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Wednesday, October 15, 2019 - IN AN ILLUSORY WORLD - GOLD IS THE TRUTH-TELLER.

Updated Sections: Juniors (all), Recession proof shares (LOCG), 

PanamaPanama will lead the growth in Central America to grow 4.5% in 2019 and 4.6% in 2020. The World Bank indicated that the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) entered a new stage of underperformance economic, but greater integration into international trade and global value chains could reignite economic growth.

"Over the coming years at least 25% of the jobs in the financial sector will be eliminated."

Dutch Central Bank Issues Stunning Warning: "If The Entire System Collapses, Gold Will Be Needed To Start Over" . An article published by the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), or Dutch Central Bank, has shocked many with its claim that "if the system collapses, the gold stock can serve as a basis to build it up again. Gold bolsters confidence in the stability of the central bank's balance sheet and creates a sense of security."

"A bar of gold retains its value, even in times of crisis. This makes it the opposite of "shares, bonds and other securities" all of which have inherent risk and prices can go down."

It is hardly a coincidence that in its preparation for monetary doomsday, the Dutch Central Bank is also set to begin cracking down on crypto exchanges and wallets, stating that "firms offering services for the exchange between cryptos and regular money, and crypto wallet providers must register with De Nederlandsche Bank."

"Be advised that when the system collapses, Central Banks will need LOTS of GOLD and that at that time Governments will try to SEIZE your Gold!."

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Dutch Central Bank is admitting not only did gold not destabilize the monetary system, but it will be its only savior when everything crashes. Be advised that Central Banks and authorities will DENY this until it becomes the rule. They always do. This pattern sits in their DNA.
  • See table below for the Gold Supply figures.

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Important Technicals:

  • xxxxx xxxx and xxxxx show BUY signals + High Volume. This points towards a lower Dollar, and/or towards a potentially higher xxxxx.
  • xxxxx xxxx are bottoming out and bouncing up their 50 days moving averages, therefore Gold and Silver must also be bottoming out. However, we may have to way for some spark (example. a Hard or Semi-Hard BREXIT) to launch the next upleg.

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  •  Silver price manipulation.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 75 years ago people lost the bulk of their assets because of the Operation Gutt!

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NBB Gutt fileOnly 75 years ago people lost the bulk of their assets (including their Gold and Silver) because of Operation Gutt. People hung and/or set themselves on fire. Most victims have passed away and few remember those days or have ever heard about the story of pillage in broad daylight by government.

75 years ago in May 1944, the Belgian franc was devaluated by 32.6% against gold (just like in the USA). Months later on September 4, 1944, THE OPERATION GUTT was initiated. The government had decided to seize the Belgian and foreign securities and all money instruments, and to confiscate whatever it could and closed the stock & financial markets. The operation was sold as a means to cleanse out the war profits but in reality, it was a confiscation by the government to make the citizens pay for the war debt.

Under the Minister of Finance, Camille Gutt, all bank/broker accounts were frozen. October 12, 1944, Finance Minister Camille Gutt addresses the Belgian citizens explaining that a major money exchange operation would be launched on 9 October. Between 9 and 12 October, the population had to exchange all Belgian francs for a limited amount of new notes, the balance would be blocked for a period of 40 years in a low yielding War-loan.

Only authorized banks and post offices were allowed to exchange money. Per family, a maximum of 2000 francs was paid out in new banknotes. Bank accounts were subject to the same measures.

"A man committed suicide while he burned his mattress filled with banknotes He left a letter asking Gutt to pay for his funeral"

Gutt galgThe measures Gutt took were followed in other liberated countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and later France. When it happened in France, Louis Renault (the automobile manufacturer) committed suicide.

"Gold and Silver were also subject to the massive confication."

Gold and Silver were also subject to confiscation.  While in those days it may have been easier to hide these from the Governments, today with DIGITAL MONEY and the digitization of the financial world, such has become completely impossible.  Those who have not moved their physical gold/silver out of political reach will lose it all to the Government when they decide the time has come.

"Negative interest rates are nothing but the beginning of the 21st Century GUTT operation."

Negative interest rates are just a prelude to the coming massive debt conversion. We expect that Authorities will convert their debt obligations into long term bonds (100 years and longer) when the time has come.

No doubt that the operation Gutt was drastic. Not only does it proof that one cannot freely dispose of his own money, but also that once a government has a knowledge of what their citizens possess it can raise taxes as it pleases and confiscate whatever it wants. Even your Gold and Silver.

Click here for more on Gutt....The Remake of the operation Gutt

Important Fundamentals:

  • The odds to see a correction on the Stock Markets are growing each day. However, the odds to see a SEVERE 1929 CRASH ...Click here for more
  • DRDGold, a Johannesburg-listed company... Click here for more

Important Technicals:

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Monday, October 14, 2019 - The death of Europe and Madness of the Crowds.

Updated Sections: Long Term Stock Market Indexes, Royalties, Majors,  ,  

"The strange death of Europe" and "the Madness of Crowds" are two very interesting and actual books. The video highlights the main topics of the books.  It also explains WHY The People are acting and reacting the way they are and are so giving up centuries of civilization...It explains why there is no way back:  Europe is DOOMED and we will live the end. A very interesting video everyone must watch.

Brexit is an ultimate effort for Britain not to become part of the "strange death of Europe". Remarkable for a country where cities as London and Manchester have already been taken over by Muslim immigrants and are no longer British.  A country and a continent can survive an economic crisis, but cannot survive large scale invasions and/or "a present on a silver plate"  like happened in South Africa when the last white president F. W. De Klerk  'donated' his country to a criminal by the name of Nelsen Mandela. Ever since South Africa is becoming a dangerous place to be where not only the "rights" but also the lives of Whites are in great danger. Since Mandela took over, the South African rand lost 80% versus the US-Dollar and the Euro.  Johannesburg is now a dangerous 'BLACK' city looking like any other 'African Black city' with garbage dumps in the middle of the streets, dilapidated buildings, crime, ...

There is little doubt that at this time European leaders are giving away Europe to the Invading Barbarians. This is exactly what Douglas Murray highlights by saying that the beauty of Florence is given away to what is defined as "Refugees" or people who will destroy and consume whatever they can. Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Manchester,...have become hellholes where Immigrants have more rights and the local population has fewer and fewer rights.

"To have a Permanent Residence in a politically stable country is each one's moral obligation."

Being aware and experiencing what is happening right under our nose, it is everyone's obligation to have a plan "B" . To work on a "Permanent Residence" in a political STABLE country is each one's moral obligation.  Once things really turn sour, it will be too late and become unaffordable. Those who think 'Authorities' and/or 'Politicians' will save them probably don't know that as soon as things turn sour, the first to leave the ship is the RATS: members of Government, Royalties, Politicians.  Our advice is to go for your 2nd permanent residence NOW. While everybody can still afford it! - send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form of the Goldonomic site for more information. We have a 100% success rate.

"Governments & Royalties are always the 1st Rats to leave the country once things turn sour!"

Note: both books of Douglas Murray have been translated in several languages and we strongly advise to read these.


U.S. Debt (=money supply) Balloons $800 Billion In Two Months.
The rate at which black swans are showing up in the world should scare the hell out of people. But, unfortunately, everyone seems to be lost in the highly complex technology of I-phones, computers, social media, and the telly to notice that something is definitely wrong. The current situation reminds me of a famous scene in the Monty Python movie, The Holy Grail, where a guy is banging a bell and saying, "Bring out your dead."

Most people simply don't realize what is happening. They can't understand what is happening. They are blinded by the lies of the Politicians and their Mainstream Media. They FAIL TO THINK! Many were born in LALA-land and are convinced they will die in LALA-land.

No matter what Powell and Specialist Mme Lagarde claim, the FED and the ECB are doing QE (creation of money out of thin air). The goal is to suppress interest rates to sustain debt and asset bubbles. The only difference is that this time it won't work!

 Note: the DEBT/Fiat Money creation out of thin air in the EU is even BIGGER than what the FED does in the USA.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Dollar is going to get killed (the Euro as well) and more...A MUST WATCH!

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  • A sale of € 487.5 million 13-week bills last Wednesday drew Greece's first-ever negative yield of -0.02% as investors now pay bankrupt Athens for the privilege of lending it money. Greece has now joined other bankrupt EU-countries like Italy, Spain, a.o. in this morbid game.

greece negative yield 2019

Important Technicals:

  • Most technical analysts look at short-term trends, but if you want to determine if an asset has begun a new bull market, it’s probably more instructive to look at the long-term picture. Either the BAR-charts and even better the PF-charts will do. This is a chart of quarterly gold prices from 1975 through the third quarter of this year (September 2019). Notice the similarities between now and ...Click here for more

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Thursday & Friday, October 10/11, 2019 - The Bond Market is the Biggest Bubble of our Lifetime!

Updated Sections: Indexes in Real Money or Gold (probably the most important section) ,

Screen Shot 2019 10 09 at 3.19.45 PMFed's Balance Sheet Ballooned by $176 Billion Since September. The next bail-out or bail-in will be bigger than the 2008 one. Under Powell, normalization now means increasing the Fed's balance sheet to as yet undefined heights.  Within a few months, the  Fed's balance sheet will exceed the $4.5 trillion peak it hit prior to the FED starting QE. Sometime next year we expect the Fed's balance sheet to grow beyond $5 trillion and will keep growing indefinitely. But don't worry, it's not QE!

Powell announces the FED is 'not' doing QE - and the IDIOTS believe it!

The Bond Market is the Biggest Bubble of our Lifetime.  On a global level, bonds with a value of about $15 trillion currently trade with a negative yield. What’s going on here? For every investor today, the starting point must be the bond market. Just a few weeks ago, we had $17 trillion of negative-yielding debt. We’re now down to about 15, but even that is way too much. This is investment money that is guaranteed to produce a loss of capital. These extreme levels in today’s bond market can only have two possible explanations. One, the world faces an economic meltdown of epic proportions. Two, the bond market is the biggest bubble we have ever witnessed. The only way anyone can justify buying bonds with a negative yield is if they believe the deflationary argument is self-fulfilling.

So much for those who pretend Gold doesn't pay interest and is a bad investment.

Gold return 2019 10 08

Government has become a MONSTER destroying Free Entreprise, killing the economy and society. People must be extremely naive to believe the Government can and will bring anything good, ever. The video clearly explains how this is done.

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Important Fundamentals:

us gold exports 2019 10 08

  • Banks cannot and will not survive on low and negative interest rates! People should Click here for more
  • HSBC Holdings Plc is planning to cut up to 10,000 jobs, more than Click here for more

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - People live by their emotions rather than by Reason.

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Majors - Fundamentals

apes“Devolved Parliament,” showing Britain’s House of Commons populated by chimpanzees, sold for £ 9.9 million with fees, or about $12.1 million, at Sotheby’s, setting an auction high for his work. Few people realize the Government,  Authorities are nothing more but a bunch of narcissist apes craving for power and money and that they don't give anything about The People. Most people DREAM that they can change something by voting. Not so!

People live by their EMOTIONS rather than by REASON.  They live by emotion and their approach is to feed emotions rather than moving on from them. Moving on requires honest reflection, which most persons are terrified of. Hedonistic addictions and constant guilt projection shut down any honest thinking process.

Without thinking too much, negative rates indicate that the economy is unable to generate sufficient income to service its debt. Debt Politicians & Central Banks generated over the past decennial and since 1971. Almost always, all roads lead us back to debt sustainability levels. In order for an economic system to reduce debt, it requires growth or inflation or currency devaluation. For an economic system to exercise one of the two (growth not included), the capital transfer is to be facilitated. This capital movement in a negative rate environment is from the savers to the borrowers. Your invested value, the money you gave to borrowers would have a value lower than the face value. Barbaric! Savers should be the winners, not the borrowers!

Developed economies are at a crisis point, the powers of unconventional monetary policy are exhausted, and markets are just beginning to wake up to this. When developed markets finally crack, there will be serious implications for every asset class and economy.

The emerging markets have more levers to pull when compared to developed markets, where the money printing taps have been turned on and interest rate settings are near zero. In the emerging world, economic and monetary policy is broadly orthodox. It is the West that is running unorthodox economic and monetary policy and it is the West, ironically, that is now on the cliff edge.

"Central Banks Are Creating Bubbles Instead Of Helping The Economy; The Result Will Be A Disaster."

Important Fundamentals:

  • DOW/GOLD AT THE BEGINNING OF A 95% FALL. Since 1999, the Dow is down 63% against gold. Just since April this year the Dow has fallen 20% against gold. But this is just the beginning. This ratio will go below the zero line, where it was in 1980. This size of such a fall in the Dow/Gold ratio means that if you hold gold instead of stocks, you will avoid a relative loss of at least 95% in the next few years. Click here for more

Important Technicals:

"Every ship at the bottom of the ocean also had a chart room." There's an important caveat, there, however: Were the navigators looking at the charts? Stock charts only tell you something if you want to hear it...

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Monday & Tuesday, October 7/8, 2019 - The Herd has an IQ as big as a Goldfish in a bowl.

Updated Sections: SA-Rand & Gold, Kr-Gold & Krona, Yuan Gold & Yuan, Rupee-Gold, World Stock Market Indexes (partly),

circusThe World and the Financial Markets have become one giant Casino ruled by Politicians, Central Banks, and their Propaganda Tricks,  Fiat Money creation, Interest Rate manipulation, market rigging. One day in the not too distant figure, this will all blow up. If we are happy, the circus we live in may last until 2024. At that time, it is almost sure the Democrats (read: Socialists, Communists) will take over and break the back of the Camel. Of course, this can already happen today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. TIMING is very hard, if possible at all. 

"Politicians have become dangerous Clowns, Central Bankers their toys and the world one dangerous Circus-Circus."

‘When the catharsis happens and the cops raid the house of ill repute, they carry out the good girls, the bad girls, and the piano player too.’ And that’s what’s going to happen in these financial markets when the big reset comes — everything is going to be given a pretty nasty haircut. So the idea then is to get out of the casino, liquidate stocks, liquidate bonds, get into cash and get into gold. And there’s going to be some really attractive opportunities to deploy cash once this happens. Of course, only for those who have stored their buying power into the correct safe instruments and kept these out of political reach. 

"Philip the Fair had the Crusaders tortured until they confessed where they had hidden their Gold." 

King Phillip IV of France set his sights on the fabled riches of the Knights Templar. His aim was to confiscate all their treasuries and properties in France, but he had to achieve ittemplars legally (Hitler also never did something illegal). He had to accuse them of crimes so heinous that, if proved, no one would dare come to their rescue. He had to accuse all of them, and he had to find a way to make the charges stick.

And he had to be quick about it because battle-hardened Templar knights were already returning to France. Also, he wanted to hand pope Clement a stack of confessions so damning that the pope would lose his stomach for siding with the Order. By making the charges religious in nature, Phillip would be seen not as an avaricious thief, but as a noble servant of God. [Ever heard of Global Warming? - History never changes...only the players and the setup change]

 "Today, Phillip will take away your pension, your savings, tax your real estate(s) to death and try to seize all your gold."

The idea that the consumer is strong and will save the economy is nonsense. Consumers have never been weaker. Their ability to spent is contingent on their willingness and ability to go deeper into debt. Both will end soon. The party is over. Time to pay the piper!

The Fed claims it is not doing QE, but last weeks it's balance sheet expanded by $88.1 bn. ...Click here for more

Important Fundamentals:

  • QE-4 has been initiated and the odds are that this will propel the stock markets to new highs. However, in our opinion, the Gold & Silver sector will do much better and will be a lot safer vehicle. We 'do hope' the stock markets resume their bull trend as this will SUPPORT even higher prices in the Gold & Silver sector.
  • xxxxx: Under the Radar Value with 5G and Cloud...Click here for more
  • xxx xxxx trims plans for Canadian cobalt mine on weak prices.

Important Technicals:

  • Our PF-chart of Gold expressed in Yuan & comment says it all. If you don't have Gold and/or Silver and you don't buy any now, you're a F****G RETARD?!
  • Gold & Silver: a... Click here for more
  • If and when the stock markets break their STOP BUY lines (overhead resistance zone), they will - by doing so - signal the stock markets will move into the hyperinflation-mode and will go a lot higher.   
  • The bar chart of Gold expressed in Krona below says it all...see the BUY-VOLUME on the chart. This has to break out... Click here for more

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Friday, October 4, 2019 - Gold and Silver ETFs are just a BAD idea. Just like any FIAT PAPER GOLD is a BAD idea.

Updated Sections: Aussie & Aussie-Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold , CanDollar & Gold, ¥en & Gold, 
£-British Pound & Gold

fools gold

Gold and Silver ETFs are just a BAD idea. Just like any FIAT PAPER GOLD is a BAD idea. Just like Gold & Silver options and warrants are a bad idea. Just like keeping your Gold & Silver in a Bank-vault is a bad idea. Just like keeping all your Gold & Silver withing political reach is a bad idea. With this type of debt instrument, you don’t actually own the gold yourself. You become a creditor with nothing more than a claim on someone else’s gold. Having said this, keeping all your money with a bank is as stupid.

There’s really no substitute for owning physical gold; it is an easy way to store a LOT of wealth outside of the financial system… and that’s an idea that everyone ought to consider. Most people hold their savings in bank or brokerage accounts, both of which can be quickly frozen by countless government agencies with nothing more than a phone call to your financial institution. This happens every single day to innocent people who have never done anything wrong in their lives.

"The culture of compliance among banks today is so extreme that they adopt a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ mentality to every single transaction."

These days, banks routinely freeze their customers’ accounts because they find completely normal, harmless transactions to be ‘suspicious’. The culture of compliance among banks today is so extreme that they adopt a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ mentality to every single transaction, treating their depositors like criminal suspects instead of valued customers. You’d have to be insane to keep 100% of your savings trapped in this kind of financial system where you can be so easily separated from your funds.

Unlike bank and brokerage accounts, gold stored in your safe in a vault is 100% under your control. And even a relatively small safe can hold millions of dollars worth of gold. Most Vaults INSURE your goods and in some vaults, you can even insure your goods against political risk (read: war).

Note: The banking system is in dire shape and to add injury to injury, Compliance makes things even worse. Our guess is that the Banking system will, best case scenario, survive until 2014.

Screen Shot 2019 10 03 at 2.56.44 PM
NEW YORK Housing Prices In Near ‘Free Fall,’ Conditions Mirror Recession Era.
  The Manhattan real estate market stumbled in the third quarter of 2019, new reports show, as prices plunged and fewer buyers were willing to purchase higher-priced properties in the wake of two recent tax increases.

The median sales price for properties fell 17 % from the same quarter last year, to $999,950. The average sales price dropped 12 %, to $1.64 million. Condominium sales fell 8 %, logging 946 transactions.

Note: wise investors buy Real Estate when interest rates are HIGH and sell when interest rates are LOW/Negative (like now). IDIOTS take a mortgage at a low, zero or negative interest rate and buy real estate now.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Don't buy Gold & Silver Bars. The day comes that Gold will sell for $3,700 per oz.  One bar will be worth $120,000 and that is a lot of money. If at that time you need to sell some gold, you have to sell your 1 kg. bar instead of some gold coins.
  • Exchange your Gold & Silver bars for Click here for more

Important Technicals:

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Thursday, October 3, 2019 - the creation of fiat money out of thin air sends incorrect signals to the entrepreneurs.

Updated Sections: , 

death of money

The creation of Fiat Money out of thin air and the resulting low/negative interest rates sends DANGEROUS incorrect signals to Entrepreneurs and Politicians
. It is all so simple that few actually understand it.  There is no such thing as FREE MONEY and ZERO/NEGATIVE interest rates can only exist momentarily.  Sooner or later, any system will revert to normalcy. The longer the natural laws of the economy are violated, the harder and the more catastrophic the return to NORMALCY will be.

"Normalcy is Positive interest rates and REAL money, and Money that cannot be printed or manufactured by human beings."

The Fiasco of Fiat Money by the Mises Institute

Today's worldwide paper-, or "fiat-," money regime is an economically and socially destructive scheme — with far-reaching and seriously harmful economic and societal consequences, effects that extend beyond what most people would imagine.

Fiat money is inflationary; it benefits a few at the expense of many others; it causes boom-and-bust cycles; it leads to overindebtedness; it corrupts society's morals, and it will ultimately end in a depression on a grand scale.

The fiat-money regime essentially rests on central bankingmeaning that a government-sponsored central bank holds the money-production monopoly — and fractional-reserve banking, denoting banks issuing money created out of thin air, or ex nihilo.

In The Mystery of Banking, Murray N. Rothbard uncovers the fiat-money regime — with central banking and fractional-reserve banking — as a form of embezzlement, a scheme of thievery.

Fiat money is not only inflationary, thereby causing all the economic and societal evils of eroding the purchasing power of money and leading to a non-free-market related redistribution of income and wealth among the people; banks' circulation credit expansion also artificially lowers the market interest rate to below the rate that would prevail had the credit and fiat-money supply not been artificially raised, thereby making debt financing unduly attractive, especially for government.

It is the artificial lowering of the market interest rate that also induces an artificial boom, which leads to overconsumption and malinvestment, and which must ultimately end in a bust. Mises put it succinctly:

The boom cannot continue indefinitely. There are two alternatives. Either the banks continue the credit expansion without restriction and thus cause constantly mounting price increases and an ever-growing orgy of speculation, which, as in all other cases of unlimited inflation, ends in a "crack-up boom" and in a collapse of the money and credit system. Or the banks stop before this point is reached, voluntarily renounce further credit expansion and thus bring about the crisis. The depression follows in both instances.

Click here to read more on the Mises site

Click on the picture below for more on inflation and deflation.

"The curse of deflation is that it increases the burden of debts. Incomes fall: debts stay the same. This way lies suffocation."

Also, in a cycle of (hyper)inflation, we see a shift from HOCG to LOCG. In other words, because of the misallocation of funds into HOCG, the supply of these goods is too large for the consumers to absorb. The general price level of these goods tends to fall. On the other hand, because of the same misallocation of funds, there is a shortage in supply of LOCG and the general price level of these goods goes up. The (hyper)inflation cycle will last until all of the misallocated funds have shifted from the HOCG into the LOCG and the supply of these goods and the demand is in equilibrium. [note:  HOCG or High Order Capital Goods - LOCG or Low Order Consumer Goods.]

example: 1. because of very low-interest rates, a cookie factory might decide to take on more debt and expand its production. However, because of the general condition of the markets, the supply of the cookies is too large for the consumers to absorb.  The demand for cookies fall and so does the general level of price for cookies. The cookie factory runs into problems as it is no longer able to pay back its loan.  2. Thomas Cook is example #2.

Read: what has the Government done to our money...click here

Important Fundamentals:

  • Negative interest rates = they are panicking and doing the impossible to keep the economy alive...Click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • Stock markets do exactly what we called.
  • Gold & Silver do exactly what we called.  Click here for more

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - Ever heard of Real Estate flipping, Stock flipping?

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Silver, US-Dollar , €-Gold & $/€,

stock tradingEver heard of Real Estate flipping? Of Stock Flipping? It's a growing movement of people who are fed up with the false promises of get-rich-quick real estate investing. Today, people who used to FLIP REAL ESTATE during the years 2003-2006 are also joining.

These haven't learned their lesson after - in the years 2007-2009 - they got stuck during the real estate crisis in the USA. At that time all real estate flippers got stuck with their properties and lost HUGE. Funds were lost and properties were foreclosed on by the bankers. Note: unlike in Europe, in the USA one can return the keys of a property to the bank and not suffer more personal losses.

Now many people are tired of seeing no return on their savings. They are tired of these low and negative interest rates. And waiting MONTHS to see a return on their money (which they sometimes don't). Stock flippers think to have found a way to leverage the skills they built in real estate to make real money...While leaving behind the bone-crushing grind of finding, fixing, and selling properties. Some of them are now making $15,000-$30,000 a month with less than an hour of work a week. Most, however, are losing money and just like happened with Real Estate Flippers, the Stock flippers (or Traders) will lose BIG TIME once the next big correction and/or crash happens.

"My experience is that - in the end - short term traders and flippers always lose big because while short term fluctuations can from time to time be predictable , in the end these are as unpredictable as a roulette."

Healthy Investing must be the result of a reasoning process and a solid, sound position is the best to build over several years.  Once a position has been assumed one must sit tight and ride all corrections out. Emotions, as well as greed,  are one's biggest enemy. Remember all markets climb a wall of worry and fall off a cliff of enthusiasm. Hence, if you really want to earn, you will have to go against the flow: BUY when nobody does and SELL when everybody Buys!...if you do this, THE HERD will make you rich.

Interest Rates have gone BANANAS and even worse is that each additional created amount of DEBT & Money now has a NEGATIVE IMPACT on the economy.

Italy yields 2019 08 28 marginal yield of debt added 2019 08 21
Italy is bankrupt but pays no interest on its debt!? The more debt, the worse for the economy

Important Fundamentals:

  • The next explosive phase in the precious metals market has just started. As always is the case, the beginning is so slow that only the wealth preservationists and the gold bugs are seeing it. But since these are less than 1/2% of world financial assets, it means that virtually no one is aware of what is happening.
  • xxxx (xxx) has achieved a breakthrough in its shale gas exploration and added 741 billion cubic meters of shale gas reserves in the Sichuan province plus 358 million tons of oil. Click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • Whatever the media may pretend, TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, the Stock Markets don't look good!!! SEE CHARTS BELOW.
  • xxxx & xxxx continue to consolidate and current supports hold. We may even have a bottom.
  • The Dollar continues to xxx.

Click here for more

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Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 - We are nearing the end of this global fiat money experiment.

Updated Sections: Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds, $-Gold,

Sweden and the UK are lost forever and countries like Belgium, The Netherlands and France are following in sequence
. From the beginning of 2019 to the end of July, there were 120 bombings in Sweden, according to police statistics.

  • In Uppsala alone, a picturesque Swedish university town, where 80% of girls do not feel safe in the city center, four rapes or attempted rapes took place in early August within four days.
  • "Stop the rapes – you are letting the women down... That women do not have the same opportunity to move freely in the streets and squares without having to worry about being exposed to crime, is a serious restriction on women's freedom and self-determination". — Josefin Malmqvist, member of parliament for the Moderate Party; Aftonbladet, August 24, 2019.

Last week’s REPO meltdown points to the 2008 financial crisis & may lead to new bank crashes.  The REPO rate is the interest rates a bank charges to other banks for loans which are used to cover overnight and SHORT term money problems. Last weeks,  the Fed had to step in and do a $75 billion repo facility on an overnight basis for several banks and plans to go on injection bn$75 on a daily basis until some time next October.

Why would you save if you receive no interest on your savings? This breaks all the natural laws on money. Having said this, WHY would banks pay interest on money which is worth nothing? With negative interest rates, you will NOT create more inflation because nobody is earning interest on money...there is NO profit...actually by doing so, Central banks are KILLING the economy and the financial system. Having said this, even by pushing interest rates to negative levels, Central bankers do NOT succeed in making consumers consume more. As long as they feel unsafe (like they do now) they will consume LESS!

In the end, the oversupply of debt will crash the bond markets and by then, the biggest bubble in the world will crash and we'll see hyperinflation. During times of hyperinflation, the price of HOCG (high order capital goods - like the price of real estate ) crash while the price of LOCG (low order consumer goods - like food soars ).

In order to allow for a fresh economic revival, the debt needs to be wiped out and such is only possible if the asset values are also wiped out. When this happens, Money will disappear, your bank deposits will become worthless, banks will go bankrupt, pensions will disappear, insurance Co's will no longer be able to cover the risks...nothing will be left, except for REAL MONEY. Measured in gold, stocks and property markets about to lose at least 95%.

The American society in particular lives off debt and credit cards. 50% of Americans make less than $30,000 a year. Even those who make $70,000 per year, struggle just to continue to be part of the Middle-class. This is all happening on borrowed money, credit card debt and borrowed time...Soon everything will be on sale and heavily discounted. Cash will NOT do...only Gold and Silver will protect you.

This time the BIG banks are in real trouble – more than $250 billion – FED had to inject this amount of money in order to keep the big banks afloat.

“The central banks are panicking. They don’t know what to do anymore. Europe is starting QE again with $20 billion a month, but that’s nothing compared to what is coming"

The ECB, FED and Central Banks will be powerless during the next recession (which sits just around the corner). The Central Banks do whatever they can to delay this next recession for as long as possible. The problem, however, is that, the longer the delay, the more severe the recession!

Soon the Herd will experience that INFLATION = TAXATION. The following video is for those who still live in the conviction that in LALA_LAND Governments can solve the debt problem. 

In the following video, Glenn Beck clearly explains WHAT "repo" is and how dangerous the repo business can be. There is no doubt in my mind that Banks in Europe are coping with the same problem. Only, in Europe, it is easier to HIDE this from the public.

Important Fundamentals:

  • In a healthy economy economic growth drives consumer spending. In a bubble economy, debt drives consumer spending, which boosts GDP, but not the real economy. When the bubble pops the phony growth is exposed.
  • 280 bn $ is the daily turnover of the gold derivatives market. It is a multitude of gold production. 2,500-3,000 tonnes of gold are mined annually. This is 950,000 or 1,425,000,000 $ of gold or $1,4 bn.
  • ETF's are NOT buying physical Gold, Hedge funds are NOT buying physical Gold. Even the GLD is not buying physical gold.
  • Expect a failure to deliver physical gold and silver within the next 2 years... Click here for more

"The DAILY turnover of Gold on the paper market is 200 TIMES higher than the YEARLY physical production of Gold."

Important Technicals:

  • Friday's action in the Gold & Silver sector may well indicate  Click here for more 
  • As PAPER Gold & Silver correct,   

Click here for more

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