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Thursday/Friday,  July 27-28, 2023: If Investing Feels Like Gambling, You're Doing It Wrong.

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes(see updated support, resistance & target levels)
Inflation Index (expect higher inflation?),

Communist leaders in the EUSSR are doing a GREAT job.   In one year or in 2024, it's game over, and EU subjects will be EU-SLAVES!   Don't we all know what happens to communist regimes and how these always end in misery? Plenty of historical examples exist, but most sheeple just don't act. They don't believe it will harm them even if they see it happening. Most have no idea how Communism (alias DEMOCRACY) destroyed wealthy countries in less than 50 years: the USSR, Argentina,  Venezuela, Cuba,...

Alert people know that in only 30 years' time (after the fall of Communism in the USSR),  Russia is becoming a wealthy, prosperous country...while in the West, where Communism is now alive and well and sold as Democracy, a depression, and hyperinflation is in the make. Those who don't act now will soon no longer be able to move assets out of the EU (including Switzerland, Norway, Sweden,..), nor will they be able to move themselves in security. Many don't realize a plan B and a second passport will be required to leave for better horizons.

As an attentive citizen, it has certainly not escaped the fact that while our politicians uphold democratic values outwardly, we are marching ever faster toward a planned economy. More bans, more control, fewer freedoms, and less prosperity. That is the overriding goal. The next step will lay the foundation for a future where you own nothing and still be happy.  The key to this will be the EU Wealth Register, which is rapidly moving forward. As soon as this is implemented, EU taxation will follow.


When nothing works, they take you to WAR. What Government, taxes, and inflation do not take away, WW3 will!

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The cost of owning Real Estate...

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Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals.

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Monday/Wednesday,  July 24-26, 2023: The best advice is usually
stated in less than two lines.

Updated Sections: SA Rand & Gold, 

future tax payerWe urgently need LESS Government and less bureaucracy!  Limit government so that they do not overwhelm the population and build bureaucratic edifices, creating more and more government staff into the ‘privileged’ class and more and more people away from the productive population.

I remember, as a youngster, government employees living in very modest suburbs, driving lower-end vehicles, meeting and eating at people’s suburban clubs and restaurants. Slowly, I saw the change, where Mercedes was the minimum expected class of transport, not one vehicle or two, but a motorcade, pushing us mere mortals off the road, restaurants never affordable to us have become the meeting place of politicians. 

They now own and control us; sadly, we have allowed this as a society.   (L.S.)

Over the past, the US government has seized Gold all over the world. 

  • The government seized citizens’ gold in 1933, forcing them to sell, then devaluing the dollar, costing the citizens who complied about 69.32%.
  • Gold was revalued from $20.67 to $35.00. Treasure hunters allege the FBI made off with tons of Civil War gold and covered it up. US troops found 200 tons of Nazi gold at the close of WW2 that had been looted from nations attacked by the Germans. 7500 sacks of gold bullion in a pile 75 feet deep by 150 feet wide, plus cash and gold fillings from concentration camps. The US seized what appears to be $500 million in gold from Iraq 2,000 x 40 pound (18kg) bars by the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. Was $34 quintillion in gold seized from the Vatican?  Perhaps $60 trillion? No one is telling. 
  • During the Vietnam War, there was no official policy regarding the seizure of gold. However, there were instances of confiscating gold during operations, according to ChatGPT3. During the Libyan War, the Americans loaded all the Libyan Gold on airplanes and flew them to the USA. Same scenario in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was defeated. In Ukraine (I think it was in 2014), all the Ukrainian Gold was loaded on C-130s and shipped to the USA.

EU leaders destroyed relations with Russia and denied their citizens access to reliable, cheap energy.  Europe, the American vassal: Europe sanctions itself and creates a depression. How will the EU replace this stream of raw materials at affordable prices? The short answer is it won't. 

Time to prepare yourself. Those who don't will lose it all: bank deposits will become worthless, real estate will become worthless, equities will be booked as trillions but worth nothing,...only physical gold and silver have no counterparty and are the ultimate real money, will survive. Emigrating to Norway or Switzerland is an outdated solution. However, A 2nd permanent residency is A MUST. As it becomes harder and harder (and more expensive) to get such a residency, those who don't go for one are stupid as they risk all of the assets they have accumulated so far in their life. Those who say such is unnecessary and keep trusting the bankers and government are idiots risking their lives.

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The conclusion is simple and evident: Real estate prices crash when 

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Thursday/Friday,  July 20-21, 2023: Democracy is a farce and always ends with Communism!?

Updated Sections:Long Term Commodity Charts, Candollar & Gold (new fundamentals), Gold-$, Silver,
Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold

It is sickening to see how the MSM and politicians ALSO succeed in selling the "Global Warming Lie" all over the Western World (Europe & the USA) to "the Herd" (and to see that it works!).  Some retard Belgian journalists published (De Morgen) that in Florida, because the water temperature allegedly is 36 degrees Celcius (A LIE), people are sweating underwater. 

  This newspaper pretends that in Florida, the temperature of the seawater is 36°C/97°F and that the water is so HOT you sweat in it!

People are visibly blind. You can show them something completely in their face, and still, they don't see it. The belief in the new church called "democracy" is even stronger than the feeling you used to have of "I am Catholic" or I am"Protestant." People like clubs and 'I belong to something.'  The belief in the main subject of the new religion is collective: 'Democracy is our salvation.' No, democracy is a farce. It always was, and now it is a tad more so. 

Democracy is a farce and always ends with communism.  Democracy is the law and the will of the uneducated and retarded HERD. It is something that you buy with a carrot, a catch. If only Democrats and would-be Democrats would realize that they are the ones paying for the bill in the end.  It took Russians and the DDR until 1989, the year the USSR went bankrupt, to realize that neither Democracy, Socialism, nor Communism works. Today, the same lesson is being taught by Venezuelans, Argentineans, Lebanese, and Turks. Soon it will be the turn of the Americans and Europeans.  Remember, at first, it goes slowly, and then all of a sudden, it goes fast...very fast.

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  • More Americans are moving to Spain and paying high prices for real estate. Note the following Spanish expression: the fastest way to lose a lot of money is to buy an automobile and/or a house.
  • Many Panamanians that emigrated years ago return to live in Panama.
  • Many Colombians emigrate to Panama.

"As a rule, our most important advice is only condensed in one or two lines."

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Monday/Wednesday,  July 17-19, 2023: The RATS are leaving the sinking Titanic!

Updated Sections:Inflation Index,Swiss Franc & Gold (important), British Pound & Gold,
Euro and €-Gold,
US Dollar (Bull Trap?), Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Candollar & Gold,
Bonds general & USA (interest rates), Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds

“Keep it simple, stupid.” Even if you keep it simple and stupid, 95% of the people don't understand what is happening or are too stupid to understand it.  Worse is that they have their own opinion and are convinced that a professional's opinion is incorrect.

It’s just THAT simple. The Simple and the Stupid. The simple facts are clear to almost anyone who wishes to see them. With US debt, for example, at greater than 120% of its GDP, there is a Houston problem. That is, the country, the USA, is broke, I mean broke. The Dollar is Toast, Toast, Toast...

Consequently, no one wants his Dollars,  confirmed by the simple/stupid fact that in 2014, foreign Central Banks stopped buying US Treasuries, something not seen in five decades…just like they stopped buying Venezuelan Bolivars, Argentinean Pesos, and Lebanon Libras...

On top, the “War on Inflation” Is creating even more Inflation, which is an extremely dangerous policy in history. Of course, instead of keeping it simple, the Authorities (politicians) and their MSM make it as complex as possible and almost impossible to understand by the Herd.  They know that lies, market manipulation (eazy because of derivatives), and the narrative are the only protection left. For the day the Crowd realizes that the Emperor is naked, hell will break loose.

In short, the US, and its sacred bonds, just aren’t what they used to be. They soon will fill the ranks of the other worthless history bonds: China, Russia, Weimar (German),..all Gold-guaranteed Government bonds that have become worthless.

To keep the FATA MORGANA alive, the Federal Reserve, the BoE, the ECB, and the BoJ have to mouse-click money to pay the deficit spending of short-sighted and opportunistic administrations (left and right) year after year after year.

The Central Banks money printers have thus become vital to keeping credit markets alive despite the equal fact (paradox) that its rate hikes are simultaneously gutting bonds, banks, and small businesses to fight inflation despite the stubborn fact that such inflation is still here. As a matter of fact, it is exactly the creation of even more fiat money that pushes the interest rates up...and this is exactly what makes Central Banks happy.  That is as long as the “real Interest Rates” stay negative. (read the interest rate on debt is lower than the inflation rate). This inflates away some of that aforementioned embarrassing debt.

This brings us back to the “nominal confusion” where Stock Markets go up but regress when one considers the inflation rate.  Where Stock Markets go up in nominal terms but fall expressed in Real Money (Gold), whereas Real Estate markets may, at a certain time, also go up...but, in fact, will crash once you deduct the inflation rate and you express its' value in safer currencies or Gold/Silver. Nominal confusion is a real estate market where an upmarket single-family home sells for 75 million Bolivars or i.e., 10,000 Us-Dollars. I call this the era of “starving Billionaires.”

Investing properly in order to keep your savings alive is, in fact, very straightforward and easy...but, for good reasons, your Banker will never tell you how to do it because he knows this just would make him lose deposits and customers.

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Thursday/Friday,  July 13-14, 2023: It is only a question of time: Capital Controls are coming!

Updated Sections: Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares,
Long Term Commodity Charts, Commodities expressed in Gold, Inflation Index,
Swiss Franc & Gold (important), British Pound & Gold, Euro and €-Gold

The BRICS gold-backed currency is happening right on schedule.  On August 22, in Joburg, SA, the BRICS (or with the new members: 42 countries) will announce a new international currency based on Gold. According to the state-run RT., the Russian government on Friday confirmed that Brazil. Russia, India, China, and South Africa, altogether known as BRICS nations, will introduce a new trading currency backed by gold. The official announcement is expected to be made during the BRICS summit in August in South Africa. 

We were planning to publish the video only in the subscribers' section, but as we know that members of the HERD who watches this video will laugh it away and won't believe it will happen, we are publishing it in the public section anyhow.

Hopefully, you do remember the Libya War, where Khadaffi was eliminated after he planned to introduce a GOLD DINAR for all of Africa...and the invasion of Iraq and the elimination of Saddam Hussein (Weapons of Mass Destruction) after he planned the same and had started to accept Euro for Oil.  Hopefully, this time, the "US and A" is not using the War in Ukraine to try to convince the BRICS countries (i.e., Russia and China) not to go ahead with their plan of introducing a GOLD-BACKED-CURRENCY.  The very day the US Dollar loses its' RESERVE currency status (and it is 100% sure this will happen soon), it's Bye-Bye Dollar. The end for the Americans to pay with WORTHLESS FIAT Dollars for their imports. This will hurt!

There are TWO VITAL reasons WHY you must have a PLAN B or a second PASSPORT...and Gold.

2013 is about to happen again soon!? Got a plan B, or are you still keeping all your savings with your bank/broker on the corner of your street in the EU!!!???

2013: Cyprus imposes severe capital controls.  Cyprus became the first eurozone country ever to apply capital controls – with limits on credit card transactions, daily withdrawals, money transfers abroad, and the cashing of cheques – intended to prevent a vast outflow of euros.

  • Under drastic measures that some analysts say are incompatible with monetary union, depositors were able to withdraw no more than €300 in cash each day, said people familiar with the move. Transfers of more than €5,000 would require permission from the central bank.
  • Overseas credit card transactions were limited to €5,000 per month but unrestricted in Cyprus. And there was a ban on people taking more than €3,000 of bank notes out of the country per trip.
  • Cypriot banks reopened on Thursday morning for the first time in almost two weeks after the 2013 Bank Holiday and stayed open for six hours.  Without controls, officials feared a run on deposits after Nicosia agreed to a €10bn bailout that imposes losses on big depositors – a first in the three-year-old eurozone debt crisis.
  • While the capital controls were designed to expire after seven days, people with knowledge of the matter said the government would continue to renew the curbs on a weekly basis for as long as necessary. “Otherwise, whatever money was left in the banks would fly out of Cyprus,” according to one person close to the central bank.
  • Chris Pavlou, a former Barclays banker and vice-chairman of Laiki until Friday, insisted that capital controls were necessary and that the government would adhere to EU requirements to uphold them for at most a couple of weeks. “You have to give the system time to get over the hangover,” he said.
  • The controls applied to all banks and required a big enforcement effort, including extra checks at airports. The interior ministry had police monitoring the situation at bank branches across Cyprus, but it was discreetly. “The last thing they wanted to see were armed guards guarding the banks.” In Nicosia, helicopters circled over the capital, and the noise of police sirens filled the night air as demonstrators converged on the presidential palace railing against the Troika of international lenders.
  • Cyprus did not allow any cheques to be cashed as part of the new curbs.  Cypriot importers were allowed to pay for goods only after showing supporting documents, while Cypriot students studying abroad were able to receive only up to €10,000 a term and only if their immediate family transferred the money. Both the Cypriot government and the Central Bank of Cyprus were exempt from the capital controls.

The survival of the RESERVE status of the US Dollar is at stake.  Imagine that tomorrow, nobody no longer accepts the US Dollar because they REALIZE the currency isn't even worth a CENT!

The video below is even more relevant to reasoning humans.  A MUST SEE!  Poland is being prepared as the main staging area and the frontline of a much bigger war that will eventually consume Europe if it doesn't reverse its course of subservience to the US and its reckless anti-Russian policies. Also, the HERD doesn't know that Zelensky has been prepared and trained for years by the CIA.  What is happening now is a matter of life or death for the US Dollar and the USA). I compare it to the British Empire before World War II. After the War, the Pound Sterling lost its' status as Reserve Currency (Bretton Woods). We all know what is left of the UK and the Pound Sterling today...

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Important Fundamentals:

Gold brings stability and prosperity. Fiat Currencies bring recession, depression, war, misery.
 This will be the fate of all Fiat Currency and Portfolio BELIEVERS...95% of the population.

Important Technicals.

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Monday/Wednesday,  July 10-12, 2023: Maximizing security is our goal. NOT to maximize PROFITS!

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares ,Crude Oil price, Solar & Rare Elements

"It is no longer a matter of speculation as to whether or not the “West” is in free fall. It clearly is, and it's clearly intentional."

I can't believe it, there are so many live and recent examples of the scenario to come, and people still don't believe it, don't do the right thing, and don't act. Only a small group has joined the exclusive group of 0.5% of global financial assets that are invested in precious metals. Only 0.5% understand what is happening. The remaining 99.5% "or the HERD" has no clue at all.  The Herd is still convinced that you can't eat Precious Metals, but you can eat Paper money.

"Only a small group has a plan B and a second Permanent Residency/Passport!"

The Herd continues to believe what the Political Leaders are preaching and will continue to do so even after they get hungry.  What happened in the DDR is a perfect proof of the previous statement. The few who did understand the situation in East Germany left the country in time. Others continued to play the game of the Authorities. Things changed in 1989 when Russia and the DDR went bankrupt. That is, unfortunately, the name of the game. The Herd is ALWAYS wrong and late.  Note:  Albert Einstein emigrated to the USA well before WW2 started. Those who stayed ended up as canon meat. The citizens from Neutral countries like Belgium and The Netherlands, convinced the Germans would NEVER dare invade these countries, learned it the hard way.

Our Political leaders are either on Cocaine (White House), either mentally retarded, either narcists or all the previous.  Even the Right politicians are Left orientated. Europe has weak leaders, and the USA has no leader.  I don't know what to say about this Trudeau thing in Canada.  These are the Captains aboard the sinking Titanic.  Extremely dangerous is to see that a mentally retarded leader is following the orders of a major military power called "the military-industrial complex."

"First, gradually, and then suddenly, everything will collapse. Just like the Titanic"

What few also understand is that we are about to experience an acceleration of the decline of the West.  Ordinary investors fail to protect their assets, and many continue to play the Casino of the Stock Markets, Bond Markets. Cryptos, Options, Warrants, Derivatives. The former are all MOUSE CLICK money that tells us we live in a magical world where money is unlimited and can be created by clicking on a mouse...but can also be destroyed or blocked by a click on the same mouse. What the Herd (and this includes Bankers and financial advisers) doesn't see it that at this very moment, the Brics & Co. or 42 countries are creating an international gold-backed currency that will replace the US-Dollar & Co. soon.

The Banking system is broken. The problem is not too little government regulation but too much. We need to get the Government out of the Banking system, allow free market forces back in, and regulate the financial system properly.  The more regulation, compliance, control, and restrictions, the faster the banking system will collapse.

Canada’s banking system is at risk of collapse due to high levels of debt, an imploding real estate bubble, and reckless lending practices, posing a significant threat to the economy and potentially leading to job losses during an economic downturn.

  • Canada’s real estate bubble poses a systematic banking risk, with many households unable to make interest payments and facing the possibility of owing substantial amounts to the bank when refinancing. There is a significant risk to the banking system as at least one major bank in Canada, CIBC, has been discreetly audited due to many of their borrowers being overleveraged, raising concerns about the possibility of other banks having similar issues.
  • Canada has the fourth most indebted households in the world, highlighting the country's concerning level of household debt. With high inflation and a significant portion of income going towards debt servicing, the economy faces massive problems. Canada’s banks are loading up on borrowers who are already pushed to their financial limits, potentially putting the market at risk with the influx of “dumb money.” An affordability crisis propped up by reckless lending poses a massive risk to the country’s financial system and the general economy, with taxpayers ultimately bearing the fallout.
  • Tip: if you still have assets in Trudeau's country that sold all of its' GOLD, you better get these out as soon as possible.
  • Tip: the Canadian Financial and Economic system is highly RIGGED, MANIPULATED....it has been for as long as I know. That is WHY they need a CLOWN as Trudeau as president.


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Thursday/Friday,  July 6-7, 2023: in the USA, things may also implode before the 2024 elections!

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares, Crude Oil price , Solar & Rare Elements

Freedom and democracy are under threat. Evil must be conquered. Human rights must be protected. The fate of Europe and NATO and a “rules-based international order” is at stake. 

Ukraine is going to lose catastrophically and collapse. That will also affect the United States and Western Europe because we keep being told that Ukraine is winning. Which is clearly a lie. When it's game over, what will all Western leaders tell their subjects from whom they stole billions (to send weapons to this more than corrupted Zelinsky clown)?  The justifications and narratives are exposed as lies. The rosy prognosis is false. Those we supposedly fight on behalf of are just as treacherous as those we fight against. This proxy war in Ukraine is designed to serve US interests. It enriches the arms manufacturers, weakens the Russian army, and isolates Russia from Europe. What happens to Ukraine is irrelevant.

Since the end of World War II, the government has spent 45 to 90 percent of the federal budget on past, present, and future military operations. It is the largest sustained activity of the US government.

Try to explain this to the homeless, people living in their automobiles, and the hungry...The situation is the USA is critical, and shootouts there are each day. Shopping at Walmart and Target has become a no-go. Today, in the US and A. ONE APPLE costs $2!

The Civil War in France doesn't stop.  Who knows, with time, the immigrants may soon take the Bastille.  French officials try to blame social media. What a LIE. This is what happens when you absorb millions of migrants into a European country at an accelerated pace. The immigrants have no food, no automobiles, no work, no income, and no hope...THANK YOU SO MUCH, EU POLITICAL ASSHOLES. They did the same as De Klerk did in South Africa: they gave away Europe to the Africans on a silver plate. Macron is Toast, and polls show Marine Le Pen now has the majority. If she becomes president, we expect France's situation to worsen.

The situation in the USA is not much better.  Shopping at Walmart has become a dangerous exercise as more and more hungry homeless people roam the States. Shootouts have become a daily routine.

Yes, this is California. Yes, this is Florida.

Yes, this is Philadelphia...and what the USA is today.
It is NO surprise to witness people from nice locations in Europe, Canada & the USA opt for an exit strategy, I guess this is the world we now live in (or better, the world in which we have been living now already ten or more years unfortunately...)  Only BLIND and DEAF people...and the HERD does nothing to prepare, they don't even consider a plan B. Those are the ones who will experience the D.D.R. 4.0.0. Some will even like it!

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Monday/Wednesday,  July 3-5, 2023: Welcome to 1984-Orwell-DDR 4.0!

Updated Sections: Bio Tech-Pharma, Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares

Democracies always end in COMMUNISM. This statement is confirmed by 2,000 years of history.  Democracy is the religion of THE HERD, the less & non-educated of society, and the religion of those with the lowest IQ level. Communist systems always end badly. Even if the political system is still called Democracy. The REALITY of the system decides. Not how it is called by the Politicians, their Media, and the Herd. Inequality is what brings progress and wealth...equality brings recession and destruction.

Nothing comes for free...whatever adepts of Socialism and Communism may pretend.  Also, progress always comes because of individualism, not because of the fact that "people should be all equal and do it all together." as today's extreme left leaders keep pretending.

In The Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK,... The government is moving toward Communism dictatorship.  I wish I were kidding. There is a debate in the Netherlands about the country becoming a dictatorship to save democracy!?

Orwell's 1984 is already here.  In The Netherlands and Belgium, sick, missing, and absent teachers are now replaced by a unique DIGITAL-GOVERNMENT-TEACHER.  I expect this is the end of "the profession"  and that there will be no more physical teachers five years from now.  All kids will be educated by one and the same Digital government-controlled digital brainwasher.  This will ensure that the next generation dances completely to the tunes of the Political Leaders.

There is little doubt that Politicians, Central Banks, BIS, FED, and IMF,...will do the impossible to see that currency (CBDC) becomes digital.  Such a system allows for even more control of their Herd. 

"Africa has come to Europe...as I always said would happen!"

Only the Barbarians (illegal & legal immigrants) will eventually stop this movement. Over the past years, all other citizens (locals) have been brainwashed and are complacent and compliant about reality. At the end of the Roman Empire, when Barbarians had already invaded the Empire, and locals were still enjoying their Bread and Games",  the Empire broke apart into WEST and EAST.  In the West (West-Europe), progress was reversed. Libraries were burned, and the Roman law was abolished.  In the East (Middle East), things went somewhat better, and the knowledge acquired by the Romans over the past years was passed on to the Arabs.

"French police declare civil war in France!"

Looking at comparisons between the fall of Rome and the current state of the US & Europe leads us to believe that the US & Europe are vulnerable to a similar fate. Some of the similarities follow (courtesy of LS). Note the nationwide riots we have in France and Belgium after a police officer shot a 17-year-old immigrant...a very bad omen it is.

        • Political instability
        • Economic instability
        • Military overextension
        • Social fragmentation.
        • Overcontrol of the population
        • Cultural and moral degradation

Things Happen Slowly and Then All at Once.

From now on, Investing, ensuring that you don't lose your savings or your purchasing power, and ensuring that your rights and possessions are not taken away must be the #1 objective of each. Bubbles start to implode, and all assets acquired with fake fiat money are also imploding when expressed in Fiat Money but even more when expressed in REAL UNIVERSAL MONEY. 

Note:  We have been extremely busy for the past week...and we only have so many hands.  We'll try to have the remaining sections updated as soon as possible.

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