May 2024

GOLD and SILVER on the eve of an unprecedented price explosion?

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Wednesday to Friday, May  29 - 31, 2024:  the next important step is to put your savings "out of political reach"!

Updated Sections: Bio Tech-Pharma, 

They are not only coming for your assets, they are also coming for your blood!

1. Your assets:

The Bank of England has taken the lead among the world’s central banks in issuing a working paper about how central banks can replenish their capital now that they are crystallizing enormous losses: the paper analyses the current arrangements of seventy central banks.1

This time, it is not commercial banks that need bailing out, but central banks. The Bank of England has led the way in making the losses; now, it tells finance ministries they must pay up. For ‘finance ministries,’ read ‘taxpayers.’ So much for the promise made after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that taxpayers would never again be made to pay for losses in the financial system.  (also see earlier update)

2. Your blood.

The Palestinian territories and Israel sit atop a stockpile of fossil fuels valued in 2011 at half a trillion dollars.

NTO WW3 2024 05 24We have a War and genocide in Gaza, but of course, this is something no one is talking about...as always, the herd does not understand that it is all purely about money and that human lives are totally unimportant.  Memorial Day, no more war is nothing more than a lollypop to keep the herd quiet. The Palestinian territories and Israel sit atop a stockpile of fossil fuels valued in 2011 at half a trillion dollars. Large gas deposits have been discovered off the coast of Israel and the Palestinian territories over the past 15 years. The Leviathan field in the eastern Mediterranean, in the Levantine Sea section, could supply Israel with gas for the next 40 years.

Note:  Only years ago, Iraq was invaded because the United States and Britain wanted access to the country's oil reserves. I remember I was overflying the American fleet days before the rockets were fired on Iraq by President Bush Senior.

The following smells A LOT like the TRUTH.

You need to know what happens next. The Mass Numbers of Illegal Migrants that are pouring into our respective countries are, in fact, soldiers?" These are UN Soldiers who will be deployed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) when they announce the next Pandemic Lockdown." The Black Watch, a Scottish Infantry regiment based in Perth, Scotland, has been instructed to train illegal migrants to carry out crowd control and other measures to force compliance within the British population in the event of a civil uprising of the population against the government.

There are bird flu Avian influenza H5N1 vaccines being flown into the UK right now ready to be used on the British Public! UK Businessman John O'Looney raises the alarm and says he has conclusive evidence that these UN soldiers are being trained by British forces who are being ordered to do so by globalists infesting the British Government. John has stated that he has surveillance and video evidence of what is going on, along with detailed vehicle and registration numbers of the vehicles that are in use.

The details that are emerging suggest that British Forces will be sent abroad to fight Russia in Ukraine, will effectively leave no patriotic soldiers within Britain to protect the British population, and that Illegal migrants will be issued Uniforms and given powers by the Globalists to Police, control and order the British people to stay at home and will have the powers to get physical and arrest anyone who does not comply. This explains why Canada, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe are all facing the same plan by the Globalists. These Illegal migrants have no loyalty to the host countries and will gleefully follow orders from the globalists to subjugate and control the people in our respective countries. This is a betrayal of biblical proportions. Its time to get prepared and its time to resist. .

Note:  Freshly elected President Mulino of Panama called a HALT to the previous system where illegal immigrants were picked up and taken care of by the NGOs, the Red Cross, Unicef, etc..and transported to Costa Rica. Today, all illegal immigrant is arrested and deported to Colombia by air.

Our Real Estate Corner:

Birds born in cages think flying is an earth-threatening disease. The human cage is a house and/or Real Estate.  In most cases, the lock on the cage is a mortgage.

Zombie 2nd mortgages are coming to life, threatening thousands of Americans’ homes. Karen McDonough of Quincy, Mass., was enjoying her tea one morning in the dining room when she saw something odd outside her window: a group of people gathering on her lawn. A man with a clipboard told her that her home no longer belonged to her. It didn't matter that she'd been paying her mortgage for 17 years and was current on it.  But this was a foreclosure sale, and she would lose her house. McDonough had fallen victim to  A ZOMBIE mortgage.

A mortgage is a zombie mortgage if it defaulted more than a decade ago, and a Notice of Intent to Foreclose was filed between January 2019 and July 2023. Instead of just one mortgage, lenders gave homebuyers two mortgages. The first loan covered 80% of the house's value, and the second mortgage covered the other 20%. They were called 80/20 loans, and that second mortgage meant a homebuyer didn't need to come up with a down payment.

Squatters are taken over American homes by the thousands...many get a nasty surprise when they come back from vacation.  And don't even think and try to chase them away. If you do, you are arrested!

Important Fundamentals:

  • Copper is the prophet, an Omen for more war and more price inflation! This is a pre-WWI1, pre-WWI2, and now also pre-WWI3 saying

    COPPER prices to quadruple upon demand – see pf chart. Copper prices reached a record high of $11,000, up 35% from the beginning of the year. The price of copper on the London Metal Exchange (LME) reached an all-time high of $11,104.50 per metric ton on Monday due to a rally driven by short covering and speculative bets. Copper is used in many applications like power and construction and increasingly in green energy applications like electric vehicles and AI data centers, and global demand is expected to continue rising.

  • "Voltaire famously said, 'Fiat currency always eventually returns to its intrinsic value--zero. ' Unfortunately, it would appear that we're watching the final stages of that process unfold now." Many people refuse/fail to admit/understand that the fiat value of all goods expressed in fait paper money also becomes worthless.

  • Central Banks .....
  • More News On The Silver.....

    Payback period of 30 years: you probably won't have recouped the solar panels for 30 years, while the equipment will have to be replaced after 15 years. “It is just a non-investment.” “My warning is very simple: don't do it! It can't matter at this point. You won't earn it back and are better off staying in regular energy. Just gas, gasoline, diesel. Solar panels are dead right now.” 

  • The Land Of The Setting Sun: The Currency Crisis Of Japan Has Just Started

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Monday to Tuesday, May 27/28, 2024: Happy Memorial Day!

Updated Sections: SELL IN MAY AND STAY AWAY??  Recession Proof Shs (LOCG),
Recession Proof - hold,

memorail day 2024

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Monday to Friday, May  20 - 24, 2024: Europe and the USA will suffer an Argentinian-style hyperinflation

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts,
Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors, Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors,

Europe and the USA will suffer an Argentinian-style hyperinflation. A very dangerous situation will be with A LOT of NOMINAL CONFUSION: prices will go up, but VALUE will come down. Life will get extremely expensive...

The general public will NOT understand the mechanism of "Nominal Confusion."  The IQ of the herd is too low to do so, and they will permanently be brainwashed by Politicians and Mainstream Media. In other words, the price of your home will double, and the value of your portfolio will triple, but in reality, the REAL VALUE of your assets will severely drop.

After selling a house, what you get will buy you a lot less food, goods, and services. Life will become astronomically expensive.

All looks bad for all Western currencies, especially the US dollar. It's just because of its world reserve status that, on the surface, the dollar still doesn't look as bad as the others. Debt will increase in the U.S. and the EU, with politicians (as always) prioritizing reelection over the economic and public well-being. This unsustainable trajectory will lead to Argentina-style inflation because politicians won't dare to default.

We are entering the endgame of the current financial system.  Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will absolutely not save us.  Any currency, including all cryptocurrencies, only has real value when backed by a tangible asset such as gold. Without such backing, cryptocurrencies lack inherent value. You must protect yourself with gold kept out of "political reach." The US presidential election results will not change anything at all since both candidates will bring more inflation. The same is true for the European elections. Alea Iacta est!

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This is the result of so many years of Democracy and left regimes. In Cuba, the banking system is collapsing, and it has become impossible to withdraw cash from ATM machines and Banks.  Sooner or later, this kind of scenario will also happen in the USA and Europe.

Our Real Estate Corner:

 If prices don't crash (which we doubt), the real estate market will also become subject to "Nominal confusion": prices will continue to increase, but the value will CRASH. You will all be Real Estate Millionaires in HERD language but have NOTHING.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Of course, investment sites are now heavily promoting investing in gold mines. While the price of gold will continue to rise, many analysts do not realize the mess that
    is severely endangering the financial world today.

    While gold & silver will continue to rise, there is “a growing” danger of the
    confiscation of gold “and” the danger of digitalization and confiscation of at least all
    the profits booked on the mining shares.

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Thursday to Friday, May  16 - 17, 2024: Is now a good time to sell your gold?!

Updated Sections: Aussie & GoldYen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold,

At a Brooklyn Pawnshop, Customers Are Flooding In to Sell Gold.

For some, sky-high values simply mean it’s a good time to cash in; It’s hard to ignore record prices that climbed above $2,400 an ounce last week. Getting money for bills and rent is a more desperate move for others. Whatever the need, what’s clear is jewelers and pawn shops are seeing a flood of sellers.

You'd think that when prices rise and new all-time highs hit, that's the exact time to hold on to gold, especially since it doesn't appear that the price of gold is going down any time soon.

Many of our relations and subscribers bought their gold for around $240 per oz.

Sovereign debt continues to increase, fiscal deficits have become the norm, and treasury bond yields continue upward.  At that point, you'd want to hold on to whatever gold you have because the spot gold price will increase. Those who want to be sure about it and where to safely store their physical gold and silver should subscribe now. $675 will earn you a lot of money and safety and is probably the best investment you can make today. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the payment instructions.

But now, since inflation continues to rise and interest rates remain high, Americans may have a good reason.  The average American needs money to pay their bills, yet their credit cards are all topped up—just opposite Chinese and Indians.

People know today is the right moment to accumulate more Gold and Silver.  Non-reasoning, emotional people, those collecting FIAT MONEY, will now sell their gold and silver.

The "more is more people" are giving their physical gold away for worthless paper money, worthless digital money, and worthless cryptos.

Gold and Silver will go through the roof in the not-so-distant future, and 99.50% of the people don't understand WHY this will happen, have still not acted, and will not!

Last year, when we told our relations that from now on, all their bank account numbers and balances would be known to their tax authorities, they usually looked more than surprised, sometimes even full of disbelief. Today, this has become the rule. The government knows about EVERY CENT you have! Worse is that the 'digital banking system' allows the government to block every cent in every bank account you have.

One of the few SAFE options left to the 'reasoning investor' is to store physical gold and physical silver 'out of political' reach. We have been doing this for years, and those who followed us are super-happy and super-safe. The pioneer subscribers paid around $250 for an ounce of Gold and $4 for an ounce of silver.

Only a few people realize that we haven't seen anything yet at $2,400 for Gold and $29 for Silver and that we shall go MUCH, MUCH HIGHER.  Unfortunately, in the end, only those who store their metals "out of political reach" in the right country will be safe as it is almost 100% sure that Authorities will seize whatever metal they can lay their hands on. The moment you try to sell your metals, you will be toast. They did so in the past, and they will do so again.

There are very good reasons why Central Banks and Gold Banks are buying Physical Gold and Silver  'like there is no tomorrow' at today's prices,  but nobody pays attention to it. Neither the political authorities nor mainstream media talk about it.

STUPID HERD. The situation is even so that today, in the USA, many people sell their gold and golden jewelry NOW because they incorrectly think they sell at record prices. Not so!

Our Real Estate Corner: no comment.!

Joe Average has no idea why Real Estate prices go up or down. Most have 'invented' their own dangerous and emotional answers to this very important question.

We are going to see commercial real estate go into problem mode.  Many loans need to be rolled over in 2024 and 25. Many of these properties are down 80% . . . . There is huge credit risk coming. The prediction of bank failures is accurate. We will see banks go belly-up over the next 12 to 24 months. Then, they will have to merge with bigger banks.” Because of this, even Central Banks will come into difficulties.

Significant Fundamentals:

  • The last sign before the fall of every civilization is the acceptance of transgenderism.  Once you see this, the next stage is the collapse. If you keep most of your assets in the EU (including the UK, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland), you must be prepared to lose A LOT.

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  •  See the updated gold and silver sections.

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Monday to Wednesday, May  13 - 15, 2024: Could gold revaluation to $20,000 solve America’s debt crisis?!

Updated Sections: Investment Pyramid, Panama, US Dollar, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, 
Euro and €-Gold,Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold,

All politicians steal and are corrupt. However, some also try to ensure the country's progress and the prosperity of its citizens.

The ‘Panama Papers’ law firm boss dies. Mossack Fonseca's ex-partner was 71.  Former president of Panama Ricardo Martinelli called his classmate Fonseca “a great human being, lawyer, writer, and politician.” Martinelli also claimed his successor, Juan Carlos Varela,  was behind the “atrocious persecution” of Fonseca. The CIA was also behind the Panama Paper leaks. Note: the CIA used Mossack Fonseca's services to hide its worldwide activities. The Panama Papers resulted in political and marketing issues as no or little fiscal issues were discovered. 

This proves again that most politicians have absolutely no moral values and don't care about the people. Varela simply destroyed Martinelli's work for his own political goals.  He was probably the second-worst president of Panama. The first price goes to Nito and his vice president, known for the Quantum copper mine corruption.

Note: We had no issues with this Panama paper thing, except for one relation who received a letter from the tax authorities with questions regarding a foundation that was liquidated years ago after the father passed away. This proves once more how to MEAN those tax people are. They should be ashamed of themselves.

What Gaddafi promised would happen is becoming a reality all over Europe.

Medieval serf only paid 10% to a maximum of 25% of their incomes to their lords. In return, they could live for free on the property of their lords and cultivate food for themselves. Their lords also protected them in case of aggression.

Americans are supposed to be free but pay hefty taxes. Confiscatory taxation violates the founding principles of the nation.  The situation gets even worse once a Muslim is elected mayor.  Today, in England, in several cities, radical Muslims have been elected as mayors...This is already the case in the Netherlands, and we expect to see the same scenario unfold in Belgium and France.

Europa has been invaded by barbarians, and it is the Europeans themselves that promoted and assisted the invasion.  Mainly the politicians with the aid of the NGOs

So, as the automobile sector goes, so goes the economy: Zeebrugge (Belgium) is one of the biggest car-storage ports in the world. Today, more than 70,000 unsold automobiles, including Chinese cars, are waiting in the docks for a buyer.

Yes, during the 1890s, they also tried to promote electric and hybrid vehicles, and yes, there were people stupid enough to buy them.

Did you know that the first production-standard electric car capable of being reproduced and sold to the public was unveiled in 1884?  Did you know that in the early 1900s, 1/3 of all vehicles on the road were electric? They started to disappear quickly around 1920 with the introduction of petrol and Henry Ford.

Ferdinand Porsche—the founder of the eponymous sports car—produced an electric vehicle called 'P' in 1898 before creating the world's first hybrid offering, powered by electricity and a combustion engine.

Mercedes-Benz also offered up an electric model called the Mercedes Mixte in 1906. This car was adopted as a taxi in cities and was even developed into a race car in 1907.

We are nearly seeing the reincarnation of old tech. The first pic is a group of working EV trucks in the UK plugged in in 1917.

What failed to work during "la Belle Epoque"  is also doomed and failing today. Just like during those days (that most people have no knowledge of), this electric aberration will disappear because of the Great Depression of the 21st Century.

The end of "Golden Passports"  in the EU-SSR.  

After Portugal, it is Spain's turn. The DREAMERS who believed it would be different in Portugal, Spain, or any other EUSSR country will now end up paying even more taxes. This decision will, of course, also negatively impact the Spanish real estate market.  

Second residence in Spain: done with “golden visas”! Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced the end of golden visas, residence permits granted to foreign real estate investors. This initiative, expected to be approved by the Council of Ministers, is part of a desire to combat speculative investments that deny young people and families access to the housing market. Of course, the excuse is BS.  The cost (price) of Real Estate in Spain hasn't gone up...rather it is the value of the Fiat currency or the Euro that is crashing.

We advise second passports/permanent residencies in MEXICO and PANAMA as the best. Today, when considering "price/quality," these options are the best and offer the most advantages.

Significant Fundamentals:

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Thursday to Friday, May  8 - 10, 2024:
Ukraine fires U.S. missiles at Crimea, and France sends troops to Ukraine!

Updated Sections:

Russia announces tests of tactical nuclear weapons after “Western provocations”

Ukraine fires American Army Tactical Missile System for the first time in a strike on occupied Crimea....this is totally the pre-World War II British & American anti-Hitler script. I wonder how long Putin will be able to keep Russians and his country out of a war. Putin may not want war, but at a certain point, the Russians will be so stressed out that he will have no alternative but to start an open war against the US and A (military complex) & NATO.

France has officially sent its first combat troops to Ukraine's battlefront. They have been deployed in support of the Ukrainian 54th Independent Mechanized Brigade in Sloviansk. The French soldiers are drawn from France’s 3rd Infantry Regiment, one of the main elements of France’s Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère).

The day comes when, just like in May 1940 in Germany, the Russian people will no longer take the aggression and force the Russian Authorities to respond to the NATO aggression and counteract it.

Soon, you won't be able to move ONE CENT out of your country without your Government's permission!

Reichsfluchtsteuer is back.  In Germany, deciding to emigrate costs 30% of your assets. In Canada, they plan to tax those who leave Canada with  $25,000.  Today, many Canadian farmers are moving to Russia. This is just for starters...

People with no savings, "out of Political Reach,"  won't have the financial power to leave (flee) their home country.  They will be chained to their local tax lords and the new EUSSR (DDR). Their Credit cards won't work once they are abroad.

Most people don't realize that once we have WW3, they will close the STOCK MARKETS and BANKS,  and most of the time, people will be forced to use another currency. In clear language, everything you don't physically possess will be endangered. Only PHYSICAL Gold and Silver will survive.

Biden will raise capital gains tax to 45%...only Idiots and Masochists live, work, and pay taxes in the US and A?!

Don't forget that whatever they can't take from you by taxation, they will take by inflation...

White House economic adviser struggles with a question on monetary policy. This economic advisor, in fact, is a music teacher. What happens in the USA also happens in other countries. Political Monkeys fill very important positions and are totally unfit and untrained for the job.

Bernstein says, "The U.S. government can't go bankrupt because we can print our own money." The interviewer then asked, "Like you said, they print the dollar, so why does the government even borrow?"

Over thirty-five years ago, Japan was in a bubble. The bubble popped...and "Fiscal Dominance" is what happened next.

For Real Estate:

From 1956 to 1986, land prices in Japan increased by 5000% even though consumer prices only doubled then.  By 1990, the Japanese real estate market was valued at 4x the value of real estate in the United States, despite being 25x smaller in landmass and having 200 million fewer people.

Tokyo was on an equal footing with the U.S. regarding real estate values. At the market peak, the grounds of the Imperial Palace were estimated to be worth more than the entire real estate value of California or Canada.

And for stocks:

Japan made up 15% of the world stock market capitalization in 1980.  By 1989, it represented 42% of the global equity markets. From 1970 to 1989, Japanese large-cap companies grew by more than 22% per year. Small caps were up closer to 30% per year. For 20 years! Stocks went from 29% of Japan’s GDP in 1980 to 151% by 1989."

By 1989, Japan's real estate and stock market bubble valuations could no longer be sustained.  Both real estate and the equities market crashed, forcing the Japanese government to make a hard choice:

  1. Let banks fail and have the economy recover over several years
  2. Or print money and pad the consequences over decades.

Their government chose to bail out the banks by printing a massive amount of money. It continued to push more monetary stimulus into Japan's economy as a necessity for economic growth. The economy is centralized around government decisions on fiscal policy. Basically, the government, instead of the Central Bank, manages the money supply with its fiscal plans.

And that is what "fiscal dominance" is—fiscal policies dominate monetary policies.  Well, the end of those decades appears to be coming close. The Japanese government is no longer facing a real estate (real estate has already crashed) or stock market bubble; they're experiencing a CURRENCY CRASH.

Panama Elects New President Who Vows To Shut Migrant Trail, Restore Economy. 

On Sunday, voters in the Republic of Panama elected a new president who has vowed to sever a key segment of the Latina-American migrant trail that leads to the United States while restoring the country's reputation as an investment destination.] Mulino was a late entrant to the race -- subbing in for former President Ricardo Martinelli, who was banned from running

The shuttering of a single enterprise has hit Panama's economic and fiscal prospects hard. It's the $10 billion Cobre copper mine run by First Quantum Materials, which accounted for 5% of Panama's GDP and 1.5% of the global copper supply. In December, the Supreme Court said the company's contract -- which it took over through a hostile takeover -- was unconstitutional.

Panamanians perceived the terms of that contract as leaving too much on the table, and the mine has been the subject of major protests. Some of the opposition springs from ecological concerns. Mulino's challenge: Strike a new deal and get the mine working again, bringing money into the economy and taxes into government coffers.

Note: President Martinelli made Panama a modern country...he may be corrupt (as all politicians are), but at least he did something for the Panamanians.

Significant Fundamentals:

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Thursday to Monday, May  4 - 6, 2024:
When The Government Says "Don't Worry," Then It's Time To Panic…!

Updated Sections: 

Those who built a bunker hoping to provide security for the coming war will be at it for the trouble. Joe Biden plunges America into a trade war with China and a nuclear war with Russia. Russia now warning that America's "decision-making centers" will be destroyed if U.S. / NATO troops are deployed in Ukraine.

A video from a prominent Russian broadcast network also says that France will be obliterated and the UK will be inundated with a radioactive ocean tsunami set off by Russia's massive nuclear weapons underwater drones.

China, meanwhile, is fed up with America's insane demands,  which attempt to dictate to China how much they're allowed to produce and which countries they can sell products to. China is now threatening a massive retaliation, which could mean a currency war, trade war, or even a physical war that attacks U.S. Navy assets in the Pacific.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are plunging America into TWO wars at the same time.  And America won't survive if this trajectory isn't stopped. Nor will the European NATO countries, particularly the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. People having faith in BUNKERS are very naive, indeed.

The 3rd war the politicians are plunging the West into is a financial war.  There is not the slightest doubt they will lose this one. The damage will be spectacular and end up in all history books. Fortunes will be made, and fortunes will be lost!


Did you know there is no limit on how much capital one can import in Dubai?...just like in the good old 1970s'.

  • Recently, a woman calmly collected her bags, declaring $2.8 million at customs, a practice fully permitted by UAE law. While the UAE allows any amount of cash to enter its borders.
  • When I started my career in 1972, cash and wire limits did not exist. As a banker, I remember collecting 4 mio from a client. The same day, 3 mio were deposited in the client's Swiss bank account and 1 mio in his local national bank account.
  • Today's rules are certainly not normal, especially not for anybody who knows how politicians are bribed. Politicians are the worst money launderers.  I have personally experienced this when working for a Swiss Bank. I know exactly how STINKING politicians operate.

Our Real Estate Corner: no comment!
  • The bricks begin to crack, and soon, they will break. There is no way real estate will be able to withstand the Depression and the higher interest rates!  The stubborn ones will learn it the hard way. Sicily is the perfect example of what will happen tomorrow in your town.
  • Amazingly, the Media does their best to keep the "Real Estate Dream" alive. As always, the Herd will believe them until it is too late.
  • Those who just dare to dream that there is the slightest chance that Real Estate will continue to go up are totally NUTS, RETARDS that have no clue about economics, finance, and demographics. Those pretending we shall see no crash are illiterates listening to these IDIOTS.


Significant Fundamentals:

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May 1 - 3, 2024: MAY 1st is a celebration by COMMUNIST POLITICIANS, LIBERTARIANS, and those who are destroying our economy and society!

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro and €-Gold,

Welcome to the May 1st DDR party in the EUSSR.

Thanks to the introduction of the asset register, compulsory property declaration abroad, the CRS (automatic exchange of banking data almost worldwide), the DIGITAL Euro, compulsory housing renovation, etc., Western Europe (the EU, including Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway) has become a much better reproduction of the DDR.

If I mention the Belgian tax level to a Panamanian, he answers that I am a liar. In Belgium, more than 70% of the average citizen's income goes to the tax authorities.  The tax on inheritances comes on top. One has to add taxes on diesel, gasoline, and liquor/alcohol. Note that the price of natural gas in Europe is four times higher than in the USA. The price difference, of course, goes to the Government.

Almost no one considers that, on top of direct and indirect taxes, the inflation tax is the most important. This is mostly because this is done secretly, and the Herd doesn't understand at all that inflation results from budget deficits, rising government debt, and the creation of more fiat money (euros). What's worse is that the Government is rigging the inflation numbers, and the real numbers are dramatically higher than the numbers the Government sells to the public.

The Europeans, Canadians, and Americans are actually plumed chicks. Now, it is only waiting for them to be slaughtered in a war.

Only IDIOTS and MASOCHISTS continue to live in countries like Belgium.  Those who can emigrate now and don't make preparations, those who don't go for a Plan B, may soon have to flee the land of damnation illegally...without their savings. The Herd underestimates the POWER the Authorities have in this digital world.

Soon, traffic (and other) fines will be based on income. In Belgium, fines are set by law. But politicians plan to change the rules so that fines will be based on income. Speeding tickets, parking fines, etc., already suck the motorist to the bone. Apparently, it is still insufficient, and they will now fine motorists "for their safety" based on their income. One actually wonders how they remain so resourceful.

Bankers have already become tax inspectors and will soon become your "tax collectors." Driven too fast? The money will automatically be taken out of your account. Do you do something that is not acceptable to your bank? The transfer is blocked. You take too much cash out of the wall (ATM)? Your banker calls you and asks what you are doing with all that money. I recently heard from a cancer patient that her banker had blocked the payment for her medications;  according to them, the order looked "suspicious"!


Soon (in about 5 to 10 years), "WHITES will have become the MINORITY in Europe.  This is already so in cities like Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp, Brussels (Belgium) and Ghent. Africans, North Africans, and Turks are replacing the locals,...See the video for more! I think that Khadaffi was right, and it is too late: ALIA JACTA EST!

Dutch political commentator and lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek warns Europeans to resist rapid demographic change or become a minority in their countries.

This continent, Europe, has been predominantly white all through history, and now, a few bureaucrats, within a generation, against the will of the people, have decided that we should suddenly be a minority.  Why do we agree to that, or why do we let that happen?" Those who protest are classified as RACISTS.

Ever consider a plan "B"? Want more information? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Real Estate Corner
  • What Goldonomics predicts is "all untrue and exaggerated...the views of pessimists, gloom-and-doomers"...or is it not?  Belgium will suffer terribly as a result of the coming real estate crisis. SERIOUSLY.  Anyone who thinks farmland will escape the crisis has a mental problem.

  • We saw a spectacular drop in property sales during the first quarter of 2024.  The Belgian real estate market faces a spectacular drop in sales during the first quarter of 2024! However, prices are not following the same evolution, not yet! First, the market dries up, then it crashes.
  • In the first quarter of 2024, the number of transactions in the Belgian real estate market decreased by 7.3% compared to the previous year. This decline was particularly striking in Flanders, representing 61% of the market (compared to 7% in Brussels and 33% in Wallonia). In the north of the country, sales fell by 8.8%. The downward trend thus continues: "In 2023, there were about 15% fewer sales in Belgium than in 2022," said Renaud Grégoire, notary public and spokesman for notaris.be . "In the first quarter of this year, the trend remains negative.
  • The situation is just as bad in the United States.  Purchasing power has also disappeared, and Americans have maxed out their credit cards. Rents everywhere are falling sharply by 10% to 30%.
  • In Canada, the real estate crash has also begun. Years of leftist Trudeau policies have messed up the Canadian real estate market, and prices are falling sharply. As in the United States, Commercial Real Estate is getting hit especially hard. Professional real estate investors (including pension funds) sell commercial properties en masse to minimize losses.

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