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1 year Coaching*


$ 2950

 /  1 year
  • Coaching + 1 year Vault* + 1 bank account + 1 year site 
  1. Goldonomic – 12 Months full access to all the site content.  Get access to all sections, with daily updates, Point & Figures charts with annotations and alerts on all significant market moves.

    We cover all major financial markets but focus on FOREX, GOLD & SILVER, ENERGY, BONDS, COMMODITIES, SHARES & WORLD STOCK MARKETS, REAL ESTATE...

    See how we look at the Financial Markets from an International point of view and how our Charts tell more than 1,001 words.

    Our Archives go back to 2004 and we have an Academic Section explaining what the Media and Politicians fail to explain of explain incorrectly.

  2. Have an introductionary complementary Skype call with one of our experts so you find your way on the site faster and to learn which sections are relevant to you.
  3. Get personal assistance in managing your assets, in setting up a portfolio, in deciding about the best location to keep your savings so you are better insured against any financial accidents. Learn where you must keep your physical Gold & Silver, and how to keep your assets out of political reach, etc.... Learn the basics about technical analysis and learn how to manage your portfolio over time.
  4. Store your valuables in a NON-BANK-VAULT out of political reach. Pay one year and get one year free* + we assist you in renting the box and in safely shipping/buying/selling your metals.   Optional:  Inquire about the extra Insurance against political risk and have your valuables fully insured through Lloyd's of London.
  5. One Financial Account: complementary with this option is our assistance in opening ONE account with a designated financial institution "out of political reach".
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Physical GOLD costs between $100 and $200 per oz. more than paper gold. Physical silver costs up to $10 more than paper silver.

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