June 2024

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Thursday to Friday, 13-14, 2024:  The monetary system is self-destructing at an alarming rate and reaching the end of its shelf-life.

Updated Sections: Bonds general & USA, 

We'd be a lot better off relying on our own judgment rather than that of the monkeys making domestic, monetary, or foreign policy decisions from Washington, D.C., to Belgium.

You’ve got about $10 trillion of US debt that is maturing this year.  China dumped $53 billion in US debt in the first quarter of 2024. That means China is a seller and not a buyer.  If nobody will buy the debt, that’s when default comes.  If you cannot sell the new debt to pay off the old debt, guess what?  It’s done.  This is how governments fall.

I have been warning for decades that this is how it’s going to end. . . . This is why they need war.  This is why Europe is going into war. . . . If you cannot sell the new debt, you have to default.  If you have war, they get to default and blame Putin. . . . In November, it’s going to be Trump vs World War III, regardless of who is on the other side.

 After WW2, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and others organized the biggest Debt Moratorium ever.
Each country did it his way, but the end result was the same.

More than 300 billion euros have disappeared from the Dutch pension funds. The situation is as bad for the Belgian and other pension funds. After all, pension funds must “by law” invest the lion's share in government bonds/treasuries. At the beginning of 2022, the total amounted to €1,800 billion; a year later, only €1,500 billion remained. That €300 billion is the pension funds lost in the bond market.

Pension funds lose a dramatic amount of money when interest rates rise. As a result, €300 billion went up in smoke in the Netherlands. Over the next years, interest rates will continue to increase. This imbalance will become dramatic as more baby boomers retire and there is less of an 'active-working' population.

The only way Politicians can try to postpone the Catharsis is to print more money and ensure that the West becomes a deja vu of Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, and Weimar.  In our section for Long Term Stock Market charts, one can clearly see what I mean by the former statement.  See what the charts of the stock market indexes of these countries look like. Yet, the people living in those countries have become extremely poor.

The monetary system is self-destructing at an alarming rate and reaching the end of its shelf life.  The people really in charge—the central bankers and those behind them—realize this. That’s why they aim to corral people into an Orwellian system (CBDC) that monitors and controls every penny you earn, save, and spend. One must switch to another banking/financial system to escape this dramatic evolution.  We know how and where.

In tribes, these narcist individuals strive to rise to the top.  In larger communities, they form groups to provide leadership (political parties), and as any community grows, sociopaths rise in prominence to form and expand governments to rule their minions. The larger a population becomes, the greater the opportunity to have power over it since it can be taxed to fund the government.

The politicians keep reminding their subject populace that, without obeisance on their part, there would be chaos: no schools, no roads, and no Medicare,...Therefore, all must sacrifice for "the common good." The tribe accepts a condition of increased taxation and regulation and becomes increasingly enslaved and subservient to the leaders.  Note:  in the USA, until 1913, there were NO TAXES, and yet, there were roads, bridges, medicare, schools, and no chaos.

"History learns that each time a sound system devolved into a democracy, it then further erodes
into a plutocracy/bureaucracy/socialism/communism cartel enforced through non-elected officials."

Our Real Estate Corner:

It's not the price of Real Estate going up but rather the value of fiat money coming down.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The central banks and authorities sit between a rock and a hard plate and can no longer kick the can down the road.  The only solution left is to go to war and use their subjects, your children,  as canon meat.

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Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 June 2024
: Don't believe the "bluff" of the central banks: interest rates will and can NOT come down...except for a short and small bluff-poker correction

Updated Sections: Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous 
& shares
, Long Term Commodity Charts, Commodities in Gold, Inflation Index,

Screenshot 2024 06 07 at 13.36.25Don't expect the elections to change how the EU (the EUSSR) is run.  Those at the top can be compared to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. They don't care a FUCK, and there is only one way to get rid of this Seven-Headed Monster: by shortening them.

The Herd, the People, must be extremely stupid by thinking that by re-electing the same narcists, something can and will change.  Since COVID-19, I am 100% sure that the Herd, the People, are nothing but a bunch of freaking idiots wearing mouth masks and staying at home because some crooked narcist said so. It was and is so bad that they massively accepted to be vaxed by an untested, dangerous chemical product....so they could go to a restaurant, to their pub, go on vacation...

People can't resist the human urge to have a visible deity (like some politician) that would hopefully provide them with good times, as long as they were willing to prostrate themselves before it. History is filled with such stories – naïve pagans sacrificing animals and humans to the deities in the hopes that they would provide rain, a good crop, healthy babies, freedom from inter-tribal aggression, etc. Unfortunately, we have not banished paganism. We may live in a more technological age, yet human nature remains the same. The majority of people are still prepared to suspend logic to believe in pagan deities. A quick peek at the recent past reminds us of this.

Remember the hole in the Ozone layer!? It all began as "Global Cooling" but fell flat since a solar warm spell happened to occur just when the concept was introduced. So, the Global Cooling scammers changed the name of the conceptual deity to "Global Warming" to match the existing weather conditions. Unfortunately, a cyclical solar cooling period was due to arrive, and global warming failed again to match the new weather conditions. Once more, a new name was given to the deity. This time, they called it – Climate Change –. From that day forward, the prophets attributed every earthquake, every typhoon, and every drought to the Climate Change deity. Every meteorological event, therefore, provided "proof" of man-made Climate Change.

Screenshot 2024 06 07 at 13.43.50The Climate Change prophets proclaimed that natural disasters were due to the population's sins—that they were being punished by the deity… for driving SUVs and relying on coal for heating.  And people bought it, as they always do. "The end of the world is nigh" has sold well for millennia. Paganism works every time.

As any Climate Change activist will proclaim, "We must make sacrifices." The gods must be appeased, and the prophets always assure the tribe that a sacrificial offering is necessary to accomplish this. Thankfully, in this particular case, all that’s required to appease the god is to pay a carbon tax. It’s unclear how this will end Climate Change, but… have faith and pay.

However, climate change is a mere carnival sideshow compared to the main event.  Mankind has always had amongst its number those individuals (roughly four percent, according to studies) who are sociopathic, who are obsessive in their desire to control others, and who have little or no emotional capacity to be concerned about the genuine welfare of the populace.  These are what we call POLITICIANS..and they use every possible tool to TAX their subjects.

This video about geopolitics is a must-see. If, after seeing the video, you still haven't decided to start your plan B, you have a mental problem.

As history teaches, the HERD always finds excuses not to act and to stick to their habits. Many can't even act because they locked themselves in: They put all their savings in real estate and additionally borrowed money. They don't have any savings out of political reach. "Everything evolves from geopolitics"; hence, it is great to zoom out occasionally. We look at current global conflicts and how they shape markets and politics. This is an absolute masterclass not to be missed!

Our Real Estate Corner:

Screenshot 2024 06 07 at 16.15.32No money to buy Real Estate: Credit Card Delinquencies Rise to 14-Year High!

Consumers are increasingly struggling to pay their credit card bills, with severe delinquencies rising to 10.7% in the first quarter — a 14-year high, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This significant increase from 8.2% a year ago coincides with total credit card debt climbing to $1.12 trillion. The data shows younger consumers, particularly those in their 20s and 30s, are finding it hardest to manage their payments due to lower earnings and savings.

The long-term trend for Real Estate is down. The long-term trends for Gold and silver are up. In some cases, the Fiat Price of Real Estate may go up, adding to the nominal confusion.

Important Fundamentals:

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Thursday to Friday, June 6-7, 2024:
Europeans Can Now Only Place Sell Orders On Sprott Physical Gold & Silver Funds!

Updated Sections: 

Second-residency doors keep being closed.  We were informed that the new president, Mulino, as of next month of July, will make it harder to get a Panamanian/Residency passport in Panama as of July 1st. Note that in St-Kitts and Nevis, the cost of a passport/residence has already become exorbitantly expensive, and the paperwork is crazy. We still have some other safe options (e.g., Mexico and Paraguay), but prices keep rising, and everything becomes harder. 

It is important to realize that you don't buy a second residency off the shelf; it comes with many add-ons. Many don't realize that, as a rule, the local lawyers have no clue how to serve an international citizen, and severe problems often become apparent 12 to 24 months later.

Most people don't realize until it is too late that a residency in se is insufficient.  Additional work must be done before the permanent resident/passport holder is safe.  As a rule, the locals have no clue about the additional requirements, and a resident is often left with a product he/she cannot safely use.

The EU is increasing pressure on countries offering a second passport to ensure capital stays within their borders so they can keep taxing it. By "within its borders," the EU includes all capital/real estate/ savings within the CRS (Central Reporting System) borders. Those who still decide to emigrate must pay a REICHFLUCHTSTEUER, as is already the case in Germany and is planned in Canada.

A second residency also offers vital protection in case of a war...and war we will surely get in Europe (once more). Cheap Russian energy Europe is no longer competitive in the world. Every three generations ( about 75 years), the bankrupt system no longer functions, and politicians only see war as the solution. Those who still do not notice the signs of this are deaf and blind. Even the Queen of the Netherlands tells the Dutch people to prepare for "Sneuvelbereidheid,"  i.e., prepareness to be killed in the coming war. If you don't want to see your sons (and now also probably your daughters), you must ACT now!  [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] There is not so much time left....

Wealth preservation in the form of physical gold, owned directly and in a safe jurisdiction
(countries like the US, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, or EU are not politically safe )
is clearly the best insurance investors can buy today.


WATCH MY WORDS. Buying physical Gold and/or silver in the EU will soon become impossible or at least strongly regulated!  Buying US/Canadian closed-end funds in the EU/EEC is already impossible; PSLV, PHYS, or SPPP can no longer be bought on the largest, most reputable trading sites. One can now ONLY sell  PSLV, PHYS, and SPPP. The only ones allowed to trade are SLV and GLD, which I do not trust because they are not  100% covered by physical metal. 

Upon placing an order, it reads: 

“Your order was not placed. Due to current EU regulations, it is impossible to invest in this security; only sell orders are possible. This applies to all U.S. and Canadian Closed-End Funds”.

It has already become very hard, if possible, to export physical Gold and Silver from Europe. That is why we advise you to move your physical gold and silver out of political reach NOW! Those who refuse to do so for some stupid reason will soon find their metals completely trapped.  Soon, the authorities may seize either Gold or Silver for the sake and safety of the country, and/or the sale will be heavily taxed.  In other words, if you don't act, you will have bought gold and silver for the Government and not as a personal security. Be assured your local gold/silver dealer will DENY this reality.

Our Real Estate Corner:

The real estate bubble is starting to deflate all over the Western world! Those trying to squeeze the last cent out of a property will either be forced to keep it or sell it at much lower prices. Selling at reasonable prices will soon become impossible.

Screenshot 2024 06 03 at 18.38.04


Important Fundamentals:

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Monday to Wednesday, June  3-5, 2024: Joe Public is still far too comfy,  ignorant, and complacent.

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares, 
Bank & Fin. Shares, Crude Oil price,

snakeoil 2024 05 28 at 19.49.39There are a ridiculous number of false prophets selling their snake oil out there. The Herd usually believes their lies and falls for what they sell.  Amazing and dramatic is that we find even professors in economics between these clowns. To add insult to injury, ignorant politicians are even more ignorant and stupid and are only interested in buying as many votes as possible; we all know that modern narcist politicians can't even decently run a candy store. And yet, they run whole countries. Could it get any sillier??

As a result, the HERD doesn't know which barking dog it must listen to, and it is totally lost.  That is probably the main reason why we call the HERD, or the SHEEPLE.  Few people know that the most frightened sheep jumps first when you try to chase a herd in a certain direction, and all others follow blindly.

Governments mask fiscal imbalances by gradually reducing currency purchasing power, achieving two goals: Inflation is a hidden tax, transferring wealth from savers and wages to the government, and expropriating wealth from the private sector.?? They do this by printing money and creating debt.

In Argentina, today's Europe, with its stifling rules, is used as a historical example of madness and how NOT to do it!

It is all too obvious and so simple. Economics and finance listen to a few BASIC rules. Nothing is sophisticated. Why, then, do they make it so complex? Why all the financial articles, podcasts, and long texts?...

To summarize, it is unsurprising that gold began a powerful uptrend in the early 2000s when governments and central banks started debasing ‘paper currency’ to finance reckless government spending.  Over the next decade and beyond, the Western world will continue to witness a staggering increase in debt and the money supply, leading to severe inflation and hyperinflation.

One reason investors should consider gold rather than fixed income to hedge their exposure to equities is that not only should investors expect further weaponization of the economy in an increasingly polarized world, but also because in a persistently inflationary environment, as has been the case since the start of the Covid pandemic, gold will continue to provide the necessary hedge as government bonds, equities, and real estate lose value on an inflation-adjusted basis.

Contrary to the lies sold by the Mainstream Media, the Russian Ruble continued to strengthen against major currencies, jumping to its highest level against the dollar since late January. The ruble reached 88.4 to the US dollar, its highest point rate since January 30. It also gained against the Euro, trading at around 96 to the euro, also a five-month high. Analysts have also partially attributed the strong ruble to the delayed effect of Russia's $18.8 billion trade surplus in March, the highest figure since January 2022.

China announced it sold a record amount of US Treasury and agency bonds (Dollars) in Q1 2024.  Beijing offloaded a total of $53.3 billion of Treasuries and agency bonds combined. Belgium, often seen as a custodian of China’s holdings, disposed of $22 billion of Treasuries during the period.

While China selling dollar assets, its holdings of gold have risen in the nation’s official reserves. The share of the precious metal in the reserves climbed to 4.9% in April, the highest level recorded since central bank data collection began in 2015.


Our Real Estate Corner

We openly forecasted this would happen during our Symposium with Peter Schiff held in Belgium almost 10 years ago...
Many of the disbelievers are now BANKRUPT, and many will follow.

Screenshot 2024 05 31 at 15.44.03In Belgiumpending home sales 2024 05 30, more than 1,000 builders have filed for bankruptcy this year. That is already 30% more than the 2023 record.


 In the US, the pending home sales have fallen dramatically.

Important Fundamentals:

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