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45 year of excellenceSome of our historic forecasts, what Goldonomic called:

  • 1982: The death of the Petro Dollar.
  • 2003: New Gold secular uptrend.
  • 2004: The Rising price of crude oil with $60 target.
  • 2004: Bearish on the US-dollar – bearish for the South African Rand.
  • 2004: Bearish on the U.S., UK & Spanish Housing Market.
  • 2007: We called the Bank crisis (bust of Lehman Bros).
  • 2005 & 2006: Bust of U.S. Mortgage Market.
  • 2009: Buy signal for Stock Markets.
  • 2009: The Islamization of Europe.
  • 2009: The dismissal of Green Shoots in the Western World Economy (U.S. & E.U.) (remember the Green Shoots!?)
  • 2015: Banks have become "the new tax collectors".
  • 2016: We called the intermediary bottom for $-Gold and Silver.
  • 2017: New uptrend for Oil and Oil Shares.

Goldonomic NEVER believed in "Global Warming" like we never believed in "Green-renewable-Energy". URANIUM is the only affordable economic solution and as soon as the Financial Markets stop creating money out of thin air and Fractional reserve banking is destroyed by Hyper-inflation and Deflation, interest rates will return to normal and simply PROHIBIT this nonsense...

Some of our Forecasts in Progress:

  • Nov-2018: end of the Bull market of the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, SP500 expressed in REAL TERMS - Higher we shall see when expressed in nominal terms (30,000 and higher for the Dow).
  • 2018-19: Beginning of bust Canadian real estate market.
  • 2018-19: Beginning of bust of Belgian Real Estate market
  • 2018-19: Second down leg of US-Dollar initiated...in REAL TERMS and probably also in Nominal terms.
  • 2018-19: intermediate bottom of Swiss and Euro versus US-Dollar.
  • ...

Goldonomic doesn't call the SHORT TERM. Time and experience learned us we must leave this kind of exercise to the Casinos. Serious investors follow a reasoning process, avoid EMOTIONS and the uncontrolled, illogical actions of the Herd. Investing is a REASONING PROCESS, not a gambling or an emotional action.

The time to move your savings and assets into SAFETY is NOW!. As we slide deeper into the recession and depression, the international and national scene will become increasingly LEFT (Red, Green) and the TAXATION (Legal Theft) increasingly harsher and higher. Therefore, we STRONGLY ADVISE making the necessary steps to secure your assets and savings TODAY while it is still more or less possible. Tomorrow will be too late (CRS, FATCA, UBO...). Few understand how important it is to keep part of your assets OUT OF POLITICAL REACH: today Luxemburg, Switzerland, etc..no longer work.

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