April 2020

The Big Hyperinflationary Depression of the 21st Century is here!

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Thursday April 30, 2020 - As we told you over and over again: the hypocrisy of the green movement is “dangerous and misleading”.

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mooreAs we told you over and over again: the hypocrisy of the green movement is “dangerous, misleading and destructive” to mankind.  The new Michael Moore-produced documentary is called “dangerous, misleading and destructive” by the GREEN SCUM and should be removed from public viewing, according to an assortment of climate scientists and environmental campaigners.

The film, Planet of the Humans, was released on the eve of Earth Day last week by its producer, Michael Moore, the baseball cap-wearing documentarian known for Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine. Describing itself as a “full-frontal assault on our sacred cows”, the film argues correctly and proofs that electric cars and solar (and wind) energy are unreliable and rely upon fossil fuels to function. It also attacks figures including Al Gore for bolstering corporations that push flawed technologies over real solutions to the climate crisis.


Government, the Authorities are the biggest liars and cheaters on Planet Earth. It is so bad that we may be better off if we were ruled by the MAFFIA. Everything is gonna be OK and everything is gonna be like before!! That is what they want us to believe.

"Shutdowns Will Keep Killing the Economy, Even When They're Over."

Everything is gonna be OK and everything is gonna be like before!!....until, like in Libya and Lebanon things get out of hand, we have a hyperinflation and people start burning the BANKS. Whatever banks do and even if BANKNOTES are banned, the day we have hyperinflation, the bankers will be game.

Most people don’t understand the cause of hyperinflation. Even economists and politicians don't. Many argue that we can’t get hyperinflation since asset prices are now under pressure and there is no demand led inflation as most people currently have very little money.

What few people understand is that hyperinflation is a currency driven event. It doesn’t arise as a result of prices going up. Instead hyperinflation comes from the value of the currency imploding. In every case of hyperinflation in history, it is the collapse of the currency that is the cause.

After this Corona-crisis, NOTHING will be ever again like it was before. Those who pretend it will, simply don't or can't THINK.  Consumers are not going to be rushing to travel anytime soon, those that plan on a vacation fell from 100% to 23% and to the weakest on record going back to the late 1970’s. Authorities won't have to restrict flights, they won't have to restrict the number of people in Super-Markets for the consumers won't simply show up en masse.

Governments very seldom pay back their debt. Instead they are more interested in the cost of servicing the total relative to other spending priorities. As interest rates have trended lower, the cost of servicing has followed, even as the overall quantity of debt has increased. That has created a situation where if interest rates rise, for any reason, the ability of the US government to fund itself will be impaired. Also, the LOW and NEGATIVE interest rates make BANKS obsolete. No bank can and will survive a negative interest rate regime. Tip: don't buy Treasuries, even when these are backed by Gold. If you do, you will lose your investment and never see the Gold.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - Shutdowns Will Keep Killing the Economy, Even When They're Over. !

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Covid recessionShutdowns Will Keep Killing the Economy, Even When They're Over. Politicians have no clue of what is happening and are completely ignorant about what they are doing to the economy, about the consequences of their actions. They are acting like complete IDIOTS without any sense of reality whatsoever. It has become the “Age of IDIOTS”.

Indeed, politicians and their unelected (and unaccountable) health advisors keep insisting that they might elect to close down businesses or impose new restrictions on large portions of the economy at any time. They hint that people won't be able to travel internationally for weeks and months to come.

Part of what made the Great Depression last so long was increased uncertainty about what regulation or tax the government might impose next. Today's looming threat of ongoing "shutdowns" creates a very similar situation.

The uncertainly associated with all this is immense. Thanks to moratoria on evictions in many cities, renters who can't pay rent, don't pay rent and can stay in their rental units indefinitely. Landlords have no idea when they will next be able to actually collect revenues again from paying customers. Meanwhile, healthcare services like eye care and dental care have been deemed "unessential" by bureaucrats. Often important surgeries are not allowed as the bureaucrats want to keep the hospital beds for corona-patients only. Restaurants, of course, aren't permitted to do business beyond take-out service in places with lockdowns. (Although these restaurants still have to pay rent for their dining rooms.) The hotels are empty. Planes costing $ 1 million per hour are grounded. Complete madness it is.

People want months of rent and mortgage payments to be forgiven. Poof, disappeared. And the Bolsheviks have answered their call.

This problem has a name: "regime uncertainty." Economic historian Robert Higgs defines it as "a pervasive lack of confidence among investors in their ability to foresee the extent to which future government actions will alter their private-property rights." As Higgs has shown, when the legal environment and property rights can be so radically altered so quickly, economic growth slows and economic depressions are drawn out and made worse.

Nor Politicians, nor the Herd realizes that the worst has yet to come and that time will NEVER resume to normal and NEVER will the same again. The BUBBLES are busting and it will take years before the Western World is able to get out of the Big Hyperinflationary Depression of the 21st century.

Some states have common sense and have either tried to keep the system as usual (Sweden) or are already resuming to normal. Texas stay-at-home order to expire Thursday, businesses to reopen in phases starting Friday. Panama is re-opening its airport...in the meantime, it has become LAW in Belgium to wear face-masks although there are none available. Although there are several companies that can manufacture these, the Authorities refuse to deliver to the co's required license. Instead, they order citizens to manufacture their own masks!? Utter madness.

Don't be tempted by this Paper-Gold-Bonds. India has issued a sovereign gold bond. Turkey issues gold bonds. A year ago, China issued Gold bonds... and NEVER paid these back. These Gold bonds are only worth the ink on the paper.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Central banks can't print Gold!
  • The Central Bank of Japan started to buy ANY BONDS...ALL BONDS! This is the monetization of debt.
  • See the charts below. only for Subscribers...click here
Monetary base FED assets 2020 04 24
Monetary Base with QE4 Balance Sheet expansion = Monetization of debt
corp debt vs. gdp 2020 04 23 ECB central bank assets 2020 04 24
Corporate Debt points to depression  ECB does exactly what FED does

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Monday/Tuesday, April 27/28, 2020 - Your house is a prison. Your borders are Wide open, and you are the tax livestock!

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If you realize how easy it is for the Authorities to control The Herd, one understands how easy it was for Stalin to push Russia into the USSR and have a Communist regime instated. One also understands how easy it was for Germans (and collaborating Europeans) to put millions of Jews on Cattle trains and have them send Auschwitz and other Concentration camps where they could be exterminated.  One also understands how easy it was for Mao to push China into this Communist regime...

cattle trainOnly a small group of people (mostly Intellectuals) seemed to understand what was to happen and decided to emigrate to other "safe" countries. There was no room for anyone with different ideas; from the very beginning, opponents of the regime were intimidated, persecuted, and imprisoned in concentration camps. Many political and cultural dissidents therefore quickly left the country, whether they were Jewish or not; this first wave of migrants or refugees included many writers, journalists, and artists. There is a difference between emigrating and fleeing, but it is difficult to define the dividing line exactly.

These large-scale waves of emigration and the accompanying bureaucracy resulted in an overwhelming amount of paperwork. An emigrant applying for admission to another country had to present all sorts of documents and pieces of evidence. Often a heavy exit-tax had to be paid to the government (ex. Reichsfluchtsteuer). For many people, this was an insurmountable obstacle. 

As the number of refugees increased, it became increasingly difficult for them to reach a safe country. South Africa and Palestine limited the number that was admitted. Great Britain admitted only a small number of refugees, as did Canada.

Panama to become the WEALTHIEST country of the America's.

"Panama has already restricted the immigration of Venezuelans and at some time in the near future, we expect the same to happen for other nationalities."

Screen Shot 2020 04 25 at 11.53.13 AMPanama has already restricted the immigration of Venezuelans and we expect that in the near future, the restrictions will also apply to citizens of other countries. After all, Panama is a small country with only 3.8 mio inhabitants. For those considering a 2nd permanent residence (Passport), Panama is still one of the most affordable, safe, and modern countries to choose from.

Panama will lead Latin America out of the coronavirus crisis to become the richest country in Latin America, according to the prestigious Moody’s rating agency. The agency views Panama as “stable” and expects “strong growth” in the medium term, even if it might be lower than original expectations.

In terms of purchasing power, Panama will develop into the “richest country” in the region, due to the consistent flow of revenue from the Panama Canal and its developments as the logistics hub of the region, Moody’s concludes. By 2021, Panama will be the richest country in the region, in terms of purchasing power per capita. Panama’s economy is based on strong fundamentals, not speculation or cycles, which is why Moody’s and the big financial institutions of the world see the country as a solid base. The pandemic will slow growth, but Panama is better positioned to recover and continue its expansion than most economies. Although the economy will contract in the months ahead, Moody’s expects growth to return to 4 percent in the medium term, with a forecast of a 3.7 percent rebound in 2021.

Corona in the USA...the biggest financial bailout
(money printing) ever!
Soon even the village idiot will be buying
Gold and Gold mines!
Considering Vaulting Gold and/or Silver? These are
your options. Note we ONLY offer fully segregated &
safe-deposit boxes (with concierge service)
The Everything Bubble Turns (Almost)
Everything Bailout 
Real Estate (Canada-video) 
The end of the Australian Real Estate The end of the Canadian Real Estate

Important Fundamentals:

  • Gold is #1 No-brainer investment. It is still not too late to buy Gold and Silver....but it is almost too late! 
  • Property markets are a major bubble and are already starting to disintegrate. Industrial, commercial, retail, and residential, no sector will be spared. There will be no buyers, no financing, and many forced sellers. A perfect recipe for collapse.
  • Canada, Australia, Belgium,... on the brink of a Real Estate Collapse. Debt, Default.   only for Subscribers...click here
  • This is the last call to save your wealth. More worthless debt cannot solve a debt problem. "US DEFICIT $4T & DEBT $28T - WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM?" ECB to issue 3,000 billion bonds USA to issue a $3,000 billion forgivable loan. The biggest ever. Trump signed $484 billion small business bill relief into law.
  • The world's largest oil companies have been known for their dividend safety for years, but only for Subscribers...click here
  • Junk-rated debt as collateral. The ECB has - in a back-doorish sort of way - added high-yield bonds to the list of allowable assets it will buy. Specifically, the central banks will accept bonds that had the lowest investment-grade rating on April 7 (many of which by now have fallen below BBB-). Presumably, this might include the paper of Italy, which is under threat of an imminent downgrade to a junk credit.
  • The Stock Market is Certainly Not Too Big For the Fed to Handle. The Fed could support the stock market directly by buying market averages in the futures market, thus stabilizing the market as a whole.

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Thursday/Friday, April 23/24, 2020 - To put the world in  'lock-down" is Witch-Hunting and communist tyranny.

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STALINTo put the world in  'lock-down" is Witch-Hunting and communist tyranny. This whole Corona-lock-down story is controlled by retarded, stupid petty government officials together with politicians hoping to be re-elected. In the end, the damage will be a LOT bigger than most can even imagine: more casualties, more economic drama, more financial problems, more bankruptcies, higher inflation..."There are things happening today which would normally only be seen in times of war.

Governments paralyze entire countries, lock people up in their own house, close airports, close shops, close bars and, sometimes even prohibit the sale of alcohol. In many countries, the police have now the right to invade your house 24 hours a day and to force test you on Corona! I never thought that this could ever happen. This is Orwell 1984. This is THE END of DEMOCRACY.  Governments have become dictators.

"Governments have become Dictators - This is THE END of Democracy."

This is Murphy’s law. If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong in the worst possible way and at the worst time…for the last 100 years, the world economy was totally dependent on credit and printed money. This is not a new miracle paradigm but a sign of a diseased system. Issuing fake money at zero cost always ends badly. In a perverse way, it is almost ironic that the trigger for ending this sick financial system would be a pandemic disease.

"Have FEAR: we are more afraid of the government than of the Corona-virus"

Lock-downs don’t kill off the virus. They just reset the clock. Right now most people are barricaded in their homes while policymakers wait for this virus to die off. But that’s not how biology works. If there’s even a single carrier of the coronavirus remaining, then the whole thing starts over. That person transmits the virus to 2-3 people, those people transmit the virus to 2-3 other people, and the exponential growth curve begins again.

If a Universal Basic Income Is essential...WHY give the people only $1,000 (€1.000) per month and not $100,000 (€100.000) !? PLEASE THINK...This Corona event is used by the Authorities to Print more money, get deeper into debt, get more control over their subjects. This event is also used by Authorities as a SCAPEGOAT for their absolute mismanagement of the economy since the 1970s'. The resulting devastation of the world will be WORSE than what we had during the 1930 Great Depression.

Important Fundamentals:

helicopter money 2020 04 18

Important Technicals:

Silver coin sales 2020 04 18

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020 -  Shit happens when there is more PAPER OIL traded than PHYSICAL Oil!

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Either your body will protect itself and build a resistance against this virus, or you are gonna die! Everything else is Political BS (power)!...and "follow the money-big-pharma". (poor audio - subtitles)

The Herd is scared for this unknown enemy
which in fact is part of everybody's life.

This is what the Authorities have in mind
with this virus...nothing more, nothing less.
 Extreme DAMAGE done by "IDIOTS
of Politicians" to an already very weak
economy results in (armed) uprisings.
Incurred losses are as high as $ 1million per Hour!

Oil special: First Interest rates goes negative and now Oil price goes also negative!

negative oil 2020Oil did something that made even markets veterans like me shake their heads wonder - the soon to expire May contract for West Texas oil traded and closed in negative territory.  Nobody has ever seen oil that low. Anybody buying May oil is being paid $40 to buy and to store it. Demand has been killed by the Corona-crisis and Supply was kept abnormally high BECAUSE the FED kept Interest rates so low for so long instead of letting the market forces correct the market.

This will result in a Severe crisis in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and any country living off oil...and may generate a war.

Something that everybody judged as impossible happened. People who have HEDGED the price of oil are now losing money instead of being safe. A world upside down the result of crazy market interventions of the Authorities (Central Banks) .

"This is NOT deflation, it is just oil demand going down."

The Oil price can come down in a inflationary market. As a matter of fact, during a hyperinflationary depression, the price of High Order Capital Goods fall and the price of Low Order Consumer Goods go up.  As a result of this oil market action, the fracking producers are going to fail and the Supply will come down and the price correct up.  So make sure you don't buy Oil companies which are active in the fracking sector.

Lesson: what happens in the PAPER oil market, happens because they are trading way more FIAT OIL than PHYSICAL OIL.  At a certain time, there is a disconnect (lik ewe have now in the oil market) and SHIT happens. Likewise there is a disconnect between the FIAT PAPER GOLD market and the PHYSICAL GOLD market. Only here there are more buyers than sellers and therefore at some time in the future, the opposite will happen...or the price of Gold will spike up.

The May contract expires tomorrow and as of today was still trading 108,593 contracts that will need to roll or be delivered. That’s going to result in massive trading losses for anyone looking to roll over to another month and the incredible decline today suggests traders (gamblers) are all trying to get out of oil.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • No Comment. This is a conservative estimate.

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Monday/Tuesday, April 20/21 - 2020 - At the heart of every mass delusion, there's a 'big lie'...

Updates Sections: Portfolio, Natural Gas Shares, Uranium Shares, Bank Shares,

"Authorities are bombing the whole city in order to kill a single fire...and, at the same time, is taking our liberties away."

STALINThe big lie is a falsehood so outrageous and so obviously wrong, in retrospect people can hardly believe that anyone took it seriously. The big lie today is that "we" are all in "this" together. It's utter nonsense... "We" – the people of the world, the people of our country, of my state, of my city, and even the people in my neighborhood – do not share the same values, ideals, or circumstances. We do not have anything like the same immune systems or face the same risks of this virus.

We are NOT in this together. As with everything else in our lives, our abilities and our priorities and the risks we're willing to take all differ. We are individuals – not a monolithic polity. Saying "we're all in this together" sounds like Mao's China, where people abandoned the cities to die from starvation on communal farms. It seems like a disaster in the making... because it is.

Adolf Hitler, in his book Mein Kampf, explained why such "big lies" are at the foundation of all tyranny. If you want to understand how despots operate, you should consider how one of the worst in history manipulated large groups of people...don't even mention this on Facebook, unless you want be censured.

In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie...

"We do not exist to serve the State. The State exists to serve us.
That distinction lies at the very heart of what it means to be an American, and I think our leaders have completely forgotten this fact".

Look back at all of our country's biggest blunders and you won't find freedom or free markets. You'll find a government that has far overstepped its constitutional limits. It happens every single time: When we allow our liberty to be taken from us in the name of a political theory, disaster will follow. Venezuela is just one of the many examples.

myconosThis is just another example for Greece. 65% of Greek hotels face bankruptcy as lock-downs continue. The Greek tourism industry has collapsed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and on track to lose at least 50% of its revenues in 2020. The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, a group that oversees the tourism industry in Greece, warned in a new study on Monday that a bankruptcy wave looms. According to the Chamber's study, 65% of Greek hotels indicate that the threat of bankruptcy is "likely" or "most likely" — at 46.6% and 18.3%, respectively.

In the USA, we have miles of people queuing for food in New York, miles of cars queuing for unemployment benefits. As a matter of fact, the past week, unemployment rose another 5 million. Breadlines form down the street from Mar-a-Lago as the economy collapses.

Spain Government aims to roll out basic income soon. Spain is to roll out a universal basic income (UBI) “as soon as possible” as it looks to mitigate the impact of coronavirus. If the payments are successfully implemented, Spain would become the first country in Europe to roll them across the nation on a long-term basis.

In Europe, more and more voices call for a Solidarity-Corona-tax.  Belgian citizens can now be 100% sure that  they will soon be subject to a Wealth Tax. Also, the odds to see a Capital Gain tax are growing by the day. 

Important Fundamentals:

  • Worldwide, the Real Estate markets begin to freeze up...next comes the crash with much lower prices.
  • Remember at all times that JPMorgan has been buying tons of only for Subscribers...click here
  • The collapse of global oil demand has impacted the price of Canadian Oil Sands to such a degree, the price of a barrel is now cheaper than a 12-pack of Coke purchased at Walmart. The wholesale price of 1 gallon of Gasoline in central America is 12 cent. During the 1930 Great Depression the price was 14 cent. The crash of the Oil price mirrors more than the Russian, Saudi, US, Iran Oil war. It also confirms we have entered the Big Depression of the 21st century. only for Subscribers...click here

"This is one time TO PANIC and to cover/secure your assets!"

Important Technicals:

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Thursday/Friday, April 16/17, 2020 - Are you also one of those still chasing paper money?!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof (LOCG), Recession Proof (Hold-Sell), Oil shares

normalcy“It’s Never Going To Happen Here”. My Government is never gonna fail.  My Government will NEVER allow another operation Gutt. My Government will never seize the gold of its citizens. The money I use will NEVER end worthless. We shall NEVER again see Hyperinflation in my country. ..this is what we call "Normalcy Bias".

Normalcy bias, or normality bias, is a tendency for people to believe that things will function in the future the way they normally have functioned in the past and therefore to underestimate both the likelihood of a disaster and its possible effects. The normalcy bias, or normality bias, refers to a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects.

Governments DO FAIL! And Big Daddy ain't gonna save you. On the contrary, he's gonna make you bleed as much as he can using direct and indirect taxation (inflation). Federal Reserve Notes are now even “Backed” (guaranteed)  by Junk Bonds...

Screen Shot 2020 04 16 at 9.28.07 AMThis CORONA is clearly political and ORWELL 1987. The numbers just do not support this panic they are less than the annual flu. Granted, they are rising now in the USA, but that is because of the massive fraud going on thanks to the American Medical Association. You would think the death rate is 50% like the Black Plague. Every news outlet that has been against Trump is preaching in unison we must stay locked down until we get a vaccine, that will not be available until AFTER the Elections. The same is happening in Europe.

The Mainstream Media are drowning us with their Corona news like there is no tomorrow. Belgium has become a 1987 Orwell-Police-country. University Professors teaching their students on the internet in the late evening see their private home invaded by a herd of police officers (at least 10). The same happened just before midnight to a family which was watching a Happy Potter movie. An elder couple resting on a bench in the park gets a $500 fine and in some parts of the country, cycling is not allowed as soon as temperatures rise over 20 degrees Celcius (68F).


"The only thing which is spreading faster than the Corona virus, is economic ignorance of the public."

Gold Rallies Toward $1,800 on 'Massive Currency Debasement'. What’s happening here is that the Fed is expanding its balance sheet and every other central bank in the world is doing the same. What you’re looking at is massive currency debasement in the long term. That’s the major reason why gold is higher, and over the next few weeks or months, we’re probably going to retest the $-Gold high that we saw in 2011. [for Gold expressed in other currencies, the 2011-12 top has already been broken.]

The gold and silver prices surged higher as the Fed and central banks continue to prop up the global economy and financial system that suffered a massive heart attack. The gold price jumped to the $1,750 level, while silver is almost back to $16. Demand for physical gold and silver bullion remains high as the availability of coins, bars, and rounds are still in short supply.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Be aware that in the near future, you will probably not be able to buy 3 eggs with the total of your portfolio.
  • Be aware that during the last crisis, one could buy a Skyscraper or a Whole Street for a couple of Gold coins only.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2020 - Those who bought miners during the Corona-panic DOUBLED their money!

Updated Sections: Royalties, Majors, Gold vs Miners & SP500, Juniors,  ,

Bankruptcies benefit customers. Bailouts benefit corporations. The way Governments react to this Corona-virus (hoax?!) will do more damage to society than the Corona-virus itself. Politicians use Corona-FEAR to expand their power. To bring more COMMUNISM and less PERSONAL FREEDOM.

"Let Politicians manage the Sahara and in less than 5 years there will be NO sand left!"

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

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Monday/Tuesday, April 13/14, 2020 - Rich Dad, Poor Dad knows what he's talking about...1972, I bought American Golden Eagles for $50!

Updated Sections: Investment Pyramid, Can$-Gold & Can$/$/€, £-Gold & £/$/€, Kr-Gold & Kr/$/€,
Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€, ¥-Gold & ¥/$/€, R-Gold & R/$/€, Indexes in Real Money (Gold),

Rich Dad, Poor Dad knows what he's talking about...1972, I bought American Golden Eagles & Kruger Rands at $50. Today these sell at +$1,700. Did you buy any lately? If not, WHY ain't you buying Silver Eagles at $20?

A Hyperinflationary Depression has always been the inevitable end to the biggest financial bubble in history. And this time it will be global. Hyperinflation will spread from country to country like Coronavirus. It could start anywhere but the most likely first countries are the USA and the EU. They will quickly be followed by many more like Japan and most developing countries. Like CoronaVirus it will quickly jump from country to country with very few being spared. 

"June Gold: $1752.80 - Yep, The Gold Cartel Cretins Have BLOWN UP! ... And So Few Get It!"

Even the Bank of England goes into Hyperinflationary mode...just like the FED and the ECB (just approved on a €540 BILLION creation of Helicopter money). And have no doubt, they will NEVER be able to mop up the excess of Fiat Money. As a matter of fact, it won't be necessary, the system will destroy itself...at always happens.

Are you also chasing and collecting FOOLS MONEY? Money is a commodity and the price should be a direct function of risk plus supply and demand. But since we currently have a false fools goldfinancial system with fake money and false markets, there are no real prices. So through constant manipulation and intervention central banks together with a few accomplices can totally rig most markets and prices.

Therefore, the cost of money today neither reflects the risk nor the demand. All it represents is malicious manipulation to serve governments and their masters the central bankers. But like all fake markets, also this one will end, not just badly but catastrophically.

Today's money is worth only the DIGITS in your bank's computer, the ink and the paper it is printed on. This Corona-thing is used to CREATED more BILLIONS of worthless money out of thin air. This action is supposed to avoid the final collapse of the Ponzi-Money-System.

Fear is a mighty weapon. Especially when it comes to EMOTION and PANIC. However, Money is not always Money and when people create and use Fiat money out of thin air, SHIT always happens. Today, 95% of the people have NO CLUE whatsoever of what REAL Money is and risk losing all their savings. Financial websites try to attract a maximum of readers by selling this Fools' Gold.

Important Fundamentals:

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Thursday/Friday, April 9/10, 2020 - An almighty economic earthquake is in the making.

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Silver, Dollar, Rupee-Gold, Yuan-Gold,
Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€, €-Gold & €/$,

An almighty economic earthquake is in the making. In a few weeks or months, several large European economies will require bailout and assistance packages. These will be several times larger than anything Europe has seen. Yet no country, central bank or institution will be eager or even able to provide them.

In Spain, which recently overtook Italy as the epicenter of the coronavirus in Europe, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez committed €200 billion — 20% of the country's GDP — to alleviate the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. When asked how he would pay for that amount of spending, Sánchez replied that he was counting on financial help from "Europe."

Argentina government postpones the payment of $ 10,000 million debt in dollars under Argentine law until end of this year.

An estimated 175 million Americans will get stimulus checks with the first payments going out this week or next, according to Larry Kudlow, director of the U.S. National Economic Council. The payments, worth up to $1,200 plus an additional $500 per child, are intended to help Americans financially weather a job loss, reduced work hours, and other money challenges as large swaths of the country are shut down to curb the corona-virus outbreak.

As for stock markets,  say goodbye to an earnings multiple of 18-20 times. Say goodbye, as stated, to those debt-fueled buyback plans. Positive is that now, like is already happening in Japan & Switzerland, both the FED & the ECB will start to buy STOCKS. This can be compared to what Napoleon did when he seized the Real Estate from the Clergy and used it as collateral for Assignats. For some reason, THE HERD refuses to understand that Fiat Money doesn't work. That it never did and never will. As long as THE HERD sees more FOOLS' GOLD, they are and stay happy. One can compare it to always winning Monopoly...you win, but they're never is any added value.

The FED balance sheet is again expanding like there is no tomorrow. In 2000 the balance sheet amounted to almost $bn1000. Today, the figure is almost a staggering $bn 6,000 and rising. The creation of new fiat money started last year (2019).

More Helicopter money also in Europe: Germany will pay 60%-67% of the foregone wages for the 2.15m workers whose hours are cut – at a cost of euro 10 billion a year. Meanwhile, the European EU-Maffia keeps TALKING about how to soften the impact of the Post-Corona-era.

FED balance sheet 2020 04 04

While Interest rates should RISE why DEBT is rising, the opposite is happening. Interest rates have been falling form 20% in 1981 to almost 0% today. At the same time DEBT has risen from $11 trillion to $265 trillion. This is not sustainable...

fed funds and debt 2020

Important Fundamentals:

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020 - THIS IS NO REHEARSAL...NO, THIS IS FOR REAL!! 

Updated Sections: Bio-Pharma,

This is not only about Big-Pharma, but also about the fact that Governments today are run by PARASITES instead of by PRODUCERS.  How did he know? Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease specialist, warned in early 2017 that a “surprise outbreak” would occur during the Trump administration, and he said that more needed to be done to prepare for a pandemic.

"THIS IS NO REHEARSAL...NO, THIS IS FOR REAL!! This is for real and a LAST call for those who want to put their savings safe. Whether one realizes or not, we now are in a "Depression".

Corona vaccin test picThe April economic figures are going to be terrible. The expectation is to see a 40% unemployment rate and a decrease in GDP by 35%. The SP500 earnings will crash. Real Estate sales are crashing and so is the price of Real Estate. Even at these low-interest rates, people won't lend money to buy a home and because of the crisis, many will be forced to sell.

Did you know that the Junk Bond market is CLOSED? Did you know that the FED is now not only buying Corporate bonds in the secondary but also in the primary market!?

Buying corporate bonds in the primary market means the Fed is using this to CREATE additional money. They buy bonds against more printed money. [this is how Central Banks create money] Know that the ECB, BoJ, Swiss Central Bank and BoE are doing exactly the same. We have come to a point where the Central Banks will BUY whatever they have to and whatever they can.

"Because of the Corona, the 2020 US deficit is gonna be 20% of GDP"

Because of the Corona, the 2020 US deficit is gonna be 20% of GDP. Dramatic that is. We expect that in other countries, England, Japan, the EU,....deficits will also soar.

Interest rates are at zero and/or near zero and negative. Therefore, Central Banks have only ONE way to go in order to try to keep the system alive and that is by PRINTING MORE MONEY. [and if they print more money, stock markets will go up - but there is a catch]

The World Economy and Financial system is walking on the sharp of a knife. Special situations call for special measures by the Government(s) and these measures will affect your savings. Those who don't start to prepare NOW will lose a large part of their life savings and purchasing power.

There will be so much socialism planning (communism) by the government that it may take decennia to get out of this crisis. A sledgehammer policy is applied in most of the world. The cost of this will be phenomenal. By doing so, the politicians are destroying the Middle-class and the economy of their countries. Because central government measures come with no prior planning and because nobody is knowing what they are doing, the cost will be enormous, catastrophic.

gold coins10Remember Executive Order 6102!?

  • In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive order 6102 "forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates.
  • Are you really so NAIVE to believe that this won't happen again? Are you really willing to take the risk? Don't you think it is better and safer to keep your GOLD & SILVER out of political reality?
  • Goldonomic knows HOW to buy/sell and WHERE you can store your Gold and Silver in a safe way.  Thanks to our concierge service, we are so good at it that it is actually easier and safer to handle than to buy and sell the metals kept at home.

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After the 'lockdown' one can expect 'capital controls'. Note politicians already call for a special Corona-tax of minimum 10%. If "they" don't stem the outflow of WEALTH (like Germany did before WWII), there will so much less to tax. With FATCA and CRS, Governments know exactly how much you have in your bank and brokerage accounts (unless of course, you took the right precautions) and as a result, it has become extremely easy to tax you. Few people know that during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the tax rate was pushed as high as 90%.

Important Fundamentals:

This we expect to happen over the next 12 to 24 months:

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Thursday/Friday, April 2/3, 2020 - Are the financial markets falling in a Corona-winter-sleep?!

Updated Sections: ,

bull bear artist smallThe extreme volatility of the past three weeks has seen a climax. The big question, has the bull market ended? Despite all the gloom and doom, the answer is NO – this is still a bull market. We are in the midst of a particularly volatile correction that is unwinding a part of a very long secular advance that began 11 years ago. This unwinding process is going to take time. Investors should recall that the last two times the S&P 500 dropped more than 20% were in 2011 and 2018, both being magnificent bull market buying opportunities.

Navigating this correction is going to require patience and strong nerves. Don’t expect an instant turnaround. Following a decline of this proportion, it will take some time to get to the real bottom. The market is likely to rally and decline numerous times before we resume a NOMINAL Bull market. [when expressed in Real Money or Gold, the Stock Markets will continue to fall!]

The rapid scaling back of economic activity in response to the coronavirus and downward pressure of some longer-term cycles make it very unlikely that this current correction will be a short “V” shaped bottom followed by a rapid recovery. We continue to expect an extended “A-B-C, down-up-down” correction, with a prolonged recovery perhaps similar to that of the post-1987 crash.

"While the world has entered into a financial crisis, the worst is still yet to come. When the global contagion continues to spread, the crisis will turn into a FINANCIAL STORM, in which few are prepared."

Real Inflation is closer to 10%. In other words, the markets are where they are because the Central banks are controlling the prices. However, at this time the FED is losing control over financial assets. This implicates that the current yield (interest rates) has to move to the reality of today's REAL Inflation of about 10%.

stock is up a quarter

Thus far, investors have paid more attention to the price gains that result from falling interest rates than the falling future rates of return. Low-interest rates cause the present value of assets to rise (which gives the illusion that investments are providing good returns when in reality the returns are just future returns being pulled forward by the “present value effect.” As a result, future returns will be lower. This is one of the reasons WHY Entrepreneurs are being misled by the creation of Fiat money.

actual and future interest rates 

  • Don't expect markets to remain open at all times. They won't!
  • Don't expect markets, exchanges, or their brokers to remain solvent and operational at all times. They won't!
  • Don't expect Banks to remain open and solvent at all times. They won't!
  • Don't expect that Savings you are holding in the above will be at your disposal “on-demand”, because they will not!
  • Don't expect that Paper Money you keep under your mattress will be a solution...they won't!

Important Fundamentals:

  • Miners also will soon catch up with reality. Gold miners are all lowering their production targets for 2020...supply is falling by 1/5th to 1/3rd. We have a real liquidity crisis coming up with refiners. Gold miners are shutting down and so are refiners. Premiums for Physical Gold is 5%-10%-20%. The right price is not what you see on your screen. The right price is what people are trying to buy it.
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  • Sometimes the U.S. Dollar and Gold move in unison. This synchronized trending occurs during times of financial stress when both assets are sought after as safe havens. Dangerous it is.
  • All players for a major Depression are in place.
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purchasing power in gold jan 2020 Exponential creation of Money Supply, Corporations, Countries and Consumers have stretched out their credit/debt, Interest rates have been floored and the purchasing power is low...Add to this that consumer prices will severely rise because of the Corona-virus...and you should understand that all players of the Hyperinflationary depression are present on stage.

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Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 - The Big Hyper-inflationary depression of the 21st century is here!!!

Updated Sections: ,

This is not an April Fools' joke: The Big Hyper-inflationary depression of the 21st century is here. Few people realize that the Corona-crisis could well be the very instigator of the Hyperinflation.

When the King's Coffers are empty, the authorities always CHEAT, LIE, STEAL and TORTURE their subjects.  This time won't be different...except that the King has been replaced by Politicians. To be honest, because of this, this time could even be worse!  The South Sea Company is an excellent example of how far the Authorities go for their own survival. Nobody is spared! The cartoons clearly explain what the South Sea Bubble was, why it existed and what happened at the end of the story...

The South Sea Company and WHY it is impossible to print yourself out of debt.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Gold price Model...

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