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Wednesday & Thursday, September 18/19, 2019  What have Rome, New York and Aramco have in common ?

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gartman on oilNero burned Rome, Bush & Cheney burned the Twin towers, somebody (CIA - Saudi's?) Droned the Aramco oil fields in Saudi Arabia...or is vital for both Aramco and the USA that the crude oil price stays high! Such was becoming difficult with the recession. They first tried the Street of Hormuz, next Gibraltar and now this.

The drone strikes on Saudi Arabian Oil could not have come ar a better time for the world's central bankers who'd like to see higher consumer prices. With $100 oil the price of everything you buy will rise to unseen levels.

"About half of Aramco's oil production interrupted due to drone strikes."

Oil jumps the most ever. Oil prices spiked 20%  by the opening of trading on Monday, and then settled lower. But they would have to run much higher to throw the U.S. economy into a recession, writes CNBC's Jeff Cox. As this chart  shows, oil prices typically need to jump more than 90% before the rise leads to a recession and we are nowhere near the danger zone.

After the Hormuz-Gibraltar conflict failed, this was the next logic step. As long as the USA has plenty of oil (thanks to fracking) it sits in the position England was during the days of the North Sea Oil, it could pump and sell its oil and so keep the balance of payments in equlibrium. In order to keep the US-fracking profitable, the oil price should stay as high as possible and if possible at $80 and more per barrel.

The Venerzuala crisis also comes at the right time and won't be solved as long as the USA can export its fracking oil. The less oil Venezuela produces, the higher they can keep the oil price.

Note: If your financial advisor - like Hartman does - pretends the price of crude oil will fall, the price of Gold & Silver will fall (Harry Dent), better start working with somebody who has brains in his skull..

Most of the people out there have grown up with FIAT MONEY and don't get that one cannot print money indefinitely without destroying the financial system and the economy. When I say "most people" this includes leading politicians, the staff of the ECB, the FED, the Central Banks and even the Bankers. Often people work a lifetime in the banking sector and still don't understand what is happening and how the system is operating.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The "spoofing" attributed to the JPM traders is the smaller part of the manipulation of the markets, the bigger part being click here to continue

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Monday & Tuesday, September 16/17, 2019 - Can you imagine that less than 1% holds gold/silver and do you realize what this means?

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ignoranceApres-moi, le déluge. Outgoing President Mario Draghi will be hoping his final policy decision at the helm will help the bloc avoid a recession and get growth and inflation back on track.

Incoming replacement Christine Lagarde (a woman who knows more about fashion than economics)  has already called for more fiscal stimulus to complement the ECBs' policy and her BAZOOKA stands ready to be used.

The ECB will print as much fiat money as required in order to try to keep the system alive. Even if this means Hyperinflation.

European Central Bank cuts its deposit rate, launches new bond-buying program. The central bank’s quantitative easing program will entail 20 billion euros per month of asset purchases for as long as it deems necessary. In other words, they will print money all the way until the system fails because of hyperinflation.

Although we have inflation, the interest rates are close to ZERO and even negative. In other words, FIAT MONEY has de facto become WORTHLESS. As nothing comes for free, somebody will have to pay for this stupidity.  That somebody will probably be you. GOT GOLD ?

"Some people are so crazy to believe that - after having lost everything because they believed the government's fables about fiat money -  the people will find it OK to put their trust and savings in something intangible by the name of cryptocurrencies"

Few realize that those liars, those who keep selling FAIRY TALES are TRAINED & SHREWD CRIMINALS (politicians).  Therefore if you have Gold & Silver and you don't keep it out of political reach, and you don't keep it out of the bank system, you have paper gold, you may as well have none as they will take it away from you anyway. Even if they have to torture you.

"Today's miracle is that 99% of the people, is that the HERD doesn't want to admit they are being robbed in broad daylight by the Draghi, by Powell, by the Central Banks, by the leaders they keep voting into power. Instead, they BELIEVE that the CLOWNS they elected and voted into power will SAFE them..."

Both the elected and the non-elected CLOWNS are becoming more dangerous each day. While "the same guys who were responsible for all the dead people" keep remembering 9/11, WW I, WW II, you must be aware you cannot trust the ELECTED people with you life....and certainly not with your money. If you realize they don't give a F...K each time they send millions into their dead, you must know they give even less when they rob whatever SAVINGS you have and that if necessary they will use force and even torture you to get whatever they want to get from you. Especially these days as they are short of money.

The so-called Terrorists who allegedly flew the JETS in the Twin Towers could IMPOSSIBLY have done this with their knowledge and experience. Every professional pilot will confirm it. The aircrafts filled with explosives - better DRONES - were therefore flown into the Towers and the Pentagon by professionals (CIA)...click here for more

Important Fundamentals:

  • Worst case scenario, if we are wrong with our forecast on the Dollar-Euro exchange rate, we know for 100% sure that BOTH currencies will lose a lot versus real money or gold and silver. In the end, that is all what matters!
  • June core ...click here to continue

It is extremely hard for most people to stay long during a bull market because the bull wants to take as few riders with it as possible.  As a result, most investors get shaken out and miss the really big moves.  Stay long and be patient.

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Important Technicals:

  • Bearish Wedge and Bearish signals for the xxxx. A weak xxxx could spark the next upleg for Gold and Silver. See charts in xxxxx section.
  • €-Gold is testing the 2019 all time high. Those who sold out their Gold the past years, must be eating their hat! Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
  • Gold & Silver ready for a next upleg?...click here to continue

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Friday, September 13, 2019 - In The Next Recession, the S&P Will Drop Below 666 and Silver will rise above $666?!

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We have Zero & Negative interest rates and there is a lot more to come. Central banks decided that they need to unleash more central planning that the USSR, and effectively kill the business cycle, so rather than seeing shorter cycles of around 40 months, the US & Europe are still enjoying the longest economic cycle in its history of 122 months and counting.

There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion (debt). The sooner it happens, the better. The longer it is postponed, the deeper the crash and the harder the pain.

von mises quote

However if one looks at the campaigns of potential socialist US presidents, it becomes abundantly clear that helicopter money. And once said socialists promise enough free shit, it is only a matter of time before they are elected. After all, everyone likes free shit. In Europe, the ECB has already made clear that they took The Bazooka out and that they are preparing to fire it.

"We may have both low & zero interest rates and helicopter money at the same time!?"

The odds and danger is that helicopter money won't be able fill the swimming pool and cushion the equity market’s descent. The next recession may not be different from the last one, and equities may continue to collapse despite massive monetary stimulus.

Important Fundamentals:

  • With negative rates, governments can borrow more than ever, and will!  Many investors will do the same thing and (like governments) invest millions or billions into projects that are just marginally profitable. So with negative rates, governments and central banks are not solving the debt problem of the world but exacerbating it. By trying to solve a debt problem with more debt, the problem will grow exponentially before it implodes. In the end, no one will buy the debt. .click here to continue

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Thursday, September 12, 2019 - Did we see the end of the correction of the Gold & Silver sector?

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People don't seem to understand that in life NOTHING comes for free.  There is a student debt crisis in the USA and tuition fees go up all over the world. The citizen, the people pay for every cent of taxes.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:


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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - The 1920s'-30s' was the last time Banks & Governments went bankrupt.

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Hayek's road to serfdom in 5 minutes.

During the 1920's & 1930's and after World War II, many banks went bankrupt and many countries had to reschedule their debt. As most people who lived these times are either dead or in their 90ties, there are few or no living souls to testify about these miserable times. To add insult to injury, after there were many banks going bankrupt, Governments confiscated the money of their citizens. Each country had a different excuse to do so...however in the end, all lost their savings. The USA even decided they had to seize the people's Gold. After WWII they raised taxes to unseen high levels.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Countries worldwide ready to dump the US-Dollar.

.click here to continue

Important Technicals:

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - people cannot believe the money they are born with is going to die!

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The new operation GUTT will have a green color. Ripley's believe it or not, but the whole GREEN HOAX has been set up in order to be able to tax the citizens until they turn green. 

Green bonds

Lagarde, head of the IMF will issue GREEN BONDS (QE4) to save the climate. All Europeans - especially the institutional investors - will be FORCED to subscribe/buy these. These bonds will have low and/or negative REAL YIELDS and Pension Funds, (re)Insurance Co's , Banks and other institutions in Europe must BY LAW subscribe to these bonds.

"Under Basel III Banks are now allowed to hold Gold Bars in their reserves."

Under Basel III Banks are now allowed to hold Gold Bars in their reserves. What many don't realize, is that it is by law forbidden for the above institutions (except for Banks) to hold physical Gold and/or Silver and/or to hold BANKNOTES is a Vault.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

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Monday, September 9, 2019 - The whole thing is gonna come down in panic!

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¥-Gold & ¥/$/€, Kr-Gold & Kr/$/€, Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$/€, Rupee-Gold, World Stock Market Ind.

The whole thing is gonna come down in panic because the HERD doesn't believe it will. Because the Herd BELIEVES governments will come to their rescue. In reality, the Governments will start to rob you even more. Remember the 1930's. Food stocks were so cheap because consumers lost all buying power. In a vain effort to push up prices, the IDIOT of a Roosevelt forced farmers to BURN crops!?  


Important Fundamentals:

  • Once we run into hyperinflation, Bonds (Money) will become worthless and Stocks, Real Estate skyrocket in NOMINAL terms only. In other words, these assets classes will be worthless. Only click here to continue

Important Technicals:

  • The xxxxxx sector is coming alive! click here to continue
  • We expect xxxxxxx to be the best investment vehicles for the coming years.click here to continue
  • During uptrend, corrections are always "swift & violent". See charts below for Support and Resistance levels. Apparently, the Gold Pool Cartel needed trillions to slam the price of gold down this past week...We know don't mind at all as we know they played the same song during the 1960-s-70's...and it doesn't work!

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Thursday & Friday, September 5/6 - 2019 - Why this is not the time to buy a house!

Updated Sections: Silver, Swiss-Gold, £-Gold & £/€/$, R-Gold & R/$/€, €-Gold & €/$

Renting versus buying can be a dilemma. Unless you buy a property at a price which is way to high and/or you buy a property at the top of the cycle (like now).

Renting versus buying a house: the 5% rule.

  1. If you buy a house with a mortgage, you must realize that - for example -  a house selling for $500,000 will cost you double or $1,000,000 if you buy it with a 30 year mortgage. 
  2. If you buy a house with a mortgage, the house is property of the bank until the mortgage has been fully paid.
  3. If you buy a house, the house becomes property of the Government after you fully paid for it. The house thus NEVER becomes your property.
  4. Buying a house is spending a obscene amount of money for an address. By buying the house, you become a slave chained to this house.
  5. You can break a "lease" but you cannot break a 30 year mortgage without suffering financially.
  6. To buy a house and pay cash, is a one sided bullish operation.
  7. To buy a house with a mortgage is a one sided leveraged bullish operation.
  8. A shelter will always cost you money, even if you buy a house. Renting can be extremely profitable certainly if you invest your capital wisely.
  9. Houses are just like shares: when the price starts to go up too fast, it's time to sell.
  10. A house is subject to wear and tear. Those who buy a house with a 30 year mortgage end with owning an old, outdated property the day it has been paid off.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Looking at a century of Home Prices, the conclusion is that "real return" is zero or less than zero. A terrible track record if you bear in mind that most Real Estate investments are made with a leverage (Mortgage).
  • The last 100 years, adjusted for inflation , a house has gone up by 1% only.
  • The Eurozone faces the worst combination of click here to continue

Important Technicals:

gold 2019 09 04 Silver 2019 09 04

Mind boggling is the fact that there are still a bunch of Einsteins out there who don't believe Gold and Silver have much room left on the upside!

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Monday & Tuesday/Wednesday, September 2/3/4, 2019 - Labour day...and Dorian day.

Updated Sections: Silver, Royalties, Majors, Juniors, Copper & Platinum shares, 
Investment Pyramid,

Dorian may affect the updates for this coming week. Stay tuned!

Dorian 2019 08 29 at 6.25.39 PM

Important: If you have to renew your subscription, better take advantage of our Labor Day special as subscriptions will be enforced the coming weeks...click here

Few people realize what REALLY is going on and what Negative Bond yields will result in and that we are living in extraordinarily dangerous times.

The West is on a cliff edge and the risk is financial, economic, social and political. Emerging markets are a safe haven and the WEST is a political risk!

Donald Amstad from Aberdeen Standard Investments delivers a sobering assessment on the state of developed market economies.

Developed economies are at a crisis point, the powers of unconventional monetary policy are exhausted, and markets are just beginning to wake up to this. That’s the sobering assessment on the current state of the global economy delivered by Donald Amstad from Aberdeen Standard Investments...click here to continue

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