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Thursday February 21, 2019 - We are now in a LOSE – LOSE situation and it will be a question of the least painful outcome. ?!

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The next crisis is going to be much bigger than the stock market. The crisis is parabolic debt and central banks have exhausted their policy maneuverability. Meaning, the central banks don’t have any more ammunition (interest rate room below) ahead of this crisis and the world is going to pay a heavy price because of that.

One of the brightest minds in finance RE McMaster, has summarised the next 25 years as follows:


  • UN Agenda, The Great Global Financial Reset or BAIL-IN by no later than 2022 (much like Cyprus 2012-2013);
  • WWIII and/or CIVIL WAR around 2025;
  • UN Agenda 2030 – all people tagged like cattle, monitored 24/7 in a Red Chinese “social credit” style, all private property confiscated;McMaster
  • 2045 – Age of AI robotics, human population reduced to 500 million-2 billion, all brown, heavily homosexual, transsexual, trans-humanised, rule by a technocratic elite run by evil, narcissistic sociopaths…

Expect this to involve first a final round of money printing creating hyperinflation in most Western countries as well as in emerging markets. After a brief hyperinflationary phase, we will see an implosion of the financial system when global debt and liabilities of at least $2 to $4 quadrillion currently, disappears into a black hole. As the debt implodes, so will all the bubble assets financed by the debt, including stocks, property and bonds.

As the debt implodes, so will all the bubble assets financed by the debt, including stocks, property (Real Estate) and bonds.

Urban warfare is coming. The US is headed for economic and social chaos in the cities particularly and a federal government declaration of martial law. Both the US military and police have been preparing for this. Witness the recent US military exercises held in Los Angeles. Major Western cities will become uninhabitable Hellholes.

Note: The above forecasts are horrific and hard to believe. But they were made by a moderate person with an immaculate 40 year track record and must be taken seriously…

Important Fundamentals:

  • Fed plans to end balance sheet reduction by the end of the year = no more interest hikes !!!

  • Authorities slowly but surely realize that NUCLEAR ENERGY is a MUST to keep the economy alive. Next step will be to convince the Stupid Herd!
  • Gold is rising with a strong dollar. Gold is doing this with a strong S&P. That’s because there’s a crisis coming…
  • Stock markets have become VERY FRAGILE and are EXTREMELY OVER-VALUED. A SUPER-BUBBLE it is.
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 Stock market capitalization & Gross Domestic Product Margin debt: credit used to buy stocks
Bubble Indicator Threat to a 1929 Style Crisis

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday February 20, 2019 - Are Gold and Silver breaking out?!

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USA debt 2019

The US national debt exceeded $ 22 trillion and will exceed $ 23 trillion by the end of the year.  Most people don't understand nor realize that ALL DEBT will have to be paid back in some way or another: inflation, hyper-inflation, deflation, taxation, bail-ins,....The Snow-Flakes, Millenniums, most people born after 1970 live in LALA-LAND and think everything is possible, nothing is a must and NOTHING BAD will and can happen.

BIG DEBT is a direct consequence of BIG GOVERNMENT. Dramatic is that Government keeps growing. Especially so in the Western World and by excellence in the EU. The number of EU-government-officials keeps growing and today plans are made for ex. an European Army....Without any exception, the lower and middle classes were taxed to death during and after crisis Economic & Financial, after each WAR. In many countries (France, the USA,..) the tax rate was raised to 90% !   After the War Andre Citroen and Louis Renault lost it all...it was so bad that Louis Renault committed suicide.

USA tax rates
History learns that the LOWER and MIDDLE classes (you)  ALWAYS are those who pay the bill. These classes have often chained themselves to their homestead with Real Estate, or don't have the expertise and don't have the money to pay for the experienced professionals. Others simply don't realize that the Titanic is sinking, they keep listening to the Mainstream music and while sipping another glass of champagne.

Reality is that THE HERD ALWAYS comes late. Venezuela is again an excellent example. While we already knew 25 years ago that Chavez and Maduro were dangerous psychopaths, it took until last year (2018) before The Herd started to realize the severity of the problem they were in.  Venezuelans which left with their belongings years ago, were able to take along the biggest chunk of their assets and by now most have blossoming businesses abroad.

Important Fundamentals:

  • As soon as the Central Banks decide to increase again the MONEY SUPPLY (and it is 100% sure they will have to), Stock markets will resume the Bull Market. However, when EXPRESSED in REAL MONEY or GOLD they will resume their BEAR TREND. Instead of QE (Quantitative Easing) this time they will  brand it differently...maybe as TLTRO 1...more in the Subscriber's section

Important Technicals:

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 Royalties  Majors  Juniors

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Monday & Tuesday February 18/19, 2019 - The Green New Deal is Red ! (Monday is president's day and stock markets are closed)

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green dealNote: see Goldonomic.be & Goldonomic.nl for the latest news on the UBO register...click here

The Green New Deal is Red! A brilliant idea is to make BRAINLESS KIDS DEMAND that Authorities do (read: tax) more for the planet so tomorrow they can ram more taxation through the throats of their parents...and a lot of taxation will be required!

Ancient Rome in 20 minutes. Watch the video below all the way to the end and see the many similarities with what is happening today. Note how in the end, the drama (the burning of Rome) accelerates. How Barbarians become Romans.The final act takes less than 20 years.

The video doesn't take into account an important factor: ENERGY. A shortage of energy and expensive energy is always a catalyst which accelerates the destructive process. Today, for some dark reason, the Western World is doing whatever it can to make energy more expensive (Green energy is very expensive and uneconomic)?!.  Society does die as a result of collective suicide....

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • According to our Point & Figures and Bar charts the
  • Gold & Silver & Miners:

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Friday February 15, 2019 - So as the profit of Renault-Nissan goes (-37%), so goes the economy: DOWN!

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chinese gold lineA record 7 million Americans have stopped paying their car loans, and even economists are surprised. The delinquency figure represents a new high in the auto-loan market — more than 1 million more people are behind on auto-loan payments now than at the end of 2010. More people have auto loans now than in 2010, so while the overall rate of delinquency is down, the total number of people who have fallen at least 90 days behind their payments is higher. In 2017, a quarterly report from the Fed highlighted the near doubling of the rate of delinquencies in subprime auto loans originated by auto-finance companies since 2011.

Both defaults and hyper-inflation will hurt most people. Global debt is about $250 trillion. The lenders expect to be repaid plus interest. Repayment will occur via more borrowing—increasing already excessive debt. Don’t expect this scam to survive forever. If debt can’t be repaid from taxes and revenues, default and/or hyper-inflation will come. Gold prices should rocket higher.

It increasingly looks like a bear market. Stock markets rolled over and fell in 2018. Remember the devastation of 2008 when debt was much lower... The Federal Reserve and politicians will “save” themselves and the political and financial elite. All others… well, good luck…Signs of a credit crunch are visible. The economy runs on credit. Another 2008 style collapse is likely.

Gold and silver are not a (dodgy) liability of another government, corporation or individual. Gold & Silver have NO counter party risk! Soon Fear will replace greed. Panic is next. People will become desperate to escape the Wall Street casino for something safe. Based on risk and reward, stocks still look bad, (especially when one looks at charts of stocks expressed in Gold) while gold and silver consolidated for over seven years and are ready to rise.

Important Fundamentals:

So as the automobile sector goes, so goes the economy and so goes the stock market!

Important Technicals:

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Thursday February 14, 2019 - So as the sales of Mercedes cars goes, so goes the economy: DOWN!

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We now have conclusive proof that Europe is in an economic slump, and that two of its biggest economies are careering towards recession. Data released on Monday showed that industrial production throughout the whole of the eurozone dropped sharply, pointing to only a glacial pace of growth in the continent at the end of 2018. Europe, where growth came to a standstill, and two of the continent's four biggest economies, representing a total GDP of more than $5.5 trillion, are already in recession.

Screen Shot 2019 02 12 at 5.51.18 PMToday There Are Virtually No Gold Shops In The West. London has two specialized shops where gold bars and coins can be purchased. In Zurich there is one in the center and one outside. The same goes for most cities. A few decades ago, virtually every Swiss bank sold gold and had gold in the windows. That is all gone. And UBS used to have specialist gold counters in many places but they are also gone. There are a limited number of online gold sellers. Goldonomic has excellent contacts with International Gold & Silver dealers and allows you to BUY-SELL-SHIP Internationally.

You are buying gold for wealth preservation and/or insurance purposes, which means for financial and physical survival.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Today marks the 20-year anniversary of Japan lowering its interest rates to 0%. In the last 20 years savers in Japan have not been able to earn any decent interest on savings and even though the Bank of Japan has "printed up" over a 100 TRILLION yen, purchased tens of trillions of Japanese Government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks and ETFs in the tens of trillions of Yen also, the Nikkei Index, which at one point was over 39,000 sits at around 21,000. Only the Japanese who decided to keep their savings in Gold & Silver were and are safe. I guess the Japanese Authorities will - together with the Bank of Japan - keep this masquerade happening until an ACCIDENT implodes the system ...The problem is we are 200% sure it will happen but don't know WHEN it will.
  • Russia Considers ......more in the Subscriber's section

Belgium gold reservesImportant Technicals:

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Wednesday February 13, 2019 - Scary to realize few people have any notions of monetary history II!

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UK gold reservesA story about the death of 2 reserve currencies. In 1914 the USA controlled 15% of the world's gold. In 1918 as during the War several countries decided to ship their gold to the USA so the enemy could not seize these, it had become 30% .

In 1914 the UK suspended the Gold standard because it had problems in facing gold delivery demands from France and The Netherlands. As a result there was a sharp devaluation of the Sterling which helped the UK to recover from the economic crisis. In 1925 however Churchill re-introduced the Gold Standard. A huge mistake it was as the value of Gold was not revalued versus the Pound Sterling but kept at the pre 1914 level. Because of this, large quantities of British Gold were exported....and the UK was forced to stop delivering physical gold and instead issued paper gold.

In 1933 (1 oz. of Gold was worth $20.67) the USA already controlled the largest gold reserves of any nation in the world. Nevertheless in April 1933 Roosevelt seized the Gold of the Americans. Many citizens did not comply, and those who were caught were charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. After the coup, in order to try to kick-start the American economy out of the Great Depression , the price of Gold was re-valued at $35 per oz. (+70%). This was a DE FACTO devaluation of 40% of the US Dollar.

By 1934 about 66% of the World's gold was in American hands and therefore the Dollar became de facto the new reserve currency (instead of the Pound Sterling) as it was as good as gold. Because of WW-2 more countries shipped their gold to the USA and after the War 2/3rd of the World's gold was stored in America. This confirmed the Dollar status of reserve currency and made Bretton Woods possible....more in the Subscriber's section

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  •  Bullish is when volume drops when price drops and rises when price rises. Note the Bullish cross-overs of the Moving Averages.
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Tuesday February 12, 2019 - Scary to realize few people have any notions of monetary history!

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  • cheaper
    Cheaper is always possible....
    as a matter of fact, some people are even going so far to PRETEND they are Economists and Financial Analysts while they don't even know the difference between a share and a bond (NO JOKE) and never studied ECONOMICS and/or FINANCE.  Others are simply cheating like Madoff did .
  • Madoff's advice came FOR FREE. That is until those who invested money with him lost it all when the Ponzi Scheme ended....
  • Sometimes BANKERS show up with cheap financial advice. However they don't mention they have an agenda and ONLY sell their own products.
  • You ALWAYS will pay for  GOOD INVESTMENT ADVICE.  It never comes for free. Either you pay a fee to an experienced professional, either you will loose more because of bad and mal-investments.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Western World is sliding into a new recession. This time Central bankers have ONLY a 2% to 3% interest rate margin to try to kickstart the economy......more in the Subscriber's section

Important Technicals:

  • So as the Miners go, so goes Gold & Silver
...more in the Subscriber's section  
  • Extremely Bearish expectations for Stock Markets expressed in Real Money or Gold. Even in the short run, STOCKS will behave worse than the Gold & Silver Sector. So far, Stock Markets lost around 70% to 80% when expressed in Gold. We expect at least ANOTHER 70% - 80% loss over the next years.

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Monday February 11, 2019 - Salvini: Freedom does not stop anyone and no EU official will me make shutup!

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Kr-Gold & Kr/$/€, Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$/€ , Indian Rupee Gold, Royalties,

The days of the EU are counted...the EUSSR, this JOKE can by definition not possibly survive. More and more people start to realize this. We just can't tell when this monster will die....and when it does HOW DRAMATIC the damage will be.

Soon DEBT will hit its inflection point.  The day this  happens, it will lead to massive social unrest and a downturn worse than the Great Depression…It will be so bad that History books will call it:

The Great Depression of the 21st Century.

  • The ECB has NO rights to print/issue money. Only the EU-MEMBER states can. For a country like Germany, this presents no problem. For all European Countries running a deficit (France, Spain, Italy,...), it does matter as it increases yearly the DEBT of these countries. Example: EACH YEAR France is adding Euro 200 billion to it's debt . And France must BORROW the deficit....
  • Germany is holding most of the member states DEBT...therefore the day that the EU blows up because another country leaves (FREXIT,...), ...this DEBT will evaporate as the EU evaporates and Germany will be BANKRUPT.
  • The world’s largest pension fund lost $136 billion. Pension fund managers are gambling away their clients’ retirement savings, but you can still take steps to secure your retirement. 

Important Fundamentals:

    • Venezuelan oil stranded. More than 20 tankers loaded with 9.6 million barrels of oil from Venezuela are sitting idle in the U.S. Gulf Coast, unable to make delivery because of sanctions. There are other cargoes sitting off the coast in Europe and in the Caribbean. 
    • xxxxx makes discovery in South Africa. xxxxxx) announced a potentially significant oil discovery off the coast of South Africa, the country’s first. ...more in the Subscriber's section

Important Technicals:

  • If it more and more looks like a TOP, it probably is a TOP. Stock indexes failing test of 200-day averages. The Dow Jones is also slipping back BELOW that line.  Only a new QE (money printing) can stop what is becoming a BEAR MARKET. And when it does, it will only stop the NOMINAL value of the stocks falling. The REAL VALUE will continue to tank. No doubt about this.

  • Royalties ...more in the Subscriber's section

  ...more in the Subscriber's section

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Friday February 8, 2019 - You don't tax yourself into prosperity...on the contrary!

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Screen Shot 2019 02 07 at 12.34.28 PMBanks and Brokers are run by oblivious bureaucrats who scrutinize every transaction looking for any excuse to say NO, forcing legitimate businesses to walk around on egg shells just to conduct simple transactions.Yet over the past decade, banks have really started to abuse their status as critical financial intermediaries. A big part of this is because banks are under intense pressure from the federal government to stamp out money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion, and any criminal activity they can find.

It’s one thing to be vigilant against terrorism. It’s entirely another to constantly work against your own customers without exercising any common sense or basic professionalism. It didn’t used to be this way. There once was a time when bankers were sophisticated business people and shrewd investors who understood the needs of commerce… and the customer.

A big cause for this is that banks don’t need to do any real business anymore to make money. They get to borrow practically unlimited funds nearly interest-free from the central bank, and then loan that same money right back to the federal government at a higher rate of interest. They provide mortgages to home buyers… then flip those mortgages to one of the federal government housing agencies like Fannie Mae, essentially guaranteeing the bank a zero-risk profit. They get to milk their customers with all sorts of unnecessary fees, paying a whopping 0.02% interest on deposits in return.

To add insult to injury, most of the time, most Compliance departments are staffed by incompetent, short-sighted Snow Flakes who have not the slightest idea what the function of a Bank is. They often scare and even chase customers away...

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • Gold cycle with new record not later than 2024.
...more in the Subscriber's section  
  • Silver cycle with new price record not later than 2024.
...more in the Subscriber's section  

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Thursday February 7, 2019 - Gold holds despite strong dollar.

Updated Sections: US-Dollar, €-Gold & €/$, Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ , 

pension fundLow and/or negative NOMINAL & REAL INTEREST RATES are a killer for all Pension funds. Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund, the world’s largest of the genre, just posted a record $136 billion loss. That’s roughly equivalent to Hungary’s annual gross domestic product. With $1.39 trillion of total assets left, “The Whale,” as locals call it, could be the investment world’s biggest Abenomics casualty. 

Refusal To Hand Over Venezuelan Gold Means End Of London & Britain As A Financial Center . The freezing of Venezuelan gold by the Bank of England is a signal to all countries out of step with US interests to withdraw their money, according to economist and co-founder of Democracy at Work, Professor Richard Wolff. He told RT America that Britain and its central bank have shown themselves to be “under the thumb of the United States.”

“That is a signal to every country that has or may have difficulties with the US, better get their money & Gold out of England and out of London because it’s not the safe place as it once was.”

The Bank of England is currently withholding $1.2 billion in gold from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government, but is being urged by Washington to release it to the chairman of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido. Last week, the US backed Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela, after he declared himself interim president.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Low & Negative interest rates are a HAZARD for Pension Funds, Insurance co's,  Re-Insurance co's, BANKS, but also for BROKERS who keep their liquidities with Banks and your stocks in "STREET NAMES". This means that Brokers hold you shares in their name and  can use the shares for their agenda. The implications are that when BANKS run into trouble, BROKERS and you also will. 
  • Fracking runs a lot of oil at the beginning of the process but dries out very quickly.
  • Germany, the EU, the USA, China are sliding into a recession. The question is how Central Banks will quickstart the Economies this time?! As Interest Rates are almost at ZERO levels they will have no alternate but to print fresh fiat money and will hereby push the Western World into Hyperinflation. When an economy slides into recession, the CONSUMPTION decreases. As a consequence Government Income (TAX) comes down and budgets color RED.
  • Central Banks and Authorities have no room left to kickstart the economy.  2008-2009 they had to slam interest rates from 5% to 0% and maintained this level for 10 years in order to generate this mini-improvement.  Today the Central Banks only have 2.5% available.......more in the Subscriber's section

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday February 6, 2019 - The Hard Proof That Shows Keynesians Are DEAD WRONG.

Updated Sections: , , 

The Hard Proof That Shows Keynesians Are DEAD WRONG. It is very sad there there are still universities where the doctrine sold by Keynes is still sold as the only correct one. No wonder many think ECONOMICS are BS. Economy is simply A LOT OF COMMON SENSE. So be careful if you see anybody trying to sell you another story.  Never forget that KEYNES was a petty Government employee!

Important Fundamentals:

  • At these high PE levels, the odds that you will make some money with stocks are extremely small. The odds that you will loose money, extremely HIGH.
  • The Saudi's and Canada and the USA need an oil price of $80 to be able to maintain present production levels and to cover their expenses. Especially the USA (and also Canada) because FRACKING is a very expensive process and the volume of Oil extracted by Fracking decreases extremely FAST...
  • Miners have NEVER been so cheap since the 1920's....more in the Subscriber's section
PE and return on stocks 2019 oil cost curve
Gold miners 1920 2019 largest holders of us treasuries 2018

Important Technicals:

  • Once $-Gold breaks the $ 1,380 - $ 1,420 the price of Gold enters a HUGE VACUUM ZONE...and such may result in potentially daily up-spikes of $100-$200. Remember Gold will go up by at least a factor x 6 and will hit $8,400 but Silver will at least rise by a factor x 11 and hit $180.

 ...more in the Subscriber's section

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Tuesday February 5, 2019 - Only "DREAMERS" hope to be able to flip their positions just before a RESET or BAIL-IN!

Updated Sections: Investment Pyramid, $-Gold, Silver,

Screen Shot 2019 02 04 at 11.46.17 AM
Millenniums, Snow flakes, Dreamers,....(almost everybody born in the West after 1975) and a MASS DEMENTIA. 
They never lived a WAR, not even a REVOLUTION,...even worse is that they were never told by their Parents and/or Grand-Parents what a WAR and/or Revolution was like. Almost everything came and comes without any effort. They never heard WAR stories of BREAD made with sawdust; that if you threw bread to a wall, it actually stuck to it. They don't know that during the War Dutch people had to eat TULIP BULBS to survive. They don't know that during the War one could almost BUY EVERYTHING with gold (coins). They don't know that many bought their freedom and LIFE with gold coins.

Even worse is that they don't remember the days where MONEY was convertible in GOLD (1971 was the end of the convertibility of Money into Gold). Many don't even remember the times of BEARER SHARES and BEARER BONDS.  They don't remember the BIG BAIL-INS which happened right after WW2 and where the Authorities used the savings of the citizens to compensate for the cost of the war.

Millenniums, Snow flakes, Dreamers live in a dangerous LALA-Land Bubble and Politicians do whatever to keep the bubble inflating. Even if such means that they have to acclaim and use inventions like Cryptocurrencies, Global Warming, Globalism,...to sell their own Agenda's. The reality is that there is no such a thing as a FREE LUNCH. That one cannot print money out of thin air or create digital money in some computer. The reality is that it is impossible to keep rigging interest rates, stocks, the price of Gold & Silver and that the LONGER a market is manipulated, the stronger reaction once the manipulation stops working. The reality teaches that it is IMPOSSIBLE to flip your position just before a major event happens (i.e. Black Swan lands).

We see a growing number of similarities between  NOW, the 1920's and 1929.

 Paper & Digital money NEVER have been a storehouse of value while Gold and Silver have been for at least 6 CENTURIES. No Dreamer, Milennium and Snow Flake will be able to change this ever.

Important Fundamentals:

 Important Technicals:

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Monday February 4, 2019 - Unrest if France. No end in sight until the Bastille is taken!?

Updated Sections: ,

yellow bastill
France or no end in sight until the Bastille is taken. The third group is extremely large: it is the rest of the population
. The upper class treat them as regrettable dead weight and expect nothing from them except silence and submission. Its members often have a hard time making ends meet. They pay taxes but can see that a growing portion is being used to subsidize the very people who drove them out of their suburban homes. When Macron lowered the taxes of the wealthiest but increased the taxes of these "peripherals" by means of a fuel tax, it was seen as the last straw -- in addition to his arrogant condescension.

Most of those who protest do not attack the police. But instead of acting to bring down the violence, the police are receiving orders pushing them to be very violent. The government and French President Emmanuel Macron have been doing everything they can to crush the movement. They have tried insults, defamation and have said the demonstrators were both "seditious people" wishing to overthrow the institutions and fascist "brown shirts".

 Important Fundamentals:

  • Oil prices gained roughly 18 percent in January, the largest gain for that month of the year on record. “A break through $55 in WTI and $65 in Brent would be a very bullish signal for these and could be the catalyst for more significant upside.
  • The pauze of Powell won't suffice...and more money printing will be required. We may already see QE4 this year......more in the Subscriber's section

FED funds LT

Important Technicals:

 Watch out when Gold breaks out of the HUGE COIL ($1,420)  $1,920 Gold before yearend is certainly possible.
Expect LOWER & NEGATIVE interest rates...and MORE MONEY SUPPLY This will result in a LOWER US-Dollar.

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Friday February 1st, 2019 - the RED-GREEN GLOBAL WARMING MONSTER!

Updated Sections:  , 

After the Berlin Wall fell but also because of declining Christianity, politicians were looking for another carrot. The new baby became the "RED-GREEN-GLOBAL WARMING" monster. Everybody MUST watch this long video which comes with subtitles in 5 languages.

  • Contrary to what Rockefeller & they try to make us believe, CRUDE OIL is, - unlike coal - not the result of a rotting process under pressure of plants and trees. Crude Oil is the result of a chemical process in the earth's magma. It is an ongoing process and scientists found that over the past years several oil fields have simply been replenished...
  • The CO2 in the air is the result of the human activity of 800 years ago and is more or less a constant regulated by the CO2 dissolved in the sea. Higher CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are good for plant growth, but each excess of CO2 is automatically absorbed by the seas...The impact on nature of human generated CO2 is MARGINAL.
  • Global Warming is used by the Political Agenda on a large scale and is financially possible because of the creation of fiat money out of thin air and fractional reserve banking...and last but not least the manipulation by the education system and the media. The next generations will indeed pay a HUGE PRICE for the acts of Politicians.
  • Today's "Farmers" are DANGEROUS STUPID PETTY GOVERNMENT officers which are farming behind their desk in Brussels and bribed (lobbying they call it) by multi-nationals.  The USSR (Communism) could not have controlled the European Farmers (Agriculture) in a better way .......more in the Subscriber's section

Important Fundamentals:

  • In the past two months, gold and silver prices have gained 7% and 11% respectively and performed better than the Stocks and Bonds.
  • Worst case scenario we may have one last interest rate hike. I don't think this will happen.  Instead Interest rates will be kept LOW and QE4 & QE5 will be introduced....this will push the Western World into a Venezuelan style Hyperinflation.
  • The odds that Trump will be re-elected are very small. Socialism will be the solution the American politicians (Socialist-Democrats) will propose and implement in 2020...this will break the neck of the USA as the new elected democrats will transform the recession in an hyperinflationay depression....more in the Subscriber's section

Important Technicals:

  • Gold reached + $1,320, while silver topped + $16.
...more in the Subscriber's section  

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