February 2020


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Helicopter Money is here

Updated Sections: Inflation Index, Bonds-USA ,Silver Fundamentals, Stock Market Indexes,
$-Gold, Silver, €-Gold,
Majors (HUI), Juniors (GDXJ), Crude Oil,

helicopter money

Helicopter money is a proposed unconventional monetary policy, sometimes suggested as an alternative to quantitative easing (QE) when the economy is in a liquidity trap (when interest rates near zero and the economy remains in a recession). It never worked, doesn't work and will never work. It will create the big HYPER-INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION...of the 21st century.


        • hyperinflation
        • higher nominal stock markets: the illusion that stocks go up while in reality (expressed in real money) they will not.
        • higher interest rates.
        • lower bond markets.
        • lower real estate markets.
        • exponentially higher gold and silver.
        • an economic depression
        • WAR

Helicopter money we have today in Japan, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore...tomorrow in the EU and in North-America.

The money helicopter has arrived. Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 and above will each receive a cash handout of HK$10,000 (US$1,200) in an HK$120 billion (US$15 billion) relief deal rolled out by the government to ease the burden on individuals and companies while saving jobs. This follows similar efforts by Macau, which will offer residents shopping vouchers, and Singapore, which will give people between $100 and $300 in a one-off payment.

Economists like Milton Friedman have incorrectly long seen helicopter money as the most radical tool that central bankers could deploy to fight a weak economy. Unlike most monetary policy measures, people tend to get excited when it is mentioned — unsurprisingly given the image of loads hundred dollar bills being thrown out of helicopters and falling to the ground that it conjures up. History, however, learns that Helicopter Money doesn't work. It just creates Hyperinflation.

It’s the politicians leading the charge. Tomorrow this will also happen in more fiscally conservative countries, such as Northern Europe, and it will fall on the shoulders of the European Central Bank.

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Thursday/Friday, February 27/28 -  Frighten the Herd with imaginary hobgoblins: Global Warming, Corona-virus.

Updated Sections: Copper-Platinum & non-Ferro's, Inflation Index, Bonds-USA , 

menckenFrighten the Herd with imaginary hobgoblins: Global Warming, Corona-virus. For centuries they were able to frighten the Herd with HELL and HEAVEN, with Devils and Angels. Religion made it possible to make The Herd build Churches, Cathedrals. Today is the same but different.

Today's video is an interview with a former GREENPEACE leader Patrick Moore published for those who still believe the lies about Global Warming.  The HERD always believes the lies of Government and keep doing so until they get hungry.  The HERD is probably 90% of all people on this planet. If you UNDERSTAND what is happening today and you look around you, know that 9 out of 10 don't and will even try to convince you that you are the dreamer. Real scientists deal with facts, not emotion. Students at university should be enabled to sue their professors personally for damage to their education.

“Wind & solar is less than 1% of energy production!” Wow, all that money we put into that. Some are making a fortune !

The Gold Cartel began to run out of enough physical gold to meet demand at the end of May 2019. Since that day, Gold began to trade differently as ALL dips were bought and that has been the case ever since. The gold price has soared despite the dollar and US stock market indexes going to all-time highs.

We are at a stage similar to when the London Gold Pool beginning in 1968. So much physical gold was being taken out of US vaults back then by Charles De Gaulle and others at $35 an ounce, the US was forced to give up on THAT price suppression scheme, as is occurring right now in a different manner.

"Gold & Silver in One Word: BUY."

Soon the gold price will be taken to all-time highs in US dollars and WELL beyond. Just like already happened for other currencies: the Euro, the Swiss, the Can-Dollar,...Gold is the best hedge that anyone can buy against:

        • Greedy Authorities.
        • A failure of the financial/bank system.
        • Central bank debasement of fiat money.
        • Stock market crashes.
        • Credit market failures.
        • Real Estate bubbles.
        • The collapse of art or other inflated assets.

Gold has some wonderful attributes. Gold is an asset that has gone up 5-6x in most currencies and more in weaker currencies since 1999. And in the last half century is has gone up 45x. Gold costs almost nothing to hold and can be held virtually risk free outside the banking system.

        • Stores a lot of purchasing power.
        • Will always be accepted as a form of payment by everybody.
        • No counter-party risk
        • No one’s liability
        • Inflation hedge AND a Deflation hedge
        • Crisis hedge AND War hedge. Gold & Silver will ALWAYS buy you FOOD & Shelter.
        • The only currency that has survived more the 6,000 years in history

Important Fundamentals:

  • Gold & Silver have a limited supply and an increase in demand cannot be met by more production but only by higher prices.
  • Interest rates are bottoming and beware of the Marginal maximum of interest rate levels. The marginal levels ...click here for more
  • The 35-year interest cycle peaked in 1981 and bottomed in 2016 as the chart of the US 10 year Treasury Note below shows. ...click here for more
  • But whether rates go up from here or slightly later is of less importance. What is certain is that central banks will lose control of interest rates as bond markets collapse and yields surge when money printing takes off in earnest.
  • The current belief in flight to “safety” by holding government bonds is absolutely ludicrous. ...click here for more

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - The reality starts to become visible to all: lower stock markets & higher Gold & Silver.

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Silver, US-Dollar, Rupee-Gold & Rupee/$, World Stock Markets,
Coal, Solar & Rare elements, Agriculturals, Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$/€, Swiss-Gold & FS/$/€
  • Gold will be the only safe haven left standing. Any HONEST professional will confirm it. 
  • All major indexes are down and looking weak.
  • Dump money is spilling into treasuries.
  • Dumber money remains obsessed with bitcoin.
  • Mainstream media (even financial media) remain silent on record-breaking gold prices.
  • Baby boomers sowed the wind for Communism.
  • The markets will drop by 95% when expressed in Real Money
  • More people will die from the Bernie Sanders virus than the Coronavirus.
  • People with BRAINS move their savings into physical Gold & Silver.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Forget the Corona-BS. This is why the markets tank. With my +45 year of experience, I KNOW what I am saying. Markets crash off a Euphoria-Climax. Such a Climax I have never seen in my life. Comparing Stock Markets to the Gold & Silver sector, it looks like REALITY starts to seep through.

...click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • Gold intervention Time is ...click here for more
  • The PF-chart below (Dow Jones versus Gold) is a VERY IMPORTANT chart and says it all.


  • The Bond market is anticipating more RATE CUTS...there is no way around it. Either the FED cuts the Prime Rate, either the Stock Market crashes.

...click here for more

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Monday/Tuesday, February 24/25 - The correction (and maybe) Dow-TOP has arrived and - as we forecasted - the Corona-Virus gets the blame.

Updated Sections: Majors (HUI pf-short candle), Juniors (HUI pf-short candle), 
Gold (PF-charts in all sections), PORTFOLIO, Investment Pyramid

"Gold scores the biggest weekly gain since June 2019"
Gold is flying, silver is getting ready, and I mean really getting ready to take off in a big way.  If you look at gold in terms of all of the world’s currencies, excluding the dollar, we are at record highs.

la patateAfter the BREXIT, the EUSSR leaders refuse to reduce their Budget to a reasonable, logical, lower level.  Another proof that they give NO DAMN SHIT about the citizens. The UK used to provide 1/3rd of the EUSSR's budget. Now that they are gone, the logic is that the budget should be reduced by 1/3rd.  However, we expect that they will find a way to keep the budget and that this will result in an increase in taxes by 14%. They are talking about a budget of only 1,100 billion Euros...

The correction (and maybe) Dow-TOP has arrived and - as we forecasted - the Corona-Virus gets the blame. Gold has resumed its bull run. So has Silver. As we forecasted, the Corona-virus gets the blame. This not only proofs that the average IQ-level of the Mainstream Media & Financial Media is extremely low, but also that the average IQ level of the private AND also professional investor is very poor. The NARRATIVE does it again. Good for those who followed our advice, and over the past weeks, did what we called one had to do.

For months and years, we have been advising not to touch BANKS - not even with a 20-yard long stick. Deutsche Bank is quoted as saying they are shedding: "$100 billion in assets, and taking a massive $7.3 billion hit as part of a major overhaul".  The other central banker's problem child, HSBC is admitting "Around 30% of our capital is currently allocated to businesses that are delivering returns below their cost of equity, largely in global banking and markets in Europe and the U.S.,"

These two banks are not getting healthier at all, in fact, they seem to be dying a slow death and their declines should be hurting other major institutions as well. There are other banks that are having similar problems (see Subscriber's section: Banks & Financials). The point maybe is that western central bankers (FED, ECB, BoE,..) and friends, control (almost all) derivatives. These money printers have the right to bail out whoever they want and when they want. They literally have a wide selection of problems to choose from when more cash is needed and yet, no one can find any report of these newly created debt instruments ever being paid off. The Repo's just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger (Just like QE...until?). The video about JOHN LAW clearly explains what is happening, and how this will end. Note: change dates and names in the video below and it all is happening today! The Madness of the crowds will never change...ever.

The idea of hiding this new QE title by calling it a Repo is doing what it was intended to do, hide the events in plain sight. The expectations of QE to Infinity will proceed, as a Repurchasing Agreements of Infinite Print! That is, until something not calculated by the algos surfaces, and with consequences...Got Silver and Gold?

"There is NO ALTERNATIVE to Printing...the Central Banks can ONLY DELAY the inevitable."

Important Fundamentals:

  • Whoever advises to SELL Gold & Silver at these levels, has ZERO understanding of the REALITY.
  • Demand for physical precious metals surges 

     ...click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • The Dollar Index makes a new high, approaches Long-Term Technical Resistance and shows a  ...click here for more
  • A reversal formation we also have on the charts for the Stock Markets. We strongly advise against "buying the dips". ...click here for more
  •  ...click here for more
  • Another proof that TA is important. xxxxx broke out weeks ago...and became so a BUY.  ...click here for more
  • Everybody has his reasons for buying MORE SILVER. See the video about the Silver/Gold ratio. Consider buying SILVER instead of Gold.

 ...click here for more

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Thursday/Friday, February 20/21, 2020 -  Soon the inflation will move from the Stock Market to the super-market!

Updated Sections: Crude Oil price, Silver, Gold: short candles in ALL sections!, ,

dette unifieeOver 50 years, the yen has lost 92%, the dollar 97.6%, the euro 98,2% and sterling 98.7%...more monetary inflation on the way. In order to make good for this loss, one must have had a terrible RETURN on Stock and Bonds over the same period of time. Not that such is impossible. But such surely needed A LOT of TIME and Energy (and luck). So WHY waste all this time and energy while you can do it by just holding physical GOLD and as a BONUS have it out of political reach. Physical Gold & Silver stored out of political reach have other very important advantages we don't want to make public on the site. We know the tax-men are also reading Goldonomic.

"L. Von Mises:  99% of all investors will make the wrong investment decision in the next few years and end up in misery."

It is incomprehensible how anyone can call a Treasury bond, Gilts “SAFETY”. This is a debt paper issued by bankrupt borrowers in a currency that will collapse just like most other currencies. There is absolutely ZERO safety in a UK, EU, US bonds or any other sovereign bond for that matter. Because these bonds cannot and will not ever be repaid in money that has a real value. The most likely destiny for these bonds is at best an indefinite moratorium or more probably a default. If there was any repayment it would be in totally debased, worthless money.c

There actually is proof of the former statement in History Books. Belgium has, for example, its: DETTE UNIFIEE. This was a HUGE and largest low-interest rate, PERPETUAL treasury bond issued ever by Belgium. Any existing Belgian treasury bond had to be converted into this PERPETUAL bond. Including any externally issued debt in US-Dollars and Pound Sterling. The operation was a DEBT MORATORIUM.

It was a HUGE HOLDUP in broad daylight. The Dette Unifiee was issued at a nominal interest rate of 4% and thus the value of the bond fell way below the current market value of any other bonds which at that time came with a 7% interest rate. Under Gutt, 60% of all BANK DEPOSITS were also forcefully converted into this bond. Whoever needed to sell, sold at a huge loss. And believe me, this will happen AGAIN.

Important Fundamentals:

  • INTEREST RATES ARE BOTTOMING - The 35-year interest cycle peaked in 1981 and is bottoming since 2012-13 as the chart of the US 10 year Treasury Note below shows. The current yield of 1.59% is not far from the low but the recent fall in rates has not been confirmed by momentum indicators. Thus the chart indicates a bullish divergence and therefore the potential of rates going up from here. Our proprietary cycle indicators confirm that move. See section for Bonds for more charts.

 ...click here for more

  • Whether rates go up from here now or later is of less importance. What is certain is that central banks will lose control of interest rates as bond markets collapse and yield surge when money printing takes off in earnest. At some point in the next year or so, investors will exit bonds at any price. Nobody will want to hold a toxic instrument issued by a bankrupt government that can neither afford to pay the interest nor the capital without issuing more worthless bonds.
  • Panama has been put back on the EU-blacklist. A good thing proving the EU doesn't get a grip on Panama. And hopefully, it will stay this way. Over 200 Multi-nationals have moved their HQ to Panama and the country won't take any risks. These companies must stay and so will the Tax legislation Panama.  Having said this, Panama will survive the Sinking EU-Titanic.

Important Technicals:

  • xxxx is breaking up the overhead $1,600 resistance.
  • $-Silver is breaking up the overhead $18 resistance. On the long term  ...click here for more

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020 -  Less than 0.5% know that GOLD “IS” Money!

Updated Sections: Bio-Tech & Pharma, Oil shares, Natural Gas shares, Bank & Financial shares,

bubble stock market"It is all about protecting against risk. “You must protect the downside. The upside takes care of itself.”

The HERD is and will always remain the HERD and the HERD always end up as the "bag-holder", or the losers as it is the Herd which is the main engine behind each BUY CLIMAX and it is the same Herd which sells in panic at the BOTTOM.  As a rule, most investors tend to oversee the majors market trends. Instead, they get lost in emotional-micro-market-fluctuations. Most investors don't understand that, in order to really make money, one must invest properly and thereafter sit out the SECULAR UPTREND all the way to the end...and only sell once the EMOTIONAL HERD starts to buy.

"Less than 0.5% know that GOLD “IS” Money and that with Gold one is and will always be able to buy food. Even if there is no Fiat Money left."

What we have today is QE4 on steroids. Market bubbles are even bigger than in 2008. Gold & Silver shares which are CHEAP as CHIPS and a SCREAMING BUY. Oil & Gas shares can be acquired at low prices. It is a market upside down and proofs that 95% of the investors (and this includes professional investors) are being fooled and are going for immediate satisfaction & Fools' gold. Very DANGEROUS. (video for Subscribers only )

 ...click here for more

Important Fundamentals:

  • Exponential growth can catch you napping. Debt has doubled since 2006 and risk has gone up exponentially since 2002. Gold & Silver are probably "the only way out"! And, even worse, there may be no alternative and no way out for those who have no Gold and/or Silver.
  • APPLE figures are lower than estimates and as we predicted, the CORONA-VIRUS gets the blame for it. (check the PF-chart for the buy-climax)
  • Walmart figures are lower than expected. (check the PF-chart for the TOP-formation)
  • HSBC-bank will layoff 35,000 employees.  THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND!  The bank is in terrible shape and the situation in Hong Kong (and China) makes the pain even harder.
  • Bank & Financial Shares are an ABSOLUTE NO GO!
  • Cryptocurrencies are a NO GO...except if you want to lose money....click here for more

At this time, only the following stocks can be bought (that is during the coming correction). See green-labeled stocks in sections for details.

Important Technicals:

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Monday/Tuesday, February 17/18, 2020 - History is your best teacher & Gold about to initiate its next short term upleg!?

Updated Sections: $-Gold, €-Gold, Majors, Miners &Gold &SPX, Juniors,Juniors fundamentals, 
Recession Proof (LOCG), Recession Proof-Hold/Sell (partly),

Since 2015, the €-price of gold went up by 65%, and yet, NOBODY seems to notice, nobody seems to care. It's "BUBBLE-BUSINESS" as usual. But not for long it will be! Mathematics always has the last word.  Everybody, The Herd, has its own set of rules as to WHY they keep investing their (FIAT) money into dangerous investment vehicles. Most are blinded by what we call Fool's Gold. Many think that because they are clever enough to make some (fiat) money, they are also clever enough to invest it. NOT SO!

A major problem today is that The Herd has no or little vision. That The Herd is bombarded with LIES and HALF-TRUTHS by the Politicians & Mainstream Media,  that the general average education level is LOW, that people are so busy trying to survive until the end of the month that they don't take the required time to make their homework.

Note: very interesting video with Alasdair Macleod explaining what the DANGER is of an OVER-INDEBTED Financial System. In this interview, Max and Alasdair Macleod discuss the latest in the gold market. They look at the dollar weaponization, and how that has led to central banks stockpiling gold. They also discuss the global debt outlook and beyond. One of the most interesting videos of this month (with subtitles). At least if you want to understand what is happening under your eyes and respect the fruit of your work.

"Only ½% understand the situation & keep their savings in Gold & Silver...or the other 95% are about to lose it all."

Since the 2015/16, the price of Gold expressed in euro went up by 65% of +15%-16% per year. Very hard, if possible to do better in the stock markets (unless you are working on your portfolio 24 hours a day and 365 days a year)... Even those who bought Gold at the top in 2012, (€1.360) are in the blue at €1.460 €. (+7.50%) . Even more important is that this was only the beginning of and there is more to come (see Subscriber's sections for details).  Last but not least, GOLD is REAL MONEY and investing in Gold (&Silver) is the SAFEST decision one can make.  The second safest one is to store it OUT OF POLITICAL reach...unless of course, you still trust the Politicians and won't mind that Government comes and seizes it to give it away to The Herd. That is, of course,  AFTER the members of the Government took their commission on the transaction.

"What most fail to understand, is that in reality it is NOT the price of Gold going up but the VALUE of Fiat money coming down."

Important Fundamentals:

  • The video about John Law and the Mississippi company we posted already years ago. The LESSON is so good that we decided to publish it again. Yesterdays' ASSIGNATS is today's DIGITAL money (bank deposits). Initially, the Assignats were guaranteed by CONFISCATED REAL ESTATE (another proof of how stupid it is to invest in Real Estate during times of hardship).  In the end, Assignats were THIN AIR, just like Money is TODAY! Note how Government SEIZED the Gold & Silver of their citizens and many lost literally their head for not turning it over to the Authorities.
...click here for more ...click here for more
  • Investors haven’t got a clue and live in a world of fantasy and euphoria. The statements and actions by central banks since late August 2019 were the clearest sign of severe problems in the system.
  • It is incomprehensible how anyone can call Treasury bonds, Gilts “SAFETY”. This is a debt paper issued by a bankrupt borrower in a currency that will collapse just like most other currencies. There is absolutely ZERO safety in a US bond or any other sovereign bond for that matter. Because these bonds cannot and will not ever be repaid in money that has a real value. The most likely destiny for these bonds is at best an indefinite moratorium or more probably a default. If there was any repayment it would be in totally debased, worthless money.
  • The US-debt is now higher since Obama and the debt bubble is much bigger.
  • The creation of fiat money is even higher than it was when Trump was elected 4 years ago and interests are lower in an effort to keep the economy alive.
  • The FED/ECB is fooling everybody in making them believe they had an exit strategy...however, there is NONE and is NONE possible. Today they MUST keep interest rates near zero or even negative forever in order to keep this DEBT-based-system alive. Except that such a thing is IMPOSSIBLE.

Important Technicals:

  • Note how many stocks were moved out of our Recession-Proof (LOCG) section into the Recession-Proof (Hold/Sell) section....click here for more

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Thursday/Friday, February 13/14, 2020 -Are Americans becoming Socialists!?

Updated Sections: Long Term charts (see chart for the ZADOW at bottom section), 
Uranium shares, Royalties,

Screen Shot 2020 02 12 at 2.54.01 PMAre Americans becoming socialists? The rise and rise of Bernie Sanders in the US Democratic primaries presently touring New Hampshire but coming to a State near you shortly poses the question of what a Sanders Presidency would do to the stock market and whether socialism as espoused by most of the candidates in one form or another is the existential threat to markets that many suppose.

Bernie Sanders will probably become the Democratic opponent of Donald Trump this coming November (Presidential Elections). The odds that Bernie gets elected are slim. However, if he does get elected as next president of the U.S.A. this will for sure signal THE END of the US and A and the US-Dollar.

"If Sanders gets elected, it will be the end of the U.S. and A."

Important Fundamentals:

  • Central Banks continue to buy GOLD (and not Real Estate). Anyone who recommends only 5-10% in gold lives on a different planet. Back in 2002 we already considered that to hold up at least 50% of financial assets in physical gold was motivated. Today our figure is higher AND (even more important) you must keep it OUT OF POLITICAL reach.
  • Gold has been real money for 5’000 years and is the only currency that has survived. Most currencies are down at least 80% in this century
  • If governments told the truth about money and gold, it would expose their terrible mismanagement.
  • Global Debt and liabilities have now reached over $4 quadrillion including the derivative market which is likely to blow up. This will necessitate massive money printing, leading to hyperinflation. Printing fake and worthless money will lead to fake asset values which will one day implode as the debt implodes. Property and stocks are likely to go down 90-95% against gold....click here for more

...click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • Long term indexes are not convincingly pointing to higher levels. Charts do however continue to ring a bell and therefore I think it is a lot safer to continue to sell the stock markets and to invest the funds into the Gold and Silver sector. Don't forget the check the latest amendments in the Long Term chart section (blue text).
  • Important however is to understand that as we run into Hyperinflation, STOCKS will be a safer financial instrument to store value than Bonds, Bank Deposits, Saving Accounts, and other Money Market Instruments. See long term charts for South Africa.
  • Uranium shares continue to bottom and some shares have initiated a new uptrend or resume their uptrend (ex. the manufacturer of small nuke power stations).
  • xxx xxx is a BUY at the present level.
  • Whatever analysts on both sides of the Atlantic claim, the reality is that the US-Dollar versus Euro will continue to move sideward at least until the Summer of 2020 and probably also until the US-presidential elections.

...click here for more

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - and you really think Housing does as good as Gold?

Updated Sectiosn: ,

The Gold to Housing ratio is a measure of relative value between gold and real estate. It is the number of ounces of gold required to purchase an average single-family home. However, while real estate and gold are each tangible assets and can be powerful inflation hedges – they don't tend to move together in real terms.

Looking at the chart we see two distinct timeframes when housing peaked in value versus gold (just before Nixon’s closing of the gold window in 1971 and around the peak of dot com equity bubble in 2001). From the two peaks of average housing prices versus gold of 800 oz, we see two separate dramatic drops that followed. In 1974 just over 200 oz of gold could afford an average house, followed by a temporary recovery back up just shy of 500 oz in 1976. The fall in average house prices from 1976 to gold’s bull market peak in January 1980 touched about 100 oz of gold per average house price. Within a ten-year timeframe, gold had increased in value by 700% versus average house prices.

In the 21st Century, we are again witnessing a similar phenomenon of gold strengthening versus housing possibly stretched out over more than double the time frame than the past western-world only gold bull market of the 1970s. The chart suggests that a revisit to 100 oz of gold versus the average house price is possible and plausible in the near future.

Real Estate, contrary to Gold is also subject to Real Estate taxes, Inheritance taxes, HOA fees, maintenance costs. Real Estate wears out and as a rule, one can state that a 20-year-old house, is an "old house" with an outdated heating and cooling system, poor insulation,...While Gold is only subject to a low safekeeping fee and becomes very handy if one tries to optimize INHERITANCE taxes.


  1. because of the structure of today's recession, we have entered a cycle where the Price of Real Estate will fall not just because it is a HOCG (High Order Capital Good) but also because of several other factors.
  2. the danger with Real Estate is that BEFORE the prices start to crash, the Real Estate Market dries up. It becomes impossible to SELL because the Buyers have not the means to buy. Either because it becomes extremely hard to get a mortgage, either because the real spendable income of potential buyers is too low.
  3. during a time of hyperinflation, one could traditionally buy a whole street Weimar-Germany), and/or a skyscraper (U.S.A. - New York) for a couple of gold coins only.
House price vs. gold 2020 02 09 house vs gold uk 2020 02 09
We are about to slide into down-leg#2  We are about to slide into down-leg#2

Important Fundamentals:

  • Small Modular Nuclear reactors are the future. As soon as the Herd realizes this GREEN nonsense will take them nowhere. The shares of some of these Co's can be bought. As a matter of fact, a couple did extremely well. [see our subscriber section for Uranium]....click here for more

Important Technicals:

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Monday/Tuesday, February 10/11 - How long can they keep the party going for?

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes (breakouts, pull backs on the PF-charts)

There is a war against cars in the Western world. Regulators want people out of cars and onto trains, buses, and bicycles. Why? Because of what cars represent: freedom. Also, this makes it easier to sell their "NEW GREEN DEAL". Lagarde the ECB Chief has made a strategic review of the bank’s purpose and stated that action on climate is a fundamental component of monetary policy. Climate change action will be a “mission-critical” priority for the ECB.

Follow the money or a video about Ukraine, money laundering, Hunter Biden, Biden, Obama, Impeachment, Crowdstrike, the IMF, how to launder money,...or how politics, money, economics are inter-twinged...and how You are being lied to and YOU are funding the bill. A long, very interesting video. Especially if you'd like to understand how politics and dark money are good friends and what the mechanism looks like.

Note: several European politicians also had their say in Ukraine. One name is Verhofstadt.


Investment markets are a wonderful leveler. You can look like a genius for a long time (on average 75 years) and then lose it all. In a secular bear market, everyone is a loser.

Stock markets look like they are going to break out worldwide...remember after the breakout, we need a positive backtest (pullback) once this happened, you are safe to buy...in the meantime, until we have a confirmation, BE PATIENT. Even more, if you want to be on the safe side, get out of stocks and into Gold & Silver.

What few realize is that you can be a loser even when stock markets go up and break record after record. Higher we shall continue to go in a South African-style and pattern!!! but there is a catch. When expressed in Real Money, as stocks rise, you get poorer...you end losing money on the real value of your investments: stocks expressed in Gold crash and the currency (ex. South African Rand) crashes. A DOUBLE LOSS situation. What you gain by being invested in Stocks does not match the loss of purchasing power. To add insult to injury, the day we do get a CRASH (and this day will come), the loss will be double: ONE on the currency, and TWO on your Stocks and BONDS and THREE on Real Estate.


Screen Shot 2020 02 08 at 6.59.41 PMPortugal lures foreigners with tax breaks and anti-populist stance. Under pressure of the EU-top, the favorable 10-year tax regime for non-habitual residents, immigrants,..is about to be abolished by the socialist government. There is little doubt the change in tax regime will have a severe impact on the Portuguese Real Estate sector. Many Europeans and Belgians who took the bite and emigrated to Portugal will now have to live with the catch. The Portuguese socialist government will end this year with the "tax haven" for foreign retirees. Once the annual budget has been approved, new foreign residents will pay income tax.

As we told you before, NOT ONE EUROPEAN COUNTRY is SAFE. Whether Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. The days of numbered Swiss Bank accounts are over.  There are however still good NON-EUROPEAN options.  We strongly advise Portuguese tax-immigrants to do whatever must be done before it's too late and go for a Permanent Residency in Panama. 

Important Fundamentals:

  • Oil Prices Already Reflect Huge Demand Destruction. On the supply side,...click here for more
  • xxxxx Gold is set to report a 253 cents per share for the six months ended December despite producing much less gold than in the interim period of the previous financial year. The higher gold price more than offsets heavy slide in interim gold production....click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • Stock markets look like they are going to break out worldwide...remember after the breakout, we need a positive backtest (pullback) once this happened, you are safe to buy...in the meantime, until we have a confirmation, BE PATIENT. Technically speaking it looks like World Stock Markets will positively break out this year!  Check our PF-charts in the section for World Stock Market Indexes.
  • If you want to be on the safe side, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Stocks and Bonds are EXPENSIVE. Real Estate is EXPENSIVE...SELL the EXPENSIVE items and cash a good price and re-invest the funds in something which is CHEAP and SAFE and BE PATIENT. ...click here for more

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Friday, February 7, 2020 - When will the (stock market) madness of the crowds come to a halt?

Updated Sections: Can$-Gold & can$/€/$, £-Gold & £/€/$, Krona-Gold & Kr/€/$, Aussie-Gold & 
Aussie/€/$, ¥-Gold & ¥/€/$, Rand-Gold & R/€/$, World-Stock markets (partly),
Indexes in Real Money (Gold), BUY GOLD, BUY SILVER

When will the (stock market) madness of the crowds come to a halt? The US economy (and world economy) is in a contraction and not in an expansion as pretended by the Politicians and their Propaganda Media. (see pic). The Baltic Dry Index has fallen to historic low levels. Real Profits, earnings are falling.

Baltic dry index 2020 02 06 profit and price 2020 02 06
Market correction virus <- It is a grotesque LIE to pretend that Market corrections happen because of some Viruses. Corrections happen because markets are OVERBOUGHT!

I suspect that as a result of communicating financial vessels (see investment pyramid) stock markets will continue to rise (logical as they will keep printing fiat money) . Stocks markets will continue to go up when expressed in WORTHLESS Fiat money only. The markets, however, will crash when expressed in Real Money (or Gold). This is exactly what happened and happens in South Africa with SA-stocks. See section for Market Indexes expressed in Gold.


Around the world, MSM (mainstream media) have barely covered the warnings of a global debt crisis from the World Bank. The World Bank is obviously right, there will be an “unhappy ending.” And as has been the case historically, the majority of the world will be totally unprepared.

“Low global interest rates provide only a precarious protection against financial crises. The history of past waves of debt accumulation shows that these waves tend to have unhappy endings.”

Because, as stock and credit bubbles implode and money printing accelerates, the world will soon realize that not only is the freshly printed money worthless but also most of the manufactured money from the last 20 years.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Ford Motor co.: so as the automobile sector goes, so goes the economy...and Ford Motor LOST money in 2019.
  • U.S. Top Shale Oil Fields ...click here for more

Shale oil production 2020 02 06

...click here for more

Important Technicals:

  • The expected correction of the stock markets is now underway, but more time is needed to signal its end.
  • Tesla’s surging stock is starting to remind Wall Street of bitcoin’s parabolic rally in 2017. The ascent for shares of the electric-vehicle maker are near-parabolic and the run-up in recent days can be compared to bitcoin’s surge back in 2017. Tesla has jumped 180% in the past three months and from its June 3 closing low at $178.97, the company’s shares have gained more than 395%. Bitcoin’s price cratered soon after the buy climax and Tesla won't be different. In June there was a consensus the company was going broke and today there are some floating the idea it will be worth more than ten times what Amazon is currently trading at. At $136 billion, Tesla is now worth more than Ford, General Motors, and Nissan COMBINED!?!?. Those three companies collectively sell more than 14 million vehicles annually...

...click here for more

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Wednesday/Thursday, February 5/6, 2020 - We told you they would blame the Coronavirus for falling markets!

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Silver, US-Dollar, Rupee-Gold & Rupee, Yuan-Gold & Yuan, 
Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€, €-Gold & €/$ ,

“Inflate or die” was coined by the legendary and extremely wise Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters. He understood the necessity, as well as the curse, of permanent central bank money printing already at the beginning of this century.

debt big 2020 02 04China injected $174 billion of liquidity on Monday as markets reopened. China’s central bank injected 1.2 trillion yuan ($174 billion) worth of liquidity into the markets via reverse repo operations (where else do we see this) on Monday as its stock markets reopened amid an outbreak of a new coronavirus (at least this was the excuse). However, the Chinese stock market still lost by 10%. On Tuesday the People’s Bank of China injected 500bn renminbi ($71.5bn) into China’s banking system to support liquidity “during the period of epidemic prevention and control.”

According to Reuters calculations based on official central bank data, 1.05 trillion yuan worth of reverse repos are set to mature on Monday, meaning that 150 billion yuan in net cash will be injected. This is a total injection of just under $500 billion of Helicopter Money and the road to hyperinflation: just print whatever money you need and assure all is well and will end well.

Note: Unofficial reports state that China is not telling the whole story and that there may be as many as 10,000 dead in Wuhan.

Although we don't fancy collective mints, we do offer a wide variety at wholesale prices to our subscribers.

We offer 146 mint products both gold and silver. Some are legal tender, some are collectibles and some are for investment only. The prices range from approximately $19 to $ 2,900. All products are NEW and of PERFECT quality.

Some coins are legal tender while others are not. The premiums of Collectives, however, range from 100% to 1000% over spot. Large purchases ship free. Collective mints should NOT be bought as an investment. Be advised PREMIUMS on the price of Silver and/or Gold disappear once price soars and that during a buy climax collective mints often sell at a discount. Of course, we also offer the traditional Gold and Silver Eagles, Maples, etc...

gold collective 1 gold collective 2 silver collective 1
silver collective 2

regular gold & silver coins - low premiums

silver collective 3


  • There are NO Sales Tax, VAT on Silver & Gold bought abroad.
  • Buy gold and silver...don't try to get the lowest price...doesn't make sense at all...more important is to buy in the correct country and store in the right vault.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Portfolios with gold outperform those without.
  • Bonds now also cost money. Like gold storage does. Plus we have neg. Real interest rates since 2008.
  • Total debt per American household is $117,000
  • Central bank purchases of Gold are 12% higher than last year. ...click here for more

gold target

Important Technicals:

  • note the breakout and bull run of the xxxx vs. the euro

 ...click here for more

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Monday/Tuesday, February 3-4, 2020 - The Decade of Fantasy, Decadence, Fiat Money is over!

Updated Sections:  PF-Gold charts in all sections, 

francis head
Ralph Acampora has 50 years of Wall Street, I only have 46 years. 
He was the founding president of IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts). I was the founding VICE-PRESIDENT of IFTA and the founding president of the BFTA (Belgian Federation of Technical Analysts) and this resulted in a lot of jealousy in Belgium. Ralph was lucky he lived and worked in the USA while I was still wasting my time in Belgium.

Life is a learning process and it takes some time before one can figure out how life on different continents is different and how and why it is often negatively affected by The People which are voting for the WRONG politicians. As they say, people vote themselves into Socialism (today they call it Democracy) but have to shoot them out of communism.

Most of the time, people who are in their 20ties, 30ties, and even 40ties are so busy trying to accumulate some savings that they fail to see "the big picture". Others keep putting all their faith and (most of the time fiat) money in the banking system and have no doubt that their pension is safe and waiting for them the day they retire.

For some dark reason, people who are in their 50ties and older think that Real Estate will save them. Real Estate did well starting after WW II but has since peaked in several countries and other countries are to follow soon. Once Real Estate prices crash and those who have chained themselves to a house realize that selling has become "impossible", it will become "dramatic". Especially in Europe where it is impossible to send back "the key to the house" to the bank you borrowed the money from. Many are buying real estate as they would buy OPTIONS and have not the slightest intention to live in ever.

Note: the Dow Jones on Ralph's Barn has gone through the roof. Maybe a hint that we had a long term BUY-CLIMAX and that it has almost become time for a RESET!?

were out

Now that the Britons are gone, who's gonna pay their share of the EU-debacle bill?

We have a BREXIT and the EU-petty-government-officials just lost 1/3rd of their income. The UK accounted for about 1/3rd of the EU's income. Now that we have a BREXIT, the funds will have to be collected from the other member states or read: expect EU-taxation and more national taxation.  Dutch citizens already have been warned about this by Rutte.

EU-petty-government officials pay NO TAXES whatsoever. The EU-headquarters in Brussels even have SHOPS where they can shop TAX and VAT FREE. Some have a salary which is bigger than the salary of the president of the United States of America.

 Note: Dutch Rutte already informed Dutch citizens that the country will have to pay higher contributions to the EU.


You worked your whole life. You made a lot of money...and sold your company in 1995. However, unfortunately, all happened in South-Africa.

Since Nelson Mandela became the 1st president, South Africans lost 80% of their wealth. South Africans lost another R237 during the third quarter of 2019. South African households' real net wealth declined by R237 billion compared to Q2 2019, while it was R133.7 billion less than in Q3 2018.

"Since 1995 the South African Rand lost 80% of it's value when compared to the US-Dollar and the Euro."

The real value of the net wealth is the real value of the assets minus the real value of the liabilities. The assets mostly consist of the combined values of their savings in pension and retirement instruments, financial investments and residential properties, while liabilities comprise outstanding credit (including housing, vehicle, and personal loans as well as credit card debt) and other debts (such as outstanding municipal accounts).

"Only the South Africans who kept their savings in Gold and/or Silver have been safe."

Important Fundamentals:

  • DEBT is a lot more dangerous than the Corona-virus: The great problem facing China a bit down the way will be the inevitable collapse of its financial system, which has been overloaded with debt. No one knows – probably President Xi himself cannot know – how it will be dealt with: financial collapse will be a gigantic problem which will involve all of China’s 1.4 billion inhabitants. A very painful solution – but the only enduring solution – would have to be a return to gold as China’s money, probably supplemented by silver money.
  • The majority of precious metals investors do not understand the important fundamental factor to acquire and hold gold and silver. Many see it as SPECULATION. While most precious metals analysts promote investing in gold and silver due to the highly leveraged money supply, debt, and derivatives, they fail to warn about the "Energy Impact Factor."
  • Sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance companies, Banks, Institutional investors make no longer money on BONDS. With marginally low and even negative interest rates, such becomes impossible. It actually often costs money to invest in Bonds ...click here for more

Gold & Silver are an insurance, are REAL MONEY, while Miners are a "speculation".

Important Technicals:

  • Stock markets are coming down as expected. Although, technically speaking, because of the STOP BUY, we expect HIGHER markets, ...click here for more
  • Gold moves this year. Uranium moves ...click here for more
  • We have a fresh breakout of $-Gold and more important also of €-Gold. The  €-Gold breakout comes ...click here for more
  • Interesting is that, if you put all PF-charts of GOLD expressed in the major currencies next to each other, you can see which Fiat currency is the weakest and which one the strongest.  The strongest currency is ...click here for more

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