If History Were A Perfect Guide, Stocks Would Be in A World of Trouble.

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Black Friday, November 29, 2019 - Gold & Silver are the "super deals" of this year's Black Friday!

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 Black Friday 2019

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Thursday, November 28, 2019 - Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and subscribers.

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Thanksgiving in the USA, but financial markets are open in Canada, Panama & South-America, Europe...as usual, don't expect any important market fluctuations until next week.


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Wednesday, November 27 - Thursday is Thanksgiving, the 2nd most important Holiday in the USA.

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growth 2019Several countries in the Caribbean will give citizenship to an entire family of four in just five months in exchange for a $150,000 donation. You don’t even need to live there - you just have to apply and come pick up your passport in person. You could, of course, choose to live in your new Caribbean home and enjoy some of the world’s lowest tax regimes.

(US citizens can use the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion to exclude over $100,000 from the income they declare to the IRS while living abroad).

In Panama, there are several options available. Great is that one only has to be in Panama once every 2 years and that the procedure and total cost is extremely affordable (a small fraction of $150,000) and that Panama is a country which is not dependent upon Tourism. It also is a safe and flourishing country. Panama is a lot safer than many European countries and American states.

Whatever you decide, a second passport makes a lot of sense. It opens up new doors for you to live, work, travel and do business. And depending on the country you pick, you might even enjoy a tropical paradise and low taxes. In Panama, you pay NO TAXES on your foreign income. There are no inheritance taxes and in the first 10-15 years, there are no real estate taxes.

Screen Shot 2019 11 26 at 3.45.10 PMBut no matter what happens, with a second passport, you’ll always have a place to go in the world, no matter what happens in your home country. Panama is a blossoming, booming and safe country. Zero influx of so-called refugees...Only decent people get a residence permit.

A second passport is the ultimate insurance policy.

Since 2012 we have been actively assisting families obtaining their 2nd permanent residency...and we had a 100% success rate. If we decide to take your case, you are sure to obtain your 2nd permanent residency. The process normally takes around 6 months and offers many advantages we won't mention on our sites.

"They'll shut down the stock and/or Gold market when they lose control. They always do!"

Panama is also an extremely safe place to vault your physical Gold & Silver in the Panama-Canal-Tax-Free zone. To make it even easier, we offer a concierge service. If you don't feel like, you even don't have to travel to Panama to store your gold and/or silver. We do it for you. Storage costs as much as you would pay for a safety deposit box with your bank (extremely unsafe) and you can have it insured by Lloyd's-London.

Netflix?s Business Model Is Headed For An Epic Fail. How does NFLX manage to show positive net income yet burn hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter? It's the magic of GAAP accounting. Each quarter NFLX has to spend $100's of millions on content. Most companies like NFLX capitalize on this cost and amortize 90% of the cost of this content over the first two years. Not hard to understand that those who buy and hold these shares will at some point in the not too distant future be in for a terrible surprise. And you know what, Netflix is not the only company in this situation. There are more: Uber,...[note we never advised to buy this stock!]

Important Fundamentals:

  • The backwardation in the xxx xxxx curve suggests at least a near-term supply deficit relative to demand. That has been created either by the slowdown in the global economy which could have impacted demand growth or it is a combination of factors like the reduction in OPEC and Russia supply and the slowdown in unconventional onshore US production. Regardless of the argument, the backwardation doesn’t lie...Click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • This is what we think could be the worst-case scenario or the deepest level $-Gold could correct during this ongoing Backtest or Pullback.  $-Gold is already extremely oversold...Click here for more

...Click here for more

  • Doji's are visible on most of our Gold Miners' Candle charts and point to the fact that we have seen the END of the Backtest/Pullback of the Breakout for Gold. Charts without a Doji show BULLISH KEY REVERSALS.

...Click here for more

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Monday-Tuesday, November 25/26, 2019 - Banks & Authorities want to eliminate cash...so you can live happily ever after like they do in Venezuela.

Updated Sections: Silver, Gold: short candles in all sections,

Who says one cannot eat Gold?  In Venezuela, people only EAT because of Gold and the Country EATS because of Gold! Real Estate is worth almost ZERO. The Bolivar is almost worth zero and is used by "the Poor" only. Bitcoin doesn't work because most of the time, there is no electric power.

Socialism doesn't work. Cuba is another modern example of this statement. Because of socialism, even the Cuban cigars ain't no longer worth smoking. Cigars manufactured in non-socialist countries have become a better option.

The chickens are coming home to roost. You can lie about inflation and cook the inflation figures, but you cannot lie about reality.  Governments have over the past years spend too much money, created too much money out of thin air and are now forced to increase taxation and print even more money. The drama is that in order to save themselves, they have to do this at a time where exactly the opposite should be done.  And as the crowd realizes that it becomes impossible to make the ends meet at the end of the month, we get situations like the yellow jackets in France, riots in Hong Kong, riots in Colombia-Bogota, Chile, people protesting in Ecuador because the government tried to double the price of gasoline...

"One can lie about inflation and cook the inflation figures, but one cannot lie about the reality."

People who can feed their children and themselves, don't protest. Only People who cannot do. As usual, the protests and griefs by these revolting people are met by the standard actions. In order to restore democracy and order, Authorities send out their police and army forces to beat and arrest all protesting people. Protests we start to see all over the world: Hong Kong, Algeria, France (Yellow Jackets), Britain (Gordon-Brexit), Spain (Catalonia), Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Lebanon, Israel (Palestine), Turkey (Kurdes) , Syria, Irak, Iran, Afghanistan, Ecuador, …

"We have QE-4 but nobody sees it and nobody does something to protect himself.!?"

Authorities and Central Bankers are panicking and trying the impossible or negative interest rates to save their skin. As usual and as expected, the crowd doesn't understand what this means and luckily for the Authorities, there are not panicking and massively withdrawing funds (fiat digital money) out of their bank accounts in order to buy Gold & Silver.  Some seek refuge in cryptocurrencies (more dangerous than fiat money). Others do nothing as they are sure the Authorities will save them or come to their rescue.

Powell neg rates

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • Markets continue to top out and at least a minor correction is expected...Click here for more
  • xxxx tend to outperform the price of the yellow metal on the upside and underperform gold when the price declines.
  • The treasury bond futures have made a series of lower highs and lower lows since the August peak. The most recent low came on November 7 at 155-26. The correction has sent price momentum and relative strength indicators into oversold territory on the short-term chart. While daily historical volatility has jumped to 11.24%, the weekly measure of price variance has moved to over 15%, the highest level since 2015...Click here for more

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Thursday/Friday, November 21/22, 2019 - In Venezuela we see the outcome of the mismanagement by the elites - the modern politicians.!

Updated Sections: , 

Screen Shot 2019 11 20 at 16.37.18In Venezuela, we see the outcome of the mismanagement by the elites - the modern politicians. There is no such thing as Democracy and Politicians are only interested in POWER and being able to ROB their citizens. As - over the past years - they have overspent, they now have to create "exponential" amounts of Fiat money out of thin air (and ensure the STUPID HERD keeps believing it has any value) AND they also need to increase TAXATION drastically. 

"In Venezuela only those who have Gold & Silver can eat. Those who kept their money in the Banks are starving!"

Taxation we no longer have for social means. Since they also made The Herd believe that it is the reason behind the nature problematic called "Global Heating", they are now able to tax almost everything: from COW manure all the way to Airplanes.  The situation is so bad, that today even a politician (and no longer the farmer) decides about the number of Cows a farmer can hold....and about the number of potatoes that can be grown.

Every step makes it harder for Entrepreneurs to book profits and to survive. Even the banks which are supposed to grease Trade are being suffocated by meaningless, sick Compliance rules issued by some petty Government Official.

politiciansTo add insult to injury, politicians have spread their tentacles all over the world. American Democrats even bribed Ukrainian Government Officials and are receiving huge financial compensation for their actions.

The Day of Reckoning is coming, and it won't be pretty for the overall markets. While the Fed liquidity has pushed the major U.S. indexes to new highs, the underlying fundamentals in the economy continue to deteriorate. Without the record amount of Fed QE and Repo Operations, the market and economy would have gone into a tailspin in 2019.

"Never forget that Government will at a certain point in the future SEVERELY Tax and/or try to seize your physical Gold & Silver holdings."

Negative Interest Rates are nothing more but the 1st step of the Big 21st Century Operation Gutt. This will ensure that Millenniums but also Seniors will end empty-handed after the Middle Class has been destroyed. Venezuela is an excellent example. Whoever stayed, is hungry today.

Important Fundamentals:

  • For some dark reason, at least 80% of all investors have bought and hold fixed interest instruments. This is the safest way to lose savings because... Click here for more

Important Technicals:



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Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - The Gold price is not the price of gold!

Updated Sections: , 

FearFear is the enemy in a fiat currency system. Everything is based on the assumption that the guys in charge know what they are doing and that the confidence in them is good. You take that away, and it’s over. There is no real bottom for the dollar, euro or the yen. The intrinsic value of most fiat currencies is zero. When the economic players realize that the central banks of the world are out of ammo, and nothing these guys do is going to fix our problem, then all hell breaks loose. . . . What worries me about today’s world is that everything falls apart all at once, and there is no way to fix what went wrong. . . .We have a lot of examples of governments doing crazy things when everything falls apart. There are as many examples of people getting poor because of a belief in Fool's Gold.

The Gold price is not the price of gold. Some day the HERD will find this out. When it does, HELL will break loose. Also amongst Cryptocurrency holders. Currencies based on thin air have NEVER survived. Whether these are based on actual thin air or on digital thin air doesn't make a difference.

"You really have to be a retarded to pretend & believe GOLD is not Real Money."

Important Fundamentals:

  • The new Comex regulation has authorized the creation of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of "paper gold" to help rescue the biggest short in the gold futures market, the investment bank HSBC.
  • The creation of these huge amounts of REPO-Dollars may well be required to rescue Deutsche Bank, maybe also the HSBC and other unnamed banks.
  • Negative bond yields result in guaranteed losses...Click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • As long as we have NO follow through "with volume" on the Stock Market Indexes, we technically CANNOT ...Click here for more

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Monday-Tuesday, November 18/19, 2019 - Citibank doesn't want to lend money to JPMorgan anymore.

Updated Sections: , , ,

Ripley's believe it or not, but millions keep trusting these and other bankrupt banks with their savings. Citibank doesn't want to lend money to JPMorgan anymore. These Screen Shot 2019 11 17 at 09.27.13banks have no real wealth, and they no longer trust each other. The same can be said about Deutsche Bank. It is so bad the Central banks have to create (REPO) additional fiat money out of thin air to ensure the banks don't go under.

The system is hanging by its fingernails and central banks with unlimited money market press have so far been able to keep it alive...Eventually, what must mathematically happen, will happen. Take away the confidence of the public in the system and their leaders and it disappears in a flash. At that point we shall have the “crack-up” or a significant portion of people will exchange fiat instruments for real assets at any price.

The record level deficits, record debts, and low and negative interest rates are just allowed in order to keep the system alive. There is so much debt that they have to avoid a recession by all means. Because they know that the system will not be able to cope with the coming recession, and/or with another severe 2008-09 style market crash (on steroids).

Repo's are a problem, as well as CLO funds. CLO-funds are bond-related and can be compared to Sub-primes. The fact that CLO's are getting into problems, is the reason why we had this severe drop in the sector last week.

"Christine Lagarde is a clown show: don't buy gold and/or silver but better spend the money".

Christine Lagarde is a clown show: don't buy gold and/or silver but better spend the money. Don't save money, spend it all and make sure you have a job. This woman (a convicted criminal running the ECB) is an IDIOT and she's just ensuring it all will get worse before it can get better.

"In a world of negative interest rates, one will NEVER be able to save a cent for later as this is mathematically impossible".

If we make failure obsolete, you send the wrong signals to the entrepreneurs: you tell them to go ahead because whatever happens, Click here for more

Important Fundamentals:

  • This is exactly why we have QE-4 and the resulting rising stock market indexes. Money fiat money we shall see and more negative interest rates we shall have. It would not amaze me to see minus 5%, minus 10 %. This policy will keep inflating the financial markets until it doesn't and hell breaks loose and all those who played this Russian roulette game lose it all. If you decide to take the risk to play this game, you must know that at a certain time in the near future, you can and probably will lose it all: initial invested capital and profits you worked so hard for.

Important Technicals:

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Thursday-Friday, November 14/15, 2019 - Has WW III began?

Updated Sections: Recession Proof shares, Recession Proof (Hold), Oil shares,

This eye-opening video explains what is going on in Syria (and the Middle East) and helps us to better understand the geopolitical situation. The reality is completely different from what the Mainstream Media are selling.  Also, it is NOT an accident that IS-terrorists are send back to Europe...and the next Terrorists will be called a different name...

What do Historic Debt levels and Poor Savers have in common?

 "137 million Americans are struggling with medical debt."

poor savers

 historic debt levels nov 2019

Today's global debt levels are almost as high as during and after the last World War. Americans have maxed their credit cards, all over the world, the Middle Class is getting poor...This is the REALITY behind the creation of Fiat Money out of thin air and historic high debt levels.

As usual and as history learns, people won't listen to reason and won't act until it's too late. And those who listen prefer to believe the FAIRY TALES told by the authorities. That is why THE HERD gets stranded each time there is a WAR, CRASH, FINANCIAL CRISIS,...

The Baby Boomers are becoming the Pension Boomers. Terrible is that they are becoming the POOR pension boomers and that their financial situation will become worse over the coming years as Real Estate prices crash, Bond markets crash and become worthless Stocks crash,...

Important Fundamentals:

  • Is Deutsche Bank the Next ‘Lehman Brothers’? Conscious of the stakes, the banks have already begun their process of rationalization. In 10 years (2008-2018), already 600,000 banking jobs have been lost only in Eurozone. The first German bank, Deutsche Bank, has announced this summer that it will cut 18,000 jobs worldwide by 2022 as part of a € 7.4 billion restructuring plan. German financial services giant Deutsche Bank AG is one of the largest and most important economic institutions in the world. The bank is now having to take drastic measures to stay afloat. Investors everywhere should note that if such a critical piece of the too-big-to-fail banking system falters, it could trigger another global economic collapse and stock market crash. Maybe there is a connection between the DB problems and the REPO's ?!
  • Some Gold-Silver traders have ...Click here for more
  • Today we have 700,000 open interest contracts trading on the COMEX or the paper market is becoming disconnected from reality. The explosion of the open interest shows how hard they are trying to keep the price of gold down.
  • India starts buying... Click here for more
  • This is an interesting video by...Click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • A Random Walk through the sections: Recession Proof & Recession Hold shares are positive: NO DOUBT that (at least) some...Click here for more
  • Eventually, shorters have to cover their positions. This is so for OIL, but also for GOLD. Few remember that the Gold Pool died because Shorters had to cover and there was no physical gold that could be delivered. Today, the OPEN INTEREST is historically high and any mishap could result in the end of the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) and Gold Shorters (Riggers) and send the price of Gold and Silver to the Moon...  Click here for more

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - Full Moon and a Bank Holiday in Europe (November 11): the beginning of a new cycle..

Updated Sections: R-Gold & R/$/€, Kr-Gold & Kr/$/€, Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$/€, 
Rupee-Gold & Rupee/$/€, Bio-Tech & Pharma,

full moon nov11
A Full Moon and a Sell-climax pointing to an imminent price reversal in the Gold & Silver sector?! -  

Gold saw a huge sell-off last week: the precious metal was down by $49 or 3.2% to close at $1,463 as of the final trade on the New York COMEX on Friday afternoon.

During declines as we witnessed last week, it can be helpful to remember the big picture: gold broke out of a six-year basing pattern below $1,434 per ounce last August. After six years of grinding prices before then, it is unlikely that the final top is in yet after a single one-month surge above the resistance zone.

What we are witnessing now is a retest of the breakout. A retest is simply a term that describes behavior in which the market is literally asking former buyers: “Are you sure you meant to buy back then?”

Once the retest is complete, higher targets are expected. Long-term investors should take some comfort in the present situation: it would be extremely rare for a 6-year base breakout to end with a simple one-month surge. We are now in the retest process. 

At the height of the Danske Bank 2012 scandal, the lender started offering gold bars to wealthy clients to help them keep their fortunes hidden, according to documents seen by Bloomberg. The bank’s Estonian branch, which was already wiring billions of client dollars to offshore accounts, told a select group of customers, mostly from Russia, that they could now also convert their money into gold bars and coins, according to the documents, which date back to the middle of 2012.

Aside from offering a hedge against risk, gold is a way for clients to achieve “anonymity” . Gold also ensures “portability” of assets, according to an internal presentation of the Danske Bank dated June 2012.

"When optimism is in oversupply, the stock market may be primed for a fall. The VIX, which measures market volatility, is already near the lowest level it’s seen since July."

Important Fundamentals:

  • The company does not make money: xxx xxxx. During the third quarter of 2019, GP lost two cents per share as general, and administrative expenses offset mine operating earnings. The company also suffered foreign exchange losses for the quarter related to Brazilian real forward contracts due to the weakening value of the Brazilian currency against the US dollar...Click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • We had a SELL-CLIMAX for Gold & Silver. At the same time, ...Click here for more
  • When optimism is in oversupply, the stock market may be primed for a fall...Click here for more
  • Our PF-charts in the section for Bio and Pharma doesn't spell any good. Many MATURING BEARISH WEDGES...Click here for more
Click here for more Click here for more
This was the Pullback last time... This is the Pullback now...


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Monday-Tuesday November 11/12, 2019 - Next Price Target For Gold Is $1,800?

Updated Sections: Miners-Gold vs XAU/SPX, Market Indexes in Real Money(Gold, 
Long Term Charts, €-Gold & €/$, Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€, Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€,
Can-Gold & Can/$/€, ¥-Gold & ¥/$/€, £-Gold & £/$/€,

China's debt ratio stands at 300% of GDP (Gross National Product).  Total debt in the USA is 330% of GDP.  Be aware that China's economy will crash when Western  economies are and that they will also be forced to monetize their debt...and monetizing debt = hyperinflation.

"There is only so much REAL value in the world and it looks greater because of DEBT and Inflation."

Authorities start to understand that "Devaluations of currencies" are not working. As these only bring some short term relief, they have to rely on yet another instrument or TRADE WARS. But 'Trade Wars' also work for a limited amount of time only as quota's and trade restrictions are met by similar measures of other countries. Therefore, traditionally each cycle always end with a SHOOTING WAR

Each stadium (from Currency over Trade to Shooting faze) overlaps the next one.  The currency war started after World War II and became official in 1971 (when Nixon closed the Gold window).  Trade Wars we have between the USA and China, between the UK and the EU,...Shooting Wars-Revolutions we already have in North-Africa and the Middle East, in Hong Kong, in Chile, in Venezuela, in Bolivia,...The first signs of an EU-revolution we already have in France: Yellow Jackets; between the UK and the EU: Brexit,...

What we don't know, is WHEN this will start to have a serious impact on our daily live and  we  will   start to experience the negative consequences: capital controls, war/revolution taxation, freedom of movement, freedom of speech,...

Important Fundamentals:

  • Repo: roughly $1 Trillion moves overnight. The Repo-market affects the Short Term interest Rates, while the Treasury action (bn $60 per month) affects the medium and long term interest rates.

  • Impossible to recover from Repo.

Important Technicals:

  • Currency wars seem to have come to an end...certainly for the time being.  The are replaced by Trade Wars.
  • Last week, we had a delusional market behavior in the Gold and Silver Sector...Click here for more
  • Banks are in a VERY bad shape...Especially European banks.

DB 2000 19

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Friday,  November 8, 2019 - Bullish Key Reversals on our Candle charts?

Updated Sections: Royalties, Majors, Juniors,  , , 


As we called years ago, we still have no Brexit and no cigar.  This time they used the weapon of "elections" to postpone it once more. What will be the next excuse? A new Referendum? The EU-gang would - because of a Brexit - lose 1/3rd of its income. This loss would have to be made good by taxing "more" the remaining member states like The Netherlands, Belgium,...

What is about to happen in the UK is a precursor for the whole Western World. And it looks BAD, BAD, BAD...Marxists are selling themselves as Democrats. And you know what? IT WORKS! People go for immediate satisfaction. They just LOVE Bread and Games (social security and Olympics, Soccer, Tennis,...). Everything doesn't matter. This is especially so for the Millenniums.

"Shit happens when socialists win elections."

Only the INVASION by Barbarians (mainly in Europe) seems to get some attention.  Not the first time Rome is on fire. This is the cycle of History and the cycle of life. We have experienced how this end like in the DDR, the USSR, Congo, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Venezuela,...and a similar experience we shall have in Western Europe and probably also in the USA. Certainly so if next year a Democrat President is elected.

Question: Is a Marxist government soon going to rule the UK? The UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched his election campaign and set out his Marxist policies. The UK has been ungovernable since 2017, with a hung parliament and there will now be an election on December 12th. The whole country knows that Corbyn is a Marxist but very few understand the consequences of Marxism. But Corbyn has on the first day of his campaign clearly spelled out what Marxism really means. In true Marxist style, Corbyn attacked some of the UK billionaires and named them individually.

Over the coming decade, governments and their central banks are going to destroy their national (Fiat) currencies. The average guy—if he’s able to save at all—saves in dollars, euros, or yen, etc. He’s going to be wiped out. The destruction of the Currencies will wipe out the savings of most people and this will impact the Real Estate Bubble severely.  Those having DEBT at that time will suffer most because the debt will have to be repaid with money having less purchasing power.

liquidity trapLow and negative interest rates are a HUGE trap: Don't listen to the tunes of low and negative interest rates. Best is to ensure you have NO DEBT and to sail through this depression WITH NO DEBT at all. In all cases, we strongly advise against making more debt.

Even with a RESET, Debt will never go away and it will become harder to pay back your debt. Keeping DEBT and buying Gold with those funds is dangerous speculation because down the line, you may be forced to sell your gold at a time where you will need it most.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The fundamental problem with monetary and credit expansion is it replaces random market action, the non-cyclical case, with coordinated action. All production and consumption are stimulated at the same time by monetary expansion. Instead of Schumpeter’s creative destruction occurring randomly over time, it is amplified and bunched into a cyclical crisis.
  • There must be no doubt that central bankers create the conditions for their own downfall. They are entirely responsible for a cycle of credit expansion and contraction that leads to what is generally referred to as the business cycle, implying the blame for it lies with the animal spirits in free markets. This is incorrect.
  • successive credit cycles to become increasingly destabilizing because the distortions created by monetary policy in previous crises are never allowed to wash out of the system.
  • We're going to have a crash someday, and the more money they print to delay it, the bigger the crash...but a crash we eventually will have...click here for more

 "Successive credit cycles to become increasingly destabilizing."

Important Technicals:

  • Most xxxxx are a "Screaming Buy" at present levels. The following shares are also a buy at present level...

Click here for more

see sections Royalties, Majors and Juniors for all charts.

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Wednesday/Thursday,  November 6/7 - 30 years ago the "wall of Democracy" - build by the GDR fell as the country went bankrupt!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes , , 

trabantOnly 30 years ago the Wall of Democracy came down. It signaled the END of the social (communist) regime. The end of the Trabants which one had to order 10 years in advance; the end of the STASI-police which spied on every citizen in the republic; the end of shortages. 30 years ago, the Deutsche DEMOCRATIC Republic DDR could no longer afford the high debt level...the country went bankrupt...It was the end of the same DEMOCRATIC LIES they are selling again today. And believe me, because people refuse to learn HISTORY, the West is about to experience the same over again. This time, however, it looks like the EASTERN side of the Berlin Wall might be spared.

"People don't learn out of their mistakes and are therefore forced to repeat history."

Today in the West, people are also made to believe that they live in a "Democracy". And a "Democracy" it is...as long as you understand that this "Democracy"  is Socialism and Communism.  Authorities are, just like they did 50 years ago, doing whatever they can to kill the economy, to destroy and chase away the best entrepreneurs, to destroy the banking system and to kill the exiting Fiat Money system. Just like at the time of the USSR and the GDR the main weapon used is DEBT.

Today we have QE (creation and monetization of debt) on steroids. The FED is expanding the money supply twice as fast and when it was admitting it was doing QE. $250 bn in the past 7 weeks.

"This is my EXPERIENCE: the more politicians  LIE, the closer we are to the catharsis!"

Only 5% of the world knows and understands what is happening and what will happen!!! once it happens, it will happen VERY QUICKLY. The chaos is coming and it's gonna be huge. Once it happens, you won't be able to get out. What could bring down the financial markets?

  1. a spike in inflation. From 1,5% to 3-4% in the way it is measured today.
  2. a recession which blows up the junk bond market...when that happens it's all over and its gonna happen very quickly. At that time the market is gonna fall at least by 60 %.
  3. as there are no more fiscal and monetary arrows to rescue the economy the Fed panics....and creates even more money out of thin air.
  4. a crisis in the Commercial Real Estate sector.

"The financial system is rotten – time to own YOUR personal Fort Knox."

Only Idiots (and Lagarde) think they can create jobs by destroying savings. I almost threw up in my car as I listened to Christine Lagarde (ECB ) mislead the public. Jobs come from savings. Jobs need capital, and capital investment is funded by savings. When you destroy savings you also destroy jobs! Note: Did they choose a woman to destroy the EU?  Lagarde does only create demand for gold.

Important Fundamentals:

  • xxxxxxx is known as the Roodepoort Rocket because of the way its results and share price take off when the gold price rises. This is because the company is a marginal producer and there’s high leverage to the price of gold.
  • xxxxxxx reported earnings of $3.17 billion in the third quarter, down from $6.24 billion a year earlier. Earnings fall by half.
  • xxxxxx production hits a record high. The co. saw its output rise to 3.04 MB/d in the third quarter, up 8 percent from a year earlier. Profits stood at $3.02 billion.
  • xxxxxx said that a deteriorating in the economy could hit returns, and could put a $25 billion share buyback plan into doubt. Shell beat earnings estimates, but its share price fell anyway.
  • Capital controls in Argentina (again) after the Argentina peso drops 25% after the election of last month (and stupid Argentinians brought back the Kirchner regime).
  • We have a historic high in Open interest (Gold). Not that this is important. Experience learned that Open interest figures in Gold are not really relevant.
  • Stock Markets are dangerously overvalued.

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Important Technicals:

  • Still no cigar. The Stock Market Indexes are bouncing into Resistance levels and some are even making new records. However, we do have these dangerous BEARISH DIVERGENCES. Also, indexes did not break decisively their overhead resistance levels and support of Trading volume fails. Technically speaking these levels are SELL rather than a BUY!
  • Gold and Silver continue to consolidate and cycle-analysis tell us we may have to wait until AFTER November 11, 2019, before the uptrend resumes. Time to up your positions.
  • US Dollar is struggling to hold its mid-range position and US Treasury Bonds is going busters.

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Monday/Tuesday,  November 4/5  - Real Estate is a "superbubble"!

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lagardeChristine Lagarde, the New head of ECB makes clear what's coming. “We should be happier to have a job than to have our savings protected,” said Lagarde. Make sure your savings are in #gold & not the #euro to protect your purchasing power from central bank currency debasement.  

“We should be happier to have a job than to have our savings protected,”

Negative interest rates are just a warning. Mrs. Lagarde knows all too well what is coming. Whoever doesn't get out of FIAT MONEY (and this includes Cryptocurrencies) will just lose all of his savings. To add injury to injury (and only a few people see this coming) the Great Depression of the 21st Century will (probably) come with a Civil War, maybe a Religion War and/or a World War. Signs we already have all over the world.

The Great Depression of the 21st Century and there are not so many instruments left to protect your savings.

It is becoming obvious to many professionals in Europe that the European Real Estate Bubble is about to deflate. [video with subtitles] Many don't suspect that Demographics or the Aging Baby Boomers will also start to impact the Real Estate market in a negative way.

 “Communism and Socialism are only superficial variations of the same monstrous theme—collectivism.” - Ayn Rand

Dramatic is that today Socialism and Communism is sold as "Democracy".

Important Fundamentals:

  • Important is to understand that what many calls 'the Reset" will freeze up the Financial World (like happened in Cyprus).
  • Bear in mind that they call "digital money" will only postpone the Catharsis and make "the Reset" worse.
  • Because of the structure of modern logistics (no or little stock), the Catharsis will come with empty shelves,... click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold & Silver sector is doing exactly what we predicted. Following Miners show a breakout and are a buy at the present level.

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Silver candle a1

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Friday,  November 1st  - Stocks are more overvalued today than they were in 1929!

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all politicians suckThe lack of liquidity in the repo market is an anomaly. The fact is that there are not enough funds to meet the requirements of the market. That pretty much forces the Fed & ECB (Central Banks) to step in and provide as much liquidity as required to ensure orderly markets. As a matter of fact, today while Central Bankers PRETEND there is no QE, they are injecting MORE FIAT MONEY than at the time when they admitted there was QE!

Why doesn’t anyone stand up to tell the world we are heading into The Abyss?! Well, for the simple reason that no politician can tell the truth. Because if they did, they wouldn’t be elected. The principal purpose of any politician is to buy votes and to get votes you can never speak the truth.

"The main goal of any politician is to buy votes and to get votes they lie and cheat!"

It is an incontrovertible fact that all the fiat money that is created by governments, central banks, and commercial banks is totally worthless and therefore false. If a government prints money out of thin air to cover deficit spending, that money has ZERO value since all the work required to create it was to press a button on a computer.

We also know that the money has zero value because no bank or central bank is prepared to pay interest on deposits. Instead, because money is worthless these bankers want to be paid to hold the money. It is really quite logical. Why should you pay interest on money which has zero value?

"Why should you pay interest on money which has zero value?"

Stocks fell by 90% in 1929. Today Stocks are more overvalued today than they were in 1929. PE (Price-Earning ration) was 15 in 1929, today it is hovering around 30...or one is willing to pay 30 times the profit to acquire a stock of a corporation.

When adjusted for inflation, gold has averaged a 1.8% return since 1929 (slightly higher than stocks), and a 6.7% return since 1999-- more than 3x as much as stocks. But unlike stocks, people who own gold haven’t had to put up with the same risks. No shady brokers. No bullshit. No Enron scandal. They earned 3x more than the stock market-- with the added benefit of being able to hold their investment right in their own hands.

About 25% of total government debt around the world has a negative interest rate. It’s all from European countries. However, the US may not be far behind. The Fed has already started lowering rates despite there not being a recession. What would happen if US government debt, and the rest of the world for that matter, all went into the negative-yielding territory? If the correlation between negative-yielding government debt and the gold price maintains the same relationship, what would that do to the gold price? The answer is simple. Gold would Skyrocket. As the chart below demonstrates, we’d see gold go over $3,000/oz. January 2016 was the beginning of the correlation between the gold price and the total dollar amount of negative interest rate (yielding) government debt in the world.

 neg rates gold

Important Fundamentals:

  • xxxxx doubles first-quarter pre-tax earnings on buoyant gold price conditions. First-quarter earnings doubled year-on-year. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization came in at R326m ...
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Important Technicals:

  • This is what happened in the Gold & Silver markets at the time Powell (the USA) cut interest rates by 0.25% this week. The action by the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) was undone in less than 5 minutes time. Only alert professionals noticed it. A similar Whipsaw we had for Silver...click here for more

oct 30 2019

  • Note the Bullish xxxxx saucer formation.

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