July 2020

The best carrot ever is the Stock Market or Fools gold, once they are all in we will have a bank holiday and a bail-in.

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Thursday/Friday, July 9/10, 2020 - The very foundation of the financial system is breaking down.

Updated Sections: Gold Targets, Royalties, Majors (index), Juniors (Index),  

gold and silver metals$-Gold and $-Silver are in a process of breaking important resistance levels! We called this weeks ago once it became clear that we would not see the traditional post-spring correction.

Important is not to call the breakout, but rather to forecast a breakout is to happen. As a matter of fact, and our readers know it, we already had important breakouts for gold and for silver when expressed in other major currencies...and we called most, if not ALL of these.

WHY are Gold & Silvermine shares now lagging the price of $-Gold, and not preceding, as usual, is the case?

Gold and Silver Miner-shares are now finally FOLLOWING in the wake of the rising gold and silver price, not preceding as expected and usually is the case. Important for the investor is to understand WHY this is happening.  We did publish the reason for this in the updates on the Goldonomic sites and will do so again.

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The very foundations of the financial system are breaking down and this is going to be a MULTI-DECADE problem.  So, don't hope this will all go away and resume to normal. It will NOT! Because of some very important basic economic law, which says that when people are AFRAID, SCARED they consume LESS and will continue to do so even after the DANGER is gone, the general level of consumption will continue to stay low.  People will continue to spend less and if possible, save more.

Also, the SPENDING PATTERN of consumers is changing in a big and fundamental way. Commuting will tend to disappear. Instead of 2 automobiles per family, they will only need one. Because more and more people will work at home, OFFICE buildings will become obsolete. Restaurants will see fewer clients and the DIGITAL and Internet business will dramatically increase. (Well done Bill Gates).

"You are all about to become billionaires...only with your billions you won't be able to buy a loaf of bread."

We have a massive disconnect between the REAL ECONOMY and the Financial Markets. The Stock Markets have become a Casino, a big DIGITAL gamble. It is very hard, if possible at all to forecast WHEN the Huge Bubble will pop. However, we are 100% it will happen at some point in the near future. Important to understand, is that this will probably happen in Fiat Money terms only. 

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Wednesday, July 7, 2020 - COVID-19 is the developer of the Big Depression of the 21st century

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COVID-19 is the developer of the Big Depression of the 21st century. However, most of the people, most of the investors still DON'T SEE the picture. The reality is masked by the FEAR for this Flu-virus and a strong-incorrect belief that tomorrow all will be back to normal. NOT SO! As a matter of fact, politicians and authorities make it always ALL WORSE (as usual). Just like during the Big Depression of the 1930s', they do exactly the opposite of what must be done. Not only regarding the COVID-19 where the lockdowns retard the Herd Immunity, but also regarding the economy where they create more depression, more DEBT, and more fiat money out of thin air.

Victorias secret"If you have a job & your company is still operating, be very grateful."

    • Victoria's Secret declared bankruptcy.
    • The operator of 1,200 Pizza Hut restaurants and 400 Wendy's franchises files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid coronavirus pandemic citing debts of nearly $1BILLION.
    • Zara closed 1,200 stores.
    • La Chapelle withdrew 4391 stores.
    • Chanel is discontinued.
    • Hermes is discontinued.
    • Patek Philippe discontinued production.
    • Rolex discontinued production.
    • The world's luxury industry has crumpled.
    • Nike has a total of $23 billion US dollars preparing for the second stage of layoffs.
    • Gold's gym filed for bankruptcy
    • The founder of Airbnb said that because of the pandemic, 12 years of effort were destroyed in 6 weeks.
    • Even Starbucks also announced to permanently close its 600 stores.
    • WeWork isn't in a great spot either
    • Nissan Motor Co. may close down in the USA and is already closing factories in Europe.
    • Biggest Car Rental company (Hertz) filed for bankruptcy - they also own Thrifty and Dollar
    • Biggest Trucking company (Comcar) filed for bankruptcy - they have 4000 trucks
    • Oldest retail company (JC Penny) filed for bankruptcy - to be acquired by Amazon for pennies
    • The biggest investor in the world (Warren Buffet) lost $50B in the last 2 months
    • Biggest investment company in the world (BlackRock) is signaling disaster in the world economy - they manage over $7 Trillion
    • Biggest mall in America (Mall of America) stopped paying mortgage payments
    • Most reputable airline in the world "Emirates" laying off 30% of its employees
    • AirFrance-KLM is laying off thousands of employees
    • US Treasury & ECB printing trillions to try to keep the economy on life support

Estimated no. of retail stores closing in 2020 - 12,000 to 15,000. The following are big retailers that have announced closing:

      • J. Crew
      • Gap
      • Victoria's Secret
      • Bath & Body Works
      • Forever 21
      • Sears
      • Walgreens
      • GameStop
      • Pier 1 Imports
      • Nordstrom
      • Papyrus
      • Chico's
      • Destination Maternity
      • Modell's
      • A.C. Moore
      • Macy's
      • Bose
      • Art Van Furniture
      • Olympia Sports
      • K Mart
      • Specialty Cafe & Bakery
      • and many many more

Unemployment claims reached an all-time high of 38+ million - unemployment is over 35% (out of 160 million of the workforce, close to 40 million are jobless). With no income, consumer demand is falling drastically and the economy will go into a free fall. This is just the USA...

Under the weight of the new crown pandemic, many giants are facing the crisis of failure. 5 months of pandemic created even MORE of debt, and tens of thousands of companies went bankrupt. If you have a business & your company is still there, and there are no pay cuts or layoffs, please treat your company & customers well. Humans are facing a crisis that can no longer be controlled. The second half of 2020, is the challenge of corporate strength & relationship

"Humans are facing a crisis that can no longer be controlled. It is sauve qui peut!"

 Never seen in modern history.
 We can do it for 1/10th of the cost... 
adults with parents 2020 St Kitts Nevis

A plan B, a second permanent residency, and passport are AFFORDABLE to all. For more information, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Those keeping their Gold bars & Coins in a Safety deposit box with a bank or local vault will soon be in for a BIG, nasty surprise. As a first step towards taxation, French banks have to send by September 1st, 2020, all names of those holding a Safety Deposit Box with their bank to the tax authorities. Next step, they will have to send a detailed box inventory...like is already the case in Greece. Shipping Gold & Silver is no longer an easy job. Those who understand that it is better to move their Gold and Silver belongings better DO IT NOW!

"We offer Vaulting WITH a Concierge Service and 100% insurance in political stable countries."

We offer Vaulting WITH a Concierge Service. This is a UNIQUE SERVICE. No need to travel back and forth to the vault to add metals to your box or the take some out in case you need/want to sell any. Funds are wired to your bank account as instructed.

As a matter of fact, it is a lot safer and easier to have your Gold in one of our Vaults than in any Vault in your city/country.  Zero risks of theft, no need to take your metal to a dealer in order to have it sold.  No need to take delivery of your metal after you purchased some. Everything is done in the safest possible way. For more information, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Monday/Tuesday, July 5/6, 2020 - do you see the elephant in your room?.

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Can$-Gold & Can$/$/, £-Gold & £/€/$

when the market mechanism breaks its to the moon AliceWhat is herd immunity? Since no vaccine has been developed so far to protect the human body against the COVID-19, the population will have to develop resistance against coronavirus in a natural way, i.e through herd immunity. Lockdown makes herd immunity very hard and sometimes impossible.

Herd immunity is also called community immunity and herd or group protection. It occurs when 60% of the community is deemed immune to a disease (through vaccination and/or prior illness), making the spread of this disease from person to person unlikely. This can happen when many people contract the disease and in time build up an immune response to it (natural immunity). It may also occur many people are vaccinated against the disease to achieve immunity. Today, in Belgium, because of the lockdown policy enforced by a bunch of Idiots, Herd Immunity is only 3%.

What few people realize and even fewer Financial Analyst see, it that the CORONA-RABBIT-ELEPHANT is nothing but a huge trick to hide the fact that they are creating TRILLIONS of Fiat Money and DEBT in order to postpone something which is mathematically 100% sure to happen: the Big Depression of the 21st Century and a collapse of the financial & banking system. I know I keep stressing the previous point over and over again. This is done so that the largest group of people can understand what is likely to happen next and therefore prepare themselves AND their financial situation.

If one sees how many 'believe' in this COVID-thing, it is not hard to understand that so many 'believe' in a currency that isn't guaranteed by some Government, nor Central bank...and is DOOMED!

Stupid Bitcoin herd

This magnitude of debt can never be serviced at a low and even at a negative market interest rate. It can never be repaid with properly earned money. $18T represents 22% of Global GDP. And since almost all countries have deficits today, there is absolutely ZERO chance that this debt will ever be serviced or repaid in the future. Remember that the US has not had a proper budget surplus since 1960. (Please don’t write to me about the Clinton years. They were fake surpluses as debt continued to increase). In the Western World, Debt to GDP is rising to astronomical heights. Correct figures were published in earlier updates.

doctor zhivagoForget Real Estate all together. The government plans to set up a fund for landlords and mortgage holders “allowing them to recoup their losses, so long as they agree to abide by a set of fair renting and lending practices for a period of five years.” Some of those conditions include not raising the rent for five years, and not denying renters based on credit history, or criminal record.

"Just like at the outbreak of the RED REVOLUTION, Governments will soon tell you how many families can live in one house, to whom you must rent it out, and how much you can rent it out for."

Forget bank deposits and portfolios altogether. Dodd-Frank Act provides banks legal provisions to protect themselves with YOUR retirement savings during the next financial crisis. If you're not taking steps right now to protect yourself from the “bail-ins” put into place by the Dodd-Frank Act that allow banks to legally confiscate your retirement savings, then you could be more at risk than ever before. The same has become LAW in Europe where the BAILIN procedure has been put in legislation.  What "bail-ins" don't take away, INFLATION will take away.


 Never seen in modern history.
 Never seen in modern history. 

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Thursday/Friday, July 2/3, 2020 - those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat history.

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Silver, 

Those who don't learn from history or refuse to learn from history are DOOMED to repeat history. Whatever the Authorities may pretend, the economy is NOT coming back. This is the BIG DEPRESSION of the 21st Century. Every economic indicator, every financial statistic points in the direction of DEPRESSION. Those who stubbornly refuse to GET OUT of the FINANCIAL system NOW because of Fiat Paper Stock Market profits will lose all their savings. Those who have no plan B may become stuck in a war zone. The time to act is NOW!

 1930 tariffs

Modern Politicians behave in an immoral way. Tariffs, high taxation, bail-ins, bail-outs, Gold seized by Government, operation GUTT, operation Lieftinck,...Once treasury chests are empty and Governments are in debt, Authorities KILL, STEAL, TORTURE, print exponential amounts of Fiat Money, cause hyperinflation, but NEVER pay any taxes...Because they are Louis XVI , the LAW, as usual, one will see BLOOD in the streets before the people get rid of these RATS.

Banks and Central Banks are scum and the people pick up the bill when they go bankrupt! Whoever has (DIGITAL) equities, saving accounts, bank deposits will soon have to pick up the bill. We just don't know HOW MUCH of their savings will be GONE with the BANKS and WHEN it will be.

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Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 - Mainstream media become bullish on Gold & Silver.

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Iran nuke"Gold breaks $1,800 level for the first time since 2011"

Iran continues to insist that its nuclear program is designed for peaceful purposes despite all evidence of its military nature. This evidence includes the IAEA’s recent findings regarding Tehran’s progress in the field of uranium enrichment. Given Iran’s current uranium holdings and enrichment capabilities, it can theoretically break out from its NPT commitment and develop its first nuclear bomb within four months.

Cryptocurrency relies on data encryption. Under the LEAD-act, CRYPTOCURRENCY will effectively become illegal. The planned LEAD-act would require developers of operating systems, like Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS, to provide backdoor access to your computer. If this law passes, not only will the government be able to access your devices, but hackers will have endless new treasures of data to steal… courtesy of the United States Senate.

WhatsApp, for example, is one of the most popular texting apps in the world. A few years ago, Facebook (which owns WhatsApp) began implementing end-to-end encryption for all WhatsApp data. This means that any message you send someone via WhatsApp is immediately encrypted the moment it leaves your phone. Messages arrive at the WhatsApp servers fully encrypted. So any hacker (or Facebook engineer) who intercepts the data will see nothing but a garbled mess. And the message isn’t decrypted until it arrives at the intended recipient’s device. So the only people who can see the message in “clear text” are the two people participating in the conversation. No one else can eavesdrop, or download the data.

"The world stands today — on the verge of an implosion of the whole financial system. Just a small crack could push the whole system into a black hole."

Weimar ZimbabweWeimar & Zimbabwe are coming. The world’s central banks are now in the process of outshining both Weimar and Zimbabwe. Together with governments they have globally printed and borrowed $18 trillion since COVID started. And since the Great Financial crisis started in 2006 they have more than doubled the global debt from $125 trillion to over $275 trillion. 

We talk about billions, trillions, and quadrillions as if we understood what it means but nobody really does. It is absolutely impossible to fathom what a trillion is. Let’s start by counting to one trillion. It will take you 32,000 years. And then you would have to count very fast, never hesitate nor make a mistake – nor start from the beginning again. Ok, so the $18T just created globally, how long would that take? Almost 600,000 years. So clearly totally unrealistic and impossible.

Virtually all the money created by the US government and the Fed in the last 20 years is totally worthless because any money created at will out of thin air is by definition fake. If all that was required to print the $10s of trillions was to press a button and nothing was produced by way of goods or services, then the money has ZERO value.

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