Bank of Japan to dump Treasuries; terror and sabotage in the U.S. from Hamas sleeper cells smuggled over the Southern border Biden left open in a grab for future constituents;

"The world right now is experiencing A RAGING BEAR MARKET IN BONDS.
In fact, this is THE longest, most vicious bear market in bonds EVER IN HISTORY!" 

The stock market is completely detached from any kind of reality…or not?  According to our research and experience, the Stock markets are behaving completely and 100% as expected. [see Long Term charts]. One of the answers is that today,  Central Banks are also using the Stock Markets in order to create Currency/money.  If you don't believe me, just have a look at the balance sheets of the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank!  Having said this, brace for Higher Volatility in the Stock Markets over the coming months and years. [see Long Term charts].

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The video is a MUST-see!

  • Not only will the wars in Ukraine and Israel last for more years, but the logic teaches that the war in Israel will spread. The conflict between Jews and Palestinians (Arabs and Turks) will spread throughout the entire Western world in the form of TERRORISM, CIVIL WAR,...especially in countries such as FRANCE, BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS and GERMANY. For politicians, it becomes a convenient tool to restrict our freedom further  (Martial Law)  and is a welcome scapegoat for INFLATION (inflation created by the government in the first place).
    Gaza should be a LIFE LESSON for everyone who does not take steps for a Plan B with an excuse that "it can and will NEVER get this bad here and with us anyway."

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Wednesday to Friday, 1-3 November 2023: Jews in Israel to succeed in what Jews in Ukraine could not?

Updated Sections: changes in the Majors and Junior sections,
World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold ,Long Term Charts

Are you concerned about events in the Middle East? If not, you should be, because we've seen this movie before and the ending is always the same. The “surprise attack” by Hamas was no surprise at all. Anyone who believes that Israel was taken by surprise is an idiot.

The Hamas “attack” was a manufactured excuse to go to war. That's why you see the entire mainstream media beating the drum for war with Iran, with the liars at Fox News and CNN leading the way.

"Remember the words of ex-Stasi German DDR President Merkel: "Wir schaffen das"!?

We are again experiencing the PRE-WW2 anti-Jewish scenario.  The Hamas-Israel conflict woke up the Troyan Horse and all Palestinians, Turks, Arabs, and anti-Zionists all over the Western World.  WW3 sits right around the corner.

Putin was too intelligent to take the bait! What didn't work with Zelensky and Putin in Ukraine will probably work with Netanyahu, the Palestinians in Israel-Palestine, and the World. It looks like the Jews living in Israel will, under the leadership of Netanyahu, succeed in what Zelinsky (Ukraine) failed in: start Word War 3. What the HERD (as always) doesn't see is that WW3  is a deja vu of the first chapter of WW2: the prosecution of the Jews. This time, however, every country and every society that has allowed Palestinians (and other immigrants) within its borders will suffer.

The Western hegemony is done for, no matter how much the Western leadership wants to preserve it.
The more they try, the more they will wind up hurting themselves, even more than they already have.

The USA and NATO cannot allow Peace, and they can't even afford War. The West is using Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan to try to advance their agenda. However, they're being outplayed by the East. Their first piece (Ukraine) is now effectively out of the game despite all the weapons and money provided to them. And now, weapons and money are also being supplied to the second piece, Israel, resulting in further armament stockpile depletion as well as more debt for the West. If the second piece (Israel) is also knocked out of the game, the third and final piece will likely be Taiwan. But by that time, the US will likely be completely bankrupt.

In times of war, stock markets are closed, and financial markets (banks) and access to deposits are highly regulated.  The Real Estate market dries completely up:  impossible to sell, and the risk of properties being bombed is high. Reichsfluchtsteuer legislation is activated, and capital control ensures emigrants cannot take their savings with them when they try to leave for better horizons. People with no 2nd permanent residency/passport are stuck, locked up in their homeland, and risk ending up as canon meat.

Whether you have been a poor, hard-working member of the middle class, whether you have been a politician or part of government, your pension will soon be worth nothing.  As a matter of fact, it's already gone...The video below tries to show what we are about to experience.

The housing crisis we are about to experience will be the worst in history.  Nominal confusion plays a dangerous role in this bubble. Interest rates play a significant role in forming the enormous bubble we are in now.  The coming Real Estate crisis will affect investors and homeowners.

The reversed yield curve tells us that it is 100% sure we shall have a recession.  Note that the recession always comes AFTER the trend of interest rates has bottomed out.

Hyperinflation is mathematically sure to occur. Zimbabwe was an excellent example of what is to happen:

  1. Escape while you still can. The best way to survive hyperinflation is to avoid it altogether. Remember, the government will restrict people from leaving the country. Do you have a Plan B?
  2. Relationship and Community: may help you to a certain degree.
  3. Hold money OFFSHORE in stable currencies and assets. Holding these inside the country is unsafe: Argentina is a good example. Holding Dollars and Euros are a bad idea. If you hold foreign currencies within political reach, you can be sure they will take it from you. Also, because of CRS, it is extremely important to properly select the country and the bank and how you are keeping currencies internationally. Switzerland is NOT a good and safe country.
  4. Cash: don't keep your money with the bank. Use it to buy foreign currency and to buy physical Gold and silver. Note CASH is only a medium of exchange and should be held for the shortest possible time. Even if your bank pays you an 8,000% interest rate, keeping your money with the bank will bankrupt you.
  5. DEBT: debt becomes worthless. As long as the bankers don't roll over your debt program and/or adjust the interest rate. Something that happens most of the time during a hyperinflationary depression.
  6. Pensions: hyperinflation reduces all pensions to ZERO. The best is to withdraw your pensions NOW and convert the funds into physical gold and silver (out of political reach) NOW.
  7. Gold transition platforms, Bitcoin, etc..will not work because the INTERNET will fail, and if not, the Government will interfere and start to control the platforms.
  8. Save and Invest properly!  Real Estate is not a good idea.
  9. Learn to LISTEN to what the government, and Specialists and those with real-life experience tell you. A golden rule is: DO NOT BELIEVE what the Government and Bankers tell and advise you.

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There is no doubt that Physical Gold and Silver are the best instruments to protect yourself and your loved ones.
That is on condition you store it out of political reach.

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