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In 49 days Your Panama residency will cost you $200k more!

Monday/Tuesday, June 14-15, 2021 - For many, homeownership is completely out of reach, with sky-high rents and falling real income making it impossible to save for a down payment.

home for sale

Whether it's a house with a white picket fence in the suburbs or a high-rise apartment in the heart of a vibrant city, owning property is considered part of the “Big Dream” by the vast majority of families. However, for many, that dream has become a nightmare because of ever-increasing home prices and stagnant wages.

After adjusting for inflation, the future of the Real Estate dream seems rather gloomy: Median home prices increased 121% nationwide since 1960, but median household income only increased 29%. Homebuyers aren’t the only ones struggling. Median gross rent increased by 72% since the 1960s, more than twice the growth seen by adjusted incomes, making renting costlier than ever and saving for a future home difficult, and killing demand.

In 1960, two years of average income bought a house...In 2021, ten to twenty years of average income is required to buy an average house. Also, today's average house is half as big as the 1960 house. In other words: you get half so much house for your money, or the REAL COST of a house has also gone up.

A healthy price-to-income ratio is 2.6 (i.e. it would take 2.6 years of median household income to purchase the median home), but the nationwide price-to-income ratio hasn't been healthy since the late 1990s. In the 1960s, the price-to-income ratio was 2, meaning that two years of household income was enough to purchase a house.

Not only do we have an aging population but there are fewer REAL SAVINGS to buy a house. Even with ZERO interest rates, today's generation can no longer afford a home.

"Rising rents, lower real income, and increasing home prices make it harder than ever to save for a down payment and afford monthly mortgage payments."

1975 cost of living

Artificially low-interest rates and, the availability of mortgages encouraged people to buy overpriced homes they couldn't afford.

"Today people are encouraged to buy overpriced homes with money printed by the Central Banks."

In Argentina, because of the local hyperinflationary depression, mortgages are no longer available...and this continues to push real estate prices down. The Mortgage market collapsed because of the crisis and the Real Estate Market followed in sequence. Only, the visibility of the real estate crash was somewhat hidden by the hyperinflation.

Same story in Zimbabwe, and Venezuela where only the FIAT-CURRENCY-PRICE of Real Estate continues to raise when expressed in Currency but CRASHES when expressed in Real Money (Gold & Silver).

What many still not realize is, that today in the Western World, although the Fiat Prices still hover at record prices, the REAL PRICES have already started to crash. Actually, the trend reversed in 2004-05 and the Real Price of Real Estate has been crashing ever since. In a normal-historic cycle, the price will come down until the level where it started the climax or respectively 1981 and 1960.

Whereas in 2005 one could buy a property with 15 x 1 kg gold bars, today one only needs 5 x 1 kg gold bars and we expect that this figure will continue to come down until at least 1 Troy Ounce (32,1507 gr) for a single-family home.

 euro gold for 1 house 2021

As the hyperinflationary depression unfolds,  the REAL INCOME will also correct to the 1970 level where it started to rise after Nixon closed the convertibility of currencies into gold.

Average home price versus income 2021 06 01 huizenprijzen vs. netto inkomen 2020 06 22
Single Family Home price needs to come down by at least a factor of 10 to adjust to Fiat Currency Income. Single Family Home price needs to come down by at least 50% to adjust to Fiat Currency Income.

To many, it will and may not look dramatic, but the reality is that the REAL price of Real Estate and homes will severely crash over the next years. Other factors that will add to the bearish pressure are: the taxation, an inverted population pyramid (or more people selling properties than buying),  falling REAL pensions, the rising cost of living (food, utilities, medical services,...), aging Real Estate,

fiat versus real price of a house 2021 06 03 belgium House price vs. gold 2020 02 09
Treacherous is the higher Real Estate price expressed in Fiat currency Technically speaking, LEG 1 = Leg 2

Treacherous is the higher Real Estate price expressed in Fiat currency, while it has been falling since 1971 or the very day, the convertibility of CURRENCIES into Gold was lifted. This solid long-term trend is the very proof that one cannot have a prosperous economy based on FIAT MONEY.

REAL ESTATE is an extremely DANGEROUS sector to be invested in when entering any kind of depression (inflationary or deflationary) because the market dries out, selling becomes impossible and even illegal (Germany after the Weimar).  Worst case scenario, there is some kind of WAR, and your property gets bombed. (most people don't realize insurance cos don't cover this kind of risk).  Also, when you have to flee, as your house is solidly cemented to a parcel of land,  it is impossible to take your home with you.

In Venezuela, people who left the country and stay away for more than 6 months risk to lose their homes.  In Russia when the USSR was born, the Communist Party decided how many families had to live in your house.

Important Fundamentals:

  • COMPLIANCE has become newlock

Important Technicals:

  • Both the US-Dollar and the Price of Gold & Silver newlock

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Friday, June 11, 2021 - It's gonna be implosion and hyperinflation at the same time.

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, US Dollar, 

zwei millionen markThe Federal Reserve & Central Banks have painted themselves into such a tight corner with the economy it really has only two choices. It comes down to “Inflation or Implosion.” If the Fed & ECB stopped printing massive amounts of money for stimulus and debt service you would see a financial implosion. The system needs liquidity (freshly created dollars & euros) to function. Without that liquidity, you would see more of an economic implosion than you have already seen. In fact, I will contend that the headline pandemic numbers have actually been a lot worse than they have been reporting. It also means we are not recovering quite as quickly. The Fed needs to keep the banking system afloat. They want to keep the economy afloat. All that requires a tremendous influx of liquidity in these difficult times.”

The choice inflation or implosion. I think we are going to have a combination of both of them (remember LOCG and HOCG). I think we are eventually headed into a hyperinflationary economic collapse. It’s not that we haven’t been in an economic collapse already, we are coming back some now. . . . The Central Banks have been creating money at a pace that has never been seen before. You are basically up 75% (in money creation) year over year. This is unprecedented. Normally, it might be up 1% or 2% year over year. The exploding money supply will lead to inflation. I am not saying we are going to get to 75% inflation—yet, but you are getting up to the 4% or 5% range, and you are soon going to be seeing 10% range year over year. . . . The Central Banks have lost control of inflation.” And remember, when the Central Banks have to admit the official inflation rate is 10%, the REAL INFLATION number is going to be up to around 15% or higher. 

"When the Central Banks have to admit the official inflation rate is 10%, the REAL INFLATION number is going to be up to around 15% or higher."

goldmark in paper marks

Right now, the REAL inflation rate is above 11%. That’s if it were calculated the way it was before 1980 when the government started using accounting gimmicks to make inflation look less than it really is. The best way to fight the inflation that is already here is to buy tangible assets. Physical gold and silver is the best way to protect your buying power over time.” Gold may be a bit expensive for most, but silver is still relatively cheap. Everything is going to go up in price.

"In early 2022, we may be looking to something close to a hyperinflationary and a collapsed economy.”


Important Fundamentals:

  • newlock

Important Technicals:

  • newlock

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Wednesday/Thursday, June 9-10, 2021 - the BIG Hyperinflationary Depression of the 21st Century and the beginning of the next revolution/war.

Updated Sections: Negative Interest Rates, 

jumping investorAs technological developments and markets go parabolic, many market “experts”, are forecasting that we are now in an exponential economic era. Thus many believe that this will go on forever. This is the typical attitude at stock market, real estate, and economic tops and guarantees that THIS WILL NOT END WELL!

It is clearly absolute nonsense to believe and pretend that exponential expansion based on deficits, debts, and fake money is the beginning of a new era. Anyone studying the economy and history of markets knows that exponential moves indicate the end of an era and not the beginning. History is our best teacher and it both rhymes and repeats itself. And history now gives us dire warnings.

"Exponential moves indicate the end of an era and not the beginning!"

Remember that the Piper will always get his pay. Is it possible that credit growth could be healthy for the economy? Not if you constantly need $3-5 of credit to create $1 of GDP. We are at the top of the bubble. What will happen when this market tops out? The dollar will go with it.”

Look at the fundamentals in the economy. They are talking about economic recovery, but . . . look at all the shops that are closed and never to be reopened. This is a very bad economy. The reason why prices are rising is you’ve got all this FREE FIAT money being put into the consumers’ hands. They are spending this money, but the production to satisfy the spending is not there, it’s closed down. . . . There is no solution. We are getting to the point that there is actually no exit from this mess.”

This is the BIG Hyperinflationary Depression of the 21st Century and the beginning of the next revolution/war. When you look at a revolution, it’s actually because the currency collapses because the economy collapses. It’s not because there is no bread. Why is there no bread? Because there is no bloody money.”

Today, Real Estate Investors are ALSO already losing their pants. [picture will be published in our coming Real Estate update].

euro gold for 1 house 2022

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Markets, currently sustained by debt bluff, hot air, and fake money, are poised for an “uh-oh” moment far more painful than anything seen in the Great Depression. newlock

Consider the great crash of 1929 and the years that followed. newlock


Gazing at Japan toward another historical moment of familiar “uh-oh,” we have the oh-so-embarrassing example of the Nikkei’s infamous 1989 crash. Well, some 30 years later, that market has yet to recover its prior highs.


Even if you can and are willing to risk waiting that long to “recover” prior price highs, keep in mind that the inflation to hit you during that period will eat away at more than 50% of your purchasing power. Thus, if you believe markets are priced for perfection today and for the coming decades, stay the course, ride the wave, pay your broker and ignore the data-rocks below the surface.


  • In Germany, after the War, it took 30 years even before the German Real Estate market came back to life.
  • Whatever happens to the stock markets is IRRELEVANT as long as these sit in a BEAR market when expressed in REAL MONEY (like now).

Important Fundamentals:

  • newlock

Important Technicals:

  • newlock

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Monday/Tuesday, June 7-8, 2021 - Las Vegas is not the only place where you can gamble!

Updated Sections: Real Estate Panama, Technical Analysis

francis nieuwe brilShit happens if you tell men can only leave home on Tuesdays and Thursdays while women are only allowed to go shopping on Mondays and Wednesdays. This is exactly what Nito decided during the Covid-crisis in Panama. The way the socialist President tackled the COVID-19 virus in Panama did a lot of harm to the economy and to the country.

Shit happens once LEFT politicians get into power. Note that 'the more left' a regime, the stricter the COVID-rules and the harder and the longer these are enforced.  The amendment to the SECOND PASSPORT legislation is nothing more but a desperate move to try and stop the Panamanian Real Estate crisis.  Panama Real Estate prices were, until recently, supported by RICH Immigrants. Locals can only afford to buy homes at prices under $100,000.  Investors and immigrants who are patient will, in one or two years from now be able to buy beautiful residences for $300,000 and less. Normally, in 2 years from now,  LEFT Nito will also be no more.

The meme trade has been resurfacing in recent weeks, but really picked up pace in the last few sessions, as retail favorite AMC Entertainment (AMC) continues to make headlines. A 95% gain to $62/share on Wednesday - following four trading halts – made the movie theater chain more valuable than half of the companies in the S&P 500. That follows a 23% climb on Tuesday, a 200% advance in the last week, and a 3,600% return since the beginning of the year. For the record, the stock is up another 20% premarket to $75.Much of the price gains have been attributed to swarm trading, as well as gamification, where traders pile into popular names, ignoring fundamentals, technicals, and other catalysts. We've seen the trend many times over the past year, ranging from the GameStop short squeeze frenzy (AMC was also involved then) to the Hertz (HTZGQ) bankruptcy bid-up and Kodak (KODK) craze that preceded it.

"These swarms only survive until the last "gambler" is left holding the bag, but these recent moves are a sign: the END IS NEAR."

The superlatives can go on. AMC was not alone, however. Shares of Bed, Bath & Beyond (BBBY), Express (EXPR), and BlackBerry (BB) all rose more than 30% on Wednesday. Even our old friends at GameStop (GME) got involved, rising some 13% amid a broad rally in meme names widely discussed on Reddit and elsewhere.

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A New Age, imposed by Russia and China, will begin on June 28, 2021, as gold regains its age-old function as MONEY.


The Bank for International Settlements is the Central Bank of all Central Banks.



Gordon Brown was the British POLITICIAN who sold out the British GOLD stock AT THE VERY LOWEST of the market. Politicians are (except for some rare exceptions) the LOWEST of the LOWEST. Most of the time they are frustrated, uneducated psychopaths one can compare to Louis XIV, Louis XVI, and Marie-Antoinette. Politicians thrive on VOTES, POWER and the MONEY they LEGALLY steal from the hard-working people & entrepreneurs. Politicians don't care about the people. As HISTORY learns, the one way to come out of a depression is to get rid of as many politicians and as much government as possible. In 1830, the French did exactly this!

Quote from Eddie George, Governor Bank of England in 1999, when BoE dropped 400 tones of Gold or 50% of the BoE’s gold on the market:

“We looked into the abyss if the gold price rose further. A further rise would have taken down one or several trading houses, which might have taken down all the rest in their wake. Therefore at any price, at any cost, the central banks had to quell the gold price, manage it. It was very difficult to get the gold price under control but we have now succeeded. The US Fed was very active in getting the gold price down. So was the U.K.”

Important Fundamentals:

  • Sibanye-Stillwater newlock
  • Gold during the Roumanian Hyperinflation. Contrary to what many think, it is a BLESSING to have most of your Gold & Silver out of POLITICAL reach so you can trade it or exchange it for some currency to actually buy assets. Also, once hyperinflation begins, physical Gold and Silver disappear out of the system and people only use them when there is nothing else left they can. On the black market (and even on the official market) the value of Gold and Silver rises exponentially and one is able to buy land, real estate,..and other assets for very little GOLD. In the video is also explained that although during these times Land and Housing may continue to go up when expressed in Fiat Currency, it crashes when expressed in Gold and/or Silver. The author's parents were able to buy a 2 million Ley real estate property with only a 14 karat necklace.

    Important is to note that Gold & Silver almost disappeared out of circulation. As Gresham learned, "bad money drives out good money". If there are two forms of money in circulation, the more valuable commodity will disappear from circulation. Roumanians started to trade using Deutsche Marks (like Zimbabweans used South African Rands, Dollars, and Euros).  LESSON: keep some Gold & Silver at hand, but store the bulk OUT OF POLITICAL REACH. NEVER, EVER TRUST YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT.


  • The price of Real Estate  newlock

Important Technicals:

  • During bull markets (Gold), corrections are SWIFT and VIOLENT buying opportunities. This is exactly what last weeks' dip from $1,910 to $ 1,870 was.
  • see charts below.
newlock newlock

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Thursday/Friday, June 3-4, 2021 -  Why French & Belgian Pensions are unsustainable.

Updated Sections: Bitcoin & Cryptos ,

Most Westerners are blissfully unaware of what is actually happening in the real world. My guess is that the 24/7 propaganda machine-previously known as mainstream media is constantly bombarding the herd with mostly political and feelings stories rather than real news. As usually, only some happy few use their brains and a reasoning process and do what must be done. The HERD will, as always, fall off the cliff.

Following is a fact, not sensationalism. In just the last year of unlimited QE, that same Fed has created more fake digital dollars than all the trillions of previously and “quantitatively eased” dollars it mouse-clicked out of thin air in the QE1-QE4 of the era 2009-2014.

"We can guarantee cash benefits as far out and whatever size but we cannot guarantee the purchasing power of it. A. Greenspan"

France, Spain, Belgium,... were saved by the COVID! Expect these Pension problems to come back to haunt us once this COVID-thing is gone. The pension problems are even worse than many realize because Pension Funds BY LAW must invest the bulk of their assets in WORTHLESS GOVERNMENT BONDS. Once Governments have to print the money to pay out the pensions, the pensions become worthless.

Hyperinflations are no exceptions and not something of the OLD DAYS...Romania, Zimbabwe, Venezuela,...experienced it not long ago and countries like Venezuela still live it today.

top hyperinflation 2021 05 14

  • Hyperinflation is there before you know.
  • Those who think they can outsmart hyperinflation, are killed by it.
  • It comes in waves.
  • First, the price of raw commodities rises.
  • The price of bread starts at ONE but ends at 10,000.000 and higher.
  • The older generation and people living on a pension suffer most.
  • The price, value of Currencies always ends as ZERO.
  • High inflation kicks many businesses out of business. Many stocks end being worth ZERO.
  • Other corporations survive. However, the value of their stock brings ZERO to the stockholders. In the best-case scenario, investing in stocks will only be able to preserve your purchasing power in the very short run. This means that the hyperinflation rate will be higher than the rate at which stocks rise.
  • If you are lucky you will navigate through the hyperinflation with your property. However, don't expect to make any money on properties because there will be no people with money who will be able to afford a property. Also, if things really go bad, the Authorities will force you to host (several) other families in your house.
  • Don't think that you will be fortunate because your debt (mortgage) will be (hyper)inflated away. Government loves inflation and hyperinflation because it allows them to wipe out DEBT. At the same time, they will do everything they can to avoid that civilians are able to inflate their debt away.
  • Hyperinflation is a vicious thing. The money you have in the bank doesn't go away, doesn't disappear. Only with the money you had at the beginning of the hyperinflation, one could buy 3 houses while only months later the same money only buys one television set.
  • Hyperinflation is not something that is manufactured by one government. Such an event is the result of the actions of several Governments. Today's problems originate in 1971 when Nixon closed the Gold window (or the convertibility of the Dollar in Gold). These things take a long time to build up and then, all of a sudden, explode in your face.
  • Hyperinflation means that the people's TRUST in the Money, the CURRENCY has disappeared. This also means that the trust of The People in the Authorities, Government is no longer.
  • They are no law enforcement that can stop people who are afraid to die of hunger.
  • The coming hyperinflation will be the reset where many fortunes will be wiped out. Multi-generational wealth in particular. Especially the fortunes of those who keep faith in the Currencies, Assets valued in these Currencies, and Governments trying to keep the Currencies alive.
  • People living in cities and densely populated countries (Belgium, The Netherlands,...) will be hit most. Dutch people may have to eat Tulip Bulbs again and farmers will have to protect their potato fields.
  • All statistics become worthless. Figures continue to be positive while these are no longer.
  • Those with debt will find it harder and harder to pay it off because of the 'depression' and because they will need an increasingly larger portion of their income to simply buy food stocks. Contrary to Government who will continue to print fiat money.

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Important Fundamentals:

  • Oil prices hit a 2-year high and will accelerate inflation. Triple-digit oil prices are on the horizon and no WINDMILL or Solar Panel can stop it. newlock
  • A case for Silver...see video newlock


Important Technicals:

  • see charts below. 
newlock  newlock 
newlock  newlock

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happy memorial day 2021 05 28

Tuesday/Wednesday, June 1-2, 2021 - Intelligent Rich people are buying Physical GOLD & Silver...are you still buying PAPER GOLD?

Updated Sections: Bonds general & USA , Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds,

"You can NEVER be wrong with Physical Gold and Silver."

Hyperinflation is the ultimate protection against government intrusion! With hyperinflation, you should be stuck with REAL MONEY and not with the substitutes because these will all die. In times of hyperinflation, the value of gold and silver goes to infinity because the value of the currencies falls to ZERO.

"During hyperinflation, the value of Gold goes to infinity because the value of currencies falls to ZERO!"

Real Estate prices, might continue to go up in fiat money prices (stocks also will) but will crash when expressed in REAL Money. Your house will sell for $10,000,000 but will only be worth 2 or 3 gold coins.

This is not a real economy. we substituted real economic growth with fiat money printing. All the government spending is prohibiting the economy from recovery. The coming big depression will be triggered by INFLATION. Inflation and a recession CAN NOT be cured by more DEBT and printing more FIAT MONEY...impossible! This time is not a bullet, but a hand grenade and we are stepping right on it.

Digital money will only be the same of a kind. Instead of printing banknotes, they will computer-create more digital money. Even Bitcoin will disappear because it is a dollar (currency) substitute and its value is expressed in dollars, euros, sterling,...

Only for Subscribers...excellent video!

"Hyperinflation is the complete rejection of the currency as a Gold substitute."


Important Fundamentals:

  • newlock

Important Technicals:

  • Even though technicals point towards LOWER MARKETS, we think that the worst we shall see,


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