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Thursday/Friday, May 28/29, 2020 - How to survive the Big Depression of the 21st century?

Updated Sections: Bonds-EU, Corporate & Junk bonds,

debt mountainHow to survive the Big Depression of the 21st century? The global debt bubble is now imploding at a terrifying rate, with the Corona acting as a catalyst. The global economy is coming to a stop, with the airline, catering, and tourism the first victims and largely destroyed in just a couple of months.

What we are seeing here of course is the modern equivalent of the 30’s soup kitchen lines, which means that we are already in an economic depression. On TV, we see miles of flashy cars snaking to collect food handouts. What became clear is that many of them were living comfortable middle-class lifestyles, and then they suddenly found themselves with no work, no income, and broke. What also became clear is that many in the line thought that this was just a temporary phenomenon, not realizing that in the future they will be lucky if they are able to afford to drive their vehicles.

"Debt and derivatives have never built up to such vast levels before. It will take a correspondingly severe depression to eliminate this enormous mountain of debt."

A big reason for the lockdowns was to intentionally kill the economy and bring the velocity of money to a full stop so that the Fed could create limitless amounts of money to buy everything without immediately stoking inflation leading to hyperinflation. But also to prop up stock markets and the debt markets to prevent interest rates from spiking. Either it was a lockdown to buy some time or risk to see the whole (financial) system implode.

"Covid-19 or we have to create billions out of thin air, freeze the velocity of money, kill Banknotes.!" 

Banks and cashAt the same time, Corona allowed to kill BANKNOTES and so take away the risk of a "Run on the Banks". Without banknotes, it is a lot easier to control hyperinflation and when required, to take away ZERO's from all Fiat Money in circulation.

The Central Banksters realized that they have taken debt expansion to its extreme and that they could no longer keep the game going. The system was becoming dangerously unstable as evidenced by the Repo market where they had to inject billions each day in order to keep the financial sector alive.

They knew that after they pulled the plug, because of the resulting mass unemployment, and poverty the angry masses, would look around for someone to blame, and would come after their leaders with guns and pitchforks. Therefore they had to find a way to impose Martial Law without actually calling it that. Hence, they welcomed the Corona which fooled the masses into locking themselves down.

"They welcomed the Corona which fooled the masses into locking themselves down."

While the virus has some killing power, the death statistics are exaggerated by the media, with hospitals are financially incentivized to label most deaths as Covid-19 deaths and to place people on ventilators. This all in order to scare the sheep into accepting the use of “fear masks” that are designed to amplify the paranoia and into accepting the lockdowns that accelerate the destruction of the economy, so that their lives will soon be at far more at risk from destitution and hunger than they are from the virus.

government puppetsThe masses seem incapable of comprehending that the Central Banks run the world. The world is run by faceless unelected bureaucrats who print as much money as they like to try to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense while pushing everyone else into debt slavery.

Governments are merely puppet shows put on to amuse and distract the masses. In the US it is really extreme, they don’t even bother to have more than two parties controlled by the same Masters. Belgium is run and controlled by non-elected politicians. It’s always a laughable sight to see the sheep lining up to vote every 4 years, thinking that their vote will make a difference when of course it makes no difference whatsoever.

It is the infernal mountain of debt built up over many decades that is now causing the global economy to implode. The virus is merely a catalyst to “get it done and over with”. The national debt, municipal debt, corporate debt, and personal debt (credit card debt, student debt, car loans) constitutes a gigantic bubble of worthless garbage that will end up totally worthless before this depression is over.

The Fed (and all Central Banks -even the Swiss National bank) is using this crisis to “buy up everything it can”, but who wants to own this garbage? What will happen is that their exponential money creation will eventually ignite a hyperinflationary firestorm that burns everything to the ground so that they end up as the owners of NOTHING.

There is a perception in the world that things will continue as they are. What few realize is that the States/Countries are going to lose control totally. They are totally dependent on the debt and the fake monetary system they have created. They don't realize this fake system is about to implode and that they will lose their power and pants when it does.

So what you best do to protect yourself? 

  • Place a reasonable HIGH percentage of whatever assets you have in physical gold and silver. Premiums for physical are no longer low – pay them – because they are going to get a lot bigger and in the end, physical will be almost impossible to obtain (Gresham: the bad money pushes the good money out of the system). [we know how and where]
  • Silver is good for everyday transactions, especially silver coins that can be used to buy food.  “I’ll swap this silver coin for that bag of potatoes, those 2 cauliflowers, and a leek.”
  • A gold bar does no longer work and it will get worse once Gold hits $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 per oz. So flip your gold bars for Gold coins and Silver coins. Do it now, unless you want to pay a higher premium on your coins. [we know how and where]
  • Keep some Gold and Silver coins at home but store the bulk in a VAULT with concierge service out of political reach.  By doing this the local authorities have no access to your gold & silver and because of the concierge service, you can add to your metals and sell some if you need cash. [we know how and where]
  • If you have got guns – you may need them if you want to keep your stuff. If not get some and plenty of ammo and get practiced at using them in a hurry. Don’t try to rely on the police – by the time they show up 20 or 30 minutes later it will be all over, and that’s if they show up at all – they’ll be too busy protecting politicians and the wealthy. When wild-eyed starving people come looking for your supplies they are not going to greet you. It will be them or you, and they are likely to turn up in numbers.
  • Don’t leave much money in bank accounts as they will slam their doors unexpectedly when things get bad. Also, split it, so if one fails you don’t “have all your eggs in one basket”. The best is to split it over different countries and continents. [we know how and where]
  • Do leave some money in Equities (stocks and bonds). If you need cash you can sell some and have the funds wired to your bank account. [we know how and where]
  • Make sure you have as little DEBT as possible. Even better is to have NO debt at all.
  • Get out of REAL ESTATE. Only keep the property you are using as your homestead. Real Estate will, over the coming years, be TAXED and its value will continue to crash together with the real purchasing power of the people.
  • Make sure you have a second permanent residency in a stable country....away from big cities, and countries like Belgium, The Netherlands (which are big cities anyhow) where people will soon have to eat tulip bulbs again. There are not a lot of options. But we think Panama is still excellent and an affordable PLAN B. Start the procedure NOW as tomorrow it may no longer be possible. Stay away from countries like Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore...and other political UNSAFE countries! [we know how and where]

More in the Subscriber's section...click here

Important Fundamentals:

  • You have to be NUTS to short these Stockmarkets.  The market(s) will go up as long as they print fiat money out of thin air. This however NOT applies to all stock markets. See the section for Long Term Stock Market indexes for details.
  • You have to be NUTS to stay in these Stockmarkets.  Gold and Silver will severely OUTPERFORM the Stock Market indexes. See section for Stock Market Indexes expressed in Gold. Shares you should only use as NEAR CASH (instead of keeping your funds in Bank accounts).
  • You have to be DELIRIOUS to stay in Bond Markets. Absolute, dangerous Thin Air they are and only surviving because the Central Banks are still alive.
  • You have to be out of your mind to invest and keep your savings in PAPER Gold & PAPER Silver

Important Technicals:

  • See charts. 
    indugold ratio may20 UNEMPLOYMENT 2020 05 25
     Stocks are Extremely BEARISH versus Gold.
    35% (115 million) on a population of 331,000,000
    is the REAL figure!

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Tuesday/Wednesday, May 26/27, 2020 -
Commodity Indexes Reach Important Breakout Points.!

Updated Sections: Copper-Platinum & non-Ferro's (with hot tips), Inflation Index,

food prices

The beginning of Low Order Consumer Goods (hyper)inflation! Grocery prices have jumped during the coronavirus pandemic. Here's by how much:

  • Oreo's + 11%
  • White bread +9.4%
  • Ground Chuck, beef, ground meat +11.2%
  • Pork Chops +7.2%
  • Whole chicken +12%
  • Eggs +32.4%
  • Milk +9.6%
  • Potato chips +5%
  • Sugar +8%

The beginning of more recession and lower Fiat prices in the sector of High Order Capital Goods!

Large offices in city centers (example Manhattan, Brussels, Paris, London,...) will disappear. Working from home is more efficient and convenient. They will sell it as something good for global warming. There will be less commuting, less pollution and a better quality of life.

On real estate: Now, with shopping malls toast and high-rise office towers vacant and everyone realizing that there is no longer a need to commute three hours per day, who is going to be paying rents and leases in these commercial real estate buggy-whip factories? The food courts in these malls are not going to be re-opened with a Timmy's, a MacDonald's, and seventeen Asian wok emporiums serving soggy rice and two-day-old chicken balls; they are going to stay shut.

The Big Cycle doesn't look bright at all. A Hyperinflationary depression, Revolutions, Wars,....brrr  (the Gold-Silver ratio confirms the cycle - see below).

long term cycle

Remember that history tells us that politicians ALWAYS are the reason why a recession becomes a depression. The video is about social education but also about the Great Depression Myths (lies). 

The gold to silver ratio has just shattered its former all-time highs. Specifically, the ratio surged up to 125 ounces of silver required to purchase one ounce of gold during the midst of the Coronavirus panic in March. It has since come back to near 100 as this article is going to press, but the ratio remains above the previous all-time high resistance zone shown in black. Below we show a quarterly close of the gold to silver ratio dating back to 1940:

indu goldsilver ratio"A signal has just appeared in the global financial markets which has only been witnessed one other time in recorded history – and it foretells of immense trouble for the world economy ahead."

The gold to silver ratio is like a thermometer for the world’s financial health. When the ratio rises, it signifies that silver – which has a dual monetary and industrial role – is losing value relative to gold – which is primarily a monetary precious metal. In other words, when the ratio rises we are seeing that industrial assets are suffering relative to monetary assets. And when industrial metals suffer, you had better believe that industry itself is suffering.

"A BAD Omen or when industrial metals suffer, you had better believe that industry itself is suffering."

Remembering that in 1930 gold served as money by backing the dollar, what was witnessed in early 1930 by the gold to silver ratio breaking out was a warning that the most severe deflation in the history of the United States was about to occur. In other words: the Great Depression was just beginning.

When is the only other time in history that the gold to silver ratio has broken out to a new all-time high? At the start of the Great Depression, in 1930...The gold to silver ratio has now broken out to an even higher all-time high and so confirms we now have the start of the Big Depression of the 21st Century.

Let us rewind back one century in our history books. The 1920s, so-called the Roaring ’20s, were a time of great technological innovation around the world. The widespread adoption of electricity in urban areas, commercial radio broadcasting, and the liquid-fueled rocket are just some of the advances that occurred during the 1920s and which have had lasting impacts on our lives.

Profiting During the Great Depression.

  • What rose in value amidst the 90% decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average which kicked off the Great Depression? Gold.
  • In 1933, President Roosevelt outlawed the private ownership of gold. He then revalued it 75% higher, in effect devaluing the US dollar by an equal amount. Instead of costing just over $20 for an ounce of gold, Roosevelt declared it would now be worth $35.
  • Importantly, that 75% gain was certainly much better than the 50% loss in value in real estate during the Great Depression, or the even more catastrophic 90% loss in stocks during the period.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The price of ENERGY (Oil, Natural Gas, Coal) overweighs in the CRB-index...continue reading
  • U.S. MINT GOLD COIN SALES ALREADY DOUBLE vs. 2019...continue reading
  • Insurance Co's and pension funds are running into SEVERE problems. The sector CANNOT survive on LOW & NEGATIVE interest rates and will - in an effort to survive - have to dramatically increase premiums.

insurance cos net yield may2020

  • "Vaccines" is the new business model to save Big Pharma. Vaccines are an easy, low-risk way to earn billions for a Pharma-sector running into trouble.

Important Technicals:

  • We had/have a BEAR trap for oil...continue reading
  • Another week another $225.4 billion of funny money added to supply, and another $103 billion added to the Fed's balance sheet, which now stands above $7 trillion, and may hit $10 trillion before year-end...continue reading
  • Gold still needs to catch up with the M2 money supply (see chart below)...continue reading
continue reading Silver volume 2020 05 20
 Extremely  Bullish   Extremely  Bullish
M2 Gold 2020 05 09 continue reading
 More money printing = higher gold price!
Silver always spells something BAD is coming.

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Monday, May 25, 2020 - What happens in the markets these days is irrelevant: Thursday & Friday are bank holidays in Europe, and Monday is Memorial Day in the USA.

Updated Sections: Banks, Oil price (bear trap), LT Commodity Charts, Commodities in Gold,
Coal-Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals,

"Happy Memorial Day!"

The most honest three minutes in television story.

Important Technicals:

  • MEMORIAL DAY present for our followers. See the charts below.
Gold volume 2020 05 20 Silver volume 2020 05 20
  Gold price-volume: extremely  Bullish   Silver price-volume: extremely  Bullish
Shiller Home price Index: Extremely Bearish Shiller Home price Index: dramatically Bearish

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Thursday/Friday, May 21/22, 2020 - The lunatics are now completely in charge of the asylum as more Money is BORROWED into circulation.!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof shares(HOLD), Silver, Oil shares, 
Natural gas shares, Uranium shares, Majors - Juniors (PF-charts),

everything under controlThe lunatics are now completely in charge of the asylum as more Money is BORROWED into circulation. Politicians become more effective. Whereas in the Great Depression it took 3 years to sent unemployment to record highs over the course of three years, this Gates Corona Depression has accomplished it in 8 weeks. The Virus is nothing more but a ploy used as a scare tactic for a political (red) agenda. Once that is exposed, every politician who supported this draconian lock-down and licked the ground that Bill Gates walked upon will be vulnerable and lose the next elections.

The economic and human fallout (civil unrest, suicides, divorces) has only begun. First are the end-retailers. Then you have the distributor companies and behind the manufacturing companies and all the shipping. The economic devastation from this unnecessary virus insanity has so structurally altered the economy that the Climate Changed advocates are throwing wild parties cheering the end of so many jobs. What they fail to understand is that these are people with families. The $1200 check will do nothing and the Democrats (=socialists & Communists) are only concerned about bailout out government worker pensions at the state and local levels. The rest of society is just collateral damage of no importance for they are just the unwashed irrelevant people who have no human rights at stake in this monopoly game of power.

First, they try to kick-start the Automobile Industry by imposing ridicule emission regulations. After this fails, they try Electric Cars. As expected nothing works and nothing will work. Political leaders are illiterate IDIOTS having no clue about economics and finance whatsoever. RENAULT is closing several factories. Rolls Royce is firing 9,000 employees...and this is only the beginning. The World Bank estimates that because of the absurd COVID reaction, about 60 million people will be propelled into poverty. The DEPRESSION is taking its toll. [note: the automobile sector is the canary in the mine for the economy]

Bail-ins have become LAW both in the USA and the EU. Insolvent Wall Street banks have been quietly bailed out again under the cover of Corona. When the Dodd-Frank Act was passed in 2010, President Obama triumphantly declared, "No more bailouts!".  But what the Act actually said was that the next time the banks failed, they would be subject to "bail-ins" - the funds of their creditors, including their large depositors, would be tapped to cover their bad loans. [same in Europe]

Before the crisis which has just started is over, global debt, derivatives, and unfunded liabilities (Medicare, pensions) will virtually all disappear. We are looking at sums in the quadrillions of dollars. How much depends on how much extra debt is created before it all implodes. As the debt goes to zero, most of the assets that were financed by the debt will also lose 90-100% of their real value. This is when the world will discover that all these things we thought had a real worth are actually worthless.

Most big banks will disappear as the financial system implodes. Without massive debt, derivatives, and leverage, banks will go back to where they started: financing trade, commerce, and industry. Investment banks will disappear. Central banks will disappear or play a much smaller role. After the collapse of the present monetary system, leverage will disappear and any financial institution will only lend what they have in actual deposits as was the case when banking started 4000 years ago…In Argentina, if you buy a house, you can't apply for a mortgage: only cash is accepted.

"The unemployment rates we are now seeing of 15-30%, will become permanent."

The unemployment rates we are now seeing of 15-30%, will become permanent. Paying non-productive people with worthless money does not create a sustainable society. Pension funds will not survive. Their assets are Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate. All three will lose most of their value in real terms. All unfunded pension schemes will remain unfunded since there will be no money to pay the pensioners.

Many airlines will go bankrupt. Any remaining airlines will be extremely costly to operate leading to fares increasing substantially. [The employees of Brussels Airlines go for a 45% reduction in their salaries.] Tourism will decline dramatically due to high unemployment and high costs. Most of the luxury hotel market will die.

Are Filing for bankruptcy & chapter 11

  • Neiman Marcus
  • J. Crew
  • True Religion
  • Pier 1 Imports
  • Earth Fare
  • Modell's Sporting Goods
  • Art Van Furniture
  • Stage Stores, which owns Goody’s, Palais Royal, Bealls, Peebles, and Gordmans
  • Forever 21. It expects to close up to 350 stores worldwide, a spokesperson said, including as many as 178 US stores.
  • J.P. PennyGarden Fresh Restaurants
  • In Germany, we have Karstadt Kaufhof, Deutsche Bahn. In addition, numerous medium-sized companies have had to file for bankruptcy in the past few weeks.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Spiking food prices, kick off the inflationary endgame. Consumers are about to learn that even if demand falls, prices do rises when inflation kicks in. Food becomes expensive, in the USA especially meat. ...
  • By Memorial Day meat supplies at the retail grocery stores could...
  • Oil Jumps 11% On Signs Of Demand Recovery.
  • Federal Reserve of Atlanta expects a 35% GDP collapse...continue reading 

Important Technicals:

  • Stock Markets ...
  • Several Breakouts we have: Rio...
  • Don't forget to check our candle chart ...
  • Don't forget that Physical ...
  • Silver Set To ...continue reading 

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Wednesday, May 19, 2020 - Don't you try to convince anybody to buy gold...waste of energy!

Updated Sections: LT Stock Market Indexes, Recession Proof shares(LOCG), Silver, ,

Panic buttonDon't waste your energy in trying to convince anybody to buy Gold/Silver and to store it out of political reach. Most people are so stupid, so stubborn and so Sheeple and will NEVER follow your advice. Maybe later this of next year they will buy Gold/Silver at double the price they can buy it today. Maybe the price has to triple or quadruple before the reality hits their PANIC BUTTON. Who knows. Sometimes one must hit somebody's balls to tell his brain. Never forget it is because of the HERD that we see EXPONENTIAL PRICE RISES. In this case, only 0.5% hold PHYSICAL Gold/Silver. Hence 99.5% is Herd.

"This past week HSBC announced a $200m loss in one day’s trading in the exchange for the physical market on the Comex gold contract."

A deja vu of the Gold Pool in the 1960s'. Net shorts of Bankers had risen to $34.9bn, an increased book loss of $20.8bn. This past week HSBC announced a $200m loss in one day’s trading in the exchange for the physical market on the Comex gold contract.

Typically, breakouts from pennants are followed by a rapid move, mirroring the move in, telling us to expect a sharp rise in the gold price of up to $250. Pennants are not infallible but given the bullion banks were short before the coronavirus shutdowns in the US and Europe, and all central banks’ ...more in the Subscriber's section

The following is for all those who pretend that the NANNY GOVERNMENT knows better.  Are you still convinced that "Big Government" is good for you? Do you also take your sick child to an Apple store instead of to a Medical Doctor? Do you ask a plumber to operate on you...or rather a surgeon? Are you taking financial advice from Politicians, the Mainstream Media, Snowflakes, and/or Millenniums pretending they hold the STONE of the Wise?

Got Real Estate? Airbnb owners panic sell everything – Pending home sales fall off a cliff. Airbnb Owners Are In Trouble And This Might Only Be Phase One. Airbnb Owners Are Looking At The Default Button and Most Airbnb Owners Own More Than One Unit. Plus, Pending Home Sales Fall Off a Cliff and Q1 GDP Plunges 4.8%, Biggest Drop Since The Financial Crisis. A Repeat of Black Thursday Market Crash Possible Around Mid-2020 as per Goldman. Be aware that ALL REAL ESTATE will suffer under this Airbnb panic selling.

If you leverage a Real Estate with a Mortgage, you will get wiped out...NO way to sell NOW or TOMORROW. The market has dried out and it will soon rain Foreclosures...more in our Real Estate Subscriber's section.

Real Estate will surely not be a safe haven, on the contrary. Remember that the market at first dries out and next prices fall while it has become impossible to sell.

As voting will not help, we have 6 possible scenarios ahead of us:

  1. A Russian Revolution.
  2. A Zimbabwe hyperinflation.
  3. A German Revolution followed by hyperinflation
  4. A Serbian hyperinflation followed by a revolution
  5. A Venezuelan hyperinflation followed by foreign invasion.
  6. A Hungarian hyperinflation followed by another hyperinflation and by fascism and then nazism.

Important Fundamentals + Technicals for subscribers only:

Important Technicals:

  • see PF-charts in the Gold & Silver sections and see charts below. continue reading 

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Monday/Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - I am John Galt? What is your name?

Updated Sections: $-Gold, €-Gold, Bio-Pharma (new share),Majors (breakout?),Juniors(breakout)

Follow the money 2020 05 12What is happening today in the United States and Europe is EXACTLY what has been described by Ayn Rand in her books and Atlas Shrugged.  We are living the days of Ayn Rand. Do BUY and read the book. Ayn Rand was born in RED RUSSIA and she knows EXACTLY what was and is happening in the U.S.A. and Europe.  Ayn Rand fled Communist USSR to the USA and thought she was free, only to discover that in the USA (and the EU) just the same was and is going on as in the old USSR.

THE government MUST serve the individuals and not the other way around. The government must PROTECT the individual. Lobbying or Corporations BUYING politicians so they can continue to sell their products to the people is not Capitalism. Such is Monopoly and/or Oligopoly and, COMMUNISM. These are bad for society and humanity and should not be allowed to exist. (Microsoft is a monopoly and should be broken up, The Bill Gates foundation is a Monopoly and should be liquidated. The Big-Meat industry is a Cartel (oligopoly), the Big-Pharma is a Cartel (oligopoly).

They (politicians, Government) sell The Greater Good and want all of us to pay our Fair Share.  You CANNOT and should NEVER TRUST GOVERNMENT and you CANNOT TRUST corporations (like the Bill Gates foundation) which CONTROL Government.

In 1957 Ayn Rand predicted exactly what is happening today (Collectivism, Communism).  Government is NEVER the answer, the people are the answer. Governments have to be people of Character and not people after MONEY and Power like is the case today. 

"Nothing is what it seems. When you have 'leaders' with no morals you wind up in a situation like we are seeing now. The whole lot of them have been selling us down the river for decades."

I call it LEGAL THEFT. Government is a THIEF and takes away what it decides is a Fair Share by force from Entrepreneurs.  More and more good people opt out of this Government controlled society because they can no longer do the job properly. Producers are sick and tired of these Government-parasites with their stupid, often silly regulations.

The system is rotten to the core: the Media are government-controlled, Hollywood is government-controlled, schools and universities are government-controlled, and teaching incorrect values. As a result of this sick Government action, factories are closing, jobs are disappearing and we even start ot see FOOD shortages.

Important Fundamentals:

  • China's Cautious Economic Reboot Is a Warning for the World. China was where the first lockdowns started so it also offers a potential template for how to open back up. Worrying is that we are not seeing the recovery the Authorities had in mind. This confirms the depression.
  • The Nasdaq-100 has had a V-shaped recovery. The Russell 2000, just about all of Europe, Japan, and emerging markets have not. There is a lot of discussion in the media about the mismatch between Wall Street and the economy. The fact that it doesn’t matter what governments try to do, all they seem to succeed in is inflating asset prices and devaluing the purchasing power of their currencies.
  • The Bio-Pharma CARTEL is, of course, benefiting enormously from this Corona-thing.
  • The Computer sector (Microsoft, Apple), etc...is also benefiting enormously.  Bill Gates & wife really are trying to change the world so they can cash even more money and power. Few people know that Gates didn't even write DOW but took it from somebody else. That Microsoft didn't invent the speaking computer and Siri but stole it from others (Flanders language valley - Lernout & Hauspie). Note: we don't believe the fraud was engineered by Lernout & Hauspie, but rather by Bill Gates and the CIA)

Important Technicals:

continue reading

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Friday, May 15, 2020 - Gold & Silver breaking out? - The end of the Spring Consolidation/correction?

Updated Sections: Indexes in Gold,

What have the WHO, the World Bank, the GPMB, Big Pharma, Fauci and the Bill Gates foundation have in common? Is this Corona-story just another version of 9/11?

A long but a very interesting video about important topics. I don't completely agree with Peter, but that is how it should be between professionals. 

We should NEVER have a Central Bank because paper money and central banks are a greater enemy of the people than standing army's. Central Banks are probably the main reason why we are now in so much problems.

If you see that Central Banks buy so much Gold, be aware that this happens because they know that soon we will have to return to a gold-backed money standard. Those who think they are wiser than Central Banks and that 'one cannot eat Gold", and that "Gold doesn't pay out dividends", will pay a high price for not listening and acting upon the advise of specialists.

"As long as we don't get LESS GOVERNMENT, the depression will get worse!"

As long as we don't get LESS GOVERNMENT (& less petty government officials), the depression will continue. The only way to get out of this recession, is to cut government and government spending and let the economy and the ENTREPRENEURS do what must be done. Entrepreneurs are the REAL HEROES of society. Not the Authorities, not the Athletes, 

Nixon either had to sever the gold standard or stop putting the USA into debt. He should have stopped putting the USA in debt...but this is not how politicians reason.

Regardless of what happens to the price of gold, the holders (and Central Banks) will be the winners. However, we disagree about Miners, and Bars versus coins. Also, one must try to buy Gold & Silver with a concierge service so that at any time you have full flexibility.

We're not supposed to show the carts below to people who not a subscriber...but sometimes one has to make an exception. Anyhow, people who are to greedy to subscribe and are trying to get it all for free, will pay for this in another more painful way. As they say, it's all in the details.

Gold breakout 2020 05 14 Silver breakout 2020 05 14
$-Gold breaking out of a Triangle $-Silver breaking out of a wedge

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday/Thursday, May 13/14, 2020 - Circumstances are being used to avoid higher interest rates and to inject more fiat money into the system.

Updated Sections: Can$-Gold & Can$/$/€, £-Gold & £/€/$, Kr-Gold & Kr/$/€, Au$-Gold & Au$/$/€,
¥-Gold & ¥/€/$, R-Gold & R/$/€, World Stock Market Indexes,

reposThe Covid-19 also does some good. It saved the Central Banks (and us) from higher interest rates. Remember how BEFORE the virus became famous, each day, Central Banks were using the REPOs to inject billions in the system. Thanks to the COVID they can now do it with the full approval of the authorities and the herd. The action allows going for recovery (at least try for one) without an explosion of the interest rates.  Note: this only delays HIGHER interest rates.

Few people understand that GOLD always balances the total assets of the reserve banks versus the total outstanding debt. Taking into account the total US-debt versus the total Gold reserves of the USA, we need a gold price of $87,500 per oz. To balance the books.

"We need a Gold price of $87,300 to balance the books of the FED."

What few people realize is that we already have – by the law of nature - a disconnect between PAPER gold & silver and physical. Physical Gold is selling at a $100 premium over paper gold and Physical Silver is selling at a $10 premium over paper silver.

Over the coming weeks and months, we expect the premiums to continue to rise. At a certain level (plus $1,900 oz), ARBITRAGE will push up the paper price: people will buy in the Paper market, demand delivery, and sell in the physical market.

"Remember that the 300:1 oz ratio will by definition push up the physical gold price."

What to expect  in the future:

  1. Expect digital money (cryptos) to become the new normal and banknotes to be banned or strongly restricted.
  2. Gold will be used to balance the books and guarantee the new money...but with delivery restrictions. That is the reason why Russia and China are buying all the PHYSICAL gold they can.
  3. Next price stop for Gold is $3,500 -
  4. Expect that in the future Gold & Silver Mines and co will be nationalized.
  5. Silver will be gold on steroids.

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Monday/Tuesday, May 11/12, 2020 - Police Are Complicit in Politicians' Disregard for the Rule of Law and lots of constitutional Human rights are violated.

Updated Sections: Majors (candle charts), Juniors (candle charts) , 

thought policeThanks to the ongoing "state of emergency" and the fact that state governors, mayors, and health officials now rule by decree, we're witnessing how local law enforcement officers have no particular interest in the rule of law, the Bill of Rights, or basic human rights of any sort. Police have been at the forefront of arresting people, business owners for the "crime" of using their own private property, using city parks, and engaging in other peaceful activities.

"Covid-19: those who see it are blinded by how farcical the entire thing is, and those who do not, seem to see absolutely nothing at all."
Have you brains and do you use these...or are you sheeple!?

What's Going On Here? Many people have to be asking this question as the "virus" is proving to be no more deadly than the seasonal flu based upon research from around the world including Stanford University. Still, we have most states that are still mostly locked down and populations locked in. 24/7 fear-mongering by the Mainstream networks is the main reason, in my opinion, why many are still so fearful.

Stock markets are up...even with historic job losses. Dow rallies even after record job losses as investors bet the worst has passed; the unemployment rate in the USA jumps to 15%. We haven't seen this since the Great Depression.

Teheran index 2020 05 09Please STOP listening to all those Idiots out there preaching a BEAR TREND for the stock markets. There is a disconnect between the Dow and Stock Markets and the Real Economy. Only those who listen to the music of the markets, invest properly, and are PATIENT are successful. All others soon or late lose an arm and a leg...and their pants. Stock Markets will crash only when expressed in REAL MONEY or Gold. In nominal terms, they will over the next years break record after record but will only allow you to buy one loaf of bread.!

Iran moved to cut 4 zero's from its currency. A deep recession and high inflation (40%) rate have eroded the value of the rial. It costs more than 150,000 rials to buy one US dollar. People generally use debit cards or what we call traveler’s cheques to make payments. At the same time, the “worthless Teheran Stock Market Index continues to break record after record".

The purchasing power of fiat currencies is rapidly being debased. That is helping to support the nominal prices of stocks, property, gold, and bonds. The $4 trillion surge in the total assets of central banks over the last couple of months has supported prices for just about all asset classes.

"Government decisions and monetary policy make, just like in the 1930's the bad situation worse."

Screen Shot 2020 05 09 at 4.03.44 PMWW I, in 1919-22 the printing of money and devaluations of several European currencies were required as an extension of the debt crises of those most indebted, especially those that lost the War (Germany). This led to the Weimar revolution and the total extinction of the German mark.

Les Annees Folles. Once the debt, domestic political, and international geopolitical restructuring were done, the Roaring 1920s was a boom period, which became a bubble that burst in 1929. The Roaring 1920s can be compared to today's 2010s.

In 1930-45, the debt bubble burst required central banks to print more money and devalue it. At the end of the war, the new monetary system that linked the dollar to gold and other currencies to the dollar was created. This finally ended the 20 year-long economic recession which started in 1929. That monetary system stayed in place until 1971. After Nixon closed the Gold Window in 1971,  the global situation has again been deteriorating. Even worse is that the manipulation of interest rates, Central Bank balance sheets, official statistics (Inflation), Money printing, Financial products,...have made the BUBBLES and reality of today's' situation even grimmer.

Important Fundamentals:

  • This is the time to buy SILVER coins "en masse"!  Silver versus Gold has NEVER in history been so cheap. While one normally needs 18 x 1 oz. Silver coins to buy 1 x 1 oz. Gold coin, today, you need more than 100 x 1 oz. Silver coins to buy 1 x 1 oz. Gold coin.
  • Gold ETFs already at annual inflow record. Demand physical gold & avoid the 'scam' of paper gold. Know that the ETF-Gold is kept by HSBC (a bankrupt bank).  The ETF-buyers still don't seem to get that they buy worthless PAPER GOLD.
  • There is at least 200 times more paper gold/silver than physical gold/silver. Investors are currently scrambling for physical gold due to delivery issues as miners and refineries had to shut down over the virus outbreak. At the same time, people started to figure out that the paper gold market is a “scam,” and this could be another factor driving prices up. “Banks took the same ounce of gold and sold it over, over and over because rarely anybody takes delivery,”
  • Airline travel, down 95 % from a year ago, .continue reading
Silver instead of gold 2020 05 08 .continue reading .continue reading
you need over 115 silver coins
to buy 1 gold coin
according to our communicating
financial vessels theory,
Stock markets will continue
to break records.

Important Technicals:

.continue reading 

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Thursday/Friday, May 7/8, 2020 - Politicians Have Destroyed Markets and Ignored Human Rights with Alarming Enthusiasm.

Updated Sections: Silver, Dollar, Rupee-Gold & Rupee, Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€, €-Gold & €/$  , 

Politicians are the SCUM of Planet Earth.
Politicians Have Destroyed Markets and Ignored Human Rights with Alarming Enthusiasm. 

  • The most expensive way to pay for the government is to print money. Either you pay by taxation, either you pay by inflation. Inflation is the worst.
  • Producers versus parasites....this is the only way to change and improve society: get rid of all parasites. And this includes the Politicians.

"The people who hid Anna Frank were committing a CRIME. Those arresting her, her family and the people who hid her, were following THE LAW. Some were executed."

We don't know what tomorrow will bring...but we do have some signs of what they are planning. 

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020 -  Americans don't live like Rats, only Europeans do?!

Updated Sections: Juniors, 

boat paradeAmericans don't live like RATS, only Europeans live like RATS locked up in cages without bars (and with no guns). Europeans have given up their weapons, they have given up their army, they no longer control Parliament and Government, they have given up almost all their liberties. They are forced to wear mouth-masks.  Streets and even shops have become one-way pedestrian traffic lanes. However, all over the U.S.A., citizens are protesting...and in Florida, the people are celebrating LIFE.  (click on the video for more)

Low life Politicians have destroyed the global economy, and much, much more. In Japan, they tried it all, from interest rate manipulation, over Credit manipulation to direct interventions. NOTHING WORKED!  Why the heck are they now trying it out again in Europe, the U.S.A., Switzerland,...?? This is one of the most interesting videos I watched this year. For this reason, we decided to also post it in the public area. We have to park it somewhere on the site permanently.  A long movie...and you may have to watch it a couple of times before you "understand" it.  The conclusion is that ANY BUREAUCRATIC INTERVENTION (politic) ALWAYS FAILS.  In Japan, since WWII they experienced it ALL...with NO SUCCESS whatsoever...manipulating does very little to an economy and society, except making bubbles. Only a FREE MARKET brings prosperity.

"Princes of the Yen reveals how post-war Japanese society was transformed to suit the agenda of powerful interest groups, and how citizens were kept entirely in the dark about this. History is now repeating itself around the world."

Note: the BIS (Bank International Settlements), IMF(International Monetary Fund) and Central Banks (like the WHO) are extremely dirty players and do a lot of harm to humankind...click here for LITERATURE

"After Green energy is costing the world one arm & one leg...the Corona lock-down is costing the world a second arm & a second leg."

U.S. Treasury expects to borrow $2.999 trillion in net marketable debt in the April-June quarter, $3.055 Trillion more than estimated. 120 million Americans have received stimulus money. Americans will receive $250 billion to help them ride out job losses, reduced work hours, and other hardships caused by the pandemic. Because of the stimulus money, low earning classes will actually receive more money than they would have when working.

EU plans to borrow trillions more than estimated.

The world sits up to its eyeballs in debt.

  • Government debt.
  • Corporation debt is at an all-time record.
  • Consumer debt is at an all-time debt.
  • Student loans are at a record high
  • Credit card debt is at an all-time record high
  • Car loans are at all-time records.

"On top of printing fiat money out of thin air (something is happening right NOW), they will also TAX the HELL out of you."

This is how they enslave you:

  1. Digitize the banking and money system. √
  2. CRS + FATCA or make all financial information exchangeable between governments. √
  3. Ensure you have full knowledge of the personal wealth of each citizen. √
  4. Have people directly taxed through financial institutions. √
  5. Freeze financial accounts of each citizen who doesn't comply with your law.
  6. Freeze travel abilities of citizens who don't comply with the law. √

Note: there are still ways around this...we have the know-how!

Important Fundamentals:

  • They have opened Pandora's box. If you bring down interest rates to zero/negative, Banks have no more reason to exist. Rigged interest rates destroy the banks, destroys pension funds in Europe because these are limited in what they can invest in.
  • Russia has only a 17% debt. 1989 the USSR (the great socialist/communist country) went bankrupt because of too much debt and fiat money. Some generations learned their lesson...
  • The FED, ECB,...Central Banks to buy Junk Bonds? The answer is YES, YES, YES,...
  • The bubble is so big, that one almost cannot describe it. Central Banks will, just like happens in Japan and Switzerland, BUY Stocks, Bonds, Junk Bonds, Corporate Bonds,....continue reading

Important Technicals:

.continue reading

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Monday/Tuesday, May 4/5, 2020 - A dangerous Communist precedent: China Rolls Out Pilot Test of Digital Currency.

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Royalties, Majors, Zimbabwe,

maoChina Rolls Out Pilot Test of Digital Currency. In Xiangcheng, a district in the eastern city of Suzhou, the government will start paying civil servants half of their transport subsidy in the digital currency next month as part of the city’s test run, according to a government worker with direct knowledge of the matter. Government workers were told to begin installing an app on their smartphones this month into which the digital currency would be transferred, the worker said.

"The government has shutdown your ability to earn a living. But every government employee and every politician is still getting paid. And you are the one paying for that."

Civil servants (read petty government officials) were told that the new currency could be transferred into their existing bank accounts, or used directly for transactions at some designated merchants, the person said.

"If You don't behave like we expect you to, we'll freeze your money and savings!"

China is ahead of many other countries in preparing the launch of official digital currency. In recent years, the use of traditional paper bills and cash has declined sharply, and smartphone payments have become so ubiquitous that many Chinese people, particularly younger urban dwellers, no longer carry their wallets or cash for shopping. Instead, they use Tencent Holdings Ltd. ’s WeChat Pay and Alipay, operated by Ant Financial Services Group, an affiliate of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

This highlights the government’s desire to fully control the ability of consumers to spend their own cash.  The façade of wishing to curtail money laundering or terrorist financing is ubiquitous to all governments and this is a trend that has global appeal for heavily indebted countries.

"Almost EVERYTHING has been digititalized, therefore you have now become a 'de facto' SLAVE of the authorities.
Only Gold & Silver will and can keep you safe!"

soup lines floridaInstead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us' A Global Food Crisis Looms. Transportation networks have been severely impacted by the coronavirus lockdowns and that is having a significant knock-on effect for vulnerable communities all over the world. There is no shortage of food globally, but the uncertainty the lockdowns introduced have disrupted harvest and slaughter schedules. That is putting upward pressure on some commodities prices while depressing others. The international challenge will be in ensuring commodities get to where they are needed in time to protect the lives of people in the emerging markets.

The following video is an update about Zimbabwe. Especially for all IDIOTS out there who pretend that Africa is doing OK, who pretend South Africa is doing well under the Black Regime, for those who pretend a hyperinflationary depression is not as bad as history tells it is. Today, in South Africa there are BLACK but also WHITE SQUATTER CAMPS....do you call this progress? In Zimbabwe, Medical Doctors refuse to work because their pay doesn't even cover their transportation cost to the Hospitals...

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

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Updated Sections:  ,

THIS IS A MUST SEE...AND the movie has been CENSURED! - we were able to download the movie in time and have the pleasure to publish it so all our readers can see for themselves how we are LIED to and mislead by the Authorities so we stay "safe" (read: so we become "Slaves").  The statement is made by MEDICAL DOCTORS living and working in California. Contacts living in New York affirmed that the Media were incorrectly reporting and overrating the impact this Corona has on life in the city. 

Also, from personal testimonies made by several contacts we have in Europe and Belgium, we know the situation in Europe is more or less the same.  Many Hospitals have often few or no patients! We were even told that in Belgium, the department of Justice (Mr. Geens) is teaching the people to knit masks. These guys really know how to act like a complete clown. 

The resume of the video with Dutch subtitles.

The resume has been censured!

In the U.S.A. (armed) people stand (example Michigan) up and will, in one way or another terminate something that is 100% unconstitutional. Protesters gathered outside the home of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as reports say she plans to extend the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order. In Europe, as expected, there is little or no resistance. The people are following the "Orders" like Sheeple.

Why pay taxes when the government creates fiat money out of thin air and steals your purchasing power in this sneaky way?  Creating money out of thin air is nothing but a hidden theft in broad daylight by Government. We have now entered an era where even people calling themselves "Economists" and people calling themselves "University Professors in Economics" state that Governments MUST now print money to save the Country and the World.

If the Government can print all money required, the logic says that people should stop paying taxes and Governments should print whatever is needed...or not?!

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