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This is how others did...









If your savings are                 misallocated you can and will loose      them overnight.
Market manipulations eventually led to the economic collapse of the USSR. They also sinned with fractional reserve banking and misallocation of funds. These pose extraordinary dangers to global economic health and your savings. We 'think' (life teached us to stay humble) that we have the knowledge and the experience to lead you through this storm without taking risks. When we have fresh news it always is important news and valid for a reasonable period of time. Subscribe now....$575 - 400 will save you a lot of trouble...click here to subscribe.

In reality the markets are in fact NEVER wrong, only our interpretations. We are the ones who are watching and listening to the markets (German, Spanish, French, Dutch,..) are traveling all over the world and have those charts which don't leave anything to imagination. If you expect to survive financially in these markets, you better subscribe (for less than $1.10 a day) and listen to us. For what is coming is the worst of al evils.

Note:  We told our subscribers - First Majestic Silver went up from $ 0,87 to $ 8


Did you check by how much the portfolio made out of our Juniors went up since we advised to BUY?  Not bad at all for somebody who cannot manipulate the markets like HSBC and JP Morgan did.

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